Collision of universes Our Universe

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Collision of universes

Our Universe is just one of the "bubbles" floating in space
and colliding with each other. Scientists believe they have
found signs of the existence of many parallel universes.
Physicist and astronomer Stefan Feeney from University
College London, one of the leading British universities, is
convinced that traces of collisions between universes can be
seen on maps of the relic radiation, which is believed to have
survived from the early stages of the existence of the Universe
and fills it evenly. It is regarded as one of the main
confirmations of the Big Bang theory. Such maps show the
results of measurements of the CMB spectrum - hotter regions
are indicated in red, colder ones - in blue. Having closely
studied the circular formations in the panorama, Feeney and
his colleagues came to the conclusion that this is a kind of
"cosmic potholes" left after the collision of parallel universes.
The center of such a circle is the hottest region, while closer to
the periphery the colors of the spectrum become colder and
colder. When the theory of "bubbles" is confirmed
experimentally, then humanity will be able to "look" into
parallel worlds, not being limited only to our universe. And
who knows what people will see there?