AI will drain the brain

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AI will drain the brain and take over our bodies

For a long time, it was believed that the human brain pays
attention to important information and experiences that we
can track and learn from experience. But now researchers
think it's more of a filter that filters out all that is useless.
According to science journalist and US Navy veteran Tristan
Greene, this seemingly insignificant difference could affect
the fate of human civilization. This is due to the fact that
artificial intelligence (AI) is designed with the interests of
children and young people in mind. An AI that can learn
quickly, but already possesses the key formula of independent
development, should be on the right track, according to the
Daily Star. But scientists' recent discovery that the brain writes
its own "code" means that AI has nothing to copy. As scientists
at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology discovered a few
years ago, misunderstood basal ganglia of the brain learn on
their own over time. But a landmark MIT article showed that
code is written as the brain develops. Greene wrote: “AI cannot
experience anything. It doesn't matter how advanced the AI is
or how good it is at making decisions that it can learn, it still
can't taste, see, smell, feel or hear. " However, if humans can
endow AI with the necessary functions to develop their own
consciousness - as our brains do - artificial intelligence can
quickly mimic human life.
The writer added: “If we were to develop quantum artificial
intelligence systems that could more accurately mimic the activity
of the human brain, this could go a long way in creating the
science needed to grow sentient organic matter. A reasonably
robust brain-computer interface (like the ones Facebook and
Neuralink are working on) should one day be able to speak the
language of the brain. According to the paradigm where computers
can transmit our senses and input data directly into our brains, it
should be trivial for human-level AI to rewrite the material inside
our gray matter that makes us human and replace it with a more
logical model based on AI senses. ”In other words, in order to
become a human, AI must burn out our brain, replacing it with a
simulation of our code.