Crazy Vaccines Press Review Critical

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Crazy Vaccines - Press Review

(Critical Analysis)

1) In Singapore, Briton Benjamin Glynn was first sent to prison
and then to a psychiatric hospital for refusing to wear a mask. The
unfortunate freedom-lover was sentenced to prison and forced to
serve his sentence in a psychiatric hospital. Glynn, being a true
Briton, said in an interview that "I would do it all again, I have
no regrets." 
2) Experts from the China Center for Disease Control and
Prevention (China CDC) conducted epidemiological studies and
said that the coronavirus in Wuhan could appear as a result of the
import of frozen food from other countries. It is reported by the
Global Times. After the suppression of the first outbreak of
coronavirus in China in the spring of 2020, in the summer, there
were episodic outbreaks in Beijing and Dalian, according to the
center's representative Ma Huilai. As it turned out, they were
associated with supply chains of semi-finished products from
other countries and regions, including the United States and
3) The Greek police dispersed about 7000 protesters, dissatisfied
with the compulsory vaccination of medical workers (!) From
COVID-19. This was reported by the Euronews TV channel. The
demonstrators waved flags and chanted slogans against "fascism."
Some began throwing stones and bottles at the police. The Greek
security forces in response to the actions of the disaffected used
tear gas and water cannons. To date, 5.7 million out of 11 million
people have been vaccinated in Greece. Government polls have
shown that Greeks have a preference for compulsory vaccinations
of medical personnel and social workers. But third-party experts
cannot confirm this data.
4) Foreign substances, presumably crumb rubber from ampoule
caps, were found in the Japanese prefecture of Okinawa in a Pfizer
vaccine. This was announced on Tuesday at a press conference in
Tokyo by the General Secretary of the Cabinet of Ministers
Katsunobu Kato. “On August 29, in the Okinawa Prefecture in the
village of Yesho, foreign substances were found in an ampoule of
Pfizer vaccine during vaccination. . Similar cases have been reported
with the Moderna vaccine. This does not affect the safety of both
drugs, "he said. 
5) Foreign substances were found in another batch of coronavirus
vaccine produced by the American company Moderna, supplied to
Japan. This was announced on Sunday (September 29, 2021) on the
Okinawa Prefecture website. It is noted that during the vaccination
in the city of Naha (the administrative center of Okinawa) on
Saturday, a certain black substance was found in one ampoule and
two syringes. During the check, pink impurities were found in
another syringe. In total, about 400 people were vaccinated with
the vaccine from this batch, however, it is alleged that this was
done after doctors visually verified the purity of the substance in
the syringes. No health problems have yet been reported in those
6) The global supply of coffee from Vietnam is suffering due to
strict restrictions imposed to control the spread of the "delta"
strain of coronavirus, Bloomberg reports. The country is the second
largest coffee producer. The government is keeping the Ho Chi
Minh export center under a strict lockdown due to the rise in
infections and is controlling shipments in some key manufacturing
areas in the Central Highlands. Exporters find it difficult to
transport to shipping ports. Added to these complexities are other
logistic problems such as a shortage of containers and an increase
in freight rates (freight charges).
7) Cuba plans to reach a vaccination rate of 90% by December
this year. Already this week, teenagers will be allowed to get
vaccinated. Younger children will be able to vaccinate from
mid-September. According to the Finlay Institute, the vaccine
is completely safe for children and elicits a greater immune
response than in adults. According to the spokesman for the
Ministry of Health, Ilean Morales, the coronavirus vaccine will
be annually, like most other vaccines used against childhood