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Welcome to The Frugal Web Server's Gopher portal! We're helping to keep
GopherSpace alive with the Bucktooth Perl-based Gopher server and Linux.
Thank you Mr. Kaiser and Mr. Torvalds.
Items on this Server

Live WebCam (updated every 30 minutes)

History of Portland Radio

Narrated by Ernie Hopseker.  Includes great airchecks from the
1960s through the 1990s!

KISN's 91-derful 47th Anniversary Show

Music Safari/The Shuffle

Music Safari and The Shuffle were daily English language music
programs heard on some affiliate stations of China Radio
International. The presenters were Neil Jones and Steph Rosevear,

Miscellaneous Radio Broadcasts

French Audio Books

BunkBusters Podcast

Photographic Proof of Atrocities in Iraq!

The redneck life!

RFC1436 Gopher Protocol Spec

Refer to this when setting up your gophermap files.

Newspaper Clippings

Text Archive


Mystery Disc

Browse the disc in 386server's CD-ROM drive
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