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Punitive progress

Punitive progress of "social credit" is a new form of communist
tyranny based on total spying on people and organizations. This
is a technological system for the development of conditioned
reflexes in the most advanced form. In China, this system aims
to continuously monitor human and business behavior with
security cameras, face recognition and voice recognition.
Correspondence, negotiations, tweets and posts of each person,
his trips, his crossing the streets, the choice of books and friends
- all this is included in the database, where a computer algorithm
puts the mark of "social credit".
People with a good grade enjoy the special favor of the political
regime in various fields. And those who do not have very good
grades will not be able to enjoy the benefits and even face
obstacles in their daily life, for example, the ban on using public
transport. People with a low score are seen as a threat to the
communist dictatorship. They can be sent to a concentration
camp for "re-education". Resistance to such a system is currently
not effective, but participation in it is mandatory. In an article
published by The Spectator, filmmaker Ross Clarke warns that
the British government is ready to use a similar totalitarian app
to monitor a person's purchases, exercise, or lack thereof. Even
to track the consumption of vegetables and fruits by the citizen!
The government will reward obedient citizens with a trustworthy
mark. And the less obedient will be declared terrorists or
In this case, the citizens of the country "will be likened to the
equipment of some factory, which is constantly monitored," 
explains Ross Clark. It is not hard to imagine how this application,
while under the control of government officials, would be used to
punish the disobedient. Clarke fears that it will only be a matter
of time before employers "begin to require their employees to use
this application and use personal data before hiring someone.
"The UK Health Service (National Health Service) warns, and is
likely to "use this app to improve the performance of the healthcare
system." To be able to take advantage of any treatment or medicine,
a person will first have to prove that "he is leading a healthy
Clarke is worried, so he explains to his readers that the only
recourse is to "reject the sanitary passes and health app immediately,
so that they don't end up in continuous nightmare surveillance."
While such a system may satisfy some readers, it not will be
happened. Indeed, in fact, China and the UK maintain close ties.
The United Kingdom and the United States have come to understand
the digital dictatorship. In a recent article in The Hil, Christine Tate
mentions PayPal's troubling partnership with the American Southern
Poverty Law Center (SPLC). The two organizations, she writes, will
soon begin polling about "white supremacists" and supporters of 
"anti-government rhetoric" to discredit anyone who disagrees. For
example, fake hackers Anonymous published 180 GB of data from
the "right" hosting provider on September 15, 2021. Allegedly under
the guise of fighting fascism. Although we are all well aware that this
is propaganda insinuations of the "new socialists".
We add that the SPLC has a very strong left slope. Not to be outdone
by PayPal and SPLC, Facebook, following CEO Mark Zuckerberg,
recently urged its users to report "extremists." Christine Tite believes
that “given the bias of social media,” these measures seem to be aimed
mainly at constant surveillance of people. “A flexible social lending
system is still under construction, but has tremendous potential,”
warns Tate. Google and Facebook can not only "track your activity"
but also "use their power to block transactions, increase prices or
reduce your user experience." In the United States, disagreement with
some political opinions may lead to social media blocking, but even
more worrisome is the inability to conduct financial transactions. The
Chinese social credit system or Putin's Roskomnadzor operate in a
similar way. Indeed, there is a black list and those marked in them
cannot travel, buy real estate, or choose some types of activity. They
are constantly followed by the police or pro-government militants.
Hopefully, such discrimination will not spread in Western society.
But if that happens, don't be surprised. As the Wall Street Journal's
Publishing Council recently clarified, "the modern progressive
speaks words that call for noble goals, but always adds something
opposite." Americans and Westerners are addicted to social media
and obey like slaves they. The number of people feeling unhappy is
growing. Indeed, according to psychiatrist Anna Lembke, professor
at Stanford University, they have never been so unhappy. "The rate
of depression, anxiety, mental illness and suicide," she says, "is on
the rise all over the world." At the same time, millions of people are
spending more and more time online, although this increases anxiety.
Moreover, these unfortunate citizens are increasingly becoming
enraged. Researchers at Yale University believe that social media
platforms "amplify outrage." By changing the nature of conversation,
social media is changing the very nature of existence. Big Data is
becoming more influential, and its merger with the authorities is
more secretive, and people can become even more unhappy and show
more dissatisfaction. Until there is a revolution against the
communists and their henchmen.