Vaccines do not protect against

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Vaccines do not protect against Covid 

(Press review)

Charter-97 reports a major outbreak of coronavirus at the largest
enterprises in Belarus. Among them are BELAZ (mining dump
truck plant), METZ (manufacturer of special equipment), Grodno
AZOT (chemical plant). The main point is that all factory workers
were forcibly vaccinated with Russian or Chinese vaccines under
threat of dismissal.
In Israel, according to Le Figaro, there are almost 578 patients in
serious condition in hospitals. The virus's impressive rate of spread
among the general population (6,300 new cases on average in
seven days) raises concerns that hospitalizations will double in
September during Jewish religious holidays. Then the health care
system may approach the tipping point reached in January. The
quality of treatment for non-Covid-related illnesses has already
declined. The newspaper writes that preliminary Israeli research
shows that the Pfizer vaccine loses its effectiveness over time,
especially after more than 5 months. At the moment, the government
intends to introduce a third dose. At the same time, Israel is
re-imposing restrictive measures to contain the spread of the Delta
variant. Wearing a mask has become a more serious duty, and since
mid-August, the system of green passports has been reintroduced,
according to which certain public places are reserved for vaccinated
persons, as well as purple passports, which establish attendance
rates in other public places. USA, Bloomger reports that case
studies tell us what scientific data cannot: vaccinated people seem
to be contracting the coronavirus at a surprisingly high rate. But
how often is not known exactly. It is also unclear how likely they
are to transmit the virus to others.
One of the most famous outbreaks among vaccinated people
occurred in the small coastal town of Provincetown, Massachusetts,
when thousands of vaccinated and unvaccinated people gathered
together on dance floors and at home parties on July 4th to
celebrate the holiday (...). About three quarters of the 469
infections were among vaccinated people. The authors of the study
of the incident, conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention (CDC), said this could mean they can transmit Covid-19
in the same way as unvaccinated people. Meanwhile, a much larger
CDC study of infections in New York State, recently published,
showed that infections among vaccinated people have been on the
rise since May, with nearly 4% of cases by mid-July. These
researchers warned that factors such as the easing of public health
restrictions and the spread of the highly contagious variant of Delta
may have influenced the results. Another CDC study in Colorado
found that the infection rate of vaccinated people in one county,
Mesa, was significantly higher than in the rest of the state, at 7%
versus about 5%. The report suggested that this may be due to the
wider prevalence of the Delta variant here, but also noted that the
age of patients in Mesa and lower vaccination rates may have
played a role. There is no doubt that vaccines provide significant
protection. But a significant part of the country's population - 
almost 30% of the US adult population - was not vaccinated, and
this fact, together with the highly contagious variant of Delta, did
its job, which pushed the country into a new wave of outbreaks."