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WAV2005.exe        12/11/04    9.69M
    Antivirus, firewall, pop-up blocker,anti-spy
backlink-checker.e 11/20/08     958K
    Back links checker application monitors URLs
    Graphcat Photo Cataloger for WordPerfect
easet.exe         11/11/05     929K
    Save web as img, Save Flash to local disk
ecatc13.exe       11/11/05     856K
    saving web page as image with one click.
    Pdf Text converter converts pdf files to text and text to pdf's.
    See folder sizes, unused files, print folders
    SIM card recovery software recovers phonebook
    Document converter
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** WinSite (tm):  The Planet's Largest Software Archive for Windows
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**           Educational Software
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    A simple product to do math tables. Its not only for kids.
    Live Support Software, Flash Live Chat Client
    E-book teaching on First Corinthians.
    2 2 math for children
    20-sim Viewer
    Delight in actual 3D models of Atoms!
    3 Bible Dictionaries KJV, Easton's, and Hitchcock's
    3 Minute Challenge! is a mathematical tool designed to test your
    A stylish 3D Backgammon to play on internet.
    Easy, fast retirement savings planner.
A9A0-036.exe       11/14/06    7.07M
    Pass ACE 9A0-036 in first attempt....
A9A0-044.exe       05/11/07    6.46M
    Pass 9A0-044 for ACE Photoshop certification.
ABA-Materials.exe  07/16/05    1.12M
    Preview and print digital imageflash cards 1-8 per page.
AFC-install.exe    04/27/07    4.13M
    Free! AFC improves test scores.
AMGS42.exe         09/25/05    6.63M
    Help people pay attention with fun quiz shows
APRCMsetup.zip     09/06/06     377K
    Easily create professional report cards!
AQ_142.zip         03/30/03     400K
    Superb test management software for Windows.
ATimeTable02Setup. 06/10/03     175K
    Lesson Schedule
ATimeTable97Setup. 04/13/03     157K
    ATimeTable97 is MS Access 97 application for manual lesson schedu
A_JUNIOR.zip       01/27/04   21.27M
    Visual Perception Training Games for Special Education (Demo)
Abb_Setup.exe      02/18/03    1.62M
    This program lets you look up the full meaning of acronyms
Abcthai.zip        04/13/07     233K
    Thai text editor with translation help
AbeLingoDemo.exe   06/17/03    2.10M
    Vocabulary builder software where you learn the most common words
AbsoluteFretboard. 08/12/05    1006K
    Course to mastering fretboard of guitar, bass
AcStat10.exe       10/26/05    1.97M
    Unrestricted subject statistical software
ActiveTyping47.exe 05/06/05    2.01M
    Active Typing - the Best Way to Touch Typing!
AlQuranDigital21.e 08/02/04    9.53M
    Al Quran with translation in Indonesian
AmigoP20.exe       05/01/06     872K
    Learn Spanish vocabulary with puzzles.
AmigoS30.exe       05/01/06     936K
    Learn Spanish verbs with tests and puzzles
Anti-Porn.EXE      02/25/03    1.69M
    A porn-filter software.
AplusTests.exe     01/25/05    4.58M
    CompTIA A (220-301, 220-302) Practice Tests
Apsc10.zip         05/09/04     262K
    Converts protein sequence to different format
ArchiTech4.exe     11/18/05    1.07M
    Use this powerful but easy to use program to do an accurate ener
Arithmentals_3.0.e 05/02/03    4.72M
    Enhance Your Mental Capabilities With Arithmentals.
AstroVega_v25_setu 02/16/04     295K
    AstroVega is small,fast,many featured and customizable astroprog
AutoFilteSetup.exe 08/06/04    1.43M
    Filter out porn websites,protect your system
BMPrime.exe        02/12/03      56K
    Command line utility to generate large primes
BT.exe             04/10/06   39.08M
    Basic electrical training - troubleshooting
BabyaQuizPack1.zip 04/24/07     403K
    Short quiz about Windows XP for iQuiz
BabyaSysXPTut.zip  01/18/03     604K
    A tutorial for Babya System XP v 11.3
Babylon_Pro40.exe  06/15/03    1.75M
    Online Dictionary Software
BanglaWord190.EXE  04/04/03    4.65M
    Free Bengali Word processing application.
BassFretboardAddic 08/28/06    8.58M
    Improve Your Bass Guitar Playing
BbEsvNasbNkjvSetup 09/04/08    1.91M
    Bible freeware with NKJV, NASB, ESV. Intuitive for non-scholars.
BiGoAssistantTiny- 05/04/04    2.02M
    Actually big full featured Go games and fuseki/joseki database
BiGoAssistantTiny- 05/04/04   28.67M
    Actually big full featured Go games and fuseki/joseki database
BibTexMngSetup.exe 05/11/04    3.39M
    Program for manipulating BibTeX database files
BiblName.zip       01/17/05     431K
    Defines thousands of proper names found in the Bible.
Bible2.exe         05/20/03    1.95M
    Complete free Holy Bible for Windows. Words of Christ in red.
BibleDatabase-5_0_ 06/04/04    4.53M
BinaryAdderSetup.e 11/04/05     503K
    Binary Adder
BoyceThe.zip       01/10/05     461K
    Abstract of Systematic Theology by James P. Boyce  1887
C1D0-410.exe       06/02/03    6.48M
C1D0-420.exe       02/16/06    6.31M
    Pass CIW 1D0-420 in first attempt....
C1D0-425.exe       01/06/06    6.86M
    Pass CIW 1D0-425 in first attempt....
C1D0-435.exe       08/29/06    7.09M
    Pass1D0-435 in first attempt....
C1D0-441.exe       11/07/06    6.35M
    Pass1D0-441 in first attempt....
C1D0-450.exe       02/16/06    6.77M
    Pass CIW 1D0-450 in first attempt....
C1D0-470.exe       01/06/06    7.40M
    Pass CIWCI 1D0-470 in first attempt....
C1D0-510.exe       01/06/06    7.15M
    Pass CIW 1D0-510 in first attempt....
C1D0-520.exe       01/06/06    6.68M
    Pass CIW 1D0-520 in first attempt....
C1D0-525.exe       11/07/06    6.80M
    Pass1D0-525 in first attempt....
C220-221.exe       05/30/03    7.29M
    For MCSA,A certifications.
C220-222.exe       05/31/03    6.68M
    For A ,MCSA certifications.
C220-301.exe       02/16/06    7.31M
    Pass A+2003 220-301 in first attempt....
C220-302.exe       02/16/06    7.18M
    Pass A+2003 220-302 in first attempt....
C220-601.exe       12/20/06    7.01M
    Pass220-601 in first attempt....
C220-602.exe       12/20/06    7.52M
    Pass220-602 in first attempt....
C220-603.exe       02/19/07    7.67M
    Pass 220-603 for A Plus 2006 certification.
C220-604.exe       03/22/07    5.50M
    Pass 220-604 for A Plus 2006 certification.
CCNA_NetVis_5_Demo 01/12/06   39.79M
    Build virtual networks with unlimited devices
CChess1.exe        01/31/04    6.57M
    Turn your toddler into a chess prodigy!
CDMindMapProTrial_ 10/19/05   12.86M
    Mind map brainstorm visual thinking tool
CEK0-002.exe       12/20/06    7.03M
    PassEK0-002 in first attempt....
CIK0-001.exe       05/31/03    6.38M
CIK0-002.exe       01/06/06    6.79M
    Pass I-Net+ IK0-002 in first attempt....
CLK2005.exe        01/03/05    2.52M
    The perfect calculator solution
CMiner102.exe      03/19/04    4.64M
    Chord and song tool for all guitar players
CN10-002.exe       06/02/03    6.40M
    For MCSA certifications.
CN10-003.exe       01/06/06    7.36M
    Pass Network+2005 N10-003 in first attem...
CSAssetDB.msi      03/10/03    2.70M
    Asset Database that scans remote computers
CSK0-001.exe       06/02/03    6.56M
    For MCSA certifications.
CSK0-002.exe       07/27/06    7.64M
    Pass MCSA SK0-002.in first attempt....
CSY0-101.exe       02/16/06    6.30M
    Pass Security+ SY0-101 in first attempt....
CXK0-001.exe       02/16/06    6.56M
    Pass Linux+ XK0-001 in first attempt....
CXK0-002.exe       01/06/06    6.78M
    Pass Linux+2004 XK0-002 in first attempt...
CalculationSkillsV 04/15/05   10.30M
    Focuses on Addition and Subtraction at the Basic Level
CalculationSkillsV 04/15/05   11.16M
    Focuses on Multiplication and Division at the Basic Level
CalculationSkillsV 04/15/05   10.73M
    Focuses on Addition and Subtraction at the Advanced Level
CalculationSkillsV 04/15/05   11.17M
    Focuses on Multiplication and Division at the Advanced Level
CargoOfficeDemo.ex 10/05/05    3.84M
    Draft Survey and Lashing calculation program.
CentCatAD.ZIP      05/01/03    1.55M
    CentCatAD allows you to test
Chines69.exe       03/09/07   16.18M
    The most powerful Chinese learning program!
ChineseMaster442sw 01/02/09    9.32M
    Master your Chinese with ChineseMaster - an interactive tool
Chinese_Teacher_20 03/09/07     101K
    The most powerful Chinese learning program!
Chisetup.exe       11/06/04     664K
    Learn to speak Chinese with this software.
ChnEngAssistantSet 07/23/04   56.57M
    Chinese-English bilingual dictionary.
ChnEngSenHunterSet 07/17/04   32.22M
    A Chinese-English sentence searching tool.
ChordGroover.exe   10/03/06   19.41M
    Make your own guitar songs to play and save.
ChordLearnerPCSetu 07/31/06    1.47M
    Learn, practice, and understand chords!
Clock.exe          05/01/05     433K
    Here's a free timer utility program.
CollectionStudio.e 05/29/06    2.28M
    Collection Studio - Your choose!
Computing-demo.zip 02/03/04     359K
    Look up over 7000 highly technical terms in English and Russian.
CoursePlayerInstal 06/09/03   10.61M
    Prepare Now For The California Real Estate License Exam
CrosswordzWin.zip- 03/25/03     602K
    Make and print classroom style crossword and wordsearch puzzles
CursorTranslator.e 04/16/06     659K
    Pick word anywhere on screen and translate it
CyclicSetup.exe    08/14/03    5.99M
    A workshop for drummers and MIDI musicians
DASETUP1.exe       02/16/06    1.34M
    Instant 1-click access to the free dictionary
DEMOPaperDollDesig 08/29/03    1.99M
    Create your own personalized PaperDoll.
DEX.exe            04/16/04    2.60M
    Dex - Romanian Dictionary
DKNumre-install.ex 09/02/07     761K
    Learn to pronounce the Danish Numbers
DPCSetup.exe       08/09/03   34.30M
    Save money and keep your PC in a good performance ! How?
DeadCalc.exe       08/17/05     360K
    Advanced command-line calculator.
DeadSmall.exe      12/10/06    1.39M
    Analyze, solve, and plot various mathematical equations.
Decimals_PercentsD 04/14/05  128.70M
    Step by Step Course for Decimals and Percents
DicEngArm2.exe     01/13/06    4.69M
    Dictionary with 70000 word in English Armen..
DicFreArm2.exe     01/13/06    4.78M
    Dictionary with 70000 word in French
DicGerArm2.exe     01/13/06    4.77M
    Dictionary with 70000 word in German
DicItaArm2.exe     01/13/06    4.77M
    Dictionary with 70000 word in Italian
DicPorArm2.exe     01/13/06    4.74M
    Dictionary with 70000 word in Portuguese
DicSpaArm2.exe     01/13/06    4.77M
    Dictionary with 70000 word in Spanish
Dictionary.exe     02/26/04    1.11M
    Free Multilanguage dictionary with 37 dictionaries
DigitizeIt_win.exe 12/03/03    8.52M
    Digitize scanned graphs, charts and math data.
DocDiv.zip         01/10/05    1.26M
    A Body of Doctrinal Divinity by John Gill
DomainRef1_1.exe   12/27/03     274K
    A domain name reference tool.
DspEdu21_Setup.exe 05/07/04    3.13M
    Educational Software on Introductory Digital Signal Processing
EC-212-32.exe      03/01/07    6.41M
    Pass EC-212-32 for CEP certification.
ETC4demo.zip       07/21/05    2.00M
    Absolute pitch and relative pitch training.
Early.zip          01/10/05     226K
    Early Israel and The Surrounding Nations by  A.H. Saye  1899
EarthNav5.zip      11/03/03    4.77M
    A 3D photo-realistic and interactive globe on your desktop.
Eastons.zip        01/17/05    1.43M
    Easton's Bible Dictionary
Electronics_setup. 06/27/08    7.56M
    Electronics and Mechanical Engineering.
Elektro.zip        02/22/06     195K
    for drawing electronic schemes
EngArmCh2.exe      01/13/06    5.55M
    Learning Language with over 200 pictures.
EnvisionAideSetup4 04/29/04    3.43M
    Boosts researcher's work rate and creativity
Espanol01.exe      09/29/08    1.12M
    Play with and learn common Spanish words
Espanol02.exe      09/29/08    1.10M
    Play with and learn common Spanish words
Espanol03.exe      09/29/08    1.07M
    Play with and learn common Spanish words
Espanol04.exe      09/29/08    1004K
    Play with and learn common Spanish words
Espanol05.exe      09/29/08    1.03M
    Play with and learn common Spanish words
Espanol06.exe      09/29/08     992K
    Play with and learn common Spanish words
Espanol07.exe      09/29/08     972K
    Play with and learn common Spanish words
Espanol08.exe      09/29/08     848K
    Play with and learn common Spanish words
Espanol11.exe      09/29/08    1.63M
    Play with and learn common Spanish sentences
Espanol12.exe      09/29/08    1.62M
    Play with and learn common Spanish sentences
Espanol13.exe      09/29/08    1.45M
    Play with and learn common Spanish sentences
Espanol51.exe      09/29/08    1.83M
    Conversational Spanish Made Fun
Essentials.exe     09/10/07    3.30M
    CompTIA A Essentials 220-601 Practice Tests
Everest-Glossaries 11/03/03    2.17M
    Everest Glosssaries for Everest Dictionary
Everest310.zip     02/25/03   79.28M
    Free multilanguage dictionary with over 3.000.000 words
EverestBulgarian.e 03/15/04    7.51M
    Free multilanguage dictionary - bulgarian dictionaries
EverestEnglish.exe 03/15/04   13.54M
    Free multilanguage dictionary - English dictionaries
EverestFrench.exe  03/15/04   12.94M
    Free multilanguage dictionary - French dictionaries
EverestGerman.exe  03/15/04   13.27M
    Free multilanguage dictionary - German dictionaries
EverestHungarian.e 03/15/04    5.80M
    Free multilanguage dictionary - Hungarian dictionaries
EverestItalian.exe 03/15/04    3.52M
    Free multilanguage dictionary - Italian dictionaries
EverestRomanian.ex 03/15/04   16.27M
    Free multilanguage dictionary - Romanian dictionaries
EverestSpanish.exe 03/15/04    8.68M
    Free multilanguage dictionary - Spanish dictionaries
Everest_BG_Databas 10/20/03    6.23M
    Bulgarian Databases for Everest Dictionary (windows and linux)
Everest_EN_Databas 09/17/03   14.51M
    English Databases for Everest Dictionary (windows and linux)
Everest_FR_Databas 02/27/04    9.32M
    French Databases for Everest Dictionary (windows and linux)
Everest_GE_Databas 02/27/04    9.73M
    German Databases for Everest Dictionary (windows and linux)
Everest_HU_Databas 10/08/03    3.83M
    Hungarian Databases for Everest Dictionary (windows and linux)
Everest_IT_Databas 02/27/04    1.08M
    Italian Databases for Everest Dictionary (windows and linux)
Everest_PT_Databas 10/06/03    3.20M
    Portuguese Databases for Everest Dictionary (windows and linux)
Everest_RO_Databas 10/20/03   16.00M
    Romanian Databases for Everest Dictionary (windows and linux)
Everest_SP_Databas 09/17/03    4.85M
    Spanish Databases for Everest Dictionary (windows and linux)
ExploreYourBody.zi 04/15/05   33.46M
    Provides an informative introduction to the parts of the body
ExploreYourHealth. 04/29/05   34.45M
    An informative introduction to the body and staying healthy.
FCM20.exe          10/13/05     880K
    Automatic card scheduling optimizes learning.
FD406.ZIP          06/17/04    1.26M
    FD is a concise, English- language Dictionary
FMDv1.exe          10/22/04     377K
    a searchable glossary of medical terminology
FahrenheitSetup.ex 11/05/05     483K
    Temperature Converter
FamilyMailInstall. 11/11/04    5.16M
    FamilyMail is an ultra simple email program
Flash5.zip         12/11/04    2.24M
    Vocabulary based flashcard program
FlashCards_Setup.e 01/24/08    2.53M
    A proven study tool to review any subject
FlashPoint.exe     12/15/05    1.28M
    FlashPoint is a PowerPoint to Flash Converter
Flashcards_Sharewa 06/07/05    1.92M
    Excellent program designed to assist in mathmatics.
Flashpersonal.exe  06/23/07    3.58M
    FlashPoint Personal.Supports Office2007.
FoodAd10.exe       02/21/05     158K
    Check food additives for your safety. Free!
FormulaPro.zip     10/09/03     833K
    FormulaPro is a multiple formulas calculator.
FractionsHSCDemoDL 04/14/05   88.41M
    A Step by Step Course on Fractions
FreArmCh2.exe      01/13/06    5.55M
    Learning Language with over 200 pictures.
FretFun1.2.exe     06/15/06    1.01M
    Guitar Music Note Flash Card Game
FretboardAddictPCS 07/31/06   10.45M
    Improve your guitar playing and your ear for music!
Funplot_v10.zip    06/21/06    1.24M
    2D data plotting environment
G4B004.zip         04/09/05    1.29M
    Deutsch Kurs für absolute Beginner
GDTTPE30.exe       03/31/04   24.97M
    Professional GD and T training on CD-ROM
GIPALS.exe         11/10/05     987K
    Linear programming environment.
GMBA-Calculator.zi 06/09/07     181K
    n-digit precision calculator upto 6000 digits
GREWindows.zip     07/26/04     718K
    Study for the Verbal section of the GRE
GURU_AND_ATMA_NIVE 02/01/06      96K
    Guru And His Function
GbDist300.zip      12/24/03    1.97M
     GRADEBOOK3.00 Records and Maintains Class Grades
GerArmCh2.exe      01/13/06    5.55M
    Learning Language with over 200 pictures.
Ghost_Forest_exc_e 11/22/04     543K
    A fantasy novel for children
Glossary-demo.zip  02/03/04     356K
    Get reference on banking and finance acronyms and abbreviations.
GradeLogLite145.ex 02/08/04    4.55M
    Freeware gradebook program with excellent features!
Gradem.zip         04/11/07   23.46M
    Gradem automates test corection with Optical Mark Recognition OMR
GrafEq212.exe      06/14/05    2.31M
    Easy, reliable two-dimensional graphing.
GraphingSolvedSetu 05/04/03    5.58M
    Graphing Solved! brings your math problems to life!
Gravity.zip        09/21/05    3.61M
    Gravity simulator.
Great.zip          02/02/05    4.31M
    Collection of Post-Biblical Jewish stories
GuitarAcademy.zip  05/26/05   28.37M
    Learn to play guitar, lessons  more
GuitarScalesMethod 07/25/05     926K
    Tool to master guitar scales and improvisation
GuitarSpeed.exe    09/05/05    1.46M
    Training software develops your guitar speed
GuitarTuner.zip    11/30/03    1.49M
    The best guitar tuning program.
HailStoneNumberSet 11/04/05     509K
    Hail Stone Number Checker
Hebrew_Quadratic_E 03/06/06    1.17M
    Hebrew Quadratic Equation Solver
HindiWriterSetup.e 11/11/05     665K
    Allows typing in Hindi without having to remember a new layout.
HiraganaTiles.zip  01/31/05     523K
    Game teaching Japanese Hiragana symbols.
History_of_BV_Puri 02/01/06      98K
    The Spiritual Master Srimad B. V. Puri Goswami
    Memorizing Bible passages freeware.
    Daily inspiration source
    Software educativo, entretenido, de gran utilidad para maestros
    Best Reader, a short way to speed reading.
    Best Reader, el atajo hacia la lectura veloz.
    3D satellite world map at 1km resolution.
    3D earth globe at 1km resolution.
    KGB'secrets, software for memory training
    KGB'secrets, software for memory training
    KGB'secrets, software for memory training
    KGB'secrets, software for memory training
    Improve perfect pitch using a unique method.
    Easy to use. Seating charts, reports, graphs. e-mail capabilty.
    Easy to use. Seating charts, reports, graphs. e-mail capability.
    Easy to use. Seating charts, reports, graphs. e-mail capability
    Learn and have fun with this free program!
    Personal electronic health record software; take charge of health
    Free Electronic Medical Record Viewer
    Easy way to learn to count in another language
    Learn more in less time with your Quiz-Buddy!
    Learn basic math with the friendly robot.
    Learn stock exchange and investment terms in 6 languages.
    map of iran country with all road way  With All Details
    The histroy of Israel from 1700 BCE to 2004 in 38 maps
    Memorize Bible verses and keep them in memory
    Learning Language with over 200 pictures.
JLearnIt.exe       04/09/08    2.24M
    multilingual dictionary to learn vocabulary
JokesSetup.exe     09/01/04    2.10M
    11.000 free jokes in two languages
JpnEngSenHunterSet 07/17/04   31.19M
    A Japanese-English sentence searching tool.
Justus.zip         02/22/06     156K
    for drawing chemical figures
JuzAmmaEnglishSetu 08/25/05    4.31M
    Free Juz 'Amma Player with english translation
Kamus-1_1.zip      12/29/03    1.18M
    Kamus is an English-Indonesia dictionary.
KidsTime_Setup.zip 12/13/07    2.52M
    Help parents control their kids game time.
KihlmansSQL.zip    05/07/06      55K
    This program helps you master SQL
KingKanjiWin32_45. 04/10/06    1.65M
    Flash card program for learning Japanese with kanji.
KingdomOfKerstan.e 10/10/04     873K
    Kingdom Of Kerstan
LABFit7222.zip     02/13/04    2.90M
    Curve fitting, 2D 3D graph, error propagation, digitizing
LMBsetup.exe       03/02/06    2.22M
LORD_SRI_JAGANNATH 02/01/06      82K
    Nature or Swarupa of Lord Jagannath
LPSetup.exe        09/21/08     348K
    Memorize the Lord's Prayer
Laminator.zip      04/04/06    1021K
    Classical Analysis of Laminated Composite Material Plates
LangStudioEnglish. 01/21/06   10.35M
    LanguageStudio English
LangStudioGerman.z 01/21/06   13.59M
    LanguageStudio German
LangStudioSwedish. 01/21/06   10.30M
    LanguageStudio Swedish
LarkinRev.zip      01/11/05    3.55M
    The Book of Revelation by Clarence Larkin  1919
LcSta32E.exe       01/21/06    2.40M
    Planetario astronmico con 28.695 objetos celestes.
Lcc01A.zip         10/04/08    3.02M
    Multimedia Chinese characters reading and writing learning
Lcc01B.zip         10/12/08    2.62M
    Multimedia Chinese characters reading and writing learning
LeDraw10.exe       07/10/07    3.94M
    Teaches to draw
LearnCNDemo.exe    11/28/05   24.70M
    Chinese language study Program
LearnChineseAndSpe 11/16/05    1.70M
    Learn Chinese and Speak Mandarin with this award winning tool.
LearnChrDemo.exe   11/28/05   15.07M
    English-Chinese double language Dictionary
LearnPY.exe        11/28/05    7.25M
    A Chinese phonetic alphabet tool
LearnSpanish.exe   01/09/06    1.70M
    Learn Spanish and Speak Espanol
Learn_Chinese_2006 07/15/05   11.06M
    Powerful and user-friendly software to learn Chinese vocabulary.
Learning_For_Profi 07/12/05     215K
    Discover exactly how to learn anything faster, step-by-step.
LecternIIDemo.exe  10/12/06     648K
    A Video-Free Electronic Lecture Recording, Editing, and Playback
Lg.zip             05/14/03     183K
    Ancient applications about geometrical places.
Lingo10.zip        02/29/04    1.82M
    Lingo is a vocabulary training application.
LiquidDreamII.msi  05/31/03    6.75M
    Designed to guide your conscious awareness into the dream state.
M70-028.exe        05/31/03    6.29M
    For MCP,MCSE,MCDBA,MCSD certifications.
M70-029.exe        06/02/03    6.82M
    For MCDBA,MCP,MCSE,MCSD certifications.
M70-100.exe        06/02/03    6.38M
    For MCP,MCSD certifications.
M70-152.exe        06/02/03    6.49M
    For MCP,MCSD certifications.
M70-175.exe        06/02/03    6.66M
    For MCP,MCSD,MCDBA certifications.
M70-176.exe        06/02/03    6.53M
    For MCP,MCSD certifications.
M70-210.exe        01/06/06    8.43M
    Pass MCSE 70-210 in first attempt....
M70-214.exe        02/16/06    6.89M
    Pass MCSE 70-214 in first attempt....
M70-215.exe        06/02/03    7.35M
    For MCP,MCSA,MCSE,MCDBA certifications.
M70-216.exe        06/02/03    6.93M
    For MCP,MCSA,MCSE certifications.
M70-217.exe        02/16/06    6.97M
    Pass MCSE 70-217 in first attempt....
M70-218.exe        06/02/03    7.50M
    For MCP,MCSE,MCSA certifications.
M70-219.exe        05/31/03    6.36M
    For MCP,MCSE certifications.
M70-220.exe        05/31/03    6.96M
    For MCP,MCSE certifications.
M70-221.exe        01/05/06    7.09M
    Pass MCSE 70-221 in first attempt....
M70-223.exe        02/16/06    6.24M
    Pass MCSE 70-223 in first attempt....
M70-224.exe        05/31/03    6.73M
    For MCP,MCSA,MCSE certifications.
M70-225.exe        01/06/06    6.78M
    Pass MCSE 70-225 in first attempt....
M70-227.exe        02/16/06    7.76M
    Pass MCSE 70-227 in first attempt....
M70-228.exe        01/06/06    7.02M
    Pass MCSE 70-228 in first attempt....
M70-229.exe        01/06/06    7.02M
    Pass MCSE 70-229 in first attempt....
M70-244.exe        06/02/03    6.85M
    For MCP,MCSE,MCSA certifications.
M70-270.exe        01/06/06    7.19M
    Pass MCSE 70-270 in first attempt....
M70-271.exe        01/06/06   10.54M
    Pass MCDST 70-271 in first attempt....
M70-272.exe        01/06/06    6.65M
    Pass MCDST 70-272 in first attempt....
M70-284.exe        01/30/06    7.06M
    Pass MCSE 70-284 in first attempt....
M70-290.exe        01/06/06    7.38M
    Pass MCSE-2003 70-290 in first attempt....
M70-291.exe        01/06/06    7.38M
    Pass MCSE-2003 70-291 in first attempt....
M70-292.exe        01/06/06    7.69M
    Pass MCSE-2003 70-292 in first attempt....
M70-293.exe        02/16/06   10.16M
    Pass MCSE 70-293 in first attempt....
M70-294.exe        01/06/06    7.29M
    Pass MCSE-2003 70-294 in first attempt....
M70-296.exe        01/06/06    7.93M
    Pass MCSE-2003 70-296 in first attempt....
M70-297.exe        08/29/06    7.81M
    Pass70-297 in first attempt....
M70-298.exe        01/06/06    8.25M
    Pass MCSE-2003 70-298 in first attempt....
M70-299.exe        01/06/06    8.32M
    Pass MCSE-2003 70-299 in first attempt....
M70-300.exe        11/07/06    6.22M
    Pass70-300 in first attempt....
M70-305.exe        01/06/06    7.24M
    Pass MCSD.NET 70-305 in first attempt....
M70-306.exe        01/06/06    6.37M
    Pass MCSE 70-306 in first attempt....
M70-310.exe        01/06/06    6.73M
    Pass MCSD.NET 70-310 in first attempt....
M70-315.exe        01/06/06    7.28M
    Pass MCSD.NET 70-315 in first attempt....
M70-316.exe        01/06/06    7.24M
    Pass MCSD.NET 70-316 in first attempt....
M70-320.exe        12/18/05    7.18M
    Pass MCSD.NET 70-320 in first attempt....
M70-431.exe        12/25/06    6.44M
    Pass70-431 in first attempt....
M70-444.exe        07/17/07    5.63M
    Pass 70-444 for MCITP: database administrator
M70-536-CSHARP.exe 09/05/07    5.76M
    Pass 70-536-CSHARP for MCTS-NET-2-0 certifica
M70-620.exe        03/22/07    5.53M
    Pass 70-620 for MCTS certification.
M70-621.exe        07/31/07    7.36M
    Pass 70-621 for MCITP certification.
MBFreeCrystalHeali 10/29/07    1.34M
    This is an advanced Crystal Healing Software.
MBFreeKabbalahAstr 10/30/07     788K
    This is a Kabbalah Astrology Software.
MBFreeLearnTarotSo 05/29/06    2.56M
    This is a tarot learn and test software
MBFreeVedicAstrolo 10/17/07    3.18M
    This is a complete Vedic Astrology Software.
MDB_Speaking_Flash 06/24/04    1.22M
    MDB or DAO driven multilingual Speaking Flashcards
MFCM_exe.zip       06/10/04     700K
    Practice or Test , add, -, mult., and division. Very easy to use.
MGame11.exe        08/18/04      84K
    Learn multiplication tables using this game
MGdemo15.exe       09/22/03    4.39M
    ear training, sight reading, and music theory
MIND_GRAPH_EBOOK_D 02/01/04    2.46M
    Learn the possibilities of a graphic language
MITCalcBeam01.exe  09/22/08    1.40M
    Calculations of the Straight Beams
MITCalcBuckling01. 10/17/08    1.37M
    Slender strut (column) buckling
MITCalcSections01. 11/26/08    1.26M
    Area characteristic of profiles
MITCalcSprTens01.e 10/22/08    2.18M
    Design of tension cylindrical springs
MS5_5_setup.exe    03/09/05    2.12M
    Practice math facts with fun and challenging games
MSP2008_setup.exe  02/02/08    4.15M
    Math fact practice and fun games
MSVocab.exe        01/05/07     225K
    Vocab tests French, Spanish, German
MYABCD.exe         08/03/04    2.50M
    fun and games for children aged one to five
MagicGraph.exe     10/07/03     435K
    Plot and analyze graphs of mathematical functions
MakroSimulator.zip 09/02/06   29.06M
    Simulates macroeconomic behavior.
MaritimeSoftwareSu 01/11/06   36.31M
    Draft Survey, Lashing, Course calculations.
MathAid_Precalculu 09/10/04     661K
    Interactive tutorial, tests and problem-solving lessons
MathAid_ProbStat_2 04/21/06     669K
    Java based math course includes problem-solving lessons and tests
MathAid_SAT_1563_d 12/16/06     668K
    Interactive tutorial with problems and tests
MathAid_Trigonomet 12/07/06     668K
    interactive java based math lessons and tests
MathFlashCardsSetu 11/04/05    1.26M
    Fun flash card program, simple yet effective.
MathPad.exe        11/15/03     140K
    A nice/neat window program for basic math operations practice.
MathScratch.exe    02/07/04    2.79M
    Teaches the mathematical computation process
MathmenV1.exe      01/31/04    7.81M
    Introduce your child to math and adventure.
MatrixCalc1.zip    05/23/05     571K
    Perform matrix algebra calculations.
MaxType_eng.zip    03/01/05    2.53M
    Learn how to type and increase typing speed
MaxType_lite.zip   03/01/05    1.71M
    Typing tester - test and practice typing
Measure.zip        01/17/05    1.79M
    Conversion program for Bible weights & measures
MemopumpSetup.zip  06/03/04     472K
    Foreign words dictionary and language trainer
MindStudioTrial.ex 01/04/07    1.65M
    Bitesize ExamStyle GCSE Revision all subjects
MultinimInstall.ex 08/12/05    2.02M
    Multiple 3-5Choice Pics
MultipliK12-1.0.0- 08/22/07    1.90M
    Learn/Practice multiplication tables
MxCalc.exe         11/25/03    1.40M
    Calculate equations using the Matrix method, and view the steps
MyDiary_Setup.zip  11/08/04     313K
    A simple and easy to use diary writing software.
My_Test_Setup.exe  01/04/05    2.53M
    Make your own True/False and Multiple-Choice tests...
NAM_BHAJAN.zip     02/01/06      70K
    Eternal love between Krishna and Jiva
NATO-demo.zip      11/12/04     716K
    Military arts reference with 35000 entries.
NEP.zip            01/16/05     385K
    The New England Primer  1777 and 1843 Versions
Nanotech.exe       03/16/05    2.03M
    The only multimedia encyclopedia on nanotech.
NetVis4_Demo.exe   09/14/04   37.23M
    Build virtual networks with unlimited devices
NetplusTests.exe   01/25/05    4.46M
    CompTIA Network (N10-002) Practice Tests
NetronSetup.exe    07/20/04    4.09M
    Converts PowerPoint presentations to Flash
Neutrons.exe       03/16/05     990K
    It describes the unique world of neutrons.
NosGame.zip        02/27/04     553K
    choose 6 numbers for contestants to make the number generated.
O1Z0-001.exe       01/06/06    6.35M
    Pass OCP 1Z0-001 in first attempt....
O1Z0-007.exe       02/16/06    6.51M
    Pass OCP 1Z0-007 in first attempt....
O1Z0-031.exe       02/16/06    6.74M
    Pass OCP 1Z0-031 in first attempt....
O1Z0-032.exe       01/06/06    6.94M
    Pass OCP 1Z0-032 in first attempt....
O1Z0-033.exe       02/16/06    6.65M
    Pass OCP 1Z0-033 in first attempt....
O1Z0-042.exe       02/19/07    7.49M
    Pass 1Z0-042 for OCA DBA10g certification.
O1Z0-043.exe       05/11/07    5.53M
    Pass 1Z0-043 for OCP DBA10g certification.
O1Z0-147.exe       01/06/06    6.77M
    Pass OCP 1Z0-147 in first attempt....
ORGSetup.exe       03/06/08    4.89M
    A scheduler for individual/business events.
Open-Point-Demo.zi 10/24/03     374K
    The OPEN POINT software for acupuncture.
    @promt Expert 7.8: powerful easy translation
    @promt Expert 7.8: powerful easy translation
    @promt Expert 7.8 - powerful easy translation
    @promt Expert 7.8 - powerful easy translation
    @promt Expert 7.8 - powerful easy translation
    @promt Office 7.8 - easy-to-use translation
    @promt Office 7.8 - easy-to-use translation
    @promt Office 7.8 - easy-to-use translation
    @promt Office 7.8 - easy-to-use translation
    @promt Personal 7.8 - translation 4 everyone
    @promt Personal 7.8 - translation 4 everyone
    @promt Personal 7.8 - translation 4 everyone
    @promt Personal 7.8 - translation 4 everyone
    @promt Personal 7.8 - translation 4 everyone
    @promt Professional 7.8: business translation
    @promt Professional 7.8: business translation
    @promt Professional 7.8: business translation
    @promt Professional 7.8: business translation
    @promt Professional 7.8: business translation
    @promt Express 7.0 is translation software
    @promt Prof. 7.0 is translation software
    @promt Prof. 7.0 is translation software
    Parenting Assist is an aid for parents.
    A precision metronome for Windows
    Lesson planning for Teachers both Primary and Secondary
    Swiming pool or spa software
    PMM makes you spin-off from the top in 3D!
    Improve and correct English pronunciation.
    @promt Expert 8.0 - powerful easy translation
    @promt Office 8.0 - easy-to-use translation
    @promt Personal 8.0 - translation 4 everyone
    @promt Professional 8.0: business translation
    Lesson plans - teaching aid using DfES/other established schemes
    3D Virtual Reality Tour of the Solar System
    Learn hiragana and katakana playing on your computer !
    Kids Educational Entertainment Application
    Find the planets in your piece of the sky.
    Wikipedia for PocketPC, Windows and Linux
    Learning Language with over 200 pictures.
    Analisis de la presion sanguinea y el pulso de un enfermo.
    Profiles in Corruption contains chapters of all the presidents
    English to Spanish dictionary for Windows OS
    History of the Prophets software.
    Practice punctuation and capitalization with this arcade game.
