The brain is an information

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The brain is an information transformer?

New evidence that the brain is the receiving antenna has
been published in the media. This is a quick overview. The
existence of multiple worlds does not contradict modern
physics, at least three of its theories - the inflationary model,
quantum theory and string theory. Some physicists even suggest
that signals from parallel universes can enter ours, and this 
can be experimentally confirmed, reports Discover.
In a 2020 study, the authors summarized the experiences of
124 caregivers caring for patients with dementia. And in more
than 80% of cases, they described complete remission with
the return of memory, spatial orientation and speech. In most
cases, this happened several hours or days before death. If the
brain is an information transformer, how can one explain the
sudden return of clarity of consciousness in the event of
severe neurological damage, asks Robert Epstein, American
psychologist and writer? What if these and other changes in the
state of consciousness - for example, caused by taking drugs
or alcohol - are not caused by a change in the processing power
of the brain, but by a transformation effect? Changes that take
place not in our universe, but in other dimensions? Or in the
structures of the brain responsible for transmitting signals? 
Epstein offers to look at such phenomena as hallucinations,
prophetic dreams, deja vu and the experience of clinical death
through the lens of "transformer theory" and "post-materialist
psychology." Epstein emphasizes that the brain as a transformer
is not just another metaphor. In his understanding, the brain
literally serves as a two-way transformer, and over time we will
find evidence of this. By translating this theory into a predictable,
formal form, the researcher hopes to find an explanation and
learn how to predict a number of aspects of dreams, visions,
hallucinations, and the like.