The GameFAQs Archive Project is an

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GameFAQs Archive

The GameFAQs Archive Project is an effort to preserve the content of
the web site www.gamefaqs.com in its original plain text
format. Long ago, GameFAQs began wrapping its plain text walkthroughs
and FAQs in html, but recently they went further and removed the
option to download a plain text version of the file.
Despite this decision, GameFAQs still has a treasure trove of game
related information. All curious game players should continue to visit
the site. We haven't attempted to duplicate any non-FAQ content here,
such as their Q&A boards or reviews.


Antiquated Game Player

Antiquated Game Player is a 'Zine I began to explore my interest in a
specific era of computer gaming. AGP predates the inception of the
ESS, but its content is still relevant.