QB_MATH_install20. 05/11/04    1.11M
    Practice Multiplication, Addition and more!
QB_SAT_install_10. 06/09/04    1.36M
    Get ready for SAT Verbal!
QB_SPANISH_install 05/27/04    7.13M
    Expand your Spanish vocabulary!
QB_Text_Analyzer_i 09/08/04     501K
    Generate a vocabulary list from a text sample
QB_US_STATES_insta 02/17/04    1.72M
    Learn to find US States on the map.
QMP62_setup.exe    01/18/08    3.47M
    Quiz creating, administering application.
QViewer2.exe       07/28/06    4.83M
    Multi-Lingual Qur'an with built-in Arabic
QuiZuite.ZIP       03/30/03    1.42M
    A suite for creating, taking, and evaluating quizzes
QuickEnglish35.zip 04/13/04   22.36M
    English Language Learning Tool for Kids
QuickLang30.zip    04/08/04   18.91M
    MultiLanguage Learning Tool for Kids
QuickMedia30.zip   04/06/04   18.38M
    QuickMedia Pack 'Earth' for Quick Language Learning Course
RF4Me55.exe        02/18/07   10.67M
    Pupil Report Writer and Reports Manager with 10,000 plus comments
RT.zip             04/04/07     115K
    RT is designed to boost touch-typing skills.
R_Decode.exe       01/23/04    1.51M
    Decodes the resistor color codes.
RapdPi12.exe       01/23/06    2.63M
    Equation editing add-on for Microsoft Word
RapidTyping_Setup_ 01/26/09     995K
    Free touch typing tutor for adults and kids
RevExp.zip         01/10/05     334K
    The Revelation Explained by F. G. Smith  1906
RhymIt10.exe       11/10/04    3.87M
    Rhyming dictionary to find word rhymes.
Rt-Plot_setup.exe  10/31/03    5.56M
    The tool to generate Cartesian X/Y-plots
Russetup.exe       11/06/04    5.31M
    Learn to speak Russian with this software.
S310-025.exe       01/06/06    6.62M
    Pass JCP 310-025 in first attempt....
SCX310-019.exe     02/19/07    6.42M
    Pass CX310-019 for SCJA certification.
SCX310-035.exe     01/05/06    8.33M
    Pass SCJP 310-035 in first attempt....
SCX310-056.exe     12/20/06    7.70M
    PassCX310-056 in first attempt....
SCX310-081.exe     03/06/07    5.82M
    Pass CX310-081 for SCWCD certification.
SCX310-090.exe     07/02/07    6.06M
    Pass CX310-090 for SCBCD certification.
SCX310-110.exe     07/17/07    5.41M
    Pass CX310-110 for SCMAD certification.
SDTSetup.exe       09/21/08     360K
    Memorize Spanish Words and Phrases
SEAP.zip           03/28/03     182K
    Structural Element Analysis Program
SIX_GOSWAMINS.zip  02/01/06     153K
    Life and teachings of Six Goswamies
SMSetup.exe        10/04/08     352K
    Learn Stock Market Concepts and Phrases.
SNCReader.exe      06/17/05     603K
    Free cookbook reader. Print recipe cards.
SOGOL12.exe        09/28/03    1.07M
    Math Assistant and Calculator for Windows
SRI_CHAITANYA_MAHA 02/01/06     253K
    Gauranga Mahaprabhu at Sridham Mayapur
SRI_KRISHNA.zip    02/01/06     149K
    Bhakti to attain the real Goal of Life
STAR_Exam_Setup.zi 05/03/07    3.31M
    Language game for 7 to 12 years old students
SWDojoSetup.exe    07/03/04    7.38M
    Student Writing Dojo provides your students with writing tools th
SchlrW10.exe       04/30/04    5.40M
    Academic Writing Software for Students
SchoolCalendarFWG. 03/06/08   18.44M
    A networking calendar for pupils and teachers
SchoolCalendarSetu 03/06/08    5.91M
    A software calendar for pupils and teachers
Seatem.zip         04/06/06      19K
    Classroom Seat assignment Program
SemSim.zip         10/10/03    2.18M
    CCNA Test Router simulation
Setup.zip          05/07/06    3.66M
    Helps you learn ancient Greek. Has a greek hangman game too.
SetupRecallPlusV3. 09/22/04   10.48M
    Study Organiser.Revision Learning Aid.
Setup_Bulgarian-En 01/26/05    5.90M
    Translate words from Bulgarian to English
Setup_Bulgarian-Fr 01/26/05    6.09M
    Translate words fromBulgarian to French
Setup_Bulgarian-Ge 01/26/05    6.21M
    Translate words fromBulgarian to German
Setup_Bulgarian-Gr 01/26/05    6.15M
    Translate words fromBulgarian to Greek
Setup_Bulgarian-It 01/26/05    6.18M
    Translate words from Bulgarian to Italian
Setup_Bulgarian-Sp 01/26/05    6.07M
    Translate words from Bulgarian to Spanish
Setup_Bulgarian-Tu 01/26/05    6.03M
    Translate words from Bulgarian to Turkish
Setup_English-Bulg 01/07/05    7.74M
    KoralSoft free online dictionary, download dictionaries: English
Setup_English-Bulg 01/26/05    6.30M
    Translate words fromEnglish toBulgarian
Setup_French-Bulga 01/26/05    6.41M
    Translate words from French toBulgarian
Setup_German-Bulga 01/26/05    6.45M
    Translate words fromGerman toBulgarian
Setup_Greek-Bulgar 01/26/05    6.38M
    Translate words from Greek toBulgarian
Setup_Italian-Bulg 01/26/05    6.84M
    Translate words from Italian toBulgarian
Setup_Recorder_Bud 03/24/03    1.46M
    A program that teaches you to play the recorder.
Setup_Turkish-Bulg 01/26/05    6.25M
    Translate words from Turkish toBulgarian
Sgetup.zip         06/21/08   18.70M
    Software to schedule Class Timetables
ShaPlus-Google-Tra 02/22/09     169K
    Instantly translate text in any application
Shoshidic1_2setup. 08/24/05   89.91M
    english to bangla dictionary
Sight_Words_Buddy_ 03/29/06    3.16M
    Teach kids the most frequently used words.
SimQuest_5_3_EN.ex 02/03/06   17.18M
    A system for scientific discovery learning.
SpaArmCh2.exe      01/13/06    5.55M
    Learning Language with over 200 pictures.
SpeakingHangmanFre 07/11/08    8.32M
    English and Spanish Speaking Hangman
SpeechCN.exe       11/28/05    8.35M
    Text to Speech Chinese.
Spell401wst.zip    03/04/09    4.92M
    hear and practice spelling words
SpellQuizzerSetup. 08/05/08    6.96M
    Software for mastering spelling words
Spelling.zip       04/25/05   25.79M
    Let your children teach themselves spelling.
Spelling_Made_Simp 11/28/06   25.07M
    Spelling software for learning spelling words
StatesAndCapitalsS 11/10/05     779K
    States and Capitals
StillCastingShadow 04/20/06    5.01M
    'Still Casting Shadows' is a social history/family history book
Strong.zip         09/13/05    5.29M
    Systematic Theology by Augustus Strong  3 Volumes  1903
SubliminalFlash.ex 05/02/06     484K
    Nice subliminal-messaging program
SwordBible_setup.e 01/28/09    5.05M
    Simple and powerful bible study for windows.
TD-Setup.exe       02/20/08   14.74M
    Explain software with your own animated demos
TD4Me55.exe        04/07/07   13.37M
    Descriptive Thesaurus/Dictionary, crossword help and full WP
TG1Setup.exe       09/21/08     352K
    Guess the quote made by a genius.
TG2410.exe         01/30/06   13.47M
    Test creation, delivery and administration.
TPG109.exe         09/19/04   24.31M
    Teach yourself guitar quickly and easily.
TSLSetup.exe       09/21/08     420K
    Learn the sign language alphabet.
TaalMala_Trial_Set 07/13/05    3.60M
    Tabla and Pakhawaj accompaniment for musicians - Trial Edition
TakeItEasySetup.zi 01/15/05     835K
    helpful tool to study foreign languages
Telling_Time_Demo. 12/02/06    1.67M
    Game to teach kids about time and clocks
TempusFugit.zip    10/06/07    1.28M
    Roman clock with latin date in systray
TestGoldStudioSetu 05/27/07    6.78M
    Educational and psychological testing
Test__Setup.exe    08/26/05     478K
    Test your typing skills
Thai-1.exe         12/19/08    1.60M
    Thai-learning-program with sound and pictures
TheBody.zip        04/29/05   11.66M
    An interactive and educational journey through the body
Theenk.exe         10/04/08     352K
    Guess the answers to Cat Trivia
TheenkAmericanPres 10/04/08     352K
    THEENK American Presidents Quiz
TheenkPeriodicElem 10/04/08     348K
    Learn Periodic Elements
TheenkRabbitCare.e 10/12/08     356K
    Theenk Rabbit Care Quiz
Today-3.8-Free.exe 03/31/08    3.90M
    Greek Orthodox Calendar and Screen Saver
ToyBox-11E.zip     07/19/07   38.07M
    Complete Doll and Toy Inventory
Translator1311.zip 06/15/04    2.34M
    Decode over 10,000 computer and chat acronyms.
Tutor59.exe        11/12/05    8.32M
    Aphasia treatment:stroke
TypingMaster630.ex 04/14/05    6.47M
    Personal Typing Trainer - Learn Keyboarding
TypingMasterENG700 05/19/06    4.43M
    Personal touch typing tutor for Windows
TypingQueen_Setup. 08/26/05    3.26M
    touch typing tutor software
TypingTestSetup.ex 04/14/05    1.64M
    Free Typing Testing and Game Package
TypingTutor.exe    08/11/03    1.49M
    Learn To Type Tutor Typing tutor,Typing test
U00-203.exe        06/26/03   12.12M
    For MCP,MCSA,MCSE certifications.
U00-204.exe        06/26/03    9.33M
    For MCSE,MCP certifications.
U00-206.exe        06/26/03   11.33M
    For MCP,MCDBA,MCSD certifications.
U00-207.exe        06/26/03    8.70M
    For MCSD .NET,MCDBA,MCP certifications.
U00-210.exe        06/26/03   16.15M
    For MCSE,MCP,MCSA certifications.
U00-212.exe        06/26/03    8.67M
    For A certifications.
U00-213.exe        06/26/03   10.79M
    For MCDBA,MCP certifications.
U00-214.exe        06/26/03   10.93M
    For MCP,MCSE,MCSA certifications.
U00-216.exe        06/26/03    9.11M
    For MCSE,MCP,MCSA certifications.
U00-301.exe        03/22/07     168K
    Pass Master CIW Designer certification.
U00-302.exe        03/22/07     168K
    Pass CIW Professional certification.
U00-303.exe        03/22/07     168K
    Pass Master CIW Web Site Manager certificatio
U00-304.exe        03/22/07     168K
    Pass A plus certification.
U00-305.exe        03/22/07     168K
    Pass Network Plus certification.
U00-309.exe        03/01/07     168K
    Pass MCSE 2003 certification.
U00-310.exe        03/01/07     168K
    Pass MCSE 2003 certification.
U00-313.exe        03/01/07     168K
    Pass MCAD certification.
U00-314.exe        03/01/07     168K
    Pass MCAD certification.
U00-318.exe        03/22/07     168K
    Pass OCP DBA9i certification.
U00-321.exe        03/01/07     168K
    Pass MCSE 2000 to 2003 certification.
U00-322.exe        03/01/07     168K
    Pass MCSE 2003 certification.
U00-323.exe        03/22/07     168K
    Pass MCSE 2003 certification.
U00-324.exe        03/22/07     168K
    Pass MCDST certification.
U00-325.exe        03/22/07     168K
    Pass MCAD certification.
U00-352.exe        04/22/07     168K
    Pass OCA-DBA-9i certification.
U00-353.exe        04/22/07     168K
    Pass OCP-DBA-9i certification.
UKsetup.exe        07/15/06     717K
    UnitKit is a tool for conversion of units.
UTGsetup.exe       06/23/03     140K
    Manages a student's marks and calculates numerous statistics.
VAISHNAVISM_Real_a 02/01/06      64K
    Essence of true Vaishnavism
VRMars-Spirit_Demo 07/08/07   11.53M
    Astronomy 3D Software on MER Spirit Mission.
Verbix803.exe      04/16/08   22.36M
    Verb conjugations and grammar in 100 languages.
VisualSpellDemo-1. 10/14/08    7.30M
    Improve the spelling skills of children.
Vokabeln.zip       02/22/06     173K
    Vocabulary database for learning queries
WF4Me55.exe        04/07/07    5.63M
    The 'staged' Word Processor designed for educational use.
WMDSWAGAR.zip      11/28/04    1.23M
    Quickly analyzes a WMD disaster site.
WRITEIDEA.zip      05/18/04    1.59M
    Writing Ideas for children
WebCleanerEN.exe   05/22/03    2.09M
    Real-time filters unhealthy Internet content.
WiseType.exe       06/02/05     945K
    Smart tool for automating your typing.
WordListMaker.exe  11/10/05    1.79M
    Word List Maker.
WordNet-Online_set 07/14/05     468K
    Free dictionary and thesaurus for desktop!
WordSecretaryDeuts 04/05/07    6.28M
    Fehlertolerantes Wörterbuch und Thesaurus
WordSecretaryEngli 04/05/07    6.58M
    Fault-tolerant dictionary und thesaurus
WordSorterSetup.ex 11/04/05     557K
    Creates exhaustive word lists from text.
Wordms13.zip       06/02/05   10.18M
    Thesaurus,dictionary,anagram and word-finder.
YESolosetup.exe    01/14/04    2.21M
    Authorized typing tutor for QWERTY keyboard
Yokozuna-1.0.3.exe 07/01/05     724K
    Yokozuna! - Kanji learning program.
a1multiply.exe     08/10/07    5.48M
    Multiplication Tables and Games Software
a2zgb61.zip        08/10/03    2.77M
    teacher's grading program - store grades, make reports
a2zwp40.zip        08/12/03    2.65M
    makes crossword, word search puzzles from word lists
a500d.exe          06/04/06    5.80M
    Affordable easy-to-use statistical software
abacus20.exe       08/02/07    2.51M
    Free Math Worksheets based Software and Math Lesson Plans
abc4kids.exe       08/10/07    8.02M
    ABC Kids spelling games
abccolor.zip       11/11/04    1.85M
    ABC Coloring Book for the youngest kids
abccolorii.zip     11/11/04    1.97M
    ABC Coloring Book for the youngest kids
abcdi11.zip        05/08/05    3.64M
    Learn to draw animals step by step!
abcdii11.zip       05/08/05    3.01M
    Learn to draw birds step by step!
abcdiv11.zip       05/08/05    3.46M
    Learn to draw vehicles step by step!
abcdv11.zip        05/08/05    3.57M
    Learn to draw christmas objects step by step!
abcdvi11.zip       05/08/05    3.85M
    Learn to draw flowers step by step!
abciii11.zip       05/08/05    3.24M
    Learn to draw dinosaurs step by step!
abfVC.zip          07/31/07    1.14M
    ABF Value Converter
able2know.exe      06/23/04     240K
    An advanced research toolbar
aca3.exe           04/03/07    7.13M
    Multple -choice educational program.
ace108_x1121_qb_wi 02/08/07   47.77M
    Stunning graphical online surveys and quizzes
ag_setup.exe       12/19/07     658K
    A searchable database of computer acronyms.
agenie42.exe       08/25/05     635K
    A searchable database of computer acronyms.
agsetup.exe        01/21/05    2.08M
    Plot functional graphs
agshowsetup.exe    01/21/05    1.15M
    Play mathematical functional graph slides
aioob_helper1_0_0. 03/13/04    8.22M
    Aioob Helper can create Web based Help files.
algbr225.exe       12/07/06     660K
    interactive math lessons and tests
algebrus_setup.exe 07/09/05    1.70M
    Calculator, Graph plotter, Solver, Converter
anidnc13.zip       07/20/05    1.29M
apexdiet.exe       11/05/06    1.55M
    Analyze the nutrition value of your recipes
apluscalc.msi      07/03/05    1.44M
    A Calc is a scientific calculator with multi-line display
apocalypse.exe     11/16/04    1.10M
    Ebook written by E.W. Bullinger, published in 1909
apt12_demo.exe     06/10/06     566K
    APT helps you acquiring perfect pitch with ear training drills
arhythms_setup.exe 05/19/06    1.60M
    Biorhythms calculator. To be a winner.
arn1.zip           07/10/04    1.63M
    A highly offbeat E-picture book for everyone.
arp.exe            12/05/08    4.26M
    Speed Reading, Assessment and Online Reader.
arpd.exe           12/05/08    4.46M
    Speed Reading, Assessment and Online Reader.
arpdn.exe          12/05/08    4.06M
    Speed Reading, Assessment and Online Reader.
arpdp.exe          12/05/08    4.45M
    Speed Reading, Assessment and Online Reader.
arpeggio.zip       05/27/03     303K
    Musician Expansion Pack for Guitar Arpeggios
astyle101.zip      01/13/03     614K
    Automated proofreading of translated texts.
at41.exe           04/26/04    6.35M
    Automotive electronic systems simulations
atama21.exe        01/24/03   10.72M
    Homeopathic Repertory, Materia Medica, Docs.
atpedjre.zip       04/27/05   10.76M
    Presentations, simulations, tutorials creator
atype.zip          09/02/03     966K
    Teaches proper typing techniques.
autosignal-setup.z 07/07/04   13.44M
    Easy to use signal analysis tool.
axgraf.zip         03/17/03    1.04M
    The tool for calculation of numeric data.
basicmouse.exe     11/27/08     772K
    Kiosk software & Teaching tool in one!
basslick.zip       05/27/03     301K
    Musician Expansion Pack for Bass Guitar
basup112.zip       01/13/03    5.83M
    Hands-on basic algebra tutorials
bcp1.zip           06/30/04     493K
    Greeting cards and organizer,ready to use.
bi_conv2.exe       08/23/03     687K
    Convert ancient Bible values into modern ones
biblelesson10.exe  02/28/04    1.33M
    Sunday School teacher's Bible lesson workbook
biscopesetup.exe   02/01/06    1.02M
    Explore binary, hex and octal numbers.
bkmtex70.exe       02/22/05   23.60M
    BaKoMa TeX with True WYSIWYG LaTeX Editor.
bkwri300.exe       03/27/05    2.02M
    Book Writer is an editor for writers.
blsetup.zip        10/04/06    5.83M
    Book, magazine, comic collection manager
blw301-winsite.zip 05/20/03    3.36M
    The amazing virtual construction toy with endless possibilities
bmi-healthmonitor. 07/19/06    2.31M
    BMI Calculator - Free software and download
bmi.exe            07/22/04      24K
    A tool for calculating body mass Index (BMI)
bmi_calc_v1.zip    08/09/04      23K
    What Health BMI Calc is an easy to use body mass index calculat
bookoffice_eng.exe 08/31/07    5.32M
    e-Textbook and e-Manual creator, on/off line
bookwriter_install 03/07/08    7.68M
    Write anything faster, better, easier.
bos_adob.exe       01/21/04    5.42M
    Boson Practice Exams for Adobe Tests
bos_fire.exe       01/21/04    8.98M
    Boson Practice Tests for Check Point exams
bos_nasd.exe       01/21/04    4.50M
    Boson Practice Exams for Business Tests
br21dl.exe         05/31/07     541K
    Have your classroom enter book reports.
btac.exe           01/21/05    2.63M
    E-book teaching on Bible Times and Customs.
businesscorrespond 05/31/06     547K
bygonebeliefs.exe  11/16/04     380K
    Being a series of excursions in the byways of thought
caa1.zip           11/06/04    4.83M
    2 award winning e-picture books 1 great price
calculus_setup.exe 02/09/05     564K
    Single Variable Calculus
cbgeo5d1.zip       09/04/03    1.91M
    for learning the geography of the world in french
ce_sim20.zip       08/08/04   13.29M
    Router Simulator provides hands-on experience for CCNA exam prep.
cells.exe          01/21/05     991K
    Two courses for Christian small groups with practical ideas.
cfdlab22.zip       04/06/04    4.56M
    2D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Simulator/Solver (Reg.$5.-)
cfw.zip            11/12/03     139K
    Comfortable scientific calculator-program
cha1.zip           07/09/04    3.21M
    A wonderfully offbeat and moving picture book
chall509.exe       02/28/04    1.16M
    Bible question and answer game.
cheers20.exe       05/13/04    4.36M
    Calculate blood alcohol level
chemcalc.exe       09/20/04    1.57M
    Assist laboratory staff in preparing Molar, Anydrous
chemxa.exe         08/08/03     695K
    Unique interactive multimedia Chemistry tutor
chinabusinesslaw.z 02/14/06     555K
    China Business Laws and Regulations
cl20_evl.zip       01/27/03    2.59M
    ChemLab Lab Simulation
classic1-3_0.exe   07/08/03    1.47M
    Classical solos and duets for pickstyle guitar
cldpen01.exe       06/17/04    4.14M
    Calc 3D is a collection of mathematical tools
climecalc.zip      04/19/06      42K
    Pt100 , temperature , relative humidity etc.
cmxsed35.exe       06/04/07    1.41M
    CHEMIX School - Chemistry Software
colalg25.exe       09/13/04     640K
    interactive math lessons and tests
color10pk.exe      01/30/09    1.73M
    50 pages of baby animals to color!
color11pk.exe      01/30/09    1.73M
    50 pages of cars and trucks to color!
color13pk.exe      07/08/08    1.77M
    50 pages of fun stuff for kids to color!
color2pk.exe       01/30/09    1.74M
    A dinosaur coloring book.
color3pk.exe       01/30/09    1.70M
    Lots of animals to color.
color4pk.exe       01/30/09     897K
    Lots of plants to color.
color5pk.exe       01/30/09    1.74M
    A train load of pictures to color.
color6pk.exe       01/30/09    1.74M
    Five train loads of pictures to color.
color7pk.exe       01/30/09    1.76M
    All types of toys to color.
color8pk.exe       01/30/09    1.73M
    Color characters and scenes from fairy tales.
color9pk.exe       01/30/09    1.72M
    Color delightful little monsters at play.
colorpk.exe        01/30/09    1.71M
    Children will have hours of fun.
colouring4kids-tri 02/25/05    6.60M
    childred will have hours of fun
comp.exe           10/21/04    3.98M
    English Comprehension made easy for kids
computerExpert.exe 03/04/06    1.28M
    ComputerExpert 2005 is a Online Immediate Q/A
consemed.zip       07/28/04      72K
    Medicina Preventiva para Personas Sanas.
construct.exe      10/21/04    3.98M
    Kids can now build sentences easily
convrt80.zip       05/11/03    2.26M
    Convert metric and standard measurements instantly.
courseforum.exe    03/04/04    1.60M
    Elearning content creation,sharing,discussion
crsswrd3.exe       12/12/05    7.25M
    Crossword generator
cssetup.exe        12/23/05    5.14M
    Student class scheduler
ctest.exe          04/24/03     557K
    Create, edit and run custom-made tests.
cttest.exe         06/29/07     493K
    Touch typing tutor and typing test.
curtipot_.zip      09/11/06     329K
    pH calculation, titration curves and acid-base equilibria
curvefitter.exe    02/22/07    1.14M
    Nonlinear regression analysis - CurveFitter
curvfit-install.ex 12/21/06    1.39M
    Fit w/ Sine, Power, Exp.,  Lorentzian Series
cwe601.exe         03/28/03     801K
    Make your own crosswords and word puzzles.
cwget.zip          02/23/09     807K
    Program to decode CW via a sound card
cwmaker.exe        01/07/04    1.10M
    web application to design crosswords in png/jpg
cwqnf10.exe        07/30/05    9.99M
    Quotes, notes, and facts from the Civil War.
cwtyp135.zip       02/02/05    1.14M
    The terminal program for CW-operators.
cybersky_trial.exe 05/14/07    3.34M
    Accurate, yet easy-to-use planetarium program
    Guitar Chord Dictionary - Learn how to play guitar chords!
    Apprentissage du clavier francais
    Hebrew dictionary
    Declan's Chinese Dictionary
    Improve students' reading comprehension
    Calculates the derivative of a function.
    Info about all elements of the Periodic Table
    A Diabetes Daily Log Manager. Track and evaluate daily glucose.
    Computer Home Diet Therapy
    Declan's Japanese Dictionary
    Declan's Japanese Vocabulary FlashCards
    E-learning content generation tool w/ SCORM.
    Assistant for English pronunciation
    Restoration tool retrieve lost USB drive data
    Find out what your dreams mean
eagle_demo.zip     06/08/04    2.22M
    Visual perception training from 7 years to adult level
earbuilder_setup.e 10/26/03    2.07M
    Earbuilder is an ear training software for....
ebookcreator.zip   01/21/05    1.53M
    Freeware eBook compiler for TreePad files
ebr250.exe         03/21/04     648K
    FREE reader for ebook
ebrsetup.exe       03/17/03    2.02M
    Slimline eBook Reader
eebk1.exe          01/21/04    6.73M
    A free E-Book on Chinee Astrology.
efield201.exe      10/25/06     827K
    Electric field simulator
egourmet.exe       05/20/03    3.30M
    EzGourmet collection boasts 700,000 recipes!
engcrov5.exe       02/12/05    9.26M
    English-Croatian Dictionary. Simple, fast and FREE.
equake3d.zip       03/03/05     844K
    Real-time 3D display of global earthquakes
equals01.exe       10/18/04    3.25M
    Develops basic math understanding and skills.
erred263.exe       10/15/03    1.76M
    English to/from Russian Pocket Electronic Dictionary
etraining_setup.ex 10/04/07    6.95M
    Fully customizable open e-learning script
eurotran.zip       12/08/03    4.04M
    European coordinate conversions.
ever-increasing-fa 11/16/04     371K
    Ebook originally written in 1924 by Smith Wigglesworth
ework15.exe        04/24/05     778K
    All-in-one homework utility.
exactsetup.exe     05/26/06    8.95M
    Exact test, exact p-values, non parametric, www.exact-test.com
exam23.exe         08/13/04    2.82M
    Create test, exam in any language. Exam talks
exerceyes.zip      01/17/04    2.41M
    Never wear glasses. Learn good computer vision.
ezfile200.zip      04/15/05    1.16M
    Easy and efficient file management
fab.exe            10/19/07     825K
    Basic info on first aid usable as introduction to medical help.
fastyp60.exe       03/24/03    3.70M
    Be more productive-Learn to type with FasType
fcalcs22.exe       09/20/05    2.29M
    Powerful graphing calculator.
fcppcrt.exe        03/24/05    1.39M
    Learn foreign words while playing!
ffsetup.exe        09/16/05    3.60M
    Multiple Choice Study Software Fore Firefighters
flashcrd.exe       09/06/04     329K
    Practice simple mathematical operations.
flashpointpro.exe  05/22/07    5.96M
    FlashPoint Professional
fpro.exe           08/04/08    6.29M
    FlashPoint Pro version,ppt to swf or flash
fract.zip          03/06/09    5.10M
    Fraction Decimal calulator
fraction.exe       10/21/04    6.05M
    An easy way to learn fractions!
free_converter_set 09/02/07     805K
    Quick way to make easy unit conversions.
freemc19.exe       01/21/07    4.03M
    Customize random mazes w/ solution to print
fretpr20.exe       05/29/06    1.36M
    'Free guitar fretboard training software'
frqgen10.zip       07/10/06     482K
fssetup12.zip      10/25/03     938K
    Best Windows flashcard program!
fullrecall.exe     12/09/06     608K
    Effective memorization tool.
function.zip       05/15/04    2.01M
    Studies functions of one variable
    Game show for the classroom
    Windows multimedia Help File teaching on the Gates of Jerusalem.
    Ear-training course for guitar
    Interactive symbolic geometry application
    A Educations and Professional GIS tool
    Geodata of international countries
    Geometry Help, Worksheets
    GEOTEC Office, a package for geotechnical and design engineering
    Daytrading tool for easy access to trading resources
    Statistical Tables
    Free Guitar
    Make Gourmet Hotdogs with these Hotdog Recipes
    Gospel Parallels is a side by side Bible
    Eqplot plots 2D graphs of complex equations.
    powerful tool which can help you to plot and analyze graphs.
    powerful, easy-to-use, equation plotter
    powerful, easy-to-use, equation plotter
    Improve students'grammar skills
    A software forlearning touch typing.
    Learn states, capitals and facts of the USA
    Guide which shows different programs and how to make money
    Guitar lessons for absolute beginners
    Dynamically generated note patterns on a virtual guitar fretboard
    E-book software for 40,000 Hadith collection
    The #1 Program for all your FCC Exams
    Includes 4 levels of play, sound, animation and a human skeleton.
    Harmonica software uses mic to teach how to play bends, overblows
    Powerful calculator for students and teachers
    A computer game to learn to read music notes
    A ear training game to recognize music notes
    A tetris to learn music notes in treble clef
    Read, listen to, print the Holmes stories.
    How To Get Rich In Real Estate
    Learn valuable teaching and study techniques
    The psychological basis for learning
    A Psychology of Study
    Package for simulation of 1D gas dynamics
    Computation of flows through restrictions
    The software demonstrates Chinese characters' orders of strokes.
    Spelling drill program for home or school
demo3.exe         12/12/04    4.75M
    Software of Tafsir of Al-Quran in Arabic
edictionary.exe   02/16/06      24K
    Free IE Dictionary plug-in.
gas201.exe        10/25/06     736K
    An 3D Ideal Gas Simulator.
lxsetup.exe       06/17/06     858K
    Vocabulary builder for language learners.
mageber.exe       09/09/05    2.82M
    Measures an analyzes digital images.
nertia.exe        02/11/05     855K
    For Civil and Structural Engineers
nsta101.zip       11/06/05    3.75M
    Universal Conversion Program
nstalar2.exe      12/30/04    2.39M
    Keep your children away from pornography.
nstallAP.exe      07/30/06     588K
    authorPOINT PowerPoint to Flash Converter
nstall_personaemi 05/10/03    2.69M
    Find the meaning ofnames with Personaemicon
nstallefabliaux.e 10/30/08   18.87M
    A collection of medieval French fabliaux
slam.zip          11/16/08    1.39M
    Read and learn Holy Qur'an, 3D pages, 35 lang
slamicp.zip       11/16/08     170K
    Creating islamic praying times and animation
    Applied Math for kids
    Japanese-English Dictionary. Simple, fast and FREE.
    Math made easy for kids
    Kids Talking Spelling Tutor!
    Kids can now build words easily
    A Great Kids Spelling Tutor with letter tiles
kbtutor.exe        01/03/06    3.48M
    Arabic keyboard typing tutor
kidwidget_install. 07/03/04    6.97M
    Safe environment for kids, with tons of included tools for them.
kjdict20.exe       02/28/04     594K
    King James Bible Archaic Word Dictionary
kjvd.zip           01/17/05     448K
    King James Bible Dictionary
klcalc21.exe       07/12/05    3.09M
    Search nutritional values of food items.
kmsetup.exe        10/15/03     827K
    The real online testing software
knssetup.exe       08/13/04     733K
    A program descriptively designed to replace Old school Calculato
kolorow.zip        07/06/03     210K
    Program for coloring images, just like in the coloring books.
ktrig305.zip       10/11/04    2.49M
    For solutions to trigonometry and geometry.
lal.zip            05/15/04    2.22M
    Computations associated with matrices
lcr.zip            04/14/04    2.64M
    Record and share classes and lectures.
lcsetup.exe        09/15/05     218K
    A language teaching program for Windows
ldpencz.exe        06/26/05    1.86M
    The dictionary with 400.000 words database.
ldpengr.exe        06/30/05    1.92M
    The dictionary with 400.000 words database.
ldpenhe.exe        06/30/05    1.86M
    The dictionary with 400.000 words database.
ldpenhu.exe        06/26/05    2.08M
    The dictionary with 400.000 words database.
ldpenit.exe        06/30/05    1.77M
    The dictionary with 400.000 words database.
ldpkea.exe         06/26/05    2.75M
    The dictionary with 400.000 words.
ldpkeb.exe         06/26/05    2.49M
    The dictionary with 400.000 words.
ldpkecs.exe        06/30/05    4.43M
    The dictionary with 400.000 words.
ldpkect.exe        06/30/05    4.45M
    The dictionary with 400.000 words.
ldpkee.exe         06/30/05    2.46M
    The dictionary with 400.000 words.
ldpkef.exe         06/30/05    2.91M
    The dictionary with 400.000 words.
ldpkeg.exe         06/30/05    2.47M
    The dictionary with 400.000 words.
ldpkeh.exe         06/30/05    2.52M
    The dictionary with 400.000 words.
ldpkei.exe         06/30/05    2.48M
    The dictionary with 400.000 words.
ldpkejk.exe        06/30/05    5.33M
    The dictionary with 400.000 words.
ldpkek.exe         06/30/05    3.62M
    The dictionary with 400.000 words.
ldpkel.exe         06/30/05    2.18M
    The dictionary with 400.000 words.
ldpkesc.exe        06/26/05    2.48M
    The dictionary with 400.000 words.
ldpket.exe         06/26/05    2.61M
    The dictionary with 400.000 words.
ldpteb.exe         06/26/05    2.59M
    The dictionary with 400.000 words database.
ldpted.exe         06/26/05    2.06M
    The dictionary with 400.000 words database.
ldptef.exe         06/30/05    1.97M
    The dictionary with 400.000 words database.
ldpteg.exe         06/30/05    2.16M
    The dictionary with 400.000 words database.
ldptet.exe         03/24/05    3.31M
    The dictionary with 400.000 words database.
leadershiptraining 08/08/04      315
    Interpersonal Skills Platform training tool
leadlick.zip       05/27/03     303K
    Musician Expansion Pack for Lead Guitar
learn11.exe        02/22/06    1.28M
    Learn your conjugations acurately and quickly
leostatistic.zip   10/30/04     558K
    Statistical analysis of experimental data.
lersus30.exe       03/07/05   19.80M
    LERSUS e-Learning authoring tool
letchase.exe       12/31/06    1.43M
    Full-featured Typing Tutor for beginners
lexisgoo_pc_setup. 06/01/05   15.46M
    Windows Version has the same features as Pocket PC version
libertymap.zip     01/26/07     456K
    Interactive and educational map of the United States of America
lingvosoft-diction 12/30/04    1.08M
    Dictionary with 400.000 words and phrases.
lingvosoft-diction 12/30/04    1.33M
    Dictionary with 400.000 words and phrases.
lingvosoft-diction 12/30/04    1.14M
    Dictionary with 400.000 words and phrases.
lingvosoft-diction 12/30/04    1.39M
    Dictionary with 400.000 words and phrases.
lingvosoft-wind-fc 11/16/04    1.22M
    Tool to create your own flashcard database
loghibou.exe       03/24/04   17.44M
    CD-ROM for testing and training basic auditory skills
logkalk.exe        03/24/04    8.81M
    training auditory  visual perception of numbers and quantities
lpdani.exe         08/25/06     503K
    Use Danish language in WordPad and Notepad
lpdutc.exe         08/25/06     503K
    Use Dutch language in WordPad and Notepad
lpfren.exe         08/25/06     503K
    Use French language in WordPad and Notepad
lpgerm.exe         08/25/06     503K
    Use German language in WordPad and Notepad
lpicel.exe         08/25/06     503K
    Use Icelandic language in WordPad and Notepad
lpital.exe         08/25/06     503K
    Use Italian language in WordPad and Notepad
lpnorw.exe         08/25/06     503K
    Use Norwegian language in WordPad / Notepad
lpport.exe         08/25/06     503K
    Use Portuguese language in WordPad / Notepad
lpspan.exe         08/25/06     503K
    Use Spanish language in WordPad and Notepad
lpswed.exe         08/25/06     503K
    Use Swedish language in WordPad and Notepad
lsdgeab.exe        06/25/05    2.20M
    Talking dictionary with 65.000 words
lsdgeag.exe        02/02/05    2.66M
    Talking dictionary with 400.000 words
lsdgebb.exe        06/25/05    2.55M
    Talking dictionary with 65.000 words
lsdgehb.exe        06/25/05    2.10M
    Talking dictionary with 65.000 words
lsdgelb.exe        06/25/05    2.21M
    Talking dictionary with 65.000 words
lsdgepb.exe        06/25/05    2.44M
    Talking dictionary with 65.000 words
lsdgesb.exe        06/25/05    2.15M
    Talking dictionary with 65.000 words
lsdgetb.exe        06/25/05    2.40M
    Talking dictionary with 65.000 words
ltppcesw.exe       03/24/05    2.93M
    Dictionary with 400.000 words and phrases.
