Google,freedom?Better money!This

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Google, freedom? Better money!

This small review is dedicated to the media giants in Russia
who have declared themselves the stronghold of freedom and
democracy in the world. Here is a quick overview of events in
one day on September 19, 2021: 
1) Pavel Durov: during the  elections in Russia, Telegram 
restricted the work of "bots associated with election
2) Roskomnadzor demanded that Google remove two Google
Docs with Smart Voting candidates; 
3) Roskomnadzor demanded that YouTube remove three videos
with Smart Voting lists; 
4) YouTube blocked a video with Smart Voting recommendations; 
5) Google Docs service blocked documents with Smart Voting
Let me remind you that elections to the Russian parliament were
held from 17 to 19 February. The opposition was not admitted to
the elections. The Smart Voting platform created by political
prisoner Alexei Navalny was blocked by Google. Money seems to
be more important. Corporations will never be the mainstays of
democracy. Think about it the next time you use FB, Google, and
so on. Perhaps this will not affect you. But if tomorrow you are
arrested in the same way, no one will be give a damn. Because
social networks will delete information about this event. Why
would they shoot themselves in the foot?