Scientists have proven that Kabbalah

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Scientists have proven that Kabbalah is not lying

Hermetists, Gnostics and Kabbalists believe that the world comes
from God in the literal sense of the word. God compresses his own
light, lowering and twisting it through the worlds, so that material
shells are formed here below. In other words, forms of matter
containing hidden divine light within themselves. The main idea
of the Lurianic Kabbalah is that God creates everything out of
nothing, through the transformation of his own light. This idea
originated in antiquity. And today scientists have proved that matter
can really arise from light. So, in a way, today is an important day
for all mystics. Science has recognized things that initiated people
knew about thousands of years ago.
Through the Breit-Wheeler process, pure light can be transformed
into matter. The authors of the scientific work believe that matter
in the Universe is created by colliding photons. If two photons
collide strongly enough, then matter can be created: an 
electron-positron pair, the transformation of light into mass in
accordance with Einstein's special theory of relativity. This
phenomenon is called the Breit-Wheeler process and was first
described in 1934. In 2014, a team of researchers concluded that
the Breit-Wheeler process had never been observed in practice due
to the difficulty of focusing oncoming gamma rays. Light can be
transformed into matter. But direct observation of a pure phenomenon
involving only two photons remained elusive, mainly because the
photons must be extremely energetic, and scientists do not have the
technology to create a gamma laser. But physicists at Brookhaven
National Laboratory say they found a way around this stumbling block
with the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) - which ultimately
allowed physicists to observe the Breit-Wheeler process in action.
When ions move at a speed close to the speed of light, the gold core
is surrounded by a beam of photons, which move with it like a cloud,
the authors of the scientific work explain. In the RHIC collider, ions
are accelerated to relativistic speeds - that is, those that make up a
significant percentage of the speed of light. In this experiment, gold
ions were accelerated to 99.995% the speed of light. The collisions
themselves cannot be detected, but the resulting electron-positron
pairs are observable. Particles of matter and antimatter - pairs of
electrons and positrons can be created by colliding high-energy
photons, which are quantum "packets" of light. Photons are
converted into matter, and this is a consequence of Einstein's
formula E = mc2, Which shows the interchangeability of energy
and matter. But at relativistic speeds, virtual particles can behave
like real photons. Fortunately, physicists can now determine which
electron-positron pairs are formed in the Breit-Wheeler process.
They analyzed 6,000 pairs of electrons and positrons that were formed
during the collision of nuclei of gold atoms at the collider (RHIC). 
Also physicists have measured all distributions of energy, mass and
quantum numbers of systems. They are consistent with theoretical
calculations of what will happen to real photons, said physicist Daniel
Brandenburg of the Brookhaven Laboratory. "Our results provide clear
evidence of direct one-step creation of matter-antimatter pairs from
collisions of light, as originally predicted by Breit and Wheeler."