ltppcetu.exe       03/24/05    3.71M
    Dictionary with 400.000 words and phrases.
ltppcgcz.exe       03/24/05    3.01M
    Dictionary with 400.000 words and phrases.
ltppcgfr.exe       03/24/05    2.66M
    Dictionary with 400.000 words and phrases.
ltppcgit.exe       03/24/05    2.60M
    Dictionary with 400.000 words and phrases.
ltppcgpl.exe       03/24/05    2.28M
    Dictionary with 400.000 words and phrases.
ltppcgru.exe       03/24/05    2.72M
    Dictionary with 400.000 words and phrases.
m-freq-install.exe 08/18/06    1.52M
    Finds pole-zero locations 4 Transfer function
ma2-trial.exe      02/22/05    5.23M
    ILT Courseware Authoring, Management and Customisation
mamb.exe           03/03/03     392K
    Set daily time limits on the Internet.
matatou5.exe       02/04/09    1.70M
    Apprentissage des nombres
matcalc.zip        07/09/03     271K
    Matrix calculator
mathep41.zip       11/09/04    2.37M
    Practice arithmetics and counting
mathlog4.exe       08/10/07    5.43M
    Excellent tool for Kids Math Lesson Plans
mathp40.zip        07/08/06    9.85M
    MathProf is an easy to use maths program
matri412.zip       11/09/04    2.43M
    practice arithmetic skills with Tetris reward
mb672.exe          09/06/05    1.64M
    Advanced DNA Analysis
mc21.exe           02/20/05    7.64M
    Create your own online tests and quizzes.
mce1demo.exe       02/15/03    2.14M
    pop tool to learn chinese,include pinyin,strokes,phrases and pron
mcinst10.exe       02/19/03     387K
    Graphing calculator for Windows.
megaf11.exe        01/27/04    4.57M
    CD Cataloger,Storage Unit Manager,CD Locator
memo_ua.exe        10/30/06    2.82M
    Learn and revise due to memory rhythms!
memory10.exe       10/28/07    3.12M
    A simon-like game where you save a robot.
meta0103.zip       02/25/03    2.68M
    Metanoia: For people in quandaries
metronom.zip       03/11/05      17K
    Metronome for speed reading
mgrhy102.zip       05/10/04    7.34M
    Rhythm training software, develop timing and coordination
mienet_animals_tpz 03/06/03     225K
    TreePad add-on Animal TPZ Library: Dog Cat Bird Fish Reptile etc.
mienet_books_ebook 03/06/03     136K
    Books, eBooks and authoring related TreePad add-on Icon Library
mienet_folders3_tp 03/06/03     298K
    Free Folders Icon Libraries for TreePad: most complete Libraries!
mienet_folders4_tp 03/06/03     288K
    Free Folders Icon Libraries for TreePad: most complete Libraries!
mienet_letters_num 03/03/03     180K
    Letters, Numbers and Symbols TreePad add-on Icon Library
mienet_science_tpz 03/06/03     222K
    Science Icon Library incl. symbols and charts - a TreePad add-on
mix_letters.zip    03/18/05       6K
    Mix letters speed reading training
mmm_demo_setup.exe 12/29/04    3.68M
    Mental math made easy with multimedia tutor.
moby21.exe         12/29/05   19.88M
    A free, feature-rich thesaurus and dictionary
modes11.zip        07/30/05    1.19M
    Modes: Guitar Scales and Modes
mom001.exe         12/22/03    1.05M
    How to Treat your Mother
monkey15.exe       07/13/06    2.89M
    Learn Chinese now with ease!
morse100.zip       12/01/04     119K
    Learn Morse code with no effort
msoracle.exe       05/22/05    1.03M
    Interactive ebook reveals your most important knowledge
mststcre.zip       01/09/04    1.29M
    Create and administer tests electronically
mststprp.zip       01/09/04     665K
    Create a matching test and quiz yourself.
msworddemo.zip     06/23/03     339K
    Learn Microsoft Word from an experienced software trainer!
mteu.exe           12/21/08    1.21M
    A web-translation tool for Euro languages
mtimer.zip         12/20/06      78K
    This is a tiny count down timer program.
mtkd100.exe        03/15/05    6.79M
    A math educational arcade game for ages 6-8
mtranse.exe        11/06/08    1.18M
    Online translation to/from 19 languages.
multitab.zip       09/17/06     448K
    Effective training program for children.
music.exe          05/08/06     718K
    Play musical instrument by PC keyboard.
mybrain.zip        11/02/07     516K
    Cellular Automata Sensation. Source Code Included.
myowdemo.exe       06/06/05    1.53M
    So simple to Edit and Upload your Website
ndxc188.zip        01/19/04    1.27M
    Note taking paper writing index card software
netsim6.exe        10/15/04   22.78M
    Boson Netsim for CCNP (Network Simulator)
neu01afs.exe       09/08/05     219K
    It is a neurological assessment tool
neu02afs.exe       09/08/05     221K
    It is a neurological assessment tool
neu03afs.exe       09/08/05     217K
    It is a neurological assessment tool
neu04afs.exe       09/08/05     218K
    It is a neurological assessment tool
neu05afs.exe       09/08/05     219K
    It is a neurological assessment tool
neu07ads.exe       09/08/05     227K
    Based on Mathew Stroke Scale
nexcal_setup_int.e 06/11/03     260K
    An advanced, yet fast and easy to use, calculator.
nimcalisinstall.ex 08/12/05    1.24M
    Nimmer's NimCalis is teaching tool.
nimtris.zip        08/12/05     698K
    Nimmer's WordTetris is a tetrisclone
nimtrisinstall.exe 08/12/05     698K
    Nimmer's WordTetris is a tetrisclone
njcom273sw8308.exe 04/18/08    5.91M
    Chinese, Japanese and Korean Language Enabler
njcwp523sw8308.exe 04/15/08    5.17M
    Powerful Chinese word processor with study and translation tools
njjwp523sw8308.exe 04/15/08    6.48M
    Japanese word processor with learning and translation tools
njpen223sw8308.exe 04/15/08   21.70M
    Chinese Character Handwriting Recognition, Text to MandarinSpeach
nut12afs.exe       09/08/05    1.17M
    PakMed PakNutri 12 is a nutritional software
oilprop.zip        06/10/07     885K
    Assess the thermalphysic properties of oil
omformaren_3.1.exe 09/01/04     489K
    Omformaren can convert values between units
oncourtsetup42.exe 10/26/04    6.30M
    OnCourt is a program for all tennis fans.
ortwin.zip         09/10/08    4.24M
    ORTWIN is a Local Register of the FRG.
otdcc6.zip         04/22/03    3.36M
    Version 6 - Typing tutor for Cisco commands
    Typing tutor/test with 15 skill-levels and 3 reports
    Print Party Animals! Colouring Pictures
    Print original Party Animals memorygames!
    Collect data on paper forms by scanner
    standardized test creator, use over a LAN
    Bidirectional word translation and synthesis
    Bidirectional word translation and synthesis
    Bidirectional word translation and synthesis
    Bidirectional word translation and synthesis
    Bidirectional word translation and synthesis
    Bidirectional word translation and synthesis
    Bidirectional word translation and synthesis
    Bidirectional word translation and synthesis
    Palcu Drawing is drawing software tool specially designed for kid
    The dictionary with 400.000 words.
    Discover, develop and train your psychic abilities.
    Bidirectional word translation and synthesis
    Bidirectional word translation and synthesis
    Proliphus JFC is a Japanese flashcards application.
    Math Drills is a program for the creation of math worksheets.
    Obtenha uma vasta gama de informaes sobre cada um dos elemento
    Phrasebook with 3000+ common phrases.
    Phrasebook with 3000+ common phrases.
    Phrasebook with 3000+ common phrases.
    Phrasebook with 3000+ common phrases.
    Phrasebook with 3000+ common phrases.
    Phrasebook with 3000+ common phrases.
    Phrasebook with 3000+ common phrases.
    Phrasebook with 3000+ common phrases.
    Phrasebook with 3000+ common phrases.
    Phrasebook with 3000+ common phrases.
    Phrasebook with 3000+ common phrases.
    Phrasebook with 3000+ common phrases.
    Phrasebook with 3000+ common phrases.
    Phrasebook with 3000+ common phrases.
    PHR Practice Test(Free Trial, 250 Questions)
    PhysProf is an easy to use physics program
    Mixture of tetris and picture puzzles.
    exposes Plagiarism in Academic Papers
    Learn to add big numbers easily
    Document Reader 'Setup' for FREE Scheme of Work (lesson plans).
    Piano training software with chords, notes, ear training, midi
    PPT to Flash Pro
    Convert PowerPoint to Flash.
    Help students learn how to write a paragraph
    Download your private Tarot reader
    PakMed PakPsych 72 is psychological software
    Digital version of Periodic Table
    Create crossword and wordserach puzzles.
    Computer version of wooden inset puzzles.
    Computer version of wooden inset puzzles.
qblite.exe         04/13/03    1.20M
    Learn faster with your Quiz-Buddy Lite!
qikcv.zip          03/06/09    7.61M
    Converts units of length, weight and capacity
ql129e.exe         06/08/07    5.14M
    Latin-to-English translation.
quiz50.exe         02/28/04    1.63M
    Creates interactive quizzes, exams, surveys
quran30.exe        07/16/05    7.35M
    Integrated Quran Reference for Windows
    Build rubrics by picking pre-written criteria
    Read with ease, comfort and 42% faster!
    create citations and references easily
    Educational Tool
    Resoudre des problemes mathematiques
    Project budget, financial needs in retirement
    Kid-safe desktop and web browser
    Favorite Kids Nursery Rhymes from Mother Goose
    Musician Expansion Pack for Rhythm Guitar
    Organize, browse your recipes with ease and analyse their nutrien
    Random numbers - uniform distribution / normal distribution
    Robotic Arm Movement program; finds angles
    Vocabulary builder for your career or studies
    Vocabulary builder - great for SAT prep!
    Great Reading Tutor for Kids - ages 3 to 7.
    Rhyming dictionary, thesaurus, dictionary.
    Free rhyming dictionary for Windows
    Authentic representation of CCNA 640-801 exam
    A Complete Rune Casting program for Windows.
    Learn the Japanese Hiragana alphabet.
    Learn the Korean alphabet (HanGul).
    Learn the complete 1945 jouyou Japanese kanji
    Calculate the angles for satellite dishes.
    Strategic review for the SAT
    An interactive game that teaches mathematics
    SCBCD Certification Exams (CX-310-090)
    Bible question and answer game.
    Scuba calculator
    SCWCD 1.4 Certification Practice Tests (CX-310-081) [Free Trial]
    Practice tests for Cisco CCNA
    CCNP Practice Tests -SimulationExams.com
    What is the secret of your success
    Collection of Rules That are Vital To Success
    Multilingual Dictionary. Simple, fast and FREE.
    Card matching memory game for children
    Mathematical expressions editor
    Computer Game Helping Kids Deal with Divorce
    Sketch and animate baseball drills
    Sketch and animate football plays and drills
    64 music readings in Treble and Bass Clef
    Sketch and animate soccer plays and drills
    Sketch and animate volleyball plays and drills
    Design, store and animate water polo plays
    Prints bingo cards for educational use
    Mosaic building game for creative kids (3 )
    Learn the notes of the Bass and Treble Clef
    Slowly speed reading.
    Designed to assist Christians memorize portions of the Bible
    Sheet Music Designer prints staves
    The program simulates vision of the snake eye
    Defend against Internet security threats.
    cyberkitchen companion
    Solar System 3D Simulator
    Teaching pack on the Biblical book of Song of Solomon.
    Spanish Vocabulary Add-On for Quiz-Buddy.
    A an app that teaches Spanish. Kid-Friendly!
    Text to Speech and Voice Synthesizer for Kids
    Double your reading speed and comprehension.
    Specialized text editor for free-writing.
    SpeQ is a small,extensive mathematics program
    Excellent Spanish vocabulary building program
    Character assessment self-development tool; transpersonal...
    Software planetarium,see thestars
    SuperTest is program for pshychology testing (more 10 tests),
    Create scenes with electronic stickers.
    Play with electronic fairy tale stickers!
    Play with electronic pirate stickers!
    Principle stresses and their direction cosines
    For creating and studying Flash Cards.
    Easily create and study flashcards on your PC
    Make Your Own Sushi this eBook Guide Shows You How To!
table-demo-i.exe   06/16/05    1.20M
    Periodic Table is an educacional game about Chemistry.
tagtrans.EXE       08/22/08   12.05M
    Dictionary to translate English''Tagalog; Expressions; Categorie
talking_clock.exe  04/30/06    1.09M
    Learn to tell the time with this talking clock
tcdsetup.exe       08/24/05    2.25M
    The only interactive, global cuneiform dictionary of the world.
tcsetup.exe        10/26/07     827K
    Automated School Bell Player
tdfchores-setup.ex 01/23/06    1.65M
    Chores checklist to help kids get chores done
teach.exe          02/23/09    7.16M
    School/Teacher database software.
teach800.exe       04/14/06    3.36M
    Memorize a foreign language
tess168.exe        11/07/05     444K
    Make and explore symmetric illustrations.
testoffice_eng.exe 02/21/06    6.99M
    Educational testing 'All-In-One' system
textalouda.exe     08/07/07    3.01M
    Convert any text into voice and MP3 or WMA.
themagiccarpetandt 07/15/07    7.30M
    children's fantasy adventure ebook
theoinst.exe       09/21/03   11.37M
    Bible study suite with many advaced features
thermo-prop-1.4.ex 09/01/07    1.31M
    Physicochemical and thermophysical properties
thoth_demo_setup.e 11/06/07   20.92M
    Music learning software for guitarists
timetest2_4t.zip   05/09/04    1.91M
    Prints random math tests / drills. Great for kids.
tmb_setup.exe      07/05/06    1.51M
    The MagicBook is an electronic coloring book with twist!
topowin.zip        09/12/08    4.13M
    TOPOWIN topographic map register.
transdat.zip       03/01/09    2.62M
    TRANSDAT - Coordinate Transformation.
tref.zip           02/04/04     573K
    It is 8 hours required to instill or adjust your typing reflex
tsslpo20.zip       01/18/05    6.28M
    Personal organizer for college students.
tt23.exe           01/20/05    6.50M
    Create your own online tests and quizzes.
ttg10.exe          01/14/05    8.46M
    Create your own online tests and quizzes.
ttt_installer_1.00 01/01/07   22.43M
    Learn to touch type in 20 lessons.
ttt_installer_1.00 03/21/07   17.65M
    Learn to touch type in 20 lessons.
tttt223.exe        07/22/03    6.71M
    Teaches typing to people of all abilities.
turbofarm.zip      07/03/07     522K
    Reading aid for little kids and first graders - multilingual
typingcoursedemo.e 03/21/04    2.63M
    Do not waste time by typing with two fingers.
uctsetup.exe       12/30/03     513K
    Powerful, quick and accurate unit converter.
ule-setup.exe      10/21/05   11.34M
    An extensive, easy-to-use English dictionary.
ulef-medical-setup 10/21/05    1.93M
    A professional grade French-English medical dictionary.
ulef-setup.exe     10/21/05    4.28M
    A professional grade French-English translating dictionary.
uleg-setup.exe     10/21/05    4.22M
    A professional grade German-English translating dictionary.
ulei-setup.exe     10/21/05    2.51M
    A professional grade Italian-English translating dictionary.
ulep-setup.exe     10/21/05    2.96M
    A professional grade Portuguese-English translating dictionary.
ules-setup.exe     10/21/05    3.71M
    A professional grade Spanish-English translating dictionary.
ulf-setup.exe      10/21/05    5.72M
    An extensive French dictionary.
ulfg-setup.exe     10/21/05    2.87M
    A professional grade French-German translating dictionary.
ulfs-setup.exe     10/21/05    3.24M
    A professional grade French-Spanish translating dictionary.
unt_free.zip       03/20/05     717K
    Net testings on the theory of any subject at schools and college
unt_plus.zip       03/23/05     732K
    Net testings on the theory of any subject at schools and college
usa-demo.exe       02/17/06    4.86M
    This is an educational program about the United States.
usastates.exe      03/17/03    2.67M
    Display the US Flag, 50 States flags, American Anthem and Music
user35colorsetup.e 01/31/06    1.84M
    Kea Coloring Book - Fun for Kids of All Ages
utsetup.exe        07/02/05    6.98M
    Create and give tests, quizzes, and exams...
vbExamSet.exe      01/22/03    6.31M
    Multiuser database to learn and perform exams
vbud.zip           05/05/04   10.88M
    An electronic EFL vocabulary notebook
vcl.zip            11/14/06      19K
    VCL is a 2D math tool that analyses vectors.
vcsxx212.zip       01/13/03    5.63M
    Help students build their vocabulary
vcv_builder_exe.zi 05/22/03     512K
    Helps you build a Curriculum Vitae of an excellent standard.
vizmtr20.zip       04/14/03    2.77M
    Magnetic field modelling and visualization
vocabilis-french.e 03/18/08    3.19M
    Learn 2000 most common French words
vocabilis-setup.ex 03/14/08    4.96M
    Spanish, French, German vocabulary builder
vocabo10.exe       01/25/04    3.25M
    English vocabulary for TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, SAT
vocabo21.exe       03/17/04    3.07M
    English vocabulary for TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, SAT
vocabwf3.exe       11/29/05    8.33M
    Vocabulary worksheet creation software.
vocdb.zip          07/05/03     300K
    Vocabulary training software with many features.
vocprof-intl.zip   12/30/03    2.60M
    Multilingual vocabulary trainer.
voicemx.exe        08/02/07   13.85M
    Popular Text To Speech Voice Synthesizer
vst2003setup.exe   02/16/03   20.83M
    Statistical and Data Analysis Software
vstsetup.exe       12/20/05   42.81M
    Statistical and Data Analysis Software
vtrain-en50.exe    01/02/07    4.74M
    Used in 30 universities
    An RPGresembling early console RPGs.
    Foreign Language Vocabulary Builder
    Language Vocabluary Builder
    Language Vocabluary Builder
    Foreign Language Vocabulary Builder
    Language Vocabluary Builder
    A Phonics tutor: hear, see, make words work.
    Learn the world with this study/quiz program.
    Easy-to-use astronomy software.
    Clean the ice from the freezing window.
    Wine collection database
    Kids Word builder for 2 years upward
    Increase your vocabulary quickly and easily !
    Boost up your vocabulary!
    WordPoint is a Point to Translate Dictionary
    Search and Replace Microsoft Word documents
    Free flash speed reading training
    The Vocabulary Learning Tool
    Create your own digital dictionaries for free
    Free word search generation software.
    Breme Write Right- The spelling solution!
    spectroscopic organic analysis simulation
    Complete and powerful timetabling software
    calculates the cost of running appliances
x2.zip             04/13/06      15K
    Quadratic equation solver tool
xp_simulation_setu 09/24/04    2.24M
    Learn how to install Windows XP on your computer!
xyExtract23.zip    02/13/04     451K
    Graph and plot digitizer (digitizing).
yRead2Full.exe     03/13/05   10.99M
    yRead will read files to you out loud
ypdictionary.exe   12/22/03    7.24M
    Free Picture Dictionary for Kids
zenswin.exe        03/29/03    4.53M
    Zensura is a program for evaluating scalable human performances.
zigzag.zip         09/03/05     612K
    ZigZag is a mathematical graphing tool
zikitranslator.zip 10/14/05     578K
    Translate texts and any window text with FAST TRANSLATION.
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** WinSite (tm):  The Planet's Largest Software Archive for Windows
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**           System Utilities
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** downloaded from the web site, http://www.winsite.com
** Copyright 2005  WinSite Group Inc.    All Rights Reserved
    Secretly track user's activities on computer.
    Track user activity and send logs via email.
    Zip, UnZip, Email, and FTP all in one !
    Guaranteed spyware detection
    Erase the cache, cookies, history, typed URLs
    An Easy-used backup tool for OutLook Express
    1Click Encrypt will Secure files and folders.
    Copy files scheduled and automatically!
    1 Click Fix - Instantly Solve PC Problems
    1 Click Sweep maximum PC security.
    1 Click Sweep maximum PC security.
    1 Click Spyclean  max-protection from Spyware
    Restores data from corrupted disks
    Keeps your system time accurate
    Change the names of multiple files at once.
    Store and manage your passwords in a safe way
    Keep your computer clean and safe!
    Time adjustment never was easier synchronize clock automatically.
    Simple but Impossible to guess passwords
    Virtual CD emulator - Maximum CD Performance!
    A memory acceleration tool
    Universal tool for partitions!
    7-Zip is a powerful file archiver
ADJanitorSetup1.0. 03/03/04     512K
    Find and delete old AD computer accounts
ADRC_Data_Recovery 07/04/06      45K
    ADRC Data Recovery Tools v1.0
AI_DANIEL_2008_Jul 08/01/08    7.12M
    AI Daniel, A Portable Learning Artificial Intelligence
APPPATHS.ZIP       06/19/05      39K
    Modify MS Windows Startup settings
APSetup.exe        07/23/04    1.81M
    Automatically batch print many file types
ASDSetupal.zip     10/31/03    1.40M
    The most advanced Auto ShutDown application.
ASRLSetup.exe      02/16/06    1.90M
    Not only remove but also immunize spyware.
ASysClean.exe      10/22/04     927K
    clean windows registry and remove useless files,delete useless fi
ATEvalSetup.exe    05/13/06   16.63M
    General purpose automation tool with GUI.
ATro55en.exe       05/22/03    5.20M
    Anti-Trojan detects and deletes trojan horses
AWC10.exe          07/06/05    2.34M
    Repair and cure windows with 1-click
AWC17.exe          01/12/06    2.18M
    Repair and fix windows with 1-click
AWCPro.exe         11/13/06    4.65M
    Automated PC Maintenance Solution!
A_MSN_Monitor.exe  03/29/05    1.09M
    MSN Chat Monitor,msn snifferr, msn spy
AbsoluteUninstalle 02/20/08    2.37M
    Identify,clean and repair errors in Registry.
Absolutestartupset 12/04/04    2.23M
    Absolute StartUp helps you manage startup
AccessDeniedXP_Ins 06/03/07     476K
    Safeguard computer from unwanted access.
Active-Keys-2_3.ex 08/01/05    1.59M
    Turn your keyboard into a remote controller!
ActiveDirectoryJan 04/07/06     997K
    Find and delete old Active Directory accounts
AcuteFinder_setup. 02/02/09    3.10M
    AcuteFinder finds duplicate files on disks
AdFree2_2-0-0-12T. 03/10/03    3.05M
    Net Nanny's Ad-Free stops disruptive online advertisements
AdSpyTerminator.ex 03/22/05     441K
    It can scan and kill spyware and adware.
AdminHttpTimeInst. 02/15/07     605K
    PC clock sync NT Service uses HTTP.
AdolixPDFConverter 10/16/08    6.09M
    PDF converter software. Create PDF in Vista.
AdvancedProcessCon 05/19/08    2.41M
    Monitor all running processes
Advanced_NTFS_Reco 01/09/09    1.49M
    Automatic data repair with a friendly face
Advanced_Uninstall 09/09/08   23.38M
    Uninstall programs quickly and completely
Aes-Up%20setup.exe 09/29/05    4.88M
    File encryption utility with data recovery
AheadByInst.exe    05/11/07     626K
    Changes the output format of the System Tray
AiRoboForm-6-6-9.e 05/18/06    2.10M
    Password Manager/Form Filler-Browser Plug-In
AiRoboForm-Portabl 05/04/06    2.40M
    Automated Portable Password Manager
Al-SearchEvalSetup 12/30/08    3.60M
    Boolean logic based desktop search center.
AliveBackupInst.ex 06/13/07     356K
    It is a resident files backup program
AliveFileEncryptio 06/29/04    1.06M
    Secure your files and folders.
AliveFoldersInst.e 05/25/07     352K
    Files synchronizing and backup program.
AliveInternetErase 03/14/04    1.09M
    Erase the tracks of your activities.
AltoMBsetup.exe    05/13/03    1.03M
    This program improves PC speed.
AlwaysWatching2.ex 04/22/06    1.60M
    Be notified of file changes via email
Anti-H30.exe       02/28/04    5.85M
    Anti-Hack will protect your computer
Anti_Viruses.exe   11/16/05    1.35M
    Equip your system to deal with viruses ,spyware and adwares.
AntispamScannerSet 03/25/05     829K
    New anti-spam solution, 99.9% accuracy!
Any2ServiceTrialVe 12/17/04    1.96M
    Create service
AssociateThis_Setu 07/30/03    1.60M
    Say goodbye to hijacked file associations.
AsteRisks.msi      04/09/05     616K
    Erase stored passwords from IE cache memory
Atmn-Anywhere-setu 12/25/08   10.82M
    The Automation Software
AtomicClockSetup.e 07/10/03    1.61M
    Set your PC clock automatically.
AtomicServiceInst. 07/25/07     604K
    PC clock synchronizer with useful features.
AutoLog_1_1.zip    01/04/06     217K
    Free! Green! Auto Log To Win XP, 2000, NT
AutoMz_UT.exe      05/31/07     874K
    Automatically boost your PC performance and your internet connect
AutoShred-DocDownl 08/16/05    7.99M
    Secure and auto-shred distributed Word files.
AutoShutdownManage 07/13/07     732K
    Saves up to 80% of your power costs!
AutoStar_V1_0.exe  10/10/04     554K
    Auto shut down/restart/lock computer, play music, alarm hint...
AztecEncodeDllWin. 01/06/08     401K
    Generate Aztec barcode to image using C/C
BCSProgSleuth_Inst 05/26/05     477K
    Why is your computer running slow
BFR.exe            08/06/05    1.16M
    Simplify renaming multiple files
BKF.exe            01/19/06    1.09M
    Kernel BKF - Repair Corrupt MS Backup Files
BMSTDOS.exe        11/15/04     342K
    Open a DOS prompt in the current folder
BSAtomicNPInst.exe 04/08/07     521K
    It is an http atomic clock synchronizer.
BSM_Install.exe    02/13/05    3.75M
    Highly encrypted instant messaging.
BackLi11.exe       05/12/03    1.02M
    A powerful and easy-to-use backup tool
BackupAssist.zip   01/12/06    9.78M
    Simple server backups for small business
BackupDados.msi    11/02/05    1.46M
    Backup your outlook accounts, mails, rules and my files folder!
BlueFrogSetup.exe  02/07/06    1.45M
    Blue Frog makes spammers leave you alone.
BonCMDsetup.exe    12/28/07     349K
    Free file manager and FTP client.
Boot_CD.exe        03/11/08   25.95M
    Create a bootable system restore CD
BsAtomicInst.exe   09/01/07     543K
    PC clock synchronizer with special features.
CCIDSetup.exe      03/25/05    3.83M
    Protect your Credit card and ID accout
CDNToolSetupCDN.ex 01/11/04    3.94M
    The CDN WinTool, Windows optimization!
CDRecoveryToolboxF 07/28/08     662K
    Restore files from CD, DVD, HD FVD, Blu-Ray
CDRoller710_en.exe 11/01/07    4.58M
    Low-cost toolset for CD and DVD data recovery
CDSnapshot1.exe    07/30/04    1.01M
    Creating local snapshots for CD, floppy disk, removable hard disk
CD_DVD_Recovery.zi 01/04/06    1.47M
    Recover lost/corrupted files on CDs and DVDs!
CO_v21.exe         05/05/05    1.15M
    Windows OS optimizing/administrating program
CS.exe             06/07/03    1.35M
    Cache Speed makes your computer go faster
CSFastRunII.zip    08/01/03    1.17M
    A launcher designed to make the Start Menu obsolete.
CZPrintJobTracker4 01/26/09   12.55M
    print auditor, tracker, and manager.
Camwood_appEditor_ 08/04/06    2.20M
    Efficient editing of Windows Installer files.
CapsLockOnSetup.ex 04/30/06     289K
    Turn on Caps Lock automatically after reload.
CaptureNet.zip     01/19/09     665K
    The Swiss army knife of PC Tools.
CaptureNet2.zip    01/19/09     883K
    The Swiss army knife of PC Tools.
Casper_RAM_Cleaner 06/18/03     637K
    Increases your system performance by cleaning the content of RAM.
ChDirPlus2_1b.zip  02/09/04     169K
    Utilities to Change Directories within Command-line Windows
CleanCache.exe     04/13/04     396K
    Clean IE6/WinXP tracks
CleanTaskbarSetup. 01/15/05     411K
    Help you to keep your taskbar clear
CleanTemp15.zip    11/04/04     510K
    Cleantemp keeps your TEMP folder clear.
ClipMate_7203_1631 07/05/07    5.29M
    Clipboard Extender,Hold Thousands of Clips.
ClockWorker.exe    10/13/04    1.27M
    ClockWorker synchronize your pc clock,automatic shutdown computer
CoGen_AV.exe       07/06/07   30.02M
    Powerful protection against viruses
CoffeePrivacyClean 11/08/05    2.76M
    Removes Internet tracks from your PC.
Command_Line_SFV_C 04/23/05      36K
    Generates and checks the integrity of a SFV.
CompilerBench.zip  04/11/04       3K
    Utility to display how fast a PC will run .NET applications.
Completely_Gone_De 04/07/03     537K
    Secure file deletion software that delete multiple files at once.
Compu-Rx_Install.e 09/26/05   10.73M
    Keep your PC fine-tuned, secure and more.
ComputerReporter.z 10/05/07    1.20M
    Powerful self sufficient inventory system.
Computer_Low_Jack_ 07/05/04     623K
    Computer Low Jack anti-theft, tracking and security software
CoolKeys.zip       08/24/03      89K
    Handy hotkeys that improve the way Windows works.
CopyWizSetup.zip   11/03/03     137K
    Transfer Images from your digital camera.
CoverUp_Demo.zip   04/13/03     578K
    Files encryption software with secret file hiding utility.
CuteClipboard.zip  03/24/03     517K
    Copy/Paste by Drag
CyScrb_E.exe       07/02/03    2.39M
    CyberScrub erases traces of online activity,overwrites files
CyberAccountApp.ex 02/02/06    2.20M
    A handy tool to execute auto-login to cyber account
CyberFlashApp.exe  02/02/06    2.38M
    A handy tool for taking web content snapshot
DB.exe             12/13/05    1.13M
    Kernel for Paradox - File repair software
DBF.exe            12/10/05    1.13M
    Kernel for DBF - File repair software
DBX.exe            09/21/05    1.54M
    Kernel Outlook Express-Mail Recovery Software
DM3218.zip         05/02/06    4.59M
    DataMover For Windows 32 bit
DMR.exe            08/05/05    1.53M
    Kernel for Digital Media Recovery Software
DOpusInstall.exe   10/25/04    6.69M
    File Manager and Explorer Replacement
DRIVEMON_SERVER_TR 07/12/03    3.43M
    Disk space monitor. View statistics via a web browser
DSA.exe            06/01/06    1.58M
    Anti-malware  intrusion prevention software.
DSD.EXE            08/07/03     738K
    Play DivX movie with well displayed subtitle
DSTrial.exe        05/16/07    7.91M
    DeviceShield USB Security
DShtdw16.zip       02/28/06     216K
    Local and remote shutdown utility.
DSyncn21.zip       02/28/06     101K
    Utility that let you syncronize folders.
DaVinciStdEN.zip   04/18/06    3.53M
    Personal, powerful, low cost file encryption
DataShake.msi      04/03/06    2.21M
    A lightning fast file search software app.
DefencePlus_v2_00_ 06/25/05     426K
    An invisible anti-hacking armor for your OS
DefineFTrial.exe   03/06/05     805K
    Let your function keys cut, copy, paste and more
DesBlast.exe       08/13/03      47K
    Virus MS-BLASTER destroyer
DevAssistant.exe   10/09/06     858K
    A tool suite for .NET developers.
DirectoryClassifie 07/23/04    1.35M
    View a customizable listing of folders.
Disguise_Demo.zip  04/13/03     556K
    Files encryption software using dual-keys, multi-stage algorithm.
Disk-Redactor.exe  11/13/05     360K
    Free Disk Wipe Utility
DiskDirectorSuite1 03/29/06   58.36M
    Reorganize your disk for high performance
DiskIndex.zip      06/17/06     639K
    Create a disk summary and a file/folder index
DiskLogon_Lite.exe 02/19/05     838K
    Log on to your computer with a portable disk.
DiskMonitorFree.ex 12/23/08    7.29M
    Monitors of hard disk SMART attributes.
DiskView.msi       04/02/04    2.78M
    Visually see disk space usage from Explorer!
DistantPlanetsSetu 03/18/04     336K
    generates beautiful scenery of imaginary planets
Dtkmgr14.zip       02/28/06     118K
    Fully featured stand-alone Task-Manager.
DupeWatcher2.3.zip 11/27/05    7.20M
    A powerful duplicate file finder for Windows.
DzMUSetup.exe      08/12/03     833K
    Utility to uncompress multiple zip files in one click.
ECPSetup.exe       11/11/04     381K
    The world's coolest Color Picker!
EFRCSe16.exe       10/02/07     890K
    Safely scan and repair registry problems.
EFRCSe20.exe       10/21/08     922K
    Safely scan and repair registry problems.
ENFORCEI.ZIP       03/22/03    1.50M
    System security by restricting system access.
ES_Setup.exe       10/06/04    3.80M
    1 Click Add n Remove All programs.
ETBsc10.exe        09/27/04    1.40M
    UNIQUE pop-up blocker and task manager!
ETPro20.exe        09/27/04    1.47M
    UNIQUE pop-up blocker and other power tools!
EXELocker.exe      03/19/03     665K
    protect any executable file from non-authoriz
EZ_GPO_v1_04.zip   03/03/04     117K
    Help the environment and save up to $50 per year with EZ GPO
Easy-Folder-Securi 05/31/07     617K
    Watch your file and folder activity
Easy2S17.exe       07/07/05    2.12M
    E2S professionally synchronizes files!
Easy_Shred_free.zi 05/09/08     340K
    Don't delete, shred! Simple file shredding.
EmailMonitor.exe   01/20/06     147K
    Monitors all outgoing emails.
EmailSaverSetup.ex 06/18/03     998K
    Backup email data from top 9 Email Clients.
Encrypt.exe        04/16/04     717K
    Xiaoli Encryption -- reliable and convenient encrpytion software
English_Free_Compu 04/18/06   23.25M
    Full suite PC Security with Secure VoIP
EnterpriseSecurity 02/23/06   24.53M
    Enterprise Security Analyzer Provides Complete SIEM
EvidenceEraser.exe 06/18/08    3.13M
    Erase the trace of left behind on computer.
ExcelRecoveryToolb 07/28/08     801K
    Excel repair software. Repair xls, xlsx files
ExpiredCookiesClea 12/18/05      26K
    Remove expired cookies to speed up your PC.
ExplorerPlusEval.e 10/23/03   18.43M
    Manage all your files easily!
ExpressTimesyncSet 10/26/05    1.42M
    Keep your PC clock accurate with this utility
FAT_Recovery.zip   02/15/06    1.47M
    Recover data from damaged or formatted disks
FCTRSetup.EXE      07/08/05    3.10M
    Shows everything Windows runs upon startup -and I mean EVERYTHING
FDProV12.exe       01/20/03    6.57M
    File de-duplication program for Mp3's, Roms, Pictures, Documents
FHinstEN.exe       10/12/06    3.32M
    The File Organizer!
FILESPY.EXE        05/20/03    1.47M
    File Spy allows you to spy on yourself!
FIWWSe20.exe       04/08/07     887K
    Free window washer and internet eraser.
FKinst.exe         04/21/04    8.01M
    Directory Printer
FMP1.exe           09/14/04    7.03M
    Automatical file/folder handling
FMS1.exe           09/14/04    6.86M
    Job based file/folder handling  surveillance
FR.ZIP             10/26/07      33K
    Command Line Text Find and Replace Utility
FRRSet16.exe       12/26/08     979K
    Repair registry and optimize PC performance.
FSL_Launcher.exe   07/22/06     933K
    Simple and intuitive shortcuts launcher.
FSynch.exe         01/08/05     632K
    for folder(directory) always same situation.
FastsumSetup.exe   06/02/06    2.01M
    Check integrity and find changes within files
FeedWorkshop.zip   12/12/05    1.09M
    Alnera FeedWorkshop RSS Editor
FerriteSetup-1.2.e 07/15/05   12.83M
    Tool for text manipulation and conversion
File2PRN.ZIP       10/26/07      11K
    File2PRN copies files to the printer.
