Asymmetric war against the West

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Asymmetric war against the West (part 3)

I have already written on several occasions that Russia, China
and other dictatorships are waging an undeclared hybrid war
against Western democracies. Today new facts have been
revealed which I want to share with the readers.
I have already written that the caravans of migrants to the West
are organized. It looks like Russian proxies in Latin America,
Africa and Syria are doing this. The neo-Bolshevik regime of 
Lukashenko completely repeated the patterns of hybrid war
against the West in miniature. The main patterns of these events
looked like this. Like Putin in 2011, Lukasheno did not honestly
win the election. In order to try to divert attention from internal
problems, the image of the enemy was needed. It was the collective
West from Poland to New Zealand. Putin also could not forgive
the Arab Spring and the overthrow of bloody dictatorships.
Therefore, he sent his mercenaries to destabilize not only military,
but also immigration situation. Tens of thousands of people have
been tricked in search of a better life. Many drowned and died on
the way there. Turkey has suffered the most from the influx of
refugees supported by Russian proxies (more 3 mln. people).
After the Lukashenko regime lost the elections with a crack, he,
with the help of Russian political technologists, began to repeat
what Putin was doing. In the beginning, he began to threaten the
West with war. His paratroopers went to the border with Poland
in the middle of the night on urgent alarm. Just like in the spring
2021, Putin moved 100,000 soldiers on the border with Ukraine,
threatening to start a bloody massacre. All this was done in order
to get the attention of President Biden. Then Lukashenko, not
without the help of the Russian special services, began to take
revenge on Lithuania and Poland for supporting democracy in
Belarus. He began to import thousands of people from Iraq. Then,
at gunpoint, he sent them to Lithuania. In total, almost 5 thousand
people illegally entered the territory of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia.
After that, allegedly, Islamic militants threatened Lithuania with
acts of terrorism. Then, in refugee camps in Lithuania, Latvia,
dummy migrants with Russian passports staged riots, while
simultaneously staging riots in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius
against vaccinations. The main task of the dying Lukashenko
regime, with the support of the Kremlin, is to show Lithuania
revenge for its support of democracy. The task is to overthrow
the Lithuanian government and destabilize life in this country.
Let me remind you that the capital of Lithuania is located only
30 kilometers from the border with Belarus.
Inside the country, the Lukashenko regime arrests everyone who
is in any way connected with Europe or the United States. This
can be described by the word - terror. All non-profit organizations
are closed. Even third-rate media journalists have been arrested.
All bloggers who spoke out against Lukashenka at least somehow
were arrested. Well, and like the icing on the cake, Lukashenko
invited the Russian army to the country, allegedly for an exercise.
And now he is threatening a third world war, on the grounds that
the whole West he believes is a puppies. The situation gets more
complicated every hour. And the more the regime and its friends
are deprived of their livelihoods, the more aggressive it will become
in an attempt to preserve the mafia system.
In support of the hybrid war against the West, China sent a landing
barge full of fighting forest cockroaches to the United States on July
17, 2021. News reported that Pan Jasmine arrived at anchorage
downriver from New Orleans on July 17, arriving from Paradipa,
India via Vera Cruz, Mexico. US officials during their inspection
found five separate pests, including two species (namely 
Cerambycidae, a species of beetle, and Myrmicinae, which colonize
king ants) known to pose a serious threat to US agriculture. Due to
the large volume of debris and the presence of pests, the vessel was
ordered to leave US waters immediately, load the debris into the cargo
hold, and clear decks before returning to the US. Pan Jasmine
departed July 21 to Freeport, Bahamas for ship recycling services.
Let me remind that the Lukashenka regime is main China's ally in
Europe. And the attempt to infect the United States with pests is far
from the first. Read the previous posts on this topic.
According to the Zerohedge project that commented on the news, 
China has been using insects as a weapon of war for millennia,
however, it is difficult to prove the fact of deliberate import of pests.
However, indirect evidence suggests that the introduction of insects
was most likely intentional. Firstly, the situation with the expulsion
of the infected ship is almost unique - the Chief Editor of Zerohedge
is far from a boy, but he does not remember anything like it. 
Secondly, the ship that brought the infection is definitely not a
longboat, but belongs to a serious company that is engaged in a
serious aluminum business. Finally, there was not one type of pest
on board, but five at once, and two of them were especially dangerous.
In general, everything suggests that China has switched to an almost
open biological war and does not much hide its actions. Usually this
is observed only in the final phase of preparation for a hot, full-scale
war, so we follow the development of events.
In other words, dictatorships have rebelled against democracy and
want to destroying Western societies. The ultimate goal of this crusade
is the total destruction of the entire population of the West.