FileCase.ZIP       10/26/07       9K
    Change case of filenames and extensions
FileCutterSetup.ex 11/05/05     576K
    Cut up your files and glue them back together
FileExecLock.zip   07/28/03     298K
    This shareware allows you to encrypt/lock, decrypt/unlock files a
FileMonk.exe       10/17/05    2.11M
    Automate common tasks with FileMonkey
File_Companion_v1_ 06/22/05    1020K
    Find, modify and retrieve files effortlessly.
FilelockPro.zip    09/21/03    1.25M
    FileLock Pro is a software program to restrict access folders
FillCD.3.0.3.Unico 12/11/04     954K
    FillCD gives optimal combos for data storage.
FireDaemon-Pro-1_9 07/21/06    4.97M
    A feature rich Windows service installer
FireDaemon-Pro-1_9 02/16/09    6.00M
    A feature rich Windows service manager
FireDaemon-Trinity 02/16/09    8.45M
    Powerful Windows service management platform
Firewall_Manager.e 11/17/04    1.20M
    Easily protect your computer from intruders
Flash_Recovery.zip 02/22/06    1.37M
    Recover deleted images instantly!
FoldMonk.exe       07/20/08    1.81M
    Monitor rename create and move files folders
FolderMarker_Pro.e 01/13/09    1.58M
    #1 folder icon and color changer on the net!
FreRAM32.exe       12/18/04     492K
    FreeRAM frees up RAM and tunes system cache.
Free_Uninstaller_1 09/14/07     311K
    Replacement for the system applet Add/Remove programs
FtpFree.exe        03/29/06     370K
    FreeFTP Client for Windows and Pocket PC.
GBMHom50.exe       05/02/05    7.85M
    Easiest way to safeguard your data
GEM2003Installatio 04/07/03    2.78M
    GEM 2003 is powerful 1024 Bit file protection encryption software
GIANTAntiSpyware.e 09/12/04    5.55M
    Say Goodbye to Spyware
GLC.zip            01/23/03     247K
    This will change the second website in the IE location bar
GameArena.zip      10/13/04    1.61M
    This superprogram is the best Program Manager for Windows!
GameWall.exe       12/21/04     316K
    The only program able to prevent games execution !
GammaChron10.zip   08/03/03    1.02M
    A collection of time related utilities.
GpsTimeInst.exe    07/12/07     447K
    PC Clock synchronization using GPS.
HASheat.zip        05/09/07    1.93M
    Fast and easy-to-use automatic synchronizer
HCCLITEheat.zip    01/15/07    1.41M
    HCC is an easy-to-use program to find out and remove duplicate fi
HCCPROheat.zip     01/15/07    1.60M
    HCC is an easy-to-use program to find out and remove duplicate fi
HDDlife.exe        07/17/06    6.23M
    Life support system for your hard drive.
HDDlife_for_Notebo 05/24/06    4.35M
    Care for the health of your hard drive.
HLGD_1.exe         11/23/05     370K
    An HDD health indicator for Google Desktop.
HSS-live-install.e 07/19/06    1.64M
    Hotspot Shield - wi-fi security
HVTERMTT.ZIP       10/26/07      65K
    Hi-Visibility TrueType Terminal fonts
HWAccessSetup.EXE  02/02/04    3.64M
    Silicon Access and Configuration Tool
HWareInfo1.0.zip   12/10/04      12K
    Simple shell tool that displays hadware info.
HeatKbd_setup.exe  11/14/04     468K
    Hotkey manager for Windows
HistoryCleaningStu 07/09/08    3.35M
    Clean computer trace and Protect Your Privacy
HostsEditor1_10.zi 06/29/03     131K
    Utility that manages IP <-> name mapping
HotCryptSetup.exe  04/25/03     848K
    HotCrypt is one touch text encryption softwar
    Instantly recovers all ICQ passwords.
    Internet tracks eraser and history cleaner.
    Allows to view passwords hidden with asterisk
    Techlogica IE Customizer 1.3
    IE FTP Enhancer adds enhanced FTP features to Internet Explorer.
    View and erase Internet Explorer history.
    Protect Internet Explorer. Clear cookie, cache, history and passw
    Easily boost yourPC performance in 1 minute
    Protect yourself from unwanted key presses.
    Edit, create .ini files with ease!
    IP Detective Suite XP
    IP Convert,ping,whois,tracert,country from IP
    ISOMagic is a powerful and easy CD image file edit tool.
    Converts image to PDF format.
    Find Lost Product Keys
    Safely find and remove suspicious files from USB flash drives
    Access comprehensive information about your computer
    Computer hardware and software inventory software
    File manager
    Control / Monitor StartUp Programs
     Virtualize your apps with Babya's virtulization software
    Freeware tool to burn ISO image to CD/DVD
JFS.exe            01/24/06    1.14M
    Nucleus Kernel JFS - Data Recovery Software
JOCHE100.EXE       11/13/05     444K
    Securely cleans online Internet tracks.
KLPR101.exe        06/30/06    2.52M
    Recovers passwords for RAR, ZIP, ACE archives
KatchInst.zip      06/30/06    2.87M
    Katchall is adata recovery utility for XP
KeyCHSetup.exe     01/14/07     952K
    Real powerful keyboard management tool
KeyRmp10.exe       08/15/05     519K
    Allows to remap or disable keys on keyboard.
Keylog.zip         08/14/05     133K
    Check if your pc is REALLY protected against keyloggers
KiwiST1.zip        10/20/05    5.67M
    Free Secure Tunnel Service
L07promo.exe       09/07/06   32.71M
    protection for up to 2 PCs!
LANBak20Demo.zip   07/23/04    3.54M
    Secure, peer-to-peer network backup system for corporate LANs
Launch-n-Go-setup2 06/07/07    2.59M
    Keyboard Macro, Text Inserter, Text Expander
LogOnly.zip        10/20/03      55K
    Monitoring of work Windows.
LogStomper.zip     12/18/06    1.39M
MCA_setup.exe      01/06/05    1.51M
    Fast archive
MD5ChecksumVerifie 05/18/08     653K
    files intergrity checker for Windows
MDBSe102.exe       11/26/03    2.50M
    Makes Access database more secure, SECFAQ
MEDOSvr2X.exe      06/24/07   21.15M
    Automate Windows.Monitor and Reaction Tasks
MEMacvr2X.exe      06/24/07   12.39M
    Automate Windows. Eliminate Repetitive Tasks.
MMIPSetup.exe      03/26/05     872K
    Hide your IP Address and Surf Anonymously
MRename_1_6_510.zi 09/26/04     615K
    Utility for renaming multiple files.
MSR_Installer.exe  01/24/08    2.45M
    Smart and easy file and data recovery
MSWINERR.ZIP       06/19/05      61K
    Look up MS Windows error codes.
MSWSetup.exe       10/17/05    3.30M
    A visual, plugin based monitoring tool.
MTTTY.zip          01/09/06      55K
    RS232/V24 Terminal with several diagnostic features and filters.
MUND2EN.exe        07/21/04    7.91M
    Recover right now your lost data
Magic-Window-Hider 12/12/04    1.19M
    Hide/Unhide any application/window with ease.
MakeLogicTail.msi  12/15/05     380K
    Similar to the 'tail -f' of Linux. GUI based
MamutuSetup.exe    02/26/08    3.26M
    Behavior based malware blocking - HIPS
MasterFindSetup.ex 01/26/08    1.18M
    Search Local hard drives fast (really fast) !
MemOptimizerSetup. 02/07/06    1.17M
    Improve your system's performance
MemoryCleaner.exe  06/26/06    1.64M
    MemoryCleaner is the bets performance booster
MemoryImproveMaste 07/13/08    3.18M
    optimize and monitor system memory
MemoryImproveProfe 06/26/08    2.34M
    monitor and resolve memory issues
MemoryReleaseMaste 07/15/08    2.57M
    Increase the amount of Memory available.
MigrateEasy7.0_d_e 07/12/05   14.54M
MonkMerg.exe       12/11/05    1.93M
    Merge Word Documents, Text and Excel files
MoveIt2.exe        06/27/07    1.94M
    Automate the Moving of Files
MultiScheduler1.1. 10/25/04     567K
    Alarm clock and much more.
MultiStageRecovery 05/25/06    1.17M
    Recover deleted or lost files and folders on the majority of sto
MultipointFTPServe 12/02/03    2.02M
    Connect serveral Server to a Serverfarm.
MyRegistryCleaner3 01/15/09    3.02M
    Clean,repair,optimize speed up your system
MzRamBooster.exe   05/31/07     818K
    Speed up your computer, stop memory leaks and increase free Ram.
Mz_UT.exe          05/31/07     712K
    Free system tweaker to prevent crashes, speed up your system and
NASSimulator.zip   12/23/03    1.44M
    RADIUS Server Testing Tool
NB.exe             11/18/06    1.03M
    Manage your Windows startup with this tool
NETCl_10.exe       11/18/04     914K
    Change your network without restarting.
NN9SP7DW.zip       09/15/05   56.07M
    Advanced backup software for Windows networks
NNW61SC.zip        09/28/05   22.24M
    NovaNet-WEB Online Backup software.
NR.exe             06/03/03    1.12M
    NitroRAM can make your computer go faster!
NS_1_17.msi        01/18/06     875K
    Software deployment utility for PC networks.
NTFS_Reader_Setup. 02/08/06     602K
    Free NTFS Reader for Windows 95, 98, Me
NTFS_Recovery.zip  01/25/06    1.44M
    Restore files from damaged NTFS disks
NTsentry.zip       10/25/03    3.35M
    DLL version conflict checker
NetHotfixScanner.e 10/12/06     503K
    Free hotfix and patch check utility.
NetNotes.exe       10/09/06    1.91M
    known as web page saver/captor
NetShareWatcher_se 10/11/07    1.17M
    Monitors network shares and permissions.
NetworkFavorites.e 02/09/03    1.49M
    Take favorites backup on your lan.
NetworkSearcher.zi 07/20/04     698K
    New generation of network searching tools
NovaBackup72P.exe  09/15/05   30.68M
    Backup your Windows PC to Disk, CD/DVD, tape.
NovaBackup72S.exe  09/28/05   30.78M
    Backup a Windows Server to disk, CD/DVD, tape
NuSearch.exe       12/03/04     440K
    Toolbar add-on for Internet Explorer
Nucleus-Kernel-Acc 05/16/06     846K
    Repair corrupt and damaged access database
Nucleus-Kernel-BKF 05/15/06     944K
    Repair corrupt ms backup bkf files.
Nucleus-Kernel-DBF 05/16/06    1.13M
    Repair corrupt DBF database files
Nucleus-Kernel-DBX 05/10/06    1.41M
    Recover emails from corrupt outlook express
Nucleus-Kernel-Exc 05/10/06    1.19M
    Repair and restore corrupt ms excel files
Nucleus-Kernel-FAT 08/23/06    1.88M
    Data Recovery Software for Windows
Nucleus-Kernel-Inc 05/18/06    1.10M
    Recover emails from corrupt incredimail files
Nucleus-Kernel-NTF 08/10/05    1.99M
    Kernel for NTFS - Data Recovery Software
Nucleus-Kernel-Nov 05/01/06    2.62M
    Recover data from corrupt novell hard drives
Nucleus-Kernel-Par 05/08/06    1.13M
    Repairs data from corrupt paradox databases
Nucleus-Kernel-Wor 05/11/06    1.36M
    Repair corrupt ms word document files
Nucleus-Kernel-ZIP 10/21/08    1002K
    Repair damaged and corrupt zip files.
Nucleus-OE-Passwor 05/23/06     689K
    Outlook Express password recovery tool
OEBackup65_setup.e 07/04/03    3.58M
    Backup and restore all your Outlook Express
OOCleverCache6Serv 11/16/05    6.71M
    Optimize the File Cache Management
OOUnErase4Enu.exe  06/22/06    6.28M
    Recover deleted files.
OXP_hardware.exe   08/12/05     658K
    Optimize your Windows XP Hardware Settings.
ObjectRestoreAD_1_ 03/09/05    1020K
    Restore single, deleted objects in Active Directory.
OutpostAntivirusPr 08/13/08   38.91M
    Advanced antivirus for one low annual fee
    Lock up your data
    Lock up your data
    Shortcut links security password protection
    Powerful and useful toolbar on your desktop
    Transforms PC into a burglar and fire alarm
    Tracks and Locates Missing Computers
    Shows critical system info on your screen!
    PlexDomain: Domain Analysis Tool
    Privacy Fusion - Full Internet Privacy Suite!
    World Clock/Calendar
    Track, quota and restrict printing
    Secure your passwords on a portable drive!
    Distribute and manage patches and hotfixes
    Internet tracks eraser and registry cleaner.
    Securely store and manage all your passwords.
    Recover lost or forgotten passwords.
    Identical / duplicate file finder utility
    A tool to store your passwords securely.
    Resets administrator password Windows XP NT
    A Passwords and secrets safety deposit
    Ultimate Password Management Tool
    Passwords recovery, storage and generation
    Free password generator tool (Multilanguage)
    CPU, Memory, Disk and Network Monitor
    Protect digital photos with a password
    Pod Secret allows one to store encrypted data
    Read and write data to parallel port. Auto detect of available po
    Will shutdown and power off with one click.
    Instantly free up memory.
    An innovative mode to protect privacy instead of simply deleting
    uninstallprograms, files,registry entries
    Internet Vulnerability Profiling and Removing
    Advances Process Manager for Win
    Powerful clock, alarm and action system
    Guard against snoop ware, spy ware
    This little program will help you to make many screenshots.
    Anti-spyware solution in business environment
    Anti-spyware and security suite for home PC
    Erase the Traces of Your Internet Activities
    Clear History, Clean Internet Tracks, Protect
    Logs programs' start and finish
    control procrsses running on your computer.
    A process monitoring tool with export to file possibilities
    Find out what is really running on your computer.
    Shutdown and wake up remote computers.
    A security password auditing system.
QR-DBX-NSF.exe     01/22/08    2.26M
    Advanced DBX to NSF Conversion Software
QR-NSF-PST-Demo-Se 11/22/08    2.49M
    Lotus Notes to Outlook Conversion Software
QR-OST-PST-Demo.ex 12/05/07    2.00M
    Best OST to PST Conversion Software
QR-ReiserFS-Demo.e 03/24/08    3.52M
    Advanced ReiserFS Recovery Software
QRav.exe           09/06/03    1.20M
    QRav makes it easy to backup important e-mail
QU3.exe            08/08/04    6.91M
    Quemix Utilities The All-in-one package!
QWSafeMailInstall1 12/06/05     762K
    Backup tool for Outlook Express.
QuadroUneraser2.5. 10/13/05     696K
    Recover any deleted files.
Quick-Recovery-pen 09/21/08    3.89M
    Pen Drive Recovery Tool - fix pen drive data
QuickFoldersSetup. 01/27/03     850K
    Handle the same documents with different apps
QuickRecoveryDemoM 10/26/07    3.22M
    Word Recovery Tool - Repair Corrupt Word File
QuickRecoveryDemoM 01/08/08    1.40M
    Advance MS Backup Repair Software
QuickRecoveryDemoN 10/17/06    2.86M
    A Data Recovery Software
QuickRecoveryDemoP 10/26/07    1.40M
    Corrupt PowerPoint File Repair Software
QuickRecoveryDemoP 10/26/07    4.01M
    MS Outlook PST Recovery Software
Quick_10.exe       10/17/06    2.82M
     FAT File System Data Recovery Software
RAMBoostMaster.exe 07/28/08    2.56M
    Boosts up your computer memory.
RARRecoveryToolbox 07/28/08    1.56M
    Repair damaged RAR archives and files
REG2.ZIP           04/21/03    2.01M
    Registers system files in one click
RESXP.exe          06/04/03    1.53M
    Select randomize sounds screensaver wallpaper
RFPSet12.exe       12/24/08     729K
    Safely scan and fix registry errors.
RMF2.exe           03/28/03    1.90M
    Recover deleted files. FREE Preview!
RSFileEncryption.e 12/25/04    1.04M
    File encryption solution for removable drives
RSUSetup.exe       08/27/05    1.54M
    Quick, highly secure reboot of computer triggered by web browser
RWSetup.zip        03/18/04     868K
    Complete registry management solution
Raid_Recovery.exe  04/30/08    3.71M
    Recover all types of corrupted RAID arrays
RamClean.zip       12/31/05    1.12M
    RamClean! boost your computer by cleaning RAM
RapidSplit.exe     09/21/06    1.42M
    Split large files into smaller ones
Recove_6.exe       01/04/08    3.98M
    Recover deleted file and folders
Recover-Data-FAT-N 06/05/07    2.87M
    Software to Recover Pen Drive Data Back
Recover-Data-FAT.e 07/24/07    2.87M
    Advanced FAT Data Recovery Software Tool
Recover-Data-Mac.e 05/07/07    1.70M
    Macintosh Recovery Software Recovers Mac Data
Recover-Data-NTFS. 07/05/07    2.87M
    NTFS Data Recovery Tool to recover NTFS files
Recover-Data-Novel 09/06/08    1.77M
    NSS Data Recovery to get back lost data
Recover-Data-Novel 04/18/08    1.82M
    Advance Novell Data Recovery Software Tool
Recover-Data-OE.ex 07/06/07    1.89M
    Best Outlook Express Recovery Software
Recover-Data-OST-P 12/21/07    2.11M
    Convert OST to PST - OST Recovery Software
Recover-Data-PST.e 10/07/08    2.15M
    Repair Corrupt PST Files - PST Recovery Tool
Recover-Data-Word. 01/22/09    1.74M
    Word Document Repair Software, fix word files
Recover-Data.exe   08/07/08    2.95M
    NTFS Partition Recovery Tool - Fix NTFS files
RecoverDataBKFSetu 07/04/07    1.18M
    Advanced MS Backup Recovery Software
RecoveryFix-OST-De 04/15/08    2.24M
    OST to PST Converter Software
RecoveryToolboxFor 10/15/08     661K
    Repair damaged or corrupted CD, DVD disks
RecoveryToolboxFor 09/02/08    1.56M
    Repair damaged or corrupted RAR archives
RecoveryToolboxFor 10/15/08    1.09M
    Repair damaged Microsoft SQL Server databases
RecoveryToolboxFor 09/02/08     731K
    Repair damaged or corrupted ZIP and SFX files
Recovery_Mechanic. 08/02/06    1.40M
    Undelete files from FAT or NTFS
Recovery_Server.ex 04/08/08     726K
    Recover partitions and deleted files remotely
Redlof_Remover.zip 06/04/04      11K
    A virus removal tool for the HTML.Redlof.A virus
RegCompact_NET-1_8 05/02/05      82K
    A program to compact the Windows XP registry.
RegMagik.zip       11/13/04     214K
    Advanced Registry Editor
Regdrill.exe       02/15/07    7.56M
    Removes invalid entries in Registry
RegistryCare.exe   07/25/08    1.75M
    Fix your registry errors.
RegistryWorkshop.e 03/14/05     481K
    An advanced registry editor.
Regwatch.exe       02/15/07    5.09M
    Uninstalls software completely
RemoveAboutBlankBu 01/22/09    1.54M
    Easily restore hijacked homepage at any time!
RemoveStartupProgr 06/07/05     918K
    Removes abusive programs from Windows startup
RenList.exe        01/25/05    1.99M
    Rename files from a file list
Repel.zip          05/27/03    1.59M
    Stop email viruses before they can run
Restorator2007_Tri 07/30/07    3.22M
    Windows applications resource viewer  editor
RightTime.exe      08/10/08     101K
    Change the file time of directory trees.
RoboFolderInstall. 07/25/06    2.17M
    Powerful photo renamer and folder reorganizer
Roxip_XStart.exe   11/13/05    1.43M
    An easy to use application launcher.
SAMInside.exe      12/29/05     447K
    Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 passwords recovery
SC_TRIAL_SER_1_WEB 10/10/03   28.99M
    AD and NT4 domain management system
SECURIKEY.exe      02/05/05     765K
    SecuriKey allows you to disable some Keys like CTRL ALT DEL ...
SETUP.zip          05/31/03    1.58M
    Detects/Logs new drives added to the system - can prevent access
SGLLOCKI.ZIP       03/22/03    1.20M
    Password security for user specified programs
SGTSetup.zip       06/04/07     345K
    Search GT is a fast file search program
SG_Free.exe        02/05/06    1.96M
    StartGuard finds spyware missed by your other anti-spyware tools.
SHOWFONT.ZIP       10/26/07     608K
    Font Lister shows complete font details
SLSetup15.exe      06/03/05     636K
    RunAs with a nice graphical user interface.
SMART_Monitor2_set 07/07/05     560K
    Monitors and alerts user of hard disk drive SMART attributes
SOCKShell12.zip    05/22/03     810K
    Enhances Windows Explorer context menu
SPDesktop_Trial.ex 07/12/06    9.42M
    Automatic onlinebackup for your PC
SPLaunchInst.exe   11/12/08    6.04M
    Powerful and easy launcher and scheduler
SPwdGuard.exe      03/14/04    2.00M
    The secure solution for storing all your passwords!
SQLServerRecoveryT 09/22/08    1.09M
    Microsoft SQL Server database repair tool.
ST2.exe            11/04/03    2.02M
    With Trojan Shield you can easily protect yourself from hackers
STTsetup.exe       02/02/04    3.23M
    save your privacy on windows xp for free
SUSS_DEMO.zip      01/01/05     126K
    Software Update Service helper utility
SafeHousePersonal3 02/10/09    8.13M
    Protect, Hide & Encrypt Files and Folders
SafeHouseProfessio 02/10/09   12.03M
    Protect, Hide & Encrypt Files and Folders
Sakina-Privacy-Pro 02/11/09    2.22M
    Sakina P Protector is a privacy guardian
SameFilesAssistant 04/30/06    1.35M
    Creates hard links, frees space on NTFS
ScreenResolutionMa 02/29/08     785K
    Own screen resolution and brightness for user
Seconf10.zip       06/18/06      36K
    Security configuration utility for Windows.
SecretMe.zip       02/12/07    5.11M
    SecretMe is your new digital secret weapon.
SecurM18.exe       03/25/06     658K
    Email program for secure communication
SensorsViewPro12Se 01/14/06     882K
    Monitors temperatures, voltages, fan speeds, and hdd temperature
ServicesManager.ex 11/05/03      52K
    Easy way to manage windows services (also to turn of messaging)
Setpoint.zip       05/27/03    1.58M
    Automatically set system restore points
Setup.exe          01/31/03    3.05M
    Need to speed up that machine? Check out PC Zylix Deluxe 2003!
Setup10.exe        04/13/07    2.87M
    Software to recover data from iPod device
Setup151.exe       09/05/08    6.01M
    Easy file shredder & history eraser in one!
SetupAppToService. 09/14/06     314K
    AppToService: Run apps as Windows services.
SetupClipSafe.exe  05/03/04     633K
    Backup data copied to the clipboard.
SetupDeskil.exe    07/13/05     567K
    Control the desktop, apps, folders with
SetupFRP.exe       01/20/03     385K
    Send raw PRN files directly to a printer
SetupPrivacySolver 08/13/04     555K
    Removes traces of computer and Internet use.
SetupSFF_trial_.ex 10/14/03     328K
    descriptions you files
SetupShredXP.exe   04/15/03    3.00M
    Securely delete all traces of current files.
SetupWatchDirector 02/24/06    5.09M
    Start any task when the contents of a directory changes.
Setup_GatherBirdFi 08/25/05     721K
    Send and receive files through the Internet.
Setup_LogViewer1.e 04/18/06     394K
    Displays a log of any kind in the real-time.
Setup_ShellDispens 02/17/06     519K
    Close, start and restart Windows Explorer with the press of a key
Setup_VNCAC.exe    11/17/04    1.67M
    Manage your VNC Connections with ease
ShTprevCoSh.exe    06/15/06  174.44M
    Lock up your data
Shbusinexch.exe    06/15/06  185.07M
    Lock up your data
Shenterprise.exe   06/15/06  343.01M
    Lock up your data
ShieldDeluxe2009v2 01/19/09   24.86M
    Combines antivirus and spyware detection
ShieldFirewall.exe 03/12/08    8.61M
    The Shield Firewall 5.0 - hacker protection
ShieldPro08setup.e 03/12/08   38.72M
    virus, hacker, and privacy threat protection
SimpleBackup-insta 04/09/05    5.44M
    A designed-for-simplicity file backup tool.
Simpli-File_Backup 06/03/04     602K
    Schedule Backups in Zip Format and Restore!
SkyCom68.exe       05/28/06    1.71M
    Powerful and convenient file manager.
SnapDeploy_d_en.ex 03/29/06   46.55M
    Complete system deployment solution
SnareSvrSetup-1_0. 01/04/05     516K
    A centralised audit and eventlog collection and archive service
SoftwareRemoveMast 10/16/08    2.25M
    Remove the Remains of Uninstalled Application
SpWiz.exe          01/24/03    1.27M
    Speed upInternet connection by200%
SpaceObServer-Setu 04/12/05    1.71M
    Harddisk space manager for Windows
SpamBoxInstall.zip 08/13/04    1.08M
    Highly accurate spam filter plugin for Outlook.
SpamSleuthlitesetu 03/09/05    3.69M
    Eliminate spam and potential virus e-mails
SpeedTest.exe      10/24/07    4.12M
    Speed test. The only REAL Speed Test Meter
Spm2KSetup5.EXE    01/21/07    3.96M
    Automated security patch management software
SpotlightExchange_ 03/09/05   44.42M
    Detect problems in your Exchange environment.
SpyProcessWiper.ex 06/11/08    2.51M
    Manage all running processes
StartMenuTunerSetu 04/30/06     660K
StartupS.exe       05/05/04     921K
    Startup manager removes harmful programs
StatsNow.exe       04/28/03    8.48M
    Ultimate Real-Time Website Tracking System
StrongArm_1.0.0u1. 05/06/04    1.22M
    Digitally encrypts invisible data into files
SuperFinder.exe    07/22/06    1.14M
    Powerful Replacement for Win built-in search.
SuperUtilstd.exe   02/13/07    4.77M
    Fix, speed up, maintain and Ptotect your PC!
SyncLastFilesSetup 04/30/06     333K
    This is very usefull synchronization utility.
SysCop12.exe       07/20/07    1.12M
    Tune and optimize your system!
SysGrd.exe         09/22/03    3.00M
    Total freedom from Hackers,Trojans,Keyloggers
SysInfoMyWork_v20. 09/28/04     166K
    CPU and RAM monitoring
SysMon.zip         01/13/08    1.07M
    Monitors various system resources and usage statistics.
SysRM11.exe        01/09/09    3.93M
    Watch system status and all system activities
SysSweepV1-0Setup. 07/23/03     387K
    Recover Hard Drive space by removing Junk.
SysTree.zip        05/05/04     291K
    A cross-over between ms spy  and taskmanager.
System10.EXE       10/15/04    3.25M
    Complete control over all running processes
SystemAnalyzerv31W 01/18/05   14.29M
    Windows, UNIX and Linux System Analysis and Reporting
SystemPurifierSetu 05/23/06    1.11M
    File/privacy shredder disk/registry optimizer
System_7.zip       04/15/03       2K
    Updated System 7.exe
T07promo.exe       09/07/06   23.18M
    Lock up your data
TAPE.exe           02/08/06    1015K
    Kernel Tape Data Recovery Software
TK.exe             01/15/05    2.08M
    TK syncronizes your computer clock according to the NIST Atomic T
TU2003TrialEN.exe  06/05/03    5.85M
    The swiss army knife for your PC
Tamper_Proof_5_1.e 09/23/04     486K
    Tamper Proof locks down programs to they cant be used.
The_Be11.exe       07/25/04    1.13M
    The Beetle Alarm can wake up your computer.
Thoosje-Quick-XP-O 07/09/08     355K
    Optimize Windows XP in seconds
TidyStartMenu_Setu 10/10/05     984K
    Offers you to categorize the Start Menu
TimeIntervalReport 05/26/04     758K
    Query any periods of IP statistics data
TopSync.zip        09/19/04    1.54M
    TopSync is a Synchronization and Backup Tool
TrayIconsOK.zip    02/19/07     231K
    Solves XP defect that some systray icons do not appear on reboot
Traysafesetup.exe  02/23/05    2.90M
    Tray Safe allows you to forgot passwords!
Trojan_Guarder.exe 12/28/05    1.24M
    Kill unknown Trojans and viruses and protect your personal info
Trojan_Guarder_Gld 12/28/05    1.18M
    Kill unknown Trojans and viruses and protect your personal info
TrueSpeed-1_4.exe  08/26/03     536K
    Ultra high-precision CPU speed detector ( /- 0.001 MHz).
Tvksetup.exe       12/07/05    2.09M
    Scan and Remove Trojan horses, Viruses, Spyware
TwisterAnitTrojanV 05/08/05    5.09M
    A powerful, easy-to-use, Anti-Trojan, virus, spyware all in one.
TypeBooster_Setup. 03/22/06     716K
    A highly customizable word completion program
UCSetup.exe        04/16/04     481K
    Duplicate files finder
UFSMSetup.exe      09/24/04     957K
    The world's coolest file splitter
ULAdmin.exe        09/24/06     539K
    Specify who can unlock a workstation
USB-Monitor.zip    05/30/08    2.85M
    Download network USB drive surveillance tool
USBCopyNotify.exe  07/20/07     597K
    Monitor unauthorized USB Stick Activity !
UTXP9.exe          10/08/06   15.69M
    18 Utilities to optimize, repair and protect!
UmpSe601.exe       05/27/05   15.29M
Undelete-Demo-Full 06/19/04    1.84M
    Data Recovery Software. Undelete utility.
Undelete.exe       07/18/05    1.49M
    KernelUndelete File Recovery Utility
Uneraser_Setup.zip 01/19/06    1.56M
    Restore any deleted file from FAT or NTFS
Uninstal.exe       04/05/04     664K
    Remove programs from Add/Remove Programs list
UninstallMasterr.e 09/22/08    2.19M
    Remove programs, files, and registry entries
Unix2Win2_0Free.zi 07/05/04     333K
    Converts text files from Unix to Windows or vice versa.
UnknownDevices.zip 06/12/03     392K
    Find out what those unknown devices in Device Manager really are
UsbBlocker.exe     12/13/07    2.27M
    Control USB storage devices
UserFinder.msi     03/10/03    2.26M
    User is logged onto which computer
VSSetup.msi        06/17/08    3.18M
    Watch N Catch Surveillance Software .
Vaccine46.Setup.ex 09/19/06    7.63M
    Vaccine46 Dual-Core Antivirus Antispyware
VembuStoreGrid.exe 05/13/05    2.85M
    Flexible Feature Packed Backup Software
VialCDRemote.zip   07/06/06     248K
    Free, Open/Close, Run Explore CD
VistaStartMenu_Set 04/18/08    1.46M
    Convenient alternative to the Start menu.
VisualCron3.exe    07/31/08   27.86M
    An advanced task scheduler for Windows
VolIDSetup.exe     05/21/08    1.29M
    Modify your disk drive's serial number
WALLGN10.exe       04/06/04     245K
    Create quick visual IDs for Windows desktops.
WC_AE11.exe        03/27/05    1.68M
    Edit an enormous amount of Windows Settings.
WDCSet13.exe       05/15/07     993K
    scans junk files and delete these junk files
WESetup.exe        02/23/06    2.91M
    Erase traces of Internet
WFIL2PRN.ZIP       10/26/07     555K
    WFil2PRN copies files to the printer.
WINnerTweakSetup.e 02/03/06    2.42M
    WINner Tweak - powerful tuning software
WMem.zip           11/01/05      30K
    Windows memory, cpu, disk, network monitoring application
WP1.exe            07/30/05      37K
    Monitor ALL programs running on your computer
WXT2.exe           06/09/04    6.73M
    Your PC running at top efficiency and speed
WhatDisk-setup.exe 12/17/06     709K
    WhatDisk categorizes your disks.
WhatsGoingOnInMyPC 07/27/07    1.90M
    Keep your computer under control
Wim.exe            08/08/03    1.29M
    system optimize and setting and maintenance
WinAssistant102.ex 10/24/05     470K
    Split, merge and remove files fast and easily
WinClean_Eval.exe  01/29/03    1.15M
    WinClean is a smart power application that gives windows a power
WinEx.exe          11/24/04     748K
    Fast shut down windows, shut down timer
WinNc461.exe       12/20/08    6.44M
    WinNc: File manager for Windows Vista / XP
WinOFFSetup.exe    11/01/08     725K
    Utility for scheduling Windows shut downs
WinQuota-1_0-setup 05/03/05     670K
    Rich quota management on Windows servers
WinRetEn3.8.exe    05/28/03     178K
    Tuning Windows and Internet Explorer. Backup - restore manager.
Windows_Service_Fi 07/03/05      54K
    Search and/or delete Windows service and boot registry keys.
WordRecoveryToolbo 07/28/08     818K
    Word repair tool. Repair doc, docx files.
WrkSpc-Macro-setup 02/21/07    1.72M
    Keyboard macro, Mouse macro,Macro recorder
WrkSpc-MacroPro-se 02/14/07    3.13M
    Reliable macro
    Simple access to internet
    XPCSpy is a powerful keylogger spy software.
    Remove XPS Document Writer from your computer
    XP SysPad is a launcher
    Extended windows task manager tool
    Xizzo is a secure password manager.
    XoftSpy Detects Spyware, Adware, Hijackers
    Tool to edit extended properties in SQL 2000
    Download Web site for offline browsing.
    Recover from a crash in seconds
YahooPass_demo.exe 11/02/05    1.60M
    Recovers Yahoo Messenger/Pager passwords
YouTub11.exe       07/30/08     441K
    Download your favorite videos from YouTube.
ZDeleteNETSetup.ex 10/23/03    1.21M
    Destroy Internet Traces and Stop Popups
ZipRecoveryToolbox 07/28/08     733K
    Repair damaged ZIP and self-extact (SFX) file
a-pdf-rr.exe       12/14/06    1.01M
    Remove password and restrictions of PDF files
a2AntiMalwareSetup 10/09/08   29.07M
    Protects the PC against malicious software.
a2FreeSetup.exe    12/22/08   24.84M
    Scans your computer for malicious software.
a32we_setup.exe    05/11/04    2.25M
    A32 WipeErase Professional secure file eraser.
aasetup.exe        01/21/06    1.27M
    Totally secure yourself from the prying eyes!
aav100.zip         10/28/04    1.18M
    Increase your security with new antivirus!
aaw6.exe           02/04/03    1.45M
    Ad-aware is an award winning, free multi adware removal utility
aback48.exe        02/23/06    1.43M
    Fully automatic feature-rich backup software.
abackup.zip        08/01/05    1.84M
    Data backup tool with skinned interface
abaiko-disk-space- 06/15/06    2.30M
    Easy to use and configure disk space monitor.
abcbackupprosetup. 07/11/06    1.61M
    Create backups as A-B-C !
abepro210.exe      06/12/08    4.12M
    Full-featured backup at a reasonable price.
abfFF.zip          02/24/05     824K
    ABF Favorite Folders
abfOEB.zip         09/26/08    3.70M
    ABF Outlook Express Backup
abfOutlookExpressB 04/05/07    2.08M
    Outlook Express Backup
abkinst.exe        01/07/05     713K
    Boss Key - Anti-Boss Key - Hide windows
abmsetup.exe       04/24/03    1.24M
    A highly configurable backup program.
abr11.exe          03/13/06     619K
    repair corrupt Microsoft backup(BKF) files
accelclip.exe      03/31/06    4.47M
    Secure clipboard extender with file viewer.
accelman.msi       05/15/07    5.51M
    File manager with a unique set of functions
accesspswdemo.zip  04/07/07     869K
    Recover Access database and user passwords.
accmen.zip         02/25/04     913K
    Restrict access to to key features of Windows
accpswdm.zip       04/15/05     445K
    Recover Access database and user passwords
accs10.exe         06/15/05    1.03M
    An utility for Battery monitoring
acefilesearch10.zi 03/31/05    1.03M
    File search utility with maximun options.
acsr9101.exe       04/03/05     970K
    Removes Spyware, Adware, Trojans, Viruses
actpsw.zip         04/07/07     732K
    Password recovery tool for Act! files.
actualdoc-standard 02/09/06    3.59M
    Keep creative mood and time with ActualDoc
actualspy.exe      03/24/05    1.16M
    Computer activity and system event monitor.
actvkeyb.zip       05/22/04     829K
    Hotkey utility, running app/folders,much more
adkiller.exe       02/05/04     630K
    No Popups,No Flash Ads,Protect Your Privacy!
adminpc.zip        04/23/06    1.15M
    PC Settings administration. Security restrict
adsecl60.zip       03/19/05    1.04M
    The Internet security, computer security and access control software!
adspydeleter.exe   05/29/06     409K
    Scan delete adware and spyware.
adutils.exe        08/12/03     622K
    A unique set of handy tools
advanced-anti-spy. 10/08/03     481K
    Easy to use powerful internet privacy tool
advanced_keylogger 09/27/04    1.13M
    Adv. Keylogger - stealth key stroke logger.
advanced_task_mana 04/23/07    2.59M
    Manage the programs running on your PC
advft210.zip       06/27/08      33K
    For modifying date and time stamps of files
advink.zip         07/25/04    1.35M
    Build public access PCs or internet kiosk
aefsdr30.zip       03/04/05     773K
    Decrypt files from Windows 2000/XP NTFS/EFS
ael.zip            12/17/03    1.13M
    Password protection for your EXE files!
aeppro.exe         02/01/09    2.57M
    Strong files encryption and wiping
aevr.zip           08/26/03     554K
    Remove I-Worm.Sobig viruses from mailboxes!
aexit-wst.exe      08/20/06     998K
    Auto-logoff users and control other Windows exit options
aexpr_setup.exe    12/08/08     647K
    Breaking Excel passwords is as easy as a pie!
aforg.exe          05/22/07    1.86M
    Catalog and organize your disks and files.
afr.zip            12/02/08     836K
    Search files with queries and batch replace!
afs.exe            06/27/06    1021K
    AFS 1.0 - USB flash Synchronization tool.
afterwork.exe      11/06/07     234K
    Be sure in your privacy with After Work!
agentreader.exe    10/22/03     711K
    All-in-one Macro, Ads Killer, Text-to-Speech
ah2setup.exe       06/11/04     822K
    Unicode-enabled checksum tool for Windows
ai40_trial.exe     06/05/07    2.60M
    Easy-to-use automation utilities
aim.exe            04/25/07     701K
    Restore AIM passwords instantly
aipr_100_setup.exe 01/18/06     726K
    Instantly recover web, email (etc.) passwords
allwaysync-9-1-7.e 02/12/09    3.72M
    Keep your files and folders in sync.
almplus.exe        12/17/03     631K
    Notify users about events from event log
alock.msi          10/22/07     487K
    Enhance Windows logon with your USB key drive
amddemo.exe        09/09/05     710K
    Software to free up wasted RAM.
ampro.zip          12/10/04     592K
    Computer monitoring via SMS
ams.exe            07/19/04    2.00M
    Copying, moving and deleting file service.
amsfrc20.exe       12/05/05     983K
    New! Advanced AMUST Registry Cleaner 2.0
amust_1-login_1.0. 04/17/06    1.22M
    Access all your Internet Logins with 1-Login
antifreezeSetup.ex 11/22/07     732K
    Emergency task manager hotkey utility
antikey.zip        01/16/09    3.41M
    100% efficient product against spy software
antip.exe          12/10/04    1008K
    Block all popop ADs from the websites.
antispam.exe       08/26/08    6.81M
    Detect and block 99 % of spam
antitracks3.zip    06/25/04    2.12M
    Online Privacy and Disk Cleanup tool
antivir_workstatio 06/16/08   21.28M
    Free of charge antivirus protection
antivirussetup.exe 11/26/08    6.10M
    Free antivirus protection
anybackup.exe      08/29/06    4.45M
    Protect family pictures, music and your files
anyoeb.exe         04/25/06    3.34M
    backup and restore your Outlook Express data
anyserv6.zip       08/04/03    2.61M
    Turns any program into a service
aofpr_setup.exe    11/03/08     648K
    Recover your lost password to a MS Office doc
apgsetup.exe       01/04/04    1.26M
    448-bits encryption with compression, built-in file shredder
apm.zip            09/05/05      44K
    APM - Advanced Process Manipulation
applicationservice 03/21/08    5.74M
    Run any Application as a Windows Service.
aprsetup.exe       07/12/05     560K
    100% Recover any Access Database passwords.
aps.zip            12/04/04     665K
    Personal password manager.
apt.zip            07/05/04     660K
    Hide your private windows from strangers!
apw101.exe         06/08/06    1.25M
    Random Password Generator.
arctorfree.zip     01/02/07    3.14M
    Easy-to-use, powerful disk-to-disk backup.
ardemo.exe         08/20/08    1.18M
    Recovery for Access fixes corrupted databases
arpcachz.exe       06/11/05     616K
    Deciphers the ARPCache of the registry.
arrangestartup.exe 01/19/09    6.81M
    Is your PC still starting up slowly?
arreplac.zip       02/05/03     747K
    Program for replacing in the text files, rename files.
art211.zip         05/05/06    1.69M
    Take over FULL control of your Registry!
arw.exe            01/28/05    1.36M
    Tools have many itemsto tweak windows.
as121dx.zip        11/23/08     737K
    Advanced Windows startup manager.
as143.zip          09/29/05     701K
    Windows startup manager.
as_setup.exe       08/08/04     457K
    change windows speed
asc-setup.exe      01/21/09    4.14M
    Protect, repair and optimize PC with 1 click
asc.exe            10/30/05    2.11M
    S.M.A.R.T. attributes monitor for all network
asis202.zip        03/16/06    5.05M
    Make bootable backup copies of your disk.
asmweras.exe       09/09/03     771K
    Protect your privacy.
asmwtwek.exe       09/09/03     648K
    Power Tools To Keep Your PC Running Smoothly
asov2esell.exe     07/30/06    9.24M
    Powerful Windows application.
aspr.zip           06/10/05      87K
    a utility to recovery password of Outlook/OE
aspsetup.exe       04/09/04    1.29M
    Manage your startup folder and more...
assd.exe           05/28/03     910K
    Quickly and auto shutdown and cleanup of PC.
assr9206.exe       05/09/05    1.11M
    Removes Spyware, Adware, Trojans, Viruses
astart10.exe       02/26/04     811K
    View/Remove items from your registry startup.
astra32setup153.ex 06/05/07    1.31M
    Fast and complete analysis of your computer
aswclnr.exe        04/23/04     330K
    avast! Cleaner - remove viruses from your PC
atcinst.exe        04/09/04    1.38M
    Protect children against common PC dangers
atm_setup170b.exe  12/24/07    1.21M
    Start and stop tasks using flexible schedule.
ats.zip            06/04/03     941K
    a powerful launch & shutdown tool
ats_53.exe         02/24/09    2.42M
    ATS is a full-featured time server.
atsetup.exe        03/20/05     517K
    Ensure privacy and keep sensitive info secure
attrman.zip        09/10/08     941K
    Change attributes of files and folders fast.
aub11e.exe         09/19/04     585K
    The automatic files archive/restore system.
auto.zip           09/30/03     751K
    Easy-use macro recorder record all operation and replay
autoi172.zip       07/17/04    3.75M
    Total Automation Program for Windows
automate5_eval_set 05/18/04   19.28M
    AutoMate 5 is the leading software for Windows Automation
autome.exe         01/24/07    2.23M
    keyboard and mouse automation software
autopilot_xp_trial 02/12/03    7.37M
    Breaktrough Automatic Tuner for Windows XP
avira_smallbusines 03/19/07  380.35M
    Professional IT security for small businesses
awbackupsetup.exe  10/04/03     627K
    Data vulnerability scares you? This will help
awn2k3e.exe        10/21/04   21.20M
    Real time antivirus product for windows users
awpr.zip           12/30/03     722K
    Recover Windows passwords: PWL, asterisks etc
awr12.exe          02/21/06     932K
    repair and recover corrupt Word documents
awrdpr_setup.exe   12/08/08     646K
    Recover your lost MS Word passwords
awui.exe           02/05/09     574K
    Smart computer: Self-Restoring System.
azguard21.zip      05/20/03    8.10M
    A powerful backup utility zip file compatible
azpc.exe           04/16/08    2.12M
    Recover forgotten passwords for ZIP archives
b2nsetup.exe       11/28/04    3.45M
    Peer-to-Peer Backup Program
b4a-pro.exe        02/17/09   10.17M
    Backup program for full, incremental backups
b4win.exe          05/01/04     895K
    Many features, easy to use Backup program
b4winxp.exe        09/14/03    1.00M
    Easy to use Backup program with CD burner.
b_syspr5.exe       01/05/04     570K
    System information ultlity
backup-platinum.ex 05/22/08    4.53M
    Backup files to CD, DVD, Blu Ray, FTP or LAN
backup1.zip        06/13/06     138K
    An easy to use backup tool.
backup250.exe      01/05/05    1.01M
    Easy backup for your files and folders!
backup_cdrw_50.exe 10/07/03    2.95M
    Back up your valuable data to a CD-RW drive
badcdrepair.zip    06/26/03     200K
    Allows to copy files from bad CD or HDD.
baytime.zip        04/19/06     852K
    BayTime time synchronization and date manager
bazsyslog-1-0-22.z 04/15/06    4.28M
    BazSyslog is a Windows program designed to capture syslogs from n
bcroc311.zip       01/21/05     561K
    Manage passwords with this effective tool.
bcrypt7.exe        02/24/04    3.63M
    BestCrypt protects your secret data
bcwipe3.exe        03/22/04    2.04M
    Deletes files from computer forever
bd2005_12.exe      03/28/06    2.78M
    Reinforce your system with Backup Deluxe 2005
bdefpro8.exe       10/13/04   13.54M
    Protection for your Personal Computer!
bdk_idea.zip       10/27/05      61K
    Idea crypting driver for BestCrypt.
bdpro.exe          10/10/05   16.57M
    Protection for your Personal Computer
beagleremover.exe  01/22/04     383K
    Detect and Remove Beagle Worm
bhr.exe            08/02/05    2.34M
    Repairbrowser after it has been hijacked
bigwin2e.zip       11/06/03     158K
    Increases file dialog box dimensions and customizes them
bitdefender_antivi 10/30/07   34.16M
    The Antivirus software solution
bitdefender_avplus 10/05/06   22.47M
    Protection for your Personal Computer
bitdefender_intern 10/30/07   40.32M
    The Antivirus software solution
bitdefender_isecur 05/11/06   20.47M
    The Antivirus software solution
bitdefender_spamde 01/19/05   13.23M
    BitDefender 8 SpamDeny protects your Inbox
bitdefender_totals 10/30/07   44.53M
    The Antivirus software solution
bizrem23.zip       05/02/07     554K
    Utility rescue formatted removable media file
bkrdemo.exe        12/13/08    1.57M
    Recovery for Backup fixes damaged .BKF files
bluesync.exe       10/21/04    1.81M
    BackUp Palm cards to your PC
bmarksetup.exe     02/06/03     323K
    XMark.NET is a new all-in-one system diagnosis utility for .NET
bminfo10.exe       10/25/03    1.14M
    Shows you nearly everything about your computer.
bookmark-master.ex 12/17/03    1.24M
    bookmark masterkeep your favorite organized
boost-speed-setup. 01/28/09    2.88M
    Award Winning Computer Tune Up Software.
boostspeed_install 07/13/05    2.51M
    Make your PC run faster and error-free.
bootcdxz.exe       09/06/05    1.07M
    makes a crash recovery CD
bootpa26.zip       10/31/05      25K
    Bootpart, the Windows boot tools
bpsds1.exe         01/26/04    2.90M
    Shred Files, Folders and Entire disk Securely
bpsetup.exe        03/26/08    1.30M
    Mobile Bluetooth can be a wireless key for PC
bpspb3000.exe      05/15/06    2.63M
    Phishing Blaster is an Anti-Phishing software
bpspcs30.exe       10/08/03    2.71M
    Popup Shield - Stop Pop-Ups
bpspcs4204.exe     05/25/04    4.31M
    Stop Pop-Ups, Increase Privacy, Increase Surfing Speed and Enjoy
bpssr9208.exe      06/20/05    8.04M
    Removes Spyware, Adware, Trojans, Viruses
bpssr9300.exe      03/02/06    5.75M
    Kills Spyware, Key Loggers, Trojans, Dialers.
bpssr9307.exe      06/25/06    7.05M
    Kills Spyware, Key Loggers, Trojans, Dialers.
bptw1201.exe       11/04/07    5.13M
    Modify system settings in Microsof Windows OS.
bst101en.exe       10/24/05     748K
    Learn how much charge you have in your laptop's battery
bswitcher_setup.ex 03/21/04     666K
    Boot Switcher boots Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP on the fly
btrdemo.exe        10/06/08    1.13M
    Recovery for BizTalk fixes MS BizTalk files
btwatcherpro-1_4_3 10/06/08    2.96M
    Automatic lockdown via a mobile phone.
bwmeterpro_setup.e 09/15/06     966K
    Internet and Network Bandwidth Meter.
bz113.exe          02/25/04     715K
    Detect spyware, adware, trojan, keyloggers
c-photo_recovery.e 11/28/07    1.71M
    Recover lost or corrupt digital pictures
cG1.exe            10/28/04      48K
    Monitor any Internet connection in real time
cPWD.exe           06/11/03     733K
    Maintain multiple, local account passwords.
cardre21.exe       12/12/05     807K
    Photo recovery software for memory cards
cathfpro.zip       02/10/04     810K
    Starts programs with the help of 'hot keys'
cb_setup.exe       11/30/06    1.09M
    It allows you compare before backup.
cbackup.exe        10/06/08    1.20M
    Back up your Outlook Express e-mail accounts!
cbid750.zip        06/28/05     280K
    Advanced AMD processor recognition utility
cc2go.exe          06/11/06     370K
    RSA encryption tool for webmail
cc3401setup.exe    09/09/03    1.30M
    The Powerful encryption/decryption system.(AES,MARS,RC6,IDEA....)
ccfet_setup.exe    01/15/06    1.40M
    File encryption/decryption tools with AES
ccfilesetup.exe    07/24/08     532K
    PC to PC file transfer software.
ccw101.exe         06/08/06     972K
    Coin Collection Software.
cdays.zip          08/20/06     129K
    Count days, working days, weeks, months etc.
cdbfinfo.zip       04/24/03     147K
    CDBFinfo is a DBF Shell Extension.
cdbfshell.zip      04/24/03     190K
    CDBFShell is a DBF Shell extension
cddr.exe           01/13/06    1.91M
    Data recovery from CD discs.
cdl.exe            02/13/03     476K
    Create 'Instant Access' Encrypted CD/DVD/etc.
cds_pro_setup.exe  09/26/03    4.28M
    Manage and exchange complete CD/DVD disc info
cdstdmy5.exe       11/10/04    1.17M
    CDStartDummy! - Create autorun CD ROMs HTML
cexpertxp_setup.ex 12/11/04     662K
    Easy to use on the fly encryption
chatbk20.exe       11/23/05    1.55M
    Block and record chat conversations with ease
chatdemo.exe       11/30/06    8.69M
    Forensically analyze chat logs.
chipinf1.zip       08/22/06    1.19M
    ChipInfo shows comprehensive chipset details
chrono.exe         02/07/04    1.70M
    Keeps your computer's clock accurate.
chrons.zip         03/08/09    4.81M
    Desktop speaking clock with multiple clocks
cicp.exe           06/08/05     911K
    Utility to erase your Internet tracks.
clbplus.exe        04/16/06    3.24M
    Powerful Clipboard extender.
clean_zafi.zip     01/28/05     359K
    detects and removes all variant of the Zafi virus
cleaner41.exe      03/20/04    4.40M
    The Cleaner Professional protects against and removes malware.
cleanmantra_trial. 01/17/05     908K
    Most effective window washing mantra.
clip.zip           07/07/08     335K
    Anti Clipboard logger.
clipboardsaver.exe 03/25/04     675K
    Windows Clipboard controller.
clipmngr.exe       02/25/03    1.24M
    Insert commonly used text into anything.
clxp3.exe          10/24/04     677K
    Is the unique set of XP utilities
cmd73.zip          10/04/03    2.04M
    WinOne - Super Command Shell for Win32
cmxp101.exe        01/23/04    1.23M
    Improves Windows performance.
colinfo.exe        08/21/03   11.87M
    System Info, Analysis, Auditing and Inventory
com_port_redirecto 11/18/05    1.39M
    Redirect data streams between serial ports
computerstatusinst 01/29/09    2.70M
    Monitor CPU usage, memory, resources, disk space, laptop battery
controltotal.exe   01/29/05    1.12M
    Is the unique set of XP utilities
controlweb.zip     04/29/03    1.38M
    Quicky Control IIS Services with the push of a button
controlxp.exe      10/30/04     848K
    Is the unique set of XP utilities
copixp32e.exe      07/12/03     541K
    Multiple clipboards and password recovery
cpr2k3e.exe        10/21/04   22.09M
    Real time security for Proxy Servers.
cptec-backup.zip   09/21/05     150K
    Command line utility for tapeless file backup
cryle.exe          09/11/03    2.06M
    Cryptainer LE Free Encryption Software
crype3122.exe      04/09/03    1.95M
    Cypherix: Encryption for the Networked World
cs39ice1.exe       12/09/03    8.53M
    Automated and simple to use AntiVirus software for home PC's
csmsetup.exe       04/24/06    1.64M
    Customize Your Desktop and Start Menu!
ct_12.exe          08/03/07    1.05M
    Duplicate-file deletion software
cureit.exe         12/07/07    8.04M
    Free on demand anti virus scanner
cxprtle.exe        11/06/08    1.55M
    Virtual encrypted hard drive
czd1009.exe        08/30/06    8.57M
    Enchance your system's performance.
    See the password behind the asterisks.
    Free, Safe and Secure Data Recovery
    Wipe data making its restoring impossible
    A very simple way to change computer date.
    Wipe deleted confidential data permanently
    GiPo@DB_Utilities Version: 3.3
    Software delete internet typed URL history
    High-speed software for disk to disk copy.
    Keep your disks clean!
    Allows copying files from scratched or damaged media.
    Automatically clicks dialog box buttons
    DialDictate lets you dictate by telephone.
    An auto-tracing tool of software.
    Choose your default printer
    DelLater can delete files which are locked
    Hard drive Data Recovery software
    Protect public access PCs, stop users from
    Spy on users remotely and see what they do on the computer.
    Program launches apps before shut down.
    Damaged USB flash pen drive data restoration
    Removable media utility recover files folders
    Automatic Default Printer check.
    Duplicated files scanner
    Search fast and powerful duplicates of files.
    Search fast and powerful duplicates of files.
    Search fast and powerful duplicates of files.
    Diagnostic tool to remove adware,spyware,hijacker,trojan and more
    Folder comparison and synchronization
    Compare,Merge,Synchronize Folders and Files
    Digital camera lost memory recovery software
    Calculate or verify a hash by right-clicking on the file
    Digital camera video files recovery software
    Shows specific size of files in a directory.
    Easily synchronize or replicate files/folders
    CD Indexing software
    Windows NFS Cleint to Access Unix Servers
    Hide, lock, protect disk drives.
    Allow you to use your memory card to log on.
    Defragments and reorders files on hard drive
    Windows NFS Server Sharing Files With Unix
    Best protection for your hard drive
    Best protection for your hard drive
    Best protection for your hard drive
    Automate repetitive Web & data tasks.
    DupKiller searches
    Desktop Security Manager
    Your Desktop Security Manager
    Speed up your whole PC with this package!
    Just a good backup application...
    Recover deleted documents from all media.
    Ultra-fast download manager for web browsers
    Digital Photo Recovery Software
    Tool for starting computers in lan.
    Word documents recovery tool
    Versatile remote recovery solution
    Backup and reinstall your Windows drivers
    IDE HDD diagnostic and monitoring tool.
    Real software for hard disk data recovery.
    Real software for hard disk data recovery.
    Folder Size - view directory size
    Back up your data with DoubleSafety.
    Remote Security Administration
    Your Desktop Security Manager
    A powerful hard disk space manager
    DSTApp is a powerful tool for reading your DSTrace files.
    Real software for hard disk data security.
    Hide anything with (Documents)Tray Folder.
    Dupe Checker PRO Find All Duped Files!
    Find and delete duplicate files from your PC
    Data recovery from CD/DVD discs.
ePrivacy_Suite30.e 01/29/07    3.44M
    Protect your Privacy with a 1-click solution.
ePrivacy_Suite_Tri 01/30/07    3.44M
    Protect your Privacy with a 1-click solution.
ea10.exe           05/28/04     681K
    Easy uninstaller is a fast, advanced, powerfu
easyclean.exe      05/04/07    3.51M
    Easy Clean destroys all the useless files
easyphotorecovery_ 03/03/08    1.79M
    Fast and easy recovery of deleted photos.
easypro.exe        05/18/04    3.09M
    4 Utility tools in 1 program.
ebpsetup.exe       04/21/04    1.77M
    Encrypt files on-the-fly and hide folders.
ecipher5.exe       01/20/03     514K
    PDF Encryption command line tool
edcpsetup.exe      05/03/05     500K
    Creating Extra drives on your computer.
edpr_setup.exe     03/10/06    3.01M
    Distributed computing for password recovery
ee610.exe          02/19/04    1.29M
    Check system faults and explore executables.
efpm510.exe        01/29/09     205K
    Shows which modules/processes have opened
efsearch.zip       01/20/09    1.05M
    The best solution for complex search of files
efsum420.exe       01/17/09     938K
    Control what programs run at the system start
efts160.exe        01/17/09    1.74M
    Emulate a dictation transcribing machine
ek_setup.exe       03/30/05    3.60M
    Elite Keylogger - smart and powerful spyware!
ekbig.zip          01/04/05    2.23M
    Useful file extension renamer/remover utility
elex.zip           05/22/08    2.04M
    Excellent alternative to Windows Event Viewer
eltssetup.exe      06/11/04    1.62M
    EventLog Translation Service
em61dl.exe         05/14/03    3.54M
    Network Monitoring Software
emailrecovery.exe  03/26/08    1.31M
    Free Email Recovery
epm.zip            06/27/08    4.51M
    Real free partition manageme software.
epmdemo.zip        10/16/06    5.34M
    Real software for disk partition management.
epr.zip            07/28/08     818K
    Eudora lost passwords recovery solution.
eraseharddrivedemo 02/23/06    1.90M
    Permanently erase data from your hard drive!
eraser-demo.exe    05/04/03     745K
    Ultimate Data Destruction Tool
erdemo.exe         09/01/08    1.07M
    Recovery for Exchange converts .OST to .PST
espam.exe          06/14/05    3.43M
    FREE and powerful spam protector for Outlook.
esr_demo.zip       01/29/09    2.40M
    Access PCs with forgotten Windows passwords
essetupen.exe      11/14/03    1.59M
    Easy-Shutdown allows you to shutdown your computer ...
eswepr25.exe       10/30/04    1.35M
    Clear your latest computer activities
et20.exe           12/01/05    2.59M
    System Tweak,Optimize.
etbackup_trial.exe 11/10/08   11.29M
    Protect all the data you care about!
evterminate.zip    02/25/04    1.02M
    Cleans all tracks left by you while using PC
evtm2300.exe       11/03/05    3.10M
    Centralized event log monitoring and alerting
ew_setup.zip       01/28/03     788K
    Erase Your Files Completely From Disk.
ewsa.zip           02/04/09    2.37M
    Wireless network security audit tool
exare-xr_backup-2_ 10/02/08    6.63M
    Keep your important files safe and secure.
excelpswdemo.zip   08/20/08     814K
    Password recovery for Excel 4.0-2007
exelock.exe        08/24/03     935K
    It is an exe locker and a file protecter.
exensetup.exe      05/02/03    4.04M
    Protect your executable file
exetoservice.exe   04/04/06     757K
    Install a Windows program as a service
exsetup.exe        06/15/04     343K
    MMD Explorer is designed to manage files
eyhdsetup.exe      06/23/06   11.21M
    Eraseyourharddrive Offers Software to Erase Your Hard Drive.
ezb5_en.exe        07/18/04    2.36M
    Easily Make You Own Bootable CDs and DVDs
ezmon_setup.exe    08/22/03      69K
    System Resource Meter
fac.exe            04/18/07     753K
    an anti-copy security utility
familykeylogger.zi 02/23/04     519K
    Do people have secrets? Find out now!
fatrecovery.exe    01/21/08    1.93M
    Smart FAT Recovery is a data recovery tool!
fbkup21a.zip       01/15/04     989K
    Folder backup and archive utility
fbw-1.3-build131-s 01/08/06    3.10M
    A tool to make USB Flash disks bootable
fbw.trial.exe      11/15/05    2.49M
    A must-have automated backup system! Try now!
fc158e.zip         06/29/03     217K
    Easy-to-sue and performs strong and fast file encryption
fcutter.zip        04/25/03      28K
    Small and very fast utility for cutting big files into small.
fdown-l.exe        05/16/03    1.16M
    Fast and Smart Shutdown Windows.
ffind1.exe         01/31/07     310K
    Never waste time with data searching anymore!
ffortsetup.exe     08/29/07     145K
    Automatically backup your critical data.
fgpro-wst.exe      08/20/06    2.26M
    Password protect or hide folders.
fgxp-wst.exe       08/20/06    1.59M
    Password protect or hide files and folders.
fhrinst.exe        02/17/04    1.30M
    File Securer Software
file_recovery_100. 08/22/05    1.99M
    Document recovery for Microsoft Office
file_rescue_plus_d 07/27/06    5.76M
    Recovers deleted files, photos and music
filebolter.zip     12/26/03     721K
    Advanced context search tool and graphic files search plugin
fileboss_setup.exe 05/11/07    4.89M
    File manipulation to the max for Windows.
filecopr.zip       04/17/03     126K
    Copying files from the damaged carriers
fileenV1.exe       11/27/04     627K
    FileEncryer can encry every file.
filemaker-password 02/20/06     422K
    Recovers lost passwords for FileMaker files.
filepro.zip        02/25/04     921K
    Password protect files and folders
fileprot.zip       02/25/04     920K
    Password protect files and folders
filerecovery-demo. 07/03/07    2.50M
    Data Recovery Software - File Recovery
filerescuefat_setu 09/12/07    1.77M
    Recover deleted files from FAT drives.
filerescuentfs_set 09/12/07    1.79M
    Recover deleted files from NTFS drives.
filesplitter.exe   07/26/05     429K
    split any type of file into smaller pieces.
filesplitter.zip   08/29/06      10K
    Split large files quickly and easily
fileutil.zip       11/01/03     908K
    GiPo@FileUtilities Version: 2.9
filewarp.zip       10/30/04      85K
    Tiny file encryption system
findback_setup.exe 07/22/03     505K
    Recover system, data and files in seconds;
findpswdoc.zip     04/28/07     192K
    Find password protected documents
fire16.exe         02/07/05    1.23M
    Advanced search, view/edit running tasks and more.
fix27.exe          05/21/06    2.01M
fix_my_disk_setup. 03/04/08    3.40M
    Fix corrupted disks and partitions
fix_my_files_setup 03/04/08    3.06M
    Unerase and recover files from damaged disks
fixitV04.exe       06/29/07    6.34M
    Fixiter will fix and clean every threat on PC
fixregistry.exe    09/30/08    1.04M
    Keep Windows Registry in perfect condition!
flashrecovery.exe  12/25/08     810K
    Smart Flash Recovery is a data recovery tool!
flexcrypt_setup.ex 01/20/09    9.25M
    Encryption of: Text, Email, Files, MSN, ICQ
fmansetup.exe      02/23/04    1.82M
    File Manager can help you manage your more and more files.
fmonster.exe       11/21/08    1.33M
    Completely erase files from your computer.
fmsetup.exe        04/24/03    2.13M
    Useful file and disk management and reporting toolbox
fogsetup.exe       02/07/05    1.18M
    File Encryption Tool and Secure Data Removal
folder-lock-pd.exe 02/24/09    2.24M
    Lock or encrypt personal files in seconds.
folderMagic100.zip 02/21/04    5.28M
    Determine folders that are taking up the most space on a machine
fontviewerinstall. 12/31/08    1.79M
    View, print, test, and compare the fonts on your computer
fprosetup.exe      08/26/07    3.12M
    FilePackager high-quality packager tool.
freeclock.zip      09/21/03      35K
    Displays UTC and Local Times and Dates.
freeftpman.exe     10/07/05    1.93M
    Free FTP Manager is a Windows FTP client
freelaunchbar.exe  12/01/04     522K
    Replacement for Quick Launch
freeundelete.exe   10/17/08     957K
    FreeUndelete restores deleted files
frfwinsite.exe     09/25/07    1.35M
    Windows registry cleaner
frsetup.exe        05/25/05     703K
    File Recover is an easy-to-use undelete tool
frui.exe           11/08/03     742K
fsav2003n.exe      10/31/03    6.12M
    An award-winning antivirus program
fsav2005n-06.exe   12/01/04    6.82M
    An award-winning antivirus program
fsetup10.exe       03/02/06     661K
    The ultimate file management utility suite.
fsis2003n.exe      10/31/03    6.12M
    Easy-to-use antivirus and firewall software
fsis2005n-04.exe   12/01/04    6.82M
    Easy-to-use antivirus and firewall software
fsplit_1_1.zip     03/24/06      20K
    Free Win32 command line utility for file splitting.
fsprosetup.exe     07/26/05     810K
    Protect files, folders, IE, and Windows.
fsum-setup.exe     10/13/04     467K
    Powerful utility for files integrity control.
ftedit2.exe        07/02/04     825K
    Edit all the file attribute freely.
ftweak13.exe       04/04/04     356K
    Change file date, time and attributes
fwatch51.exe       07/05/05    1018K
    File monitor and registry monitor.
fwiw_setup.exe     10/15/03     652K
    Comprehensive cleaning of your PC.
    Make games run faster
    gBurner is a CD/DVD burning tool.
    Endlich vollkommen anonym im Internet surfen
    Instant backup and restore utility
    Split any type of file into smaller files.
    Data Recovery NTFS Tool to Recover NTFS Data
    GuardedID: Hide Your Typing From Spyware
    A tool for monitoring nodes, processes, file, directories and web
    Monitor keystrokes on your computer.
    Monitor keystrokes on your computer.
    Free, powerful and all-in-one system utility
    File/Folder/Link Loading Application
    Family-friendly keylogger software. Try FREE!
    Google Talk Password Finder
    Save essential files in a reserve location.
    Professional backup 2K8 Vista 2K3 XP 2K NT Me
    The powerful
    Tool to adjust speed of games and programs
    Fix, speed up, maintain and protect your PC.
    This Program will disable the windows Key on your keyboard.
    Monitor your PC activity with Handy Keylogger
    Handy access to frequently used folders.
    File undelete and data recovery utility.
    Backup to DVD, CDRW, flash drive, FTP or LAN.
    Backup to CD-RW, FTP or LAN.
    History Cleaner is an internet/file eraser
    Hard drive health monitoring utility
    Hard disk activity monitor. Software HDD LED.
    HDDlife looks after hard drives' condition.
    Quick access to folders: cut your way short!
    Hide Files
    Hide, Lock, Encrypt, undelete folder or file.
    Hide IP address and location from anyone.
    OneClick Hide Window, hide window immediately
    Make files invisible with Hide My Folders.
    Protect Hard drive, CD, DVD, floppy and flash
    Hide folder from other users of your computer on Windows 2000/XP
    HideIt - Hide folder, files, protect secrets
    remove details of your computer activity.
    Popup blocker, tracks eraser and windows hotkey
    Award winning solution to create hotkeys for your keyboard
    Monitor for CPU,GPU,HDD temperatures, voltages and cooling fans.
    RootKit Hook Analyzer for Windows
    Test and compare web hosting companies.
    Fast and Smart Shutdown Windows.
    Faster Boot and Application Launch
    Lower your printing expenses by setting quota
    Advanced real-time system monitoring utility.
    Get information about installed hardware, software and processes.
    Hide files and folders. Firewall network.
    Hide anything with (Hidden)Tray Folder.
    Password protect HTML, encrypt html web pages
    Keep a watchful eye on your office or house.
    Your hard disk has never been cleaner before!
    Window manipulation program
-hate-keyloggers. 06/18/06     154K
    A software to protect your system against hook-based keyloggers.
_xplogger.exe     07/19/03     128K
    Records keystrokes at Windows 2000/XP logon
amisa_pro.exe     01/26/05    3.76M
    Monitoring of company Internet access usage
amsquid_pro.exe   02/28/05    4.08M
    Monitoring of company Internet access usage
amwg_pro.exe      01/19/05    3.75M
    Monitoring of company's Internet access usage
bdesk.zip         11/30/03     712K
    Enables multiple desktops (screens).
bpt150.zip        11/15/03    1.16M
    Maintain accurate time on your PCs.
conremoversetup.e 05/19/07     958K
    A 'Safely Remove Hardware' remover.
cqpassword.zip    04/23/07     156K
    Password recovery tool for ICQ.
d_bank.zip        05/11/08    2.24M
    ID_Bank,Password protection manager
dsearch.zip       02/11/09    1.10M
    Handy search engine for your documents
dsmat43.exe       05/12/05    1.96M
    Shutdown Manager and Tools !
epsw.zip          08/15/05      61K
    IE Password: find Content Advisor password
llusion201_demo.z 07/20/03     544K
    A secure file hiding software that protect your valuable files.
lock2_5.exe       05/13/06    2.11M
    Totally HIDE n LOCK Any Folder Instantly!
magerecovery.exe  09/01/08    1.14M
    Smart Image Recovery
mgtopdf_cs.zip    02/20/04    1.23M
    Image To PDF,Image2PDF, create,append.
nsdr.exe          05/01/07    4.52M
    Program and secrets hiding, file encryption.
nst_antispy.exe   05/23/07     327K
    Finds and removes stealth keyloggers
nst_swpr.exe      12/02/04     114K
    Invisibly records web mail and web pages
nstall_rename_ex. 09/21/06    1.83M
    Rename files
nstallactivescan. 06/15/06   11.75M
    Lock up your data
nternet-eraser-se 10/23/08     901K
    Protects your Internet privacy!
nternetc100.exe   04/02/03    1.30M
    Fix Internet Explorer after hijacking.
nvarptrial.exe    11/23/04    1.38M
    A better way to uninstall programs.
nvsec43.exe       01/12/06    2.65M
    Secure your files and communications
nwomctrial.exe    09/08/06    1.28M
    Identify any file or program on your PC
ocpprinter.exe    10/15/05    1.66M
    Drag and Drop Picture Printing.  Easy to use!
pod-data-recovery 09/05/07     595K
    Digital iPod audio player data recovery tool
podin15.zip       03/31/06    5.32M
    apple iPod files data music recovery restore
rc-logger.zip     08/17/05    1.64M
    Log all messages sent and received via icq
rclean.zip        09/05/05      30K
    IRClean is designed to combat IRC worms
ronsafe11.exe     11/11/04    5.28M
    Perform scheduled backups with built-in CD/DVD burn capability.
socommander.exe   11/05/04     635K
     едактор CD образов различных форма
soedit20.exe      10/21/04     732K
    CD-ROM/DVD ISO BIN image edit extract
soeditor.exe      10/15/05    1.08M
    IsoEditor is an easy and powerful CD/DVD image file editor.
ssetup101_en.exe  01/30/05    1.22M
    Create installation packages easily.
wn2k3e.exe        10/21/04   21.65M
    Recommended product for home users.
    Free Automated Backup synchronize and archive
    Automated SFTP - Secure FTP
    Create macros to automate repetitive tasks
    Shutdown or restart a LAN at click of button.
kav7_0_0_125en.exe 09/25/07   21.46M
    Kaspersky Anti-Virus 7.0
keyinjectorinstall 09/11/03    1.33M
    Serial Port To Keyboard Stuffer
keylogger.exe      01/19/05     489K
    It monitors keystroke on your own computer.
keyspectpro330.exe 12/16/04    1.33M
    Multifunctional keylogger for home and office
keyspectst.exe     01/14/05    1.33M
    Multifunctional keylogger for home and office
keyv15.zip         04/07/03     439K
    Quick launch your applications using its name.
kis7_0_0_125en.exe 09/25/07   25.59M
    Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0
klpro13.exe        11/30/05    1.23M
    Record keystrokes typed in total stealth!
kr_free.zip        08/13/07      70K
    Easily change your keyboard behavior
kryp.exe           12/02/06   21.58M
    Automated Encryption and decryption software
kryptel.exe        08/18/05    4.33M
    Drag-and-drop file and folder encryption.
ktext312.zip       01/06/09    2.06M
    Keyboard macro and Windows automation program
l1psetup.exe       11/09/04     465K
    Recover Lotus 1-2-3 Passwords to open, unlock
langmeier_backup_e 07/31/06    3.62M
    Easy to use data backup program.
lanselm.exe        12/19/03   11.80M
    Performs event log based Intrusion detection and network wide eve
lansim.exe         11/25/03    6.00M
    A utility that provides intrusion detection.
lapsetup.exe       11/11/04     471K
    Recover Lotus Approach files passwords
lbar01.exe         11/20/06     536K
    Fast access folders in common file dialogs
lnrdemo.exe        12/29/08    2.25M
    Recovery for Lotus Notes fixes Notes database
localcooling-1.03. 01/16/07    2.53M
    Fight Global Warming From Your Desktop
lockXP33.zip       05/17/05    4.30M
    Icon Lock-iTXP file encryption, iPod security
lockfldr.exe       09/01/04    1.22M
    Protect your important data with a password.
lockngo.exe        01/08/05     336K
    Encrypts and password protect removable disks
locktr.exe         10/12/07     595K
    Lock and unlock any program on your pc.
lockxp21.zip       09/03/03    1.70M
    Icon Lock-iT XP, file encryption and security
log_analyzerv212.e 05/17/03      67K
    Analyzes Linux/Unix Proxy Server logs on a PC
logm2300.exe       11/17/05    3.31M
    Centrally monitor and analyze system logs
lopsetup.exe       11/11/04     464K
    Recover Lotus Organizer files passwords
lviewtrial.exe     05/02/03    3.42M
    Liquid View scales icons, menus, and application tools
lvltlabp.exe       07/01/04    1.14M
    Data encryption utility.
lwpsetup.exe       11/10/04     465K
    Recover Lotus Word Pro files passwords
mabpro20.exe       04/12/06    3.28M
    Schedule the backing up of MySQL databases
macro.exe          11/07/03     376K
    Record and play keystrokes and mouse clicks.
macroangel.zip     05/17/03    4.73M
    An advanced automation utility
macros20.zip       08/08/05    1.05M
    Advanced click-and-play macro recorder.
mad.exe            02/09/05    2.60M
    Monitoring and management tools for mobiles
magichot.zip       03/20/04     611K
    Magic HotKey is a keyboard utility
magicspeedsetup.ex 09/08/08    4.59M
    Tune your PC for the maximum efficiency!
magictransfer.exe  07/12/07     909K
    Synchronize information on several PCs!
mailmo16.zip       03/06/08    1.59M
    Monitor mail traffic problems.
mailnotifier.exe   11/05/08    1.78M
    Free E-Mail and RSS notifier
mailpsw.zip        07/07/05     202K
    Mail Password: email password recovery tool.
makevm.exe         03/05/07     583K
    Manage virtual machines and virtual disks.
mamkms_pro.exe     06/08/06    4.85M
    Want to know if your employees abuse email?
mammd_pro.exe      01/19/05    3.65M
    Want to know if your employees abuse email?
mammes_pro.exe     01/26/05    3.66M
    Want to know if your employees abuse email?
mamsmail_pro.exe   02/28/05    4.00M
    Want to know if your employees abuse email?
massview.zip       07/10/04      91K
    Extract icons and bitmaps from resources
mastershredder.zip 11/15/08    1.01M
    Files Deletion Software
maxfileencryption. 02/09/06    1.07M
    Create executable encrypted containers
md5.zip            09/05/05      23K
    MD5 hash generator, verify downloaded files
mdr.exe            12/17/05    2.12M
    Data recovery from CD/DVD/Digital Media.
mdrecovery.exe     04/03/07    1.03M
    MyPlayCity.com presents Free Data Recovery
mdrsetup.exe       07/26/06    1.35M
    Easy-To-Use Data Recovery Utility for CD, DVD
mediarescuepro_set 09/12/07    1.82M
    Recover lost multimedia files from all media.
memory-card-data-r 12/29/07    1.47M
    Multimedia memory card lost file rescue tool
mfrdemo.exe        10/26/05     591K
    Software to monitor and free unused RAM.
mfsSetup.exe       01/31/03    1.85M
    Need to get rid of files for good? You need MyFile Shredder!
mienet_computer_tp 03/06/03     478K
    computer, software, network, devices, media: TreePad add-on icons
mize.exe           01/17/05    9.26M
    Automation and task scheduler
mlsdemo.exe        02/09/09    3.34M
    MailRecovery Server for damaged email
mmk2pro.zip        05/20/03    1.48M
    MemoKeys is a shortcuts generator.
moset521.exe       10/19/04    5.43M
    restores a multi-windowed layout with 1 click
mpfsetup445.exe    12/01/03    1.02M
    Secure and organize your private information
mrdn2001.exe       11/11/07    3.69M
    Shred files, folders
mrsr1001.exe       06/07/06    5.65M
    Startup Repair for Windows to modify startup.
mrtw1201.exe       11/11/07    7.39M
    modifying software, hardware,tweaking your pc
msetup27.exe       07/07/06    5.62M
    Migo gives you access to your critical data
msglk110.exe       03/27/06    5.39M
    Send secure email, encrypt file attachments.
msksetup.exe       08/07/03    2.20M
    Hide files and folders, encrypt and protect.
mssetup.exe        02/11/05     788K
    Transform mouse into a highly functional tool
mssql-to-mysql.exe 09/14/07    1.29M
    Conversion tool for MSSQL to MySQL database
mstDefrag20He.exe  09/20/07    2.59M
    mst Defrag is a proactive defragmentation software.
mstMD510.exe       08/21/05     646K
    mst MD5 calculates MD5 checksums of files.
mstRDe20.exe       08/21/05    1.01M
    mst RealDelete deletes files for ever.
mstTAD10.exe       08/21/05    1.01M
    Never again get the Message: Access Denied.
mtf2.zip           06/13/06     529K
    Tray Folder is a launcher.
mtst.exe           02/07/08    4.00M
    System tweaker, Optimization, Error correction.
mtus.exe           02/07/08    4.16M
    Destroys files, free space and Recycle Bin
multirenamer.exe   11/20/04    1.33M
    Rename multiple files automatically! Try now!
multiset.exe       06/26/08    4.81M
    Unattended Installation Windows, software
mutinstl.exe       03/28/04     828K
    delete sensitive files / wipe free space
mws21010.exe       06/19/05    7.50M
    Removes Spyware,Trojans, Adware, Viruses
mws2200.exe        07/04/05    7.50M
    Removes Spyware,Trojans, Adware, Viruses
mws3002.exe        09/04/06    6.79M
    Removes Spyware,Trojans, Adware, Viruses
mws3101.exe        11/11/07    7.31M
    Removes Spyware,Trojans, Adware, Viruses
mwsw2301.exe       11/12/07    7.50M
    Removes Spyware, Adware, Trojans, Viruses
mybootdisk.exe     11/10/03     568K
    Create a boot disk for recovery from crashes.
mydrivers.exe      07/12/03     939K
    Backup, restore and update device drivers.
myflashrecovery.ex 02/11/08     726K
    Data recovery tool for USB (U3) flash drives
myprivacysetup.exe 10/08/08    1.19M
    Analyze your privacy vulnerability!
myspace-WS.exe     05/29/03     990K
    Clean up your hard drive and system memory in seconds
mytri11.exe        11/20/04     268K
    Let your PC react to WLAN/USB events
nTracker_Trial.zip 05/18/04    8.94M
    Track and locate your laptop pc if it is ever lost or stolen.
naturalloginpro110 09/19/05   20.26M
naturalloginsetup_ 05/19/05   20.25M
    Use your USB drive instead of a password!
neighb09.zip       03/17/04     895K
    Changes settings upon available networks.
nepro10.zip        06/27/04     879K
    Grant per-application Privileges
netmaps20_setup.zi 02/14/03     592K
    A multi-purpose Internet graphical tool.
netscream.exe      02/17/09     842K
    Boost your internet speed by 200 percent
network-serial-por 06/14/04     790K
    Connects serial devices over TCP/IP network
networkrecovery.zi 03/20/08    4.42M
    Free Network Data Recovery
newutilitiessetup. 02/11/08    1.37M
    Repair Windows errors, clean and speed up your PC!
nfmpro.exe         01/21/05    2.05M
    Data replication and backup software.
nhb28setup.exe     10/17/04    2.80M
    Trigger your backups automatically when removable drives connect.
nladmin.exe        10/25/04    3.14M
    See their screens and take a control.
nmealogger2.exe    10/29/07    6.51M
    Advanced Professional NMEA Data Logger
nmrcsetup.exe      10/07/03    9.85M
    Perform remote support and management on multiple systems.
nmt546.exe         01/27/06    1.44M
    Telnet 3270/5250/VT/ANSI terminal emulator
nnbackup228.exe    05/27/05     289K
    Backup and directory synchronization tool
npmanager.zip      02/16/09    1.09M
    Password manager for your enterprise.
nsksetup.exe       08/30/04    1.86M
    Monitor your computer
nsm.zip            08/02/03    5.14M
    Monitor Novell Server utilization, NLMs, Set commands, open/lock
nspysetup.exe      06/25/04     480K
    a powerful monitor tool for windows
nssetup.exe        08/30/04    1.40M
    Monitor your computer
ntdatawiper.exe    02/11/08    1.44M
    Wipe tool to recover or wipe deleted files
ntdriverecovery.ex 01/15/08    1.08M
    Restore all files from formatted NTFS drive
ntfs-fat-data-reco 10/17/07     680K
    Windows hard disk partition recovery software
ntfsrecovery.exe   11/28/08    1.69M
    Smart NTFS Recovery is a data recovery tool!
ntgm.zip           02/13/08   13.22M
    Generate and monitor IP/ICMP/TCP/UDP Network Traffic
ntp-time-server-mo 10/14/05    1.33M
    Controls and configures an installed NTP service with a userfrien
ntpsw.zip          05/05/07     445K
    Password recovery and auditing tool for Windows
ntregistryanalyzer 10/04/07     976K
    Free tool to fix registry errors
ntregistrytweaker. 11/28/07    1021K
    Free tool to tweak and tune up your Windows
nucleotime.exe     11/05/04     951K
    Atomic time synchronization tool.
nutsetup.exe       06/08/04     433K
    Handy Windows Utilities for various tasks
obackup.exe        03/26/04    1.68M
    Backup your documents and important files.
objectrescuepro_se 03/11/08    1.63M
    Recover deleted files from all media.
objectwipe_setup.e 03/22/07    1.77M
    Wipe files, disk drives and unused disk space
obsetup.exe        06/07/05    2.18M
    Backup and Restore MS outlook data.
ocb20.exe          10/20/04     677K
    Create backup copies of your documents!
octopod_Process_Ma 06/23/05      64K
    Automatically sets process priorities
octopod_UPX_GUI_-_ 04/03/05     199K
    GUI for UPX 1.25w (included), exe packer
oebackup.exe       05/14/03     927K
    Backup utility for Outlook Express
oebackup.zip       11/22/05    1.53M
    Ultimate protection of your sensitive data.
oebkuprst.zip      02/25/04     874K
    Backup and restore your Outlook Express data.
oemiexp.exe        07/28/06    1.90M
    Add or edit OEM information and logo.
oerdemo.exe        11/10/08    1.05M
    Recovery for Outlook Express fixes .DBX files
oerecovery.exe     11/20/07    2.93M
    Best Outlook Express Email Recovery Software
oesec.zip          05/03/05     616K
    Disable access to Outlook Express and protect
oetohtml.zip       04/29/05    1.14M
    Archive emails in HTML for simple viewing
okpress.zip        01/15/04     138K
    Automatic message (dialog) boxes closing
onenotepswdemo.zip 08/25/07     701K
    OneNote Password: password recovery tool.
onrdemo.exe        12/17/08    1.44M
    Recovery for OneNote fixes damaged .ONE files
opsetup.exe        07/05/05     564K
    Program recover all Outlook related passwords
optimumxp.exe      05/07/04     960K
    Easily tweak XP with powerful hidden settings
optishutdown.exe   02/11/04   20.10M
    Optimizes hard drive performance
or20050628.zip     07/17/06    2.09M
    OfficeRecovery Standard fixes Office files
ordemo.exe         01/27/09    8.19M
    OfficeRecovery for Office and other files
oskmagic_setup.exe 12/29/06     401K
    Utility for Microsoft On-Screen Keyboard.
ossisb3000.exe     09/01/04    4.75M
outlook-password-r 04/24/05     389K
    Recover lost or forgotten Outlook passwords!
outlookpswdemo.zip 07/21/07     615K
    Outlook Password: password recovery tool.
    Mount drive images as virtual drives.
    Monitor and restrict your child's computer usage
    An expert at recovering lost partitions
    Restore lost partition!
    See the password behind the asterisks.
    A utility to generate random passwords.
    Generate secure passwords lists with ease!
    Create random passwords with a single click.
    Keep your passwords in a safety store.
    Protea AntiVirus Tools for Notes/Domino
    Protea AntiVirus Tools for Notes/Domino
    Protea AntiVirus Tools for Notes/Domino
    Protea AntiVirus Tools for Notes/Domino
    Recovery for Publisher fixes damaged .PUB
    PC analyzer program monitors system memory
    Print Censor - eliminate excessive printing.
    pcLog can record anything including keystokes and visited web si
    Most powerful monitoring program.
    PC Monitoring Software to record activities.
    Most powerful monitoring program.
    Most powerful monitoring program.
    Most powerful monitoring program.
    Most powerful monitoring program.
    Computer forensic case analysis
    Very compact  Windows based system analysis software
    Boost your computer speed and performance
    Data recordder to CD/DVD
    Create your CD/DVD images and virtual drives!
    Fix and boost your computer speed
    PC-SystemInformation for Win9x/Me/2K/NT/XP
    The next evolutionary step in PC security.
    Fix and boost your computer speed
    Eliminate the digital trail you leave.
    covers your tracks and Protects your privacy
    Erase the cache, cookies, history, typed URLs
    Secret keylogger and Internet monitor
    check the security of your computer
    Diagnose, monitor and repair Windows XP
    Boost your computer speed and performance
    Limit kids access to PC
    Parental control of what children do and see.
    Erase the secrets your computer is keeping about you.
    Real-time backup solution for servers!
    Drive Backup creates the backup of disk
    Migrate your corporate data and apps online!
    Professional digital camera recovery software
    Corrupted NTFS NTFS5 partition files recovery
    Recover passwords for over 30 applications.
    Quality PDF conversion with minimal expense
    Attach any file to your existing PDF document.
    Recovery for PDF fixes damaged PDF files
    pdf stamp ( pdf watermark )
    pdf to html batch converter for command line
    pdf to image batch converter
    pdf to tiff batch converter
    List or print directory structures easily.
    Securely erase your data!
    Edit properties for a file, folder, or drive
    Total control over users computer activity
    Port Explorer is a graphical port to process mapper.
    Protection against spyware, adware, trojans..
    Protection against spyware, adware, trojans..
    Print file lists from Windows Explorer
    Sort files into common categories.
    FTP client for windows 95/NT/2000
    Generate strong passwords quickly and easily
    Powerful kernel security system for Windows
    Comprehensive tool for hard disk!
    Recover deleted jpg-files from flash drives
    Easy to use feature packed backup utility.
    Powerful print manager for corporate networks
    PixRecovery fixes corrupted image files
    Pivot Pro enables monitors to pivot
    Complete solution for your online and PC privacy protection.
    Program for the logging printers usage.
    Plan/B is a network aware file backup system
    Hard disk management and partitioning tool
    Advanced Printer Monitor
    Recovers lost Pocket Excel passwords.
    New,popup-at-pointer(TM) program launcher!
    Kill those adrware/spyware programs
    It blocks the popup windows in IE
    reports all open TCP/IP and UDP ports and maps them to the owning
    Powerful archiving utility with advanced features
    Backing up data on the hard disk, local network, CD and DVD.
    Control your computer resume automatically
    Take control of your computers settings today
    Advanced Search Utility. Find files by any means available
    Password auditing and recovery software.
    Drag the DOS Box into the XP Age
    Protector Plus antivirus for Exchange.
    Secure your PC and protect your privacy with password protection!
    Recovery for PowerPoint fixes damaged .PPT
    Password protect any Windows program.
    It can scan IP address , scan your TCP/UDP ports , scan service.
    PowerPoint Password: password recovery tool.
    Windows registry analysis
    Lock up your data
    PreView creates a security score for your computer
    A READ ONLY photo recovery software.
    New generation of virtual printers.
    Saving priority of applications.
    Protects your Internet privacy!
    Protect your online privacy
    Erase the cache, cookies, history, typed URLs.
    Privacy Inspector is your privacy guarder.
    Protect your privacy and personal information
    O&K Print Watch print monitor and print manager
    Uninstall any application from your system
    Hidden processes detection and killing.
    Rename multiple files and folders.
    Make your folders private.
    Use your USB flash drive for Windows logon.
    Recovery for Project fixes MS Project file
    Recovery for Project Server fixes .MDF files
    Protection against any types of keyloggers.
    Detect and install missing security patches.
    Secure professional remote backup software
    S.M.A.R.T. attributes monitor for hard drives
    Recovery for Photoshop fixes broken PSD files
    Privacy Solution
    Repair and recover corrupt outlook emails
    Package of tools to manage Email database.
    Perform text searches for over 230 file types
    Parental control system
    Share a unique clipboard with your computers.
    Purge searches and removes unwanted junk files.
    Prevents password-hacking by spyware in real-time
    Real powerful watch pc tool...
qcl.exe            10/16/03    2.72M
    Indexes shortcuts and allows quick launching
qh32v703.exe       12/11/04   12.08M
    Version 7.03 also supports the security features provided in Wind
qkw30.zip          10/28/05   15.05M
    QuicKeys - Less working. More living.
qrzip.exe          03/31/08    1.52M
    Zip file recovery to repair corrupt zip files
qs_2_1b.exe        08/06/05     788K
    Create tray menu of your popular programs and files.
qspelltrial35.exe  05/14/03    2.10M
    QuickSpell is a unique desktop spell checking utility
qsrvce26.exe       07/24/03    2.18M
    Service/Process availability monitor/alerter
queit_setup.exe    03/07/04    2.99M
    Easy to use but powerful scheduling utility.
quickhasher_setup. 12/07/05     918K
    File hashing/verifying Tool w. SHA-2 256 Bit
quickmac.exe       01/01/08    2.83M
    Automate repetitive tasks in any application
quicksigner_full_s 10/27/05    2.85M
    Digitally signing files and text with RSA
quifilt1.exe       04/22/06    1.52M
    File management, image viewer
    Windows performance booster
    Free up your RAM, boost your PC's speed now!
    BOOST Your Computer's Speed
    Smart Memory Optimizer !
    Use RAMScope to monitor and optimize your pc
    Manage your computers memory
    Windows performance booster
    Run As User Launchpad
    Data Security and Disk Encryption Software
    Registry Defragmentation
    Drive Image and Disk Backup software.
    Multimedia memory card digital data recovery
    NTFS lost partition data recovery software
    Free USB based portable email client
    DoubleClick on reboot.exe and your Server or PC will reboot
    access Recent Files, Directories, Programs and Websites.
    Professional File Recovery Software
    Smart Data Recovery is a data recovery tool!
    Removable media lost data restoration utility
    Recovery for Windows Registry
    Scan, Repair and Speed up your PC.
    Easy Windows Repair, Help For Slow PC.
    Defragment and compress the Windows registry
    Repair corrupt NT based registry files
    RegistryRecovery fixes Windows registry
    Quickly and powerfully works with .REG files.
    Instantly Fix Registry Errors, Boost PC
    windows registry optimizer and manager!
    Clean registry
    A utility to fix errors in the registry.
    Clean registry
    Defrag and speed up the Windows Registry.
    Physically defrag your Windows registry
    Repair registry
    Regedit companion for registry navigation
    Tired of slow Windows load? Speed UP Your PC!
    New Version 3.0 Gives you more control, new features, and a new l
    Safely clean and repair the Windows registry.
    Extremely powerful set of Registry tools
    Repairs Windows registry problems
    RegistryProt is a free registry monitor
    Export or rebuild corrupt NT registry files
    A powerful tool kit against Trojans, rootkits
    Keep track of all System Registry changes.
    Customizable registry tweaking
    Scans Windows Registry for critical errors.
    Registry Console Tools
    Install and uninstall software remotely
    Remote control a Windows-based PC by remote control device
    Powerful Add/Remove Programs list cleaner
    Component for zipping and unzipping files.
    Acquire exact copies of electronic media.
    Allows you to remotely change Service Account
    FREE firewall software program
    The program makes it possible to start...
    ultimate solution for file protection!
    Connect to TCP/IP network via COM port
    Advanced registry cleaner for Windows
    Shutdown, Restart, Ping and Wakeup.
    RollBack Rx™ Pro - Go Back Minutes or Month
    Performance control and diagnostic tool
    RiteRecovery retrieves lost files from media
    complete registry management solution
    auto-update of drivers
    Comprehensive data recovery software
    RS-232 communication tool.
    A feature-rich tool to keep Windows healthy
    Application to burn CDs
    Allows you to remotely change local passwords
    RtC3 - Latest and greatest!
    Easily schedule PC reboots at regular intervals
    RunAs Professional is runas with more features
    Program launcher/command tool for Windows.
    anti-virus anti-spyware Backup and Recovery
    Speed up your system by Registry cleaning!
    The windows file file finder replacement
    On-the-fly military strength disk encryption
    For users who need strong data encryption for their laptops/PCs
    Effective utility to protect a computer
    Effective utility to protect a computer
    Detects and removes adware, spyware, viruses
    Recovering passwords from SAM files of ALL Windows
    System information, benchmarker, diagnostics (client/server)
    Secretly record user activity on computer.
    It allows saving web pages completely.
    Use your mouse to perform some task fast!
    Hex / Decimal / Binary Editor with search
    Recovery for Sybase fixes damaged databases
    Spybouncer will detect and remove Spyware
    The ultimate remote deployable keylogger
    SC Free Net Speeder Lite
    SC Free Net Speeder Lite
    SC Free Net Speeder Lite
    SC Free Net Speeder Lite
    SC Free Net Speeder Lite
    SC Free Net Speeder Lite
    Script creator for automation purposes.
    Script creator for automation purposes.
    Sync file and folder easy ,fastand security
    Multipurpose SCSI Utility / Diagnostic
    Removes Spyware, Adware, Trojans, Viruses
    System TuneUp, Optimization, Error correction
    System TuneUp, Optimization, Error correction
    System TuneUp, Optimization, Error correction
    Protect data using encrypted virtual drives.
    Data Backup Software to Protect Your Data
    Tiny but powerful hibernation utility.
    Internet Speed Up Lite
    Internet Speed Up Lite
    Award-winning spyware protection to secure your PC
    Anti-spyware software.
    Protect files, folders, drives, and IE.
    Hide and protect files, folders and drives!
    Secure encrypted virtual disk solution
    Clean your hard drive, prevent identity theft
    Password protects all your files or folders
    Customize and Edit Windows XP Settings
    SecurityCheck vulnerabilities
    Retrieval tool for forgotten passwords.
    Lock down your computer while you're away.
    Command line tool that generates file usage reports
    A royalty-free control to access serial ports
    Program allows you to map any serial ports
    Share COM port dataflow between applications
    Serial port monitoring utility for Windows.
    Advanced Serial Port Terminal Software.
    Share real serial ports between applications.
    Split serial port to be used by several apps.
    Windows Server Monitor
    Monitor and Manage your Services
    Complete antivirus package for your company
    Powerful and flexible security solution.
    EagleEye Organised Security
    Hybrid encrypts and decrypts Windows files.
    TweakWindow - more Windows choices!
    The ultimate skinable tool to monitor hundreds of system data.
    new generation software protection system
    Scan directories, print / save output
    Add description in Explorer infotip
    This program split and unsplit files. Easy and fast.
    PrivateDisk protects your private data.
    Pack, protect, distribute files and folders
    Use your mouse wheel in any application.
    the simple utility for network administration
    Back up and synchronize your important files
    Free antivirus for home noncommercial use
    Free Text Editor, Note Software for Windows
    Hide and protect files, folders and drives!
    Completely shred private files
    Safe File Shredder remove files and folders
    Advanced easy to use automatic Windows backup
    SHDN! shuts down PCs comfortable+prof.+secure
    Encryption / Decryption and a bitlevel analyzer
    Access utilities, settings and shortcuts.
    Check the balance on your accounts.
    Erase hard drive, wipe file -Shredit Shredder
    Organizer that manages Cascaded Windows
    Restart PC, Power On, Power Off, Run scripts
    The best way to shut down your computer.
    Automatically shut down or restart your computer anytime you wan
    Utility that you can use to shut down Windows
    Stellar Insta Backup - Data Backup Software
    Live chat and monitoring for your website.
    SIM card lost text message rescue application
    Secure IT File and Folder Encryption Software
    System tweaker, Optimization, Error correction.
    Network monitoring, recovery and notification
    Creates self-extracting encrypted files.
    Powerful monitoring program
    remote administration of local area networks
    Protect your PC from any one physically accesing your computer!
    Powerful and easy-to-use startup manager.
    Save essential files in a reserve location.
    All-in-one system and security repair tool.
    Repairs corrupted files and documents
    Make your PC error-free and more efficient!
    Shut down your computer, or hibernate manually or automatically.
    Powerful onlineshop builder with complete functions
    Encryption, decryption, file wiping utility.
    Dynamically document your Windows systems.
    Smart SFX is a high-quality packager tool.
    IP Sniffer is a suite of IP Tools built around a packet sniffer.
    Recover damaged disks and lost partitions
    Windows startup configuration and much more!
    Duplicate File Finder, Disk and File Manager
    SpamAssassinadd-on for Outlook Express
    SpamChoke Antispam Software
    Spam and phishing filter for Outlook/Express
    Manage and optimize your hard disk space.
    Control/manage the server or hard disk space
    File Splitter software with lots of features
    Recovers MSN,IE,Outlook,ICQ,Ras,Ftp passwords
    SpotDialup recovers Dial-Up and VPN passwords
    Recovers FTP passwords stored in computers.
    SpotIE recovers Internet Explorer passwords.
    Recovers ICQ, Trillian and Miranda passwords.
    Recovers MSN messenger and Live passwords.
    Print, capture to disk or clipboard, a user selected screen area.
    Spyware remover immune to 30k spyware
    Powerful Monitoring and Spy Software
    SpyBlocs searches out installed spyware.
    SpyCatcher 3.5 disables spyware and phishing
    Anti-spyware tool with 17 detection methods
    Protect the privacy of your personal information
    Easy to use yet powerful keylogger software
    Spytector - The Keylogger Always Ahead
    Repairs the corrupt MDF files
    Backup and restore tool for Ms SQL Server.
    A Remote,compressed, encrypted backup app.
    Utility allow You to do many amazing things with Your Epson.
    Computer Location Monitoring and Tracking
    Password management utility.
    Comprehensive, easy-to-use encryption software
    Comprehensive protection for your computer.
    Easily backup and synchronize your data.
    Windows security program.
    Startup manager & Trojan Horse detector
    Manage start-up applications
    Speed up PC loading!
    Take control over your computer.
    Startup Guru manages how Windows boots up.
    Small and powerful file encryption tool.
    Cetus StormWindow Desktop and system security for Windows XP
    Remember passwords to programs or web-sites
    Starts programs with admin-rights
    Fix PC problems and optimize performance
    Manage your computers memory
    Fix, speed up, maintain and Ptotect your PC!
    Fix, speed up, maintain and Ptotect your PC!
    Fix, speed up, maintain and Ptotect your PC!
    System Up Time Based Schedule Tasking Softwar
    Fix, speed up, maintain and Ptotect your PC!
    Run any application as Windows Service
    Windows NT Services administration utility
    AES 256 Data Encryption for computer, laptop.
    File Packer/Compressor And Self Extractor
    Active Directory Usermanagement Solution
    Swift Keyboard
    Spyware, adware, hijacker and trojan remover
    A complete collection of windows utilities
    StartupXPert is a powerful startup manager
    Windows Network Passwords Synchronizer
    System Pitstop automates the maintenance of Windows XP
    a suite of optimizers and cleaners
    DLL version conflict checker
    Multifunctional manager of system resources
    Keep your PC like new with 15 essential tools
    System resource monitor - CPU, RAM, etc.
    Star SysLog Daemon
    A syslog server to monitor syslog message
    A syslog server to monitor syslog
    Star SysLog Sender Free Suite
    System Snapshot creates restore points for XP's System Restore.
    SysTech Pro is designed to help keep your computer running smooth
    Detailed computer system information.
    Repair and backup registry,clean computer.
    Complete information about your Windows
    Keep your PC running smooth and error free!
    Analyse registry and file system changes.
talisman.zip       01/06/09    7.44M
    Desktop Manager
taskbar_button_man 07/14/06    1.39M
    Easily move your taskbar buttons.
taskmanager10.exe  11/14/03     815K
    Advanced Process Viewer that protects your PC
tbcpro50.zip       07/21/05     287K
    Display Date Time FreeMem DSpace on TitleBar.
tcmdu60.exe        11/09/04    2.60M
    A powerful GUI Windows command interpreter
tcwc2611.exe       05/18/05    9.60M
    Windows washer and cleaner
tddirm24.zip       07/25/06    5.68M
    Retrieve repair fix corrupted removable disk
tddpen15.zip       09/19/06    5.39M
    Pen drive deleted data file rescue utility
tdiwin19.zip       08/08/07     680K
    Windows FAT NTFS deleted data retrieval tool
teraser10.zip      06/07/05     477K
    TrueEraser completely removes sensitive data.
testm-e.zip        09/28/07     297K
    For testing monitors
the2avproengsetup. 10/03/06    2.71M
    fast scan viruses,dear virus even new
theSpywareShieldDe 05/10/06    3.85M
    Remove and protect against thousands of spyware / adware threats
thelock.zip        05/08/08   22.12M
    Windows access control and system security.
tiback10.exe       07/21/06    3.33M
    Secure, Automated, Easy-to-use backup tool.
tie31en.exe        02/18/03   12.30M
    The ultimate utility for IE and OE!
timedshutdown.exe  08/29/04    1.94M
    Shutdown your computer based on time, CPU usage or internet state
titan6shuk.exe     03/11/06   35.41M
    Lock up your data
titanin.exe        04/30/03   15.49M
    Antivirus for those who want maximum security
titlechanger.exe   11/23/03    1.02M
    A tool that is able to change any window icon and title with ant
tlsetup.exe        11/23/03    1.53M
    Powerful file launcher with menu interface.
tm35.zip           03/19/07    1.78M
    Powerful process and startup monitoring tool.
toSetup.exe        09/12/05     741K
    Shut down PC by timer or CPU usage
tooldiskcleaner.ex 05/06/06     646K
    System and Disk Cleaner is a powerful tool
toolregistrycleane 05/06/06     668K
    Get rid of the bloat in Windows registry
toolstartupcleaner 05/06/06     692K
    Startup Cleaner and Autoru is a powerful tool
tphmanager_v126.ex 08/01/03     422K
    Powerful and handy Windows assistant
trace.zip          08/22/03     486K
    Utility that shows you traces made by IE
trackseraser11_set 08/10/05    1.14M
    Protect your PC privacy from prying eyes!
tram.exe           02/19/03    1.17M
    TweakRAM is a Advanced RAM optimization tool.
trashreg.zip       02/26/07     240K
    Powerful Windows registry cleaning tool.
traylink.zip       07/06/05    2.39M
    Powerful file launcher with menu interface.
traysafe_setup_4_3 07/03/06    2.43M
    TraySafe allows you to forget passwords!
trialv1.zip        05/12/06     871K
    Cleanse the fast,easy, complete uninstaller
trueimage9.0_d_en. 10/01/05   37.74M
    Complete disk imaging or file backup software
ts.exe             03/21/04     737K
    Free Computer Help delivered via email within 24-hours.
tskinf82.exe       12/05/08    1.30M
    Win9x/ME/NT/2k/XP Task Manager & System Info
tslpro.exe         04/13/05     758K
    Password protect your workstation or server.
tstcleaner.zip     01/18/06    1.09M
    Erase online traces and protect privacy.
tt35.exe           08/18/04    1.27M
    A user-friendly taskbar management tool.
tt_free.zip        11/13/07     394K
    Adds word completion to all text editors
turbocrypt_pmc_en. 07/23/04    8.00M
    Transparent, On-The-Fly Disk Encryption
tweaking_toolbox_x 07/24/06    1.17M
    Improve appearance and performance of WinXP.
twinfl41.zip       11/02/07    1.77M
    File and folder synchronizer.
twkfn120.zip       02/12/04    5.60M
    Tweaki FPU bundled with FileName Pro
typesafe.exe       03/15/05    1.62M
    TypeSafe AntiHook is a keyboard security tool.
tzpg31.exe         08/29/05    4.17M
    TZ Privacy Guard - Online Privacy Protection
tzsar7300.exe      12/24/03    5.27M
    Remove spyware and adware safely from your PC
tzsar7404.exe      04/07/04    4.75M
    Remove spyware and adware safely from your PC
tzshred40.exe      02/24/04    2.81M
    Securely shred files, folders
ucleaner.zip       03/03/03    1.93M
    Clean up your hard drive easily and quickly!
ufsexplorer.exe    03/05/07     787K
    Data recovery for most used file systems
ufsexplorer.pro.ex 03/05/07     862K
    The ultimate file recovery tool for Windows
uiso7_me.exe       09/07/05    2.62M
    Handle CD and DVD Image Files with Ease!
ultsec20.zip       10/01/06   21.06M
    Protect your privacy and data.
un_sd18.exe        08/04/08    2.10M
    Photo undelete tool for SD card.
una32.exe          08/11/03    6.46M
    Ukrainian National Antivirus
unhackme.zip       08/01/08    3.65M
    First BootWatch Antirootkit
uninstaller_v1.2.e 02/07/03    2.43M
    Tenebril Uninstaller will clean your computer
unitedsetup.exe    04/18/07    3.29M
    Accelerate your work on a computer.
unlogger.zip       04/04/05     370K
    A tool to block keyloggers
uplus39.exe        04/12/06    2.21M
    Stubborn programs ? ... uninstall them...!
urgentbackupsetup. 04/05/06    1.29M
    It's time to backup!
us_dk80_admtr.exe  06/07/04   19.65M
    True Set It and Forget It Defragmentation
us_dk80_protr.exe  10/16/03   18.32M
    Set It and Forget It Disk Defragmenter
us_dk80_srv_stdtr. 06/07/04   15.10M
    Set It and Forget It Disk Defragmenter
us_sk_tr.exe       10/16/03   33.75M
    Systems Management Simplified
us_ud40_srvtr.exe  11/24/03   11.98M
    Critical Data Protection
usb-for-remote-des 09/11/08    4.27M
    Redirect USB device in remote Windows session
usbsafelyremoveset 04/23/07    1.26M
    Safely Remove Hardware icon replacement
usbtrace.zip       09/04/05     975K
    A professional software-only USB bus analyzer
usm_se.exe         03/30/05    2.24M
    Poweful and unique Windows startup manager
usm_setup.exe      03/21/05    2.15M
    Powerful startup utility, optimizer, ...
uta2311.zip        07/21/06    2.15M
    Specify the time when users can work on PC
utcc2111.zip       10/13/04    1.48M
    Specify the time when users can work on PC
utibox1.exe        10/20/08     508K
    Windows optimization all-inclusive package!
uwi30win.zip       11/06/06     585K
    Windows Installation Utility by Utsav Handa
uwup.exe           10/27/05     783K
    CD Ejector and Note Manager programs.
vbnmsetup.exe      01/11/08    1.01M
    Show subfolder sizes.
vbpsetup.exe       07/18/05     546K
    Allow to bypass VBA projects password protect
vcs1300.exe        07/27/05   14.55M
    powerfull video editing program cut,split, ..
vfsetup.exe        08/17/07    5.47M
    Intrusion protection for Windows O/S
vgrep10.zip        05/04/06     301K
    Search multiple files using reg. expressions
vhp12.exe          02/01/05    6.24M
    Remote Network Camera Surveillance
vidres.msi         03/21/04     182K
    Interactive/command line resolution switcher
virtual_modem_pro. 05/05/06    2.58M
    Virtual Modem PRO emulates hardware modems
virusfighter_en.ex 12/04/08   12.72M
    Secure and easy-to-use Antivirus software
vista1_4.exe       02/03/06    1.34M
    A convenient alternative to the 'Start' menu
vistamanager.exe   02/20/09    5.54M
    Optimize, tweak and clean up Windows Vista.
vistapro.exe       10/02/08    3.53M
    The Hot Performance Booster For Windows Vista
vlsetup.exe        08/02/03     135K
    The Ultimate Windows Log Solution
vmsmtpsetup_en.exe 02/14/05   12.20M
    AntiVirus for SMTP email servers
vnlt5194.exe       01/31/05    1.51M
    Scan your computer for virus, worm, trojan.
volt.zip           07/07/08      33K
    Idle Windows suspend and battery monitor
vpnstarter.zip     10/23/04    1.47M
    Terminal service via VPN
vqcl.exe           12/05/03     689K
    Faster and better way to give programs command lines.
vr.exe             11/17/03    2.20M
    Secretly record your PC; watch from anywhere
vspdxp.exe         02/09/06    1.73M
    Emulates 2 serial ports linked to each other.
vspdxpd.exe        10/04/04    1.17M
    Virtual Serial Port Driver emulates COM-ports
vvpro.exe          04/17/06    2.98M
    File Synchronization and Backup Software
vwn2k3eb.exe       06/18/03   15.48M
    Its a content security and antivirus software
    Protector Plus anti virus for Windows
    Change your wallpaper easily!
    Manage stand-by mode, track energy saving
    Remove unused files, make your system running like new
    Powerful tool to get tons of pictures
    Synchronize, backup, and mirror your data.
    Internet usage timer and logging system.
    Translate Web pages and web site up to 10 languages
    Password protect your programs, files and web pages.
    Backup Made Easy
    Disk Catalog Software with Powerful Search.
    Winclip is power clipboard extender.
    Make your computer work faster!
    All-In-One cleaning solution
    Driver backup and install utility for your Windows devices
    Backup, restore and update hardware drivers.
    A Windows scripting extension for testing...
    Hard drive/Registry/Memory tools  system info
    Free MSI Packaging and Software Distribution
    A collection of tools to fix, maintain and Ptotect your PC!
    Comprehensive security solution.
    More Control of the Windows? 's 'Window'!
    Stop unwanted access to your PC
    a SUPER FAST file splitting utility
    Windows Tips, Tricks, and Secrets
    Auto reinstallation Windows and Software
    a collection of optimizer and cleaner
    Mobile Internet (WAP) browser for Windows
    Recovery for Works fixes damaged Works files
    a GUI utility to dealing with the winmail.dat
    MSI Packaging and Software Distribution
    Identify any file or program on your PC
    Guaranteed password recovery of Word document
    Recovery for WordPerfect fixes Corel files
    Complete support for RAR and ZIP archives!
    Recovery for Word fixes corrupted Word files
    Protected Storage Explore: Internet passwords
    Optimize your system six different ways to increase performance.
    GUI version of the UNIX Tail command
    Increasing operating system performance.
    Protects your privacy and covers your tracks!
    Protects your privacy and covers your tracks!
    Professional undelete software for MS Windows
xfbtrial.exe       02/11/03    1.49M
    An utility for managing and backuping files.
xkeymacs226.zip    04/25/03     108K
    Realize Emacs like-useability on all windows applications
xliplabp.exe       07/01/04   11.43M
    X-Server for windows. PC to UNIX connectivity
xls.exe            03/02/06    1.12M
    Kernel - XLS File Recovery Software
xmark.exe          08/04/03    4.21M
    Test and optimize your computer
xphomepm-2_3-relea 09/13/08     293K
    File and folder permissions management tool
xphomeum-2_1-relea 09/13/08     478K
    User account management on XP and Vista Home
xplockdown.zip     08/30/06    3.57M
    Monitor how much time your child uses the PC
xpmanager.exe      02/22/09    5.31M
    Optimize, tweak and clean up Windows XP.
xps.exe            01/22/08    3.91M
    The Hot Performance Booster For Windows XP
xpsecurity_setup.e 08/11/04     753K
    Have a Secure WinXP with SP2 and XPSecurity
xpspro.exe         01/22/08    4.27M
    The Hot Performance Booster For Windows XP
xptcprep.exe       07/24/05     463K
    Repair your internet connection
xptoll50.exe       05/06/06     613K
    get rid of the bloat in Windows registry
xptoolspro.exe     11/13/08    3.40M
    Fix, speed up, maintain and Ptotect your PC!
xpttsetup.exe      02/05/04    2.66M
    XP-Tweaking Tools can improve your system's performance
xptweak.exe        05/27/06     773K
    Customize and Edit Windows XP Settings
xptweaks.exe       08/31/05     218K
    Make Windows XP more responsive
xrdemo.exe         09/10/08    1.36M
    Recovery for Excel fixes corrupted .XLS files
xseplabp.exe       07/01/04   15.81M
    Secure X-Server for windows. SSH encryption.
xspy_pad.exe       11/27/05    3.81M
    Anti-spyware solution
xstart164.zip      07/22/05    2.11M
    Automate each and every process in your PC
xstarterwp.zip     05/18/06    4.46M
    Automate remote PCs with scheduled tasks
xtratools2006.zip  04/15/06    2.64M
    Suite of MS Windows optimization software
xtvista.exe        08/21/08    4.02M
    Fix, speed up, maintain and Ptotect your PC!
zarsetup.exe       04/11/06    1.40M
    ZAR recovers FAT, NTFS, digital camera memory
zdn3000.exe        05/18/06     124K
    Destroys files, free space and Recycle Bin
zdn3201.exe        08/02/07    4.04M
    Destroys files, free space and Recycle Bin
zip-it-free.exe    02/03/09    4.13M
    ZipItFree, like Winzip except free & better.
zipwiz10.exe       02/21/04    1.08M
    ZIPping up files is now as easy as 1-2-3!
zrdemo.exe         11/28/08     994K
    ZipRecovery fixes corrupted .ZIP archives
zsDH221.zip        08/10/05    1.78M
    find and safely remove duplicate files
zto3000.exe        05/18/06     124K
    System TuneUp, Optimization, Error correction
zto3200.exe        04/26/07    3.50M
    System TuneUp, Optimization, Error correction
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CommOp01.zip       05/07/04     641K
    Simulation of GPS ,Total station, Application
ConnectionPool.exe 08/31/03     865K
    A conn. pool is a cache of open connections
MacroRecorderSetup 04/10/06    1.66M
    Record and play keyboard and mouse actions.
WinID.zip          09/19/05     359K
    Compact Spy  equivalent w/visual interface.
dman514.exe       08/03/08    2.59M
    Accelerate, resume and schedule web downloads
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AVSTVBox.exe       12/22/06   40.12M
    AVS TV Box
Auto-Keylogger-Set 10/11/04     509K
    Records all keystrokes invisibly to a file
SDATimerSetup.exe  02/29/04     491K
    countdown timer,clock,stopwatch,skins support
asl.exe            06/20/03     194K
    Lock your PC even if resetted by force.
cdc_setup.exe      11/12/06    5.78M
    Media cataloguing software.
click.zip          01/17/03    1.99M
    auto clicker
fontaa.exe         06/20/03     322K
    Convert your fonts so they appear smoothly.
mrfolder.exe       06/14/04    1.02M
    Real-time and automatic backup software for Windows
    Powerful Startup Manager! Detects viruses!
zero_footprint_set 06/13/05    3.11M
    Powerfull encryption application.
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**           Miscellaneous Utilities
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    The Professional Text/Hex Editor.
    Free advanced ranking checking program
    Free keyword research program
    Fast, Easy, and Compact File Protection
    Merge audio or video files into a single file with ease!
    Chinese paper cut screensaver - Chinese Zodia
    Translate text to and from 1337 speak
    1 Click Unzip! is the easiest way to un-zip .ZIP files.
    Guardian angel of your female health
    A powerful Windows command interpreter
    75 Recipes for Pastries, Cakes
    Provides fast downloads of files and sites on broadband.
    a tool to convert Super8 or Regular8 mm movies to AVI
    Transfer any file over the Internet!
AJCDirS.zip        11/17/03    1.29M
    Directory compare and synchronize
APU_1040.exe       06/30/03    2.17M
    A small utility useful for customizing Windows environment
ARISetup0624.exe   07/01/03    3.49M
    AdvancedRemoteInfo shows various information about remote PCs
AS162.zip          02/14/03    4.77M
    AuctionSleuth helps you find auction deals
ASAFPminer0042.exe 10/23/05    1.30M
    Extract Website Data to load into spreadsheet or database
ASsetup.exe        05/31/03    2.71M
    Track auctions and automate (snipe) bids.
ATCA2006.zip       04/16/06    3.60M
    Programs that reproduces the table of the games of the Cup 2006
AUTOption_Graphic_ 09/16/07    1.82M
    Autorun/Autoplay menuing application for CD
AVIInfo-v1_0_2.zip 12/11/03      24K
    Displays list of keyframes in an AVI, and adjusts BSI files.
AWL150.zip         07/06/05     804K
    Supplements browser favorites or bookmarks.
A_Really_Small_App 08/04/06    1.23M
    A Really Small Running Tasks
AbelCamSetup.exe   02/17/09    4.83M
    Web cam SW for pictures and video streams
AccessManager.zip  10/20/04    1.60M
    Fast, easy and secure password storage.
AcidCSharp.zip     02/16/07      11K
    The High Performance Math Parser For The .Net Framework
Adept12.zip        09/23/04    2.53M
    Free scheduled Oracle backup and exports
AdmitOne-Install.e 12/16/07     671K
    1 click enable/disable Wndows passwrd prompts
Alcohol120_trial_l 01/15/03    3.55M
    Users make copy CD
AllSyncSetupDemo.z 12/28/08    3.75M
    Folder Synchronization and Data Backup
AlphaXPLite.msi    02/10/04     962K
AntiHookProSetup20 03/30/05    1008K
    Exhaustive Realtime Protection, No Updates Required
ArtistContemps.zip 07/10/07     251K
    This app shows which artists were contemporaries of each other
AutoView_5-0t.exe  04/17/07    1.29M
    CD Autorun program with inf for CDs you make
AutomaticScreenObs 05/14/05     427K
    Monitoring users activities, making reports.
Autorun_Action_Fla 08/19/06     718K
    Program for making Autorun/Autoplay CD-ROM
Autorun_Maestro_6- 09/16/07    1.78M
    Graphical CD Autorun/Autoplay menu software
Avanti_Lite_V1-0.z 08/12/04    1.01M
    Check all stats for all your sites in one place - your desktop!
AxCrypt-Setup.exe  04/07/04     461K
    Free Open Source Strong File Encryption for Windows
BDHCVRT.exe        04/22/03    2.16M
    FREE, 8-bit Binary, Decimal, Hexadecimal Conversion Tool.
BLOWFISH.ZIP       06/19/05     243K
    Quickly encrypt your sensitive files.
BabyaDiscoverer3.0 05/18/03     232K
    Easy to use web browser with a Windows Installer setup program
BabyaDiscoverer4.0 05/18/03     214K
    Easy to use web browser with a Windows installer setup program
BackupCompress.exe 11/16/04    1.34M
    Automatic backup with compression
BatchPrintPro.zip  09/01/03    2.07M
    batch printing many types of documents.
BeerMonitor.zip    07/02/03    3.27M
    Just how much beer are your earning while doing the boring stuff?
BhoScanner.exe     11/13/06     804K
    Freeware Browser Helper Objects Scanner.
BrowsDkt-E-2003120 02/12/04     192K
    FlConv: Convert FD to HD file, BrowsDkt: work with images
CALENDAR.ZIP       06/19/05     110K
    Display a monthly calendar on the Desktop
CATSetup.exe       08/23/07     725K
    Colour Analysis Tool
CDCS3110.exe       01/26/06    1.41M
    Prevention, detection and recovery utility.
CDDG25_Setup.exe   05/10/08     727K
    Utility helping to prevent crash of CD-ROM
CDDupl13.exe       03/12/06    1.62M
    CD database (cataloger) and duplicate finder.
CDLauncherCreator. 11/11/03    3.66M
    Easily create autorun front-end interfaces to your CD-ROMs.
CDMAX7TS.ZIP       03/01/07     320K
    Caesar Cipher/Decipher max
CDMenu.zip         09/01/03    2.83M
    utility for making menu-driven compilation CD
CF.exe             04/29/03      20K
    Quickly Show the 'Find Computers' dialog box
CLogS100.exe       04/10/03    5.18M
    Serial communication data logger.
COM-FILE.exe       05/09/03    1.48M
    Serial Data Logger
CPRO.zip           06/20/08     411K
    Cipher cracking Software From 8 to 456 Bit Encryptions Deciphered
CRPSetup.exe       04/08/03     677K
    Crypter - 448bit encryption
CSAW.exe           06/05/03    1.35M
    Cache Speed makes your computer go faster
CSDiff50.zip       05/10/05    1.31M
     Free file-difference analysis tool
Cartography_3_0_0_ 04/03/05    1.08M
    Produce attractive maps of your hard drive
ChordUtilV3.zip    09/26/03    1.42M
    Transposes chord symbols in an ASCII lead sheet.
CityVicinityDataIn 11/01/07    1.55M
    'City Vicinity Data' provides information about U.S. cities
ConceptDrawWebWave 11/30/05   48.31M
    Plan your website design and structure
CookieMonsterSetup 01/18/09     418K
    Cookie manager for most usual browsers
CoolZipBackup-Setu 01/11/07    5.07M
    CoolZipBackup backups your important data and registry
Croc_Bar_6.5.exe   03/29/03     201K
    CrocCrawler - Superior Multi Search Plugin.
Cryptor.zip        11/24/04    2.31M
    Encryption tool. Enrypts into image. Simple usage, small files.
CsvTool.exe        10/23/05     427K
    Analye, verify, and transform CSV (comma-separated value) data
CyArcSE.exe        11/20/03    2.20M
    Take copies of files as you modify them.
DITSetup.exe       01/22/05     116K
    Shows date in system tray, with popup calendar
DLLSHOW.ZIP        06/19/05     140K
    List DLL dependencies for running processes.
DRPUSetupCreatorDe 11/01/08    9.27M
    Windows setup installer file builder software
DVDCP200.ZIP       02/21/04    3.56M
    DVD Cover Print is a DVD Cover art printer.
DailyPJ.zip        06/23/07    8.96M
    Easy to use planning software and more.
DailyVerse.msi     03/07/03     194K
    Shows a different bible verse or a Scripture passage every day.
Dailypln.zip       06/23/07   10.21M
    Easy to use planning software and more.
DatacatchGDSSetup. 03/16/07    1.71M
    Extends Google GDS adding CD,DVD,Flash,etc.
DesignersRulerSetu 08/23/07     563K
    On screen ruler, useful for designers
DesktopCapturer.zi 06/08/08     204K
    Cmd. line utilty that captures desktop as JPG
Dictionary.zip     08/11/04     591K
    Eng-Hindi Roman Script Dictionary.
DirList-v1_14.zip  06/11/08      98K
    Customizable directory listings with md5, crc32, sha1 and more
DirectISO.zip      02/14/03    1.14M
    CD image file edit tool to create or edit ISO BIN
DynuES_setup.exe   09/28/04   37.30M
    Dynu Enterprise Server software supports SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, FTP
EASetup.exe        09/15/03    7.98M
    Spam filter for Outlook 2000/XP
EClean.msi         05/22/04    3.47M
    Authenticate and quarantine legitimate E-mail
ER15_install.exe   06/19/07     795K
    Installs optimal, fluent Romanian kbd layout.
ER20_install.exe   02/11/08     768K
    Installs optimal, fluent Romanian kbd layout.
EasyCoder102.exe   05/14/05     276K
    Easy Coder is a fast and easy-to-use tool...
Easy_popup_killer. 05/30/07     979K
    Block and kill all popups while surfing
Elicit114Setup.zip 12/11/05    7.90M
    Blog client that integrates major services.
EmailPlusVoiceOESe 05/11/08     604K
    It allows to add voice to mail message.
EmailValet.exe     02/16/03   41.23M
    Schedule recurring emails once and let Email Valet do the rest
EnDeCod1.exe       08/31/05     613K
    Convert text to decimal or hexadecimal codes.
EnigmaSetup.zip    09/20/03    7.02M
    Image Encryption Software
Extractor.exe      02/02/04   24.75M
    Mutimedia extractor for Web, Zip, Office docs
F1040EZ_Federal_20 01/15/07     436K
    A fill-in capable and auto-calculate 1040EZ
FEG_Trial_Setup_2. 04/03/08    1.57M
    the best way to Encrypt and Protect Flash
FFSpsetup.exe      11/06/06     742K
    Split large files quickly and securely
FFSsetup.exe       03/10/04     921K
    Split large files quickly
FFinder.zip        08/26/04    1.34M
    A log/directory checker to prevent failures
FISetup.exe        04/16/04     646K
    Disk usage analyzer and cleaner
FLCPUV.zip         08/29/06     875K
    Keep those lures organized
FRen45.exe         02/06/03    2.17M
    Advanced batch renaming utility.
FaceGate_2.01.exe  07/30/08    3.17M
    Facegate enables you log in windows with face instead of pasword
FacileFill21.exe   08/12/04     874K
    A tool facilitate web
FastMenu_5-0t.exe  09/11/05     815K
    File for swiftly creating Autorun menu CD/CDs
FileAn11.zip       04/25/06     499K
    Notifies when files add/del from shared dir
FileClean.zip      09/21/07    6.02M
    Will clean cookie,temp and Internet Files.
FileE20.exe        04/20/04    1.94M
    File maintenance utility.
FileEncryptSetup.e 11/10/05     506K
    Secure your files so only you can read them.
FileSearch_FullIns 04/11/04     918K
    Search for duplicated files within directories
FileSplitter.exe   03/25/03     698K
    split any file into pieces of any size
FileUtil.zip       01/30/06     637K
    Clean up your hard drive
FlashList_3_3_2_Fu 10/13/03    3.41M
    Creation parametrable d'une LISTE-ECLAIR
FlashRecoveryToolb 09/22/08     788K
    Recover deleted files from FAT devices
FlexRemote.zip     10/11/04     375K
    Infra-red PC remote control software
Fosi.exe           11/24/04    2.31M
    FOSI is tool to visualize the size of the fol
Free_Password_Help 12/21/04     291K
    Simple password generator.
FunnyKeySound.exe  03/25/03    1.00M
    let you hear different sound when you press k
GCSetu11.exe       08/23/05      92K
    Automatically update contacts in Outlook
GOWSetup08.exe     05/09/08    4.49M
    Gas-Oil-Water Physical Properties Calculation
GOWdoc.zip         05/25/08     200K
    Documentation for the GOW-family of programs
GR101.ZIP          05/11/04    6.07M
    Timesheets  Text Retrieval  Tech Support
GSInstall.exe      11/08/08      86K
    Global spell checker and dictionary
GetMail_Evo100.zip 05/24/07     615K
    Hotmail, MSN, Windows Live Hotmail, POP3 E-mail Forwarding
Gnyf_Setup.exe     10/08/06     138K
    Gnyf Timer can be used to get a sound alert close to a deadline.
GoogleEarthTweaker 08/10/08     300K
    Tweaker for Geocaching with Google Earth
GroupGraphicEditor 01/31/03     315K
    Edit and send group-graphics to Nokia GSM phones
GtechATSSetup.exe  06/19/03    1.20M
    .NET App. to Synchronize your PC's clock.
GuitarAcademyUnit2 05/20/05   16.04M
    Learn to play guitar, intermediate level
GuitarTuner.zip    05/09/05    3.14M
    guitar tuner. electric and acoustic guitars
HCal1.exe          07/28/06     725K
    Perpetual Islamic Hijri Calendar
HI2008v601a_EP_Tri 02/05/09   11.10M
    All-In-One System Information, Network Audit and Benchmark
HSsetup.exe        06/23/03    3.03M
    HandyScript is a keypad text input system.
HTMLColorsSetup.ex 11/02/08     348K
    Hexadecimal, decimal and RGB values of colors
HTMLDEF1A.zip      02/23/04    1.48M
    Want to convert a typical 500k HTML file to a 6k HTML file, with
HTMLEN20.EXE       02/28/04    5.99M
    Protect your HTML and Scripting source code!
HTMSQ101.exe       06/04/03     196K
    HTMLSqueeze, HTML compression command line
HealthWatchEc.zip  10/24/05    2.24M
    Health Monitoring
HolidayFriend.zip  04/23/07     626K
    Holiday Friend, latest weather and fx rates
HomeDlx.zip        06/23/07   12.45M
    Easy to use Home organization program.
HomeInv.zip        06/23/07   10.25M
    Easy to use Home Inventory Program.
HomeKpr.zip        06/23/07   11.58M
    Easy to use home organization program.
    Control users on internet access
    Design your scrollbars esily with this tool.
    With one click, pops chosen web site to front
    Location-Based Search, Navigation and Sharing
    Displays chapter lists from DVD IFO files to stdout
    Decodes IM history (ICQ, MSN, Yahoo,Miranda)
    Secure Password Manager for web surfers
    This will add date and time information to the images or file nam
    Use keywords to intelligently download images from the web
    Keeps your inbox 100% spam-free
    Four Keyfinders - one low price
    Create PDF Files from any application.
    Add/Change Internet Explorer Buttons or Menu Commands
    OraPiper, the tool for Oracle pipes working.
    Framy: the first digital frames for desktop.
    Fast and easy - calculate MD5 Hash
    Search tool to narrow search engine and metasearch web searches
    Backup utility that sends files to offsite e-mail accounts
    Control / Monitor Startup Programs
KSLC_Setup.exe     06/23/04    4.89M
    Create Complete Karaoke Song Books
KeyFolder122.exe   01/31/04     390K
    Secure password management tool.
Keytrap.exe        03/01/04     457K
    Invisible keylogger monitors keyboard activity.
KremlinInstaller.e 07/05/04    1.05M
    Kremlin: Build a wall around your data!
LHM_Editors.exe    09/17/05      91K
    Team and player data editor for the League Handball Manager Game.
LnkChk10.exe       12/15/05     356K
    link checker allows you to check links.
LogOffTimer.exe    02/15/05     234K
    Utilitrio para agendar horario em que seu computador desligara.
MCSInstaller_v1_8. 12/20/03    5.92M
    Internet Explorer Reader/Speaker - NeuroSpeech IESpeaker
ME6.exe            07/22/03    1.70M
    Organize old e-mail and eliminate SPAM.
MESetup.exe        02/09/05    2.28M
    This desktop toolbar brings you 50 useful tools in one program.
MHTQS.zip          09/09/04     617K
    Quick MHT saver for MS IE.
MMIP.exe           11/03/05     756K
    Anonymous Surfing Toolbar
MP3PMS10.zip       03/21/06      35K
    MP3 Player Music Selector
MailGrabber201.zip 03/12/03    2.31M
    Extract all links and e-mails from a HTML web page.
MasterKeySetup.exe 05/05/04     576K
    Master Key is a password management program
MeasureIt.zip      09/01/03    1.38M
    PDF accurate measurement of the distance
MediaMan2.1_Setup. 02/24/05    4.92M
MicronDigiPhotoDem 06/30/08    1.46M
    Photo recovery tool rescue lost digital snaps
Mini-streamRM-MP3C 10/02/04    1.84M
    convert the music in RM/RA/RMJ/RAM/RMVB format to MP3 file!
MiniSplit-1_2a.zip 10/14/03      10K
    File splitter with error checking support.
MotoTag113.exe     06/24/04    4.17M
    MP3 tag editor and file renamer for Artist/Album style archives.
MovieTrack3_2.zip  04/02/04     689K
    IMDb enabled dvd movie collection organizer
MyLink.zip         04/16/03     926K
    Internet URL links organizer
MyPasswordVault.ex 11/16/04    5.03M
    Password manager, store passwords and files.
NB.exe             09/06/05    1.03M
    Manage your Windows startup with this tool
NLC14.exe          09/20/04    2.50M
    Protect data with the most flexible system
NSWatchSetup.msi   06/22/07    2.33M
    Quick and easy way to monitor your children's computer activity.
NameWiz.exe        09/23/06    4.85M
    Will let you rename files, folders and sub-folders en masse.
NetPeeker252.zip   03/25/03    1.34M
    Personal network monitor and controller
NewwwsSetup_v1-3-1 05/02/03    4.23M
    Windows desktop ticker for news, sport, tech, entertainment etc.
Notes2Outlook.zip  06/19/05    1.95M
    Notes to Outlook email conversion utilility.
OEBSetup.exe       08/01/06    2.20M
    Backup and restore emails for Outlook Express
OneMailInstall.exe 03/14/03   15.51M
    Collect, Filter, and Forward email to SMS
OneMailPlusInstall 03/14/03   16.01M
    Advanced Email to SMS Forwarding
OneMessengerInstal 03/14/03   15.56M
    Send Instant Messages to your SMS Device
OperatorLogoUpload 03/12/03     473K
    Compose and send operator-logos to Nokia GSM phones
Osk.exe            09/07/07    2.18M
    Genealogy software
    Store all your passwords for quick retrieval
    Pop up Blocker Pro Rich-Media Ads Edition
    Determine actual speed of computer hardware c
    Convert audio CD to MP3, WAV, WMA, VQF, OGG
    Tracks and Locates Missing Computers
    View desktops of all computers on network
    convert your PDF documents into plain text.
    convert your PDF documents into plain text.
    Autoload and manage your PDF files.
    automatically splitting the document on text
    automatically image stamp your documents.
    automatically page number your documents
    automatically page number your documents
    split pdf pages on page size
    generate statistics on page size usage.
    Automates the process of appending PDF's
    Automate the process of splitting PDF's
    Programmable data file copier and converter
    Compress your PowerPoint presentation
    Printer Sprite print monitor.
    This is a popup blocker for IE.
    Passwords Sentinel is a password manager
    Outlook password recovery tool. PST recovery
    Handle 7Z, PAQ8, ZIP and more archive types
    PeerMe supports Peer to Peer Voice and IM.
    File splitter with compression, encryption, plugin support, etc
    Edit and send picture-messages to Nokia GSM phones
    Popular photo and video burning software
    Search Engine rank extraction tool.
    Hundreds of annual, perennial flowers, shrubs
    Destroys most popup ads banner ads and javascript errors
    Destroys most popup ads banner ads and javascript errors
    Displays remote removable media information.
    Power File Search is a utility for searching files and folders
    Search text online with a click or a hotkey
    View many daily/weekly/monthly horoscopes from Yahoo! Astrology
    A great, programmable protocol analyzer
    Different anti-spam software for Windows.
QCEvts.zip         05/13/03    1.67M
    Qwik Calendar - Events will track all your events.
QRYUSR.zip         02/07/04     387K
    GUI to ask for user input for a parm into cmd/bat files
QuoBox20.exe       09/14/06    2.92M
    QuoBox Bookmark Manager
Quote_Utility.zip  09/02/05    1.25M
    simple routine to display quotes and pics
QwikCalendarBasic. 07/26/05     655K
    Displays a calendar from the taskbar tray to easily find dates
RENWIZ19.EXE       10/14/04     500K
    File Renamer - easily rename many files filenames fast
RJ_CharView.zip    12/19/05    5.19M
    A simple tools to display Unicode characters. Even on win98.
RPro1_0.zip        06/21/04     226K
    Recon Pro, Search tool for Windows, scan files, lots of options
RUNNER.ZIP         12/28/04     228K
    Tired of Run/drop down lists? - Direct naviga
RVInstall.exe      03/14/06    5.35M
    Securely Stores Passwords Reg Keys Website ID
RandomFill.zip     11/12/05     520K
    Randomly fill your portable or software mp3 player
RankExecB.exe      09/11/07   13.88M
    Rank Exec search engine position analysis.
RapidPDFCount.zip  09/01/03    1.46M
    Rapid PDF Count will show youpages in pdf's
RapidTIFFPageCount 09/01/03    1.31M
    Count pages in many TIFF's
RecGlr.zip         06/23/07    9.58M
    Easy to use powerful recipe program and more.
RecoveryToolboxFor 10/15/08     775K
    Recover deleted files from flash drives
RecoveryToolboxFor 09/02/08    1.39M
    Outlook repair tool, repair pst and ost file
RecoveryToolboxFor 09/02/08     793K
    Microsoft Outlook password recovery tool
RecoveryToolboxFor 10/15/08     817K
    Repair corrupted Word and Rich Text files
RegAuditor.exe     11/12/06     500K
    Freeware Adware,trojan and spyware Scanner.
Registry-Flashligh 02/28/09    5.87M
    Registry Flashlight Fixer controls Windows
RemoteNetstat.exe  02/08/06     434K
    Displays remote computer network statistics.
RemoveToolbarBuddy 06/11/08     888K
    Delete unwanted IE toolbars with ease
RenFreeS.exe       10/18/04     518K
    Rename many files filenames at once easily with many options
RooslMailFilter.zi 04/13/08    2.56M
    Robust POP3 Email monitoring filter/blocker/anti-spam tool
RunClikSetup.exe   10/04/05     562K
    The ultimate application launcher
SASafe52.exe       07/22/04    4.22M
    Administrate your secrete data
SAWipeD.exe        09/09/03    4.40M
    Delete your files really and irrepealably
SAcLog11.exe       06/07/06     246K
    Log various system events.
SBSDemo%20Setup.zi 02/12/04     216K
    MSSQL Backup and FTP Utility run as a Windows Service
SCardToolSet_PRO_v 10/11/05    1.50M
    The program for working with a smart cards.
SDR2Setup.exe      09/12/05    5.81M
    Protects computer from thousands of spyware.
SHHrandomizer.exe  11/14/05     396K
    Random Numbers Generator: for decisions, lotto numbers, contests
SMSetup.exe        05/16/03    1.87M
    Ergonomic mouse enhancement software
SPDecrypt_GUI_Setu 02/23/04    6.11M
    A smart GUI Interface for decrypting SQL Server 7.0 and SQL Serve
SProtectFile.exe   01/09/05     403K
    The very good file encryption software.
SQLDelta4.zip      07/12/07    9.17M
    SQL Delta compares database Schema and Data
SQLMerger.zip      12/01/03    1.43M
    Compare and merge data from db's visually
SQLStomper.zip     12/18/06    1023K
    SQL Query Tool
SQLUniform-JRE-Set 07/30/05   13.02M
    Helper application to relational databases.
SSForgeWin_Pro_Set 09/14/08     502K
    Add site search engine to your website
SSMan.exe          04/15/03     376K
    Innovative screensaver manager and randomizer
SSSiter.exe        09/10/07    4.45M
    Web site investigator and e-mail extractor
SWS.ZIP            08/07/03    1.49M
    Protect your privacy from spyware.
SeaMae10.exe       02/25/04    2.72M
    File search tool and file content viewer
Search12.exe       05/16/04    2.82M
    File extension database, windows integration
SecKeeper.exe      07/07/04     738K
    File encryption - 256-bit AES encryption
SecurDataStorV64.e 06/22/06      56K
    Powerful encryption software protects your files, CD's and emails
SecureRDP_setup.EX 03/29/03    1.27M
    restricts non-authorized user logon
Send-v1_31.zip     01/12/09     142K
    Sends keystrokes and windows messages to applications
Setup-BayesweepOut 05/02/06    3.12M
    Email Categoriser for Outlook or Outlook Express
Setup.msi          12/02/03    1.96M
    Camouflage Obfuscator data/file encryptor/decryptor
Setup31VX.zip      09/19/03     943K
    Broadcast video and audio over the net, not the old streaming sys
SetupBuzof.exe     09/14/06     636K
    Buzof: Get rid of annoying windows.
SetupDroppixRecord 02/06/06   34.96M
    Next-generation CD and DVD burning software
SetupIsSearch.exe  05/14/05    1.09M
    Find what you are looking for! Real FAST!
SetupPWCPro.exe    12/20/06    2.07M
    Password Manager to protect ALL your passwords and sensitive inf
SetupPWCpro2.exe   03/29/04    3.19M
    Manage all your passwords and much more!
SetupPWP.exe       01/29/03     956K
    Password Management Utility
SetupPixCryp100.ex 12/06/06    3.29M
    Encodes or decodes files and folders using an image
SetupRepeatDialer3 03/07/03    1.80M
    Repeatedly checks busy line until it's free.
SetupSureType.exe  03/21/03     721K
    Insert common text, opens apps/websites via text shortcuts
Setup_AutomaticPri 07/02/05     635K
    Save print screens on timer, with email
Setup_BatchTextRep 06/09/06     476K
    Tool for batch string replacements in files.
Setup_CSS_Sharewar 01/13/03    1.25M
    Control, Protect and Monitor all activity on your PC.
Setup_ECS2.exe     10/27/05    6.08M
    Visual, easy-to-use macro recorder and player
Setup_GoodTime.exe 05/03/03    1.15M
    Perpetual calendar that calculates the date of the Holy Easter.
Setup_LogViewer2.e 06/18/06     440K
    Displays a log of any kind in the real time.
Setup_PCS_Sharewar 01/16/03    1.25M
    PAL PC Spy enables to record and monitor all activity in your PC.
Setup_SubFind_1.5. 09/27/05    1.60M
    Search subtitles in 8 sites at the same time.
Setup_pdfGTool.exe 12/12/03     712K
    Create free pdf-files with ease
ShortCutManager.ex 02/09/03    1.56M
    Send shortcut(s) to remote machines on a lan.
Simpli-File_Find_R 04/07/04     463K
    Find, Replace, or Insert any text into multiple files with ease!
Simpli-File_Split_ 04/07/04     554K
    Splits or Merges any number of files based on criteria! Organize
SiteSpider.exe     06/23/04    1.71M
    Powerful web crawling program
SmartWebReader.msi 12/01/06    3.69M
    SmartWebReader is an Automatic Web Surf Tool
SnipeMonkey.exe    10/31/03     780K
    eBay Auctions Snipe Program
SoftAmbulance_OE_R 05/03/06    1.23M
    Outlook Express recovery repair to dbx eml
Softany_Monitor_Co 11/05/04     747K
    Control your computer's monitor.
SolarWinds-Cirrus- 12/09/07  114.46M
    Network Configuration Management Made Easy
SolarWinds-NetFlow 10/15/07    8.64M
    Remote Configuration of Cisco NetFlow
SpeakAloudSetup.ex 02/20/05    4.38M
    Convert text to wav, mp3, wma, ogg on the fly
SpeechGym.exe      10/04/05     754K
    Stuttering therapy software.
SpeedRead.exe      11/29/08      64K
    Scrolling text reader with variable speed setting
SpeedTestProStanda 10/24/07    4.12M
    Internet Speed Testing and system monitor
SplitFl2.exe       08/31/05     534K
    Split and rejoin large text or binary files.
SqlBalance4Sybase_ 05/18/05    3.27M
    Compare and synchronize SQL databases!
StAliv30.exe       04/23/05     648K
    Keeps your Internet connection alive. Free!
StatsHype.zip      07/01/07      70K
    Check your academic career ! Calculate your average mark
StockStartupSetup. 05/12/05      99K
    Free Application Launcher Tool
SubFutzer-v1_0_8.z 06/21/04      95K
    Splits SubRip (.srt) files based on a VirtualDub .jobs file.
SyncOpsSetup.zip   07/01/03    3.51M
    Folder synchronisation/backup tool, highly configurable
Synops_Tools.exe   06/17/03    2.45M
    The universal multimedia player !
SysAidv_.exe       02/13/04    1.53M
    SysAide is a powerful system-aid tool.
SysShutdown.zip    03/14/03    1.45M
    automatic system shutdown at defined time service
SystemBodyguardSet 05/21/06     180K
    Free Fire wall and anti trojan security tool
TBAR32.ZIP         06/19/05     221K
    Quickly launch programs from the desktop
TCP-COM.exe        05/09/03    1.64M
    RS232 to TCP/IP Converter
TCP-FILE.exe       05/09/03    1.50M
    TCP/IP Data Logger
TMsetup.zip        08/02/04    3.01M
    Travel Mailer is a SMTP/POP3 server .
TPv11.exe          07/03/04     381K
    Telephone name and number pad
TRIAL_Framy_Orange 02/25/05     893K
    Framy: the first digital frames for desktop.
TRIAL_Framy_Pink_S 02/25/05     953K
    Framy: the first digital frames for desktop.
TRIAL_Framy_White. 02/25/05     881K
    Framy: the first digital frames for desktop.
TValue.exe         01/01/04      28K
    Convert Text to Ascii Number Values and Back
TeleNotesDemo.zip  12/06/03    1.34M
    Outlook COM Add-in for telephone messages.
The_Ultimate_Troub 09/11/08   20.76M
    The most complete Tuning program ever written. 5-stars.
Timepiece_v3_FULL. 11/03/03     136K
    Digital Timepiece
ToolBucket_1_2.exe 06/22/05     180K
    A collection of utilities.
TotalSecurity.zip  02/23/05    9.06M
    Secure your PC using Omniquad Total Security
TotalSpy.zip       07/24/06     604K
    Records keystrokes, scans screen
TraceCleaner.exe   01/23/04     761K
    Clean Cache, Cookies and URL History
Tsc410.exe         08/02/05    3.24M
    Encryption for chat, journal, e-mail, files.
TurboEncoder.exe   09/01/04     204K
    A maximum security, easy to use file encryptor.
TurboSplit12.zip   12/08/06    1.78M
    The fastest file splitter on the planet!
UCONVERT.ZIP       06/19/05      86K
    Quickly convert units of measure
UNICsetupENG.exe   01/20/03    1.79M
    Universal News Internet Collector
URenam12.exe       05/29/03    1.15M
    Mass file renaming and MP3 editing.
USENET_Live_Search 02/14/06     492K
    IE toolbar allows searching binary USENET newsgroups.
UltraHide.exe      09/04/03    1.87M
    UltraHide hide programs without closing them
UltraName_3_0_0_St 04/03/05    1.13M
    Do away with cryptic names given to digital photos (pic_123.jpg)
UpdateDatesSetup.z 12/02/08    2.09M
    Update file modification dates with an offset
V2.exe             01/03/04   12.37M
    X Channel Browser V2.0 - The Next Generation of the Internet -
VBColors_Full.zip  09/29/05     101K
    Speed up your GUI programming with this Visual Basic add-in
VDBatch-v1_0_3.zip 02/02/09      30K
    Creates a VirtualDub.jobs file from a file list and job template
VSDuplicateImageFi 04/26/05     911K
    Find quickly duplicate image files.
ViFFO_setup.exe    02/09/05    1.57M
    Virtual Files
Video2ScreenSaver. 09/10/06    2.32M
    Set your own videos as screensavers.
ViewSo10.zip       04/13/05     157K
    Change the 'View Source' editor
VirtualKeyboardSet 01/23/06     463K
    On-screen virtual keyboard
VirtuosoCDCreator. 07/16/04    1.03M
    It's a powerful, easy to use AutoRun Software
VistaDownloadzsetu 06/05/06     284K
    All new software in you IE
VisualStampSetup.e 08/01/06    2.36M
    Stamp your PDF documents with any content
WRKLOCKI.ZIP       03/22/03    1.02M
    WorkStation Lock: simple and effective security by password lock.
WcSetup1_1_3_44.ex 09/01/07    9.87M
    Encrypt, decrypt and wipe files and folders, decrypt email
WebSMSSetup.exe    06/19/03     810K
    Sends Short Messages using free WEB Servers
WebShieldPlusDemo. 12/08/07    8.35M
    Web Password Manager with Anti fraud Solution
WebbeeSetup.exe    02/04/03     613K
    Web search time saving utility
Webmail_Retriever_ 02/09/05    2.01M
    Get msn mail right in your inbox!
WinMailDecoder.zip 01/29/06    1.51M
    WinMail Decoder Extracts attachments
Wipe.exe           11/10/04    4.27M
    Completely erase data on disks
Wordgenerator.zip  11/19/05      13K
    This software created for Generating Words with given parameters.
Wtb140.msi         03/21/04    1.92M
    Hides windows,icons and silences sound.
    XML Reader and Query Tool
    Very easy to use encryption software.
    Compress, encrypt, delete, steganography
YeoPan101.exe      01/04/04     358K
    Faster, updated easy to use encryption tool.
a-pdf-te.exe       03/11/06    1.00M
    Extract text from PDF file
a2tu_setup.exe     09/27/04     668K
    Tray Utilities is a nice quick launcher.
aacsetup.zip       02/28/05     247K
    Turn your PC into an alarm clock
aamsetup.zip       02/28/05     379K
    Turn your PC into a free answering machine
aamttrial.exe      04/10/06     420K
    Transform your thoughts into concrete actions
absPDF_Spool_Base. 12/11/04    1.69M
    Command line conversion ASCII text to PDF
abss51.zip         08/27/06    1.06M
    Allows you to record any activity on your PC.
acadtool.zip       06/25/08    5.23M
    Powerful utility for AutoCAD.
acbplus.exe        08/27/03     811K
    A new file manager
acc.zip            06/15/08       3K
    Automatic Clipboard cleaner utility.
access-password-re 08/31/05     399K
    Recover lost passwords to Access databases.
accsetup1.exe      02/07/03    1.04M
    Boost your internet connection.
aclock.zip         03/14/03    2.68M
    Freeware to set your pc time to the US Naval Atomic Clock
act-password-recov 08/27/05     423K
    Recovers lost passwords for ACT! files.
actpr210.zip       03/24/06     417K
    Recover lost passwords to ACT! files
adprotect_installe 08/21/05    4.53M
    Advanced anti-spyware software.
adscleaner.exe     09/19/03    2.91M
    Block annoying pop-up and banner ads
adsense-alert.zip  02/01/08     399K
    Adsense-Alert tells you how much Adsense money you've made today.
advcatalog.exe     01/07/09   10.15M
    Manage and organize your favorite bookmarks.
ae2007stp.exe      12/05/06    1.50M
    Shut down/Exit Windows automatically at a specific date/time
affiliatesucessroa 11/14/06     404K
    A Simple And Complete Road Map To Long Term A
affirmachine.zip   08/28/05     319K
    It pumps subliminal messages into your brain.
agg.zip            04/09/05     563K
    A Great Grabber for grabbing the Internet.
aif10.zip          10/01/03     115K
    Software to quickly author autorun.inf files
aim2f20.zip        05/27/03    2.10M
    Run beside AIM to have all IM's forwarded to your mobile phone
aimfrm25.exe       01/24/03    4.69M
    Auto-log AIM IMs and reduce desktop clutter.
ainpr135.zip       05/05/06    1.44M
    Recover Quicken and QuickBooks passwords.
alarm.zip          03/24/03    2.62M
    monitoring and reporting user defined events via email and/or SMS
alarmclock_trial.e 07/13/03    1.73M
    Have you ever forgotten about a special someones birthday?
aloSetup.exe       12/06/04    1.51M
    You find Christmas Gifts easily!
alpha.exe          02/07/03     694K
    Display your shortcuts andfavoritesin alphabetical listings
alphabts.exe       10/30/06    8.72M
    Alphabets are optional Embird plug-ins.
alpr200.zip        02/19/05     455K
    Recovers Lotus SmartSuite documents password.
amfsetup.exe       04/02/05    1.55M
    Print a catalogue of your fonts
animpla.zip        01/17/08    1.36M
    Add images, import sounds, create AVI videos!
anit_v2_3.exe      01/20/03    1.52M
    Network interface utilization monitor
anniversarysetup.e 04/22/08    6.32M
    Anniversary Greeting Creator
annot146.zip       10/17/05    3.57M
    Capture screen and label the screenshot
antiphishing_setup 02/01/06    1.86M
    schtzt im Hintergrund vor Phishing
antispam-sniper-pr 02/17/09    3.18M
    AntiSpam Sniper is a great anti-spam app
antispy11.zip      02/27/04     824K
    detects and removes spyware,trojans,keylogger
aopb140.zip        03/04/05     633K
    Decrypt protected MS Word and Excel files.
aopr304.zip        11/03/05    2.71M
    Recover passwords forMS Office documents.
ap3.zip            08/02/08    3.80M
    Accelerate the Programs that you are Running
apdfpr160.zip      03/24/06    1.18M
    Decrypts protected Adobe Acrobat PDF files.
apdfprp221.zip     04/01/05    1.52M
    Recover passwords to Adobe Acrobat PDF files.
aplot_t2.exe       06/08/04    5.62M
    Allows users to Plot off large drawing sets via AutoCad Scripts.
appetizertrial.exe 06/04/06     428K
    The Appetizer Collection-The Ultimate Source
appletrial.exe     03/18/06     439K
    Mouth-Watering Apple Recipes
aptpas20.exe       03/09/04    4.81M
    An ID/Password manager.
apv_setup.exe      02/24/05     131K
    Manage your autostart programs
arcdiff.zip        02/17/03    1.21M
    Compares archive files to disk folders.
archiverescuepro_s 04/12/05    1.04M
    Recover lost ZIP, RAR archives from any media
archp301.zip       12/02/05    1.53M
    Recover passwords to ZIP,ARJ,RAR,ACE archives
around1trial.exe   04/05/06     442K
    Recipes From Around The World.
arpr152.zip        04/02/05    1.25M
    Recovers passwords for RAR/WinRar archives.
art.zip            01/03/04     708K
    Utilities for search and replace.
asave.zip          10/24/03     260K
    Save message body and attachments to files.
asmwpcoptimizer73x 02/14/05    6.87M
    Power Tools To Keep Your PC Running Smoothly
aspis2.zip         03/12/08     276K
    Database viewing and Web publishing program
at2_371.zip        07/19/06    3.64M
    Task scheduler /event scheduling oftware.
atomic.exe         03/14/08     391K
    Freeware to set your local Windows time with the US Atomic Clock
auctionmessenger.e 10/29/04    2.37M
    Auction Messenger for eBay
audiorescuepro_set 12/30/04    1.20M
    Recover lost audio files from all media.
autoazan2.zip      08/11/04     506K
    Auto Azan Player as name say it all. it play AZAN 5 times a day.
automouse.zip      08/11/04     857K
    Automated computer control by recording mouse/keyboard inputs.
autorunsetup.exe   05/21/07     749K
    Handy autorun file generator.
autotkr.zip        06/23/07    8.04M
    Automobile maintenance tracking program.
avoidprocrastinati 11/23/06     506K
    You can easily eliminate procrastination
awcpwgen.zip       07/24/04     215K
    BULK password generator (for professional use only)
awmsetup.exe       02/19/09    4.33M
    Professional Cross-browser DHTML Menu Builder
awop121.zip        02/19/05     456K
    Recover passwords to Corel WordPerfect Office
awpr350.zip        03/31/05    1.80M
    Recover Windows passwords: PWL, asterisks etc
azpr40.zip         12/30/05     683K
    Recovers lost ZIP (PKZip, WinZip) passwords.
babyrv.zip         09/19/06    1.07M
    If you babysit one child or three at once.
backer6e.zip       02/04/03    3.23M
    Synchronize, back up, archive and transfer directories and files
backup2000_install 04/07/04    1.05M
    Back up your irreplaceable files and data to secure online server
backupassist.exe   03/03/09   14.00M
    Automatic backups of Windows servers
bam.exe            06/26/08    1.45M
    Modify block attribute values in DWG files
barcode_setup.exe  12/15/04     639K
    Generate Barcode
batchscreenshoter1 06/09/04    2.16M
    batch tool to make screenshot
bccpsv.zip         09/22/06     894K
    Program for collectors of Baseball Cards.
bdh_tool.exe       04/04/03    3.05M
    FREE, 8-bit binary, decimal, hexadecimal conversion tool.
be26.zip           03/27/03    2.41M
    Computer usage monitoring and analysis.
bed-0.2.22.win32.z 03/10/04     380K
    Adjustable dataformat binary editor
bedce.exe          02/14/03     903K
    Send files by email better and easier.
bfc10.exe          08/04/04     808K
    Make a copy of a selected file with a different file name.
bftelnetdemo.exe   07/13/03    1.04M
    Windows Telnet Server for remote admin.
bhe500.exe         10/16/03     620K
    Capture device data transfers and submit commands to devices
bhsv.zip           09/18/06     879K
    Program for searchers of Bigfoot.
biblestories.exe   05/23/06     531K
    The Best Stories On The Bible
bigtim10.zip       06/18/03     609K
    BigTime: Easy to see count down timer.
bin_ops.exe        04/04/03    2.40M
    FREE, 8-bit binary, decimal, hexadecimal, RPN calculator tool.
biorhythms32.zip   09/11/04    5.76M
    Analyzes and graphs 4 biorhythm cycles as well as custom cycles
birthdaysetup.exe  02/22/09    4.89M
    Birthday news generator
bit_calc.exe       04/04/03    2.13M
    FREE, 8-bit binary, decimal, hexadecimal, RPN calculator tool.
bit_wiz.exe        04/04/03    2.65M
    FREE, 8-bit binary, decimal, hexadecimal, RPN calculator tool.
bko.exe            11/25/08    4.71M
    Book database software, catalog your books.
blueauditor_setup. 12/21/07    1.45M
    Detecting and monitoring Bluetooth devices.
bmi.exe            11/27/05      24K
    A simple tool to calculate body mass index
bnotes20.exe       09/09/05     419K
    Add notes to your Internet Explorer bookmarks
bool_log.exe       04/04/03    2.41M
    FREE, 8-bit binary, decimal, hexadecimal conversion tool.
bpssr.exe          04/23/08     474K
    Kills Spyware, Key Loggers, Trojans, Dialers.
bpssr9408.exe      10/20/08    6.07M
    Kills Spyware, Key Loggers, Trojans, Dialers.
breadtrial.exe     03/17/06     460K
    The Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook
bremind1.exe       01/29/06     122K
    Never forget to congratulate anyone again!
brofdemo.exe       09/23/04     653K
    Backup and restore MS Office settings.
bs.exe             09/10/05     194K
    Test the quality of a monitor
bv32-321.exe       02/28/04     994K
    Put your Web site on a diskette or CD!
bwpsv.zip          10/02/06     893K
    The Number 1 software for Bird Watching.
cada202.exe        01/20/05    1.57M
    For converting one measurement standard to another
calendar_setup.exe 11/19/08     232K
    A simple tool for making calendars.
callw11.zip        07/25/04    1.48M
    Closes all open Windows (applications)
campingtrial.exe   06/03/06     423K
    101 Camping & Outdoor Recipes cookbook
candyrecipestrial. 04/05/06     566K
    Candy is the ultimate indulgence
canvas.exe         02/16/04   44.18M
    Illustration & image editing with GIS Mapping
capsav10.exe       03/13/06    2.10M
    Capture, organize and reuse information
cbcpsv.zip         09/22/06     891K
    Program is for you to keep those Comic Books.
cbsetup.exe        03/17/03    4.78M
    Prevents annoying unwanted calls.
cdarc.zip          02/13/06    4.73M
    Create autorun programs for CD/DVD-ROMs
cdcover11.exe      01/29/04     719K
    Print you own CD Covers and labels
cdfind21_trial.exe 07/13/03    1.55M
    Search files or folders from your CDs with the click of a button!
cdmenupe.exe       10/02/05    7.11M
    CDMenuPro the Autorun CD Menu Creator
cdorg45.exe        09/10/03    1.32M
    Keep track of all your mp3 files!
cdstart106.zip     01/27/03     170K
    Create your own CD autorun application
cdxt100.zip        06/30/03     306K
    Eject/Close/Password Lock/Unlock your CDROM/DVD drives!
cesetup.exe        05/26/06    1.26M
    Customize 404 or any error pages easily
cfge-trial-setup.e 01/18/05    4.33M
cflist.zip         10/03/03     210K
    Lists clipboard formats currently available.
cfsuite.exe        01/06/09    2.07M
    Easy-to-Use File Folder Encryption Software.
cg-trial-setup.exe 06/18/08    9.52M
    Create amazing PERSONALISED GIFTS everytime!
charactertrial.exe 02/11/06     439K
    Is habit-forming or character-building a matt
cheesecaketrial.ex 03/24/06     418K
    Cheesecake That Melts in your mouth
chickenwingtrial.e 03/27/06     419K
    Who can pass up a big dish of chicken wings
chilitrial.exe     03/29/06     434K
    You'll find every imaginable version of chili
chkfav16.zip       04/25/03    1.18M
    Bookmark/Link Checker, Exporter and Ripper.
chkwtr.exe         08/01/06    3.73M
    Star Check Writer Software
chocolaterecipestr 03/29/06     445K
    Chocolate Recipes For Chocolate Lovers
chocolatetrial.exe 05/31/06     520K
    Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes
chopSC12.zip       02/12/03      24K
    File Splitter with encryption and 4GB support
chpsetup.exe       02/07/03    1.53M
    Schedule prgram access on your computer
chvi1211.zip       12/23/05     641K
    View and clean the IE cache and history
cidevents1.exe     04/02/05    2.03M
    Turn you PC in a powerful Caller ID
circusboysonthefly 05/29/06     547K
    The Circus Boys on the Flying Rings
clairvoyancetrial. 03/27/06     444K
    Clairvoyance and Its Powers
classicdessertstri 04/06/06     441K
    Over 400 pie, cake and cookie recipes
clear_history_setu 08/10/07    1.12M
    Clear computer usage and internet history.
cleverinddemo.exe  11/27/07     856K
    Displays Caps,Num,Scroll Lock state
cliker30.exe       05/23/06    1.53M
    Automated mouse clicker
clipguydemo.msi    03/19/03     115K
    Intelligent clipboard management utility
cliptorrent.zip    01/11/06    1.59M
    A clipboard extender and spell checker.
closewatch.zip     05/03/05    2.31M
    Monitor activities keystrokes on computer when you are not home.
clpmg32.zip        11/24/06    1.84M
    A powerful Windows Clipboard Extender
clrsc162.zip       03/30/04     738K
    Automate common Windows tasks
cntdwn99.zip       12/20/04     964K
    How long until retirement?
cntdwngs.zip       04/24/03    3.35M
    Four Different And Separate Clock CountDown Timers For Any Task.
command3.zip       12/17/05    2.74M
    A lightweight CD/DVD burning for scripts
commonsensetrial.e 02/11/06     567K
    Common Sense and How to Exercise it
comp_sw.exe        06/04/03     959K
    Compressor Directx plugin
compswitch_le.zip  10/11/04      88K
    The program makes it possible to establish a percent of a CPU
contentauditenterp 01/30/06    3.18M
    Powerful tool to check inappropriate content
continuityclient40 11/20/03    5.67M
    file backup,data backup,outlook backup,sync,synchronization
convert.exe        03/19/05     660K
    Converts various types of units
cookierecipestrial 03/29/06     440K
    The Big Book Of Cookies - Over 200 Recipes
copyfilenames20.ex 11/16/06     462K
    Copies filenames
coreftplite107.exe 05/18/03    1.78M
    Free FTP client
cpcr07q3.zip       06/07/07    1.35M
    rest reminder, for adult, for kids, promote health, automatic,
cplkiSetup.exe     01/27/03     146K
    This program shows the current language
cpt60.exe          04/10/06   12.49M
    Classic PhoneTools answering machine software
cpukil35.zip       08/18/05     731K
    This software slows down computers.
crinst.zip         06/30/03    1.26M
    eeps a record of all IM activity on a system
crsetup.exe        05/26/06     793K
    Cache control management tool for IIS servers
cryptone_setup.exe 08/12/05     421K
    This software encrypt files and folders
ctalogmx.exe       05/17/05     906K
    Create catalogs and reports for all disks.
ctrace1b5.exe      09/18/03    1.52M
    TAPI compliant caller ID application
culinarytrial.exe  03/23/06     425K
    Culinary Delights collection of recipes
currcalc.exe       06/15/05     383K
    Perform conversions between 55 different world currencies
currencyconverter. 12/16/04     680K
    Free currency calculator.
cursorhider.exe    03/04/09     471K
    Hide mouse pointer typing when it is not req
cvsetup.exe        12/10/05    1.53M
    Clipboard Viewer is an enhancer of your default Windows Clipboard
cybr.exe           11/09/03    5.83M
    VCR-like Audio Recorder for your PC
cycat41.zip        06/07/05    1.12M
    CopyCat: Easy to use, powerful backup utility
    Simple Database Designer
    Hides your data by several methods...
    File manipulation software for inserting, deleting, or altering
    Restore damaged DBF files
    Discrete Browser is a privacy web browser.
    Cross-database tool and report generator
    Cross-database tool
    Controlling Outlook 2000 from tray
    A personal journal of ur day to day feelings.
    Finds duplicated files on your computer
    A unique server-based instant messaging / chat system.
     Over 500 Tasty Diabetic Recipes
    What a face can tell.
    A Win32 utility to compare files and directories.
    CD and DVD catalog program
    Automate repetitive Web & data tasks without programming code
    Automate repetitive Web
    DLMailFilter is a better way of keeping a spam-free inbox
    Speed up and manage your downloads.
    Create professional dhtml drop down menus.
    dual panel file manager with configurable toolbar
    Manage multiple NC devices via serial port!
    DNC 2 CNC and unlimited filesize dripfeed DNC
    If you collect Dolls, this program is for you
    DownShift Fast Internet Download Manager
    Aquarium Data Acquisition Control Software
    Powerful and reliable anti-virus protection.
    Easily automate Windows tasks by drawing them
    Flexible freeware file manager program
    Synchronize your time with atomic time server
    Utility to create DSNs for ODBC databases.
    Encrypts data and produces self-extracting files
    Create professional looking HTML-autorun menus for CD-ROMs.
    Powerful computer usage analysis tool.
    dual DVD copy Silver allows to make copy of the Video-DVD disc.
    Author and burn DVD-Audio discs
    DVD backup utiliy (freeware)
    Download over 200,000 covers for DVDs!
    Dynamic DNS Technology
    Dynamic IP address is automatically tracked by Dynu Premium
e-counter_es.exe   04/09/03    1.72M
    Digital counter who displays count-downs specified by the user
e4te_complete_inst 11/15/03    1.10M
    A graphical theme editor for E4 Chat themes.
eMEETplus_C1000E_S 02/01/06    7.61M
    Facilitate your conference online.
easysetup3.exe     09/09/05    1.17M
    It makes easily small yet powerful installers
ebb_install.exe    12/26/03    2.28M
    Batch file creation and editing utility
eccsetup1_0.zip    11/05/03    1.23M
    Control Outlook 2000 from your system tray.
ediary.exe         07/25/03    5.86M
    Exercise Diary fitness software.
edocpdfv2_demo.zip 12/06/04    8.35M
    Generic electronic document creation VCL
eefcsetup.exe      07/10/04     335K
    Freeware file cleaner
eesfsetup.exe      10/31/04    1.02M
    An easy to use spam filter utility.
eesrsetup.exe      07/10/04     421K
    Spyware and adware removal utility
efcw700.exe        02/16/09    1.21M
    File manager, archiver, viewer, FTP-client, audio player
efcwt700.exe       02/13/09     490K
    File manager, freeware light version
efd3f430.exe       01/17/09    1.20M
    Find out duplicate or similar MP3, WMA, FLAC, OggVorbis files
efdfm520.exe       01/26/09     427K
    Find out duplicate files with same name, same size, same content
effnd520.exe       03/06/09     459K
    Search program also inside arhive files
efsm520.exe        01/20/09     187K
    Shows information about your local or remote system
eggstrial.exe      02/06/06     468K
    Bread and Bread-Making, and more
eksetup.exe        08/28/03    2.66M
    Easykeys will let you add Hotkeys for quick access.
ellatrial.exe      05/23/03     238K
    Ella keeps your inbox keeps free of spam with real ease.
emailobs.zip       12/22/04     630K
    Unique email monitoring software.
emailprint.exe     08/20/03     367K
    Print multiple eMails with one click
emed6002efx.msi    10/04/06    1.26M
    A free text editor fully supporting Unicode.
emed6002epx.msi    09/06/06    2.22M
    A text editor that fully supports Unicode.
emed6002esx.msi    10/04/06    1.73M
    A text editor that fully supports Unicode.
emed6003efx.msi    02/01/07    1.27M
    A free text editor fully supporting Unicode.
emed6004esx.msi    04/27/07    1.78M
    A text editor that fully supports Unicode.
emed804epx.msi     03/06/09    2.91M
    A text editor that fully supports Unicode.
encsch10.zip       01/14/05    2.42M
    Encryption software, service with scheduler.
energysaver.zip    03/16/04     304K
    Turn Off Monitor Launch Favourite Folders
eninst10.exe       02/19/03     184K
    Encrypts files for privacy.
ens31te.zip        07/24/06    1.55M
    The Spam Fighter - Save yourself from the onslaught...
escenc.zip         08/20/06     125K
    It is used to decode theEscaped-encoding UR
esssetup.exe       10/31/04    1.14M
    Free spyware scanner and removal utility.
esurveiller.exe    09/08/08    3.84M
    monitor and watch what people do, from anywhere, live!
eventsmanager7.exe 11/06/06   17.56M
    Network-wide event log management
ewlasetup.exe      07/11/04    2.27M
    Web server log analyzer.
excel-password-rec 08/30/05     609K
    Recover lost or forgotten MS Excel passwords.
exceldiff20.zip    05/10/05    1.14M
     Excel document comparison tool
exertracksetup.msi 11/23/06    9.56M
    Exertrack-free exercise,workout log software
expt.zip           02/03/09     846K
    Exports database files
exptpro.zip        02/03/09    1.04M
    Exports database files
extract.zip        08/14/03     519K
    Extracts all cached flash movies
f_x86t32.exe       10/28/03    4.25M
    WS_FTP is the fastest, most powerful Windows file transfer client
fainst.exe         03/11/03    2.54M
    File encryption freeware.
fairbot.exe        12/29/05    1.51M
    Enhanced betting interface to the Betfair
faststart.exe      03/16/03     650K
    Opens your favourite files and web-pages using keywords.
fat-data-recovery- 07/18/08     797K
    FAT data recovery service rescue deleted data
faxmaker12.exe     10/06/04   11.40M
    GFI FAXmaker, fax server for Exchange/SMTP.
fbimporten.exe     05/07/07    4.29M
    Firebird /Interbase import utility
fbuv.zip           03/01/05     872K
    The perfect computer program for Fisherman.
fc.zip             06/26/03    3.26M
    Synchronize two folders with FolderClone
fc_setup.exe       08/18/04    2.62M
    Files Comparer is a full featured merge tool.
fcinst.exe         02/01/03    4.14M
    Most popular encryption freeware.
fd112.zip          08/23/06    2.30M
    Free File Difference Viewer - FreeDiff
ffbb_330.zip       12/24/04      93K
    Fast access to folders from system tray icon
fga.zip            02/05/09     388K
    French and German characters add-on toolbar.
filecat.zip        04/21/05      32K
    Scans local files and folders to build a tree-view HTML file
filedoyen15e.exe   01/20/09    3.81M
    Manage and edit your files and archives.
filezap-trial-setu 09/11/03    2.53M
    File archiver and splitter
firewl20.zip       10/04/06    2.14M
    Shield your computer against unwanted access.
fishrecipestrial.e 04/12/06     429K
    Collection of Fish and Shell-Fish Recipes
fixregistryerror_t 08/09/05     411K
    Extremely Effective Registry Cleaner for Windows
flajectorsetup.exe 12/22/05    1.65M
    Convert Flash movies (SWF) to .EXE files.
flash_decompiler.e 07/14/04    3.57M
    Decompile Flash movies at a single click.
fm.zip             06/26/03    3.45M
fmbb_403.zip       12/20/04     143K
    Find secret files added to your system.
fmbgrep.zip        05/05/03    1.03M
    Oracle Forms Modules Code Searcher
fmdsv.zip          03/01/05    1.07M
    Software To Keep Track Of Illnesses.
font-wrangler-2-0s 07/17/08    4.41M
    AMI Font Wrangler - manage, install, browse, print TrueType fonts
fotokopy.zip       06/26/06     254K
    Automatic numbering for digital camera files
fpc_setup.exe      08/26/08     699K
    Quickly switch the active printer
fpr_assistant_setu 01/27/05     605K
    Accelerate recovery of forgotten password.
freeT21.zip        10/10/03      24K
    Plays Turbo 21 on Pogo.com for you!
freeftp.zip        03/26/03    2.58M
    An easy to use FREE FTP program
freewhack.zip      11/09/03      68K
    Plays Whack Down on Pogo.com for you!
fryertrial.exe     04/03/06     422K
    101 Recipes For The Deep Fryer
fsum.zip           09/25/04      79K
    Fast file integrity checker. MD5/SFV support.
fsync208us.exe     02/02/04     598K
    for folder(directory) always same situation.
ftd.exe            06/03/03     382K
    Creates drive from any folder that you selected.
ftsetup.exe        04/02/05    1.46M
    Translate to Six Funny Languages
fuzlez_wov.exe     12/21/05     432K
    Controls volume using mouse wheel very easy
fvencoder.zip      03/03/08   10.49M
    Convert video to flash of high quality.
    an all-in-one game speed optimization tool
    GBAP lets you plan your GB avatars stats and style!
    Store genealogy information on a context map
    Software for anyone that enjoys Geocaching.
    Get new software just in one click!
    Great Gifts In A Jar is the ultimate resource
    Play Tons of Mobile Games on your PC!
    Golden Steps to Respectability
    The Book of Good Manners
    create your own data, audio and video CD/DVD compilations
    Pop3 Email Robot for Windows All Versions
    Safely generate and safely enter your passwords.
    Quick hash, checksum, and HMAC calculator.
    Calculates the MD5 or SHA256 hash of a string or file.
    Build CSS-based Horizontal Bars with ease!
    Record details of your home brews
    Download the HotBot Quick Search Deskbar
    HiBase Task Scheduler is all about scheduling
    A book of well-tested recipes for vegetarians
    System Information and Benchmark for Win2000 and XP.
    Hide My Files is a file security utility.
    Hide secrets in the images or audio file
    For hide icons of the applications appearing in System Tray
    Erase the tracks of your Internet activity
    Erase Internet history and typed URLs
    Compare two HTML files with HTML Match.
    RootKit Hook Analyzer for Windows
    Convert SENT emails to UNSENT for editing.
    How to talk, read, write,travel and more
    Password protect web pages and hide source
    Convert any html code into PHP,ASP,PhpNuke Block, Modules
    ComponentSoftware HTMLDiff (CS-HTMLDiff)
    HTTP and HTTPS Protocol Analyzer for IE
cecreamtrial.exe  04/10/06     420K
    131 Ice Cream Maker Recipes
etoolbox.exe      05/20/04    2.35M
isadmin-setup.exe 05/02/06     922K
    Websites manager for IIS on XP Pro
llumination.zip   09/07/04    1.01M
    Fast Offline Disk Searching
magerecall3.exe   12/17/04    3.76M
    Lost your digital images? DON'T PANIC!
ndexm10.zip       05/04/04     187K
    Make a index,html from you files
ndicband.zip      12/13/06     159K
    A Unicode IME for Indian Languages.
ns.zip            10/28/08   22.47M
    Integrated Notification System
nstall-cccalc.exe 12/08/08     294K
    Cool calculator for Windows
nstall.exe        03/22/06     876K
    Redirect DOS Print Job to USB Printer
nstallMWT_10.exe  04/27/08     482K
    myWorkTimer is a simple work timer.
nstall_aplv_share 01/18/06    2.09M
    The all-in-one proxy downloader
nstall_dff_sharew 12/07/06     946K
    Duplicate file finder and deleter.
nstaller_Wallpape 06/15/06     766K
    Create your own cellphone wallpaper for free.
nterceptor.zip    03/04/03     262K
    Views and logs all HTTP data between a browser and the Internet.
pmailer.exe       02/05/04    1.46M
pmailer2004d.exe  04/27/05    1.56M
pprobe.zip        02/26/03     337K
    IPprobe determines every assigned IP adress of the system.
prtbox.zip        01/20/05     859K
    Ultimate password recovery solution.
re.exe            12/17/06     403K
    Remote Control utility
    Analog clock with reminders.
    120 Lip-Smacking Good Jam Recipes
    Spell Check HTML Forms within Internet Explorer
    Stop those pesky popups, with Just Stop Popups Pro!
keychain.exe       11/29/05    9.35M
    Password Manager
keycsv.zip         09/18/06     862K
    The pefect program for Keychain Collectors.
kidstrial.exe      03/30/06     462K
    Make fun delicious recipes for your family
killpr15.zip       04/08/05    1.21M
    KillPro: Stops Nuisance Background Programs
kiss12.exe         04/17/03    4.88M
    Cool, secure password manager and generator
konvertore_pdf2xxx 02/18/03    3.06M
    Batch conversion from PDF to raster and TXT
kpas.exe           09/25/03    5.70M
    Online Privacy one-stop-shop Utility.
ksetup11.zip       08/02/08    4.07M
    Restart failed applications automatically
ksr.zip            01/22/03      22K
    This program will remove the spyware that comes with kazaa
lbeotool.zip       07/23/03    2.66M
    Utilities for use with Outlook
lccsv.zip          09/12/06    1.05M
    If you collect Lincon Cents.
lifestyle.zip      10/11/06     247K
    This is for anyone who wants to lose weight.
linkgenerator.exe  01/26/05     811K
    Automatic HTML link generation tool
lm30.exe           04/08/03    2.60M
    Advanced Lottery Software - Pick, Track, Wheel, Manage your pools
lmav202.zip        03/30/06     913K
    Parallel link file transfer tool for Windows
locatepc_setup.exe 01/14/06     185K
    Sends secret email from stolen PC that can show who's using it
loctrial.exe       03/26/06     422K
    The Complete Library Of Cooking!
log_ops.exe        04/04/03    2.38M
    FREE, 8-bit bin, dec, hex, RPN calculator tool.
lottery.zip        03/06/09    1.91M
    Adjustable lottery game for any state.
love001.exe        12/22/03    2.69M
    Ideal for Valentine's and Love Celebrations
lpintl.exe         08/25/06     695K
    Use foreign languages in WordPad and Notepad
lpmath.exe         08/25/06     503K
    Use Math
lrmtimer20.exe     03/20/06    1.38M
    Nice Timer function written in Visual Basic (in Portuguese).
lssetup.exe        01/12/05    1.34M
    Link-spider, link exchange monitoring software
ltcpsv.zip         10/02/06     925K
    If you collect instant lottery tickets.
m3u-asxwpl11.zip   11/18/05     394K
    Playlist converter
m9PZipper_installe 02/18/05    1.99M
    m9P Zipper is a file zipping utility
mach2pp.zip        10/14/05    6.77M
    2006 Mach2 (ZRFW Mach2) / Decode Gold Pro Plus Pack  other progs
macrorunner.zip    03/22/05    1.28M
    Take control over launching applications!
maginame.exe       09/08/04    1.08M
    rename photo file, rename photo, photos
mailsecurity.exe   09/15/05   26.16M
    Email anti-virus for Exchange and SMTP server
masteruneraser_set 11/28/08    3.44M
    Quick recovery of deleted files
mcrote10.zip       03/19/03     357K
    MacRote is an utility for package file processing
mcsetup.exe        02/22/04    5.65M
    best software for smooth
mdbq.zip           09/04/07    1.07M
    Running SQL queries on multiple databases
mediathek6en.msi   05/28/03    1.91M
    THE Ultimate personal information
medman10.exe       03/09/04    7.77M
    A Multimedia file catalog and display tool.
meminfo.zip        04/20/05     343K
    View the memory usage on the tray
messless_collector 03/03/05    5.69M
    Customizable software for avid collectors.
metronome.zip      06/11/05    9.49M
    Free metronome
metty131.exe       03/12/03    2.43M
    Creates all the necessary meta tags.
miraclemongerstria 04/17/06     450K
    The Miracle Mongers- An Expose
mmeadev.exe        07/14/05   33.30M
    Send business-critical alerts via SMS
mmsetup.exe        12/14/08    1.95M
    Automate computer tasks -- fast and easy.
mmtri.exe          11/20/07    1.26M
    advanced multifunctional system monitoring
mobackup.zip       02/01/09     881K
    Backup software for MS Outlook 2000 to 2007
mobilebox-setup.ex 02/07/03    4.90M
    The Connexion Wireless MobileBox is a SMS messaging solution
mobilebuddy.exe    10/14/05    3.96M
    Create ringtones
molarific_install. 06/25/03     916K
    Perform calcs for mass, volume, and molarity to mix a chemical so
mousewrap2.exe     06/17/03    1.65M
    'Wraps' the mouse pointer around the screen.
movemetrics_setup. 09/20/07    3.13M
    Map path analysis of your website visitors.
movielistd_latest. 08/28/05    1.09M
    Catalog video tapes or anything else easily.
mpgpro30.exe       07/19/04    3.13M
    Create random passwords many different ways
mps10.exe          04/11/06   25.29M
    Mobile Phone Suite Bluetooth® Intel Centrino®
msapdv40.zip       06/04/04     987K
    Recover lost passwords from MDB's
msconfig-cleanup-s 02/13/05     689K
    Cleanup MSConfig disabled items.
msgsave.exe        10/19/05    3.02M
    Microsoft Outlook email archiving tool
mss.zip            12/28/03     792K
    Search all major search engines in one click.
mstIsU15.exe       08/21/05     650K
    mst IsUsedBy shows open files.
mtssetup.exe       03/12/03     894K
    Encrypt and hide any confidential file into common file
muo.exe            12/01/08    3.96M
    Music database software, catalog your music.
mvPCinfo.zip       07/25/06    1.78M
    Hardware and software network inventory utility
my_orgzr.exe       08/29/03    2.91M
    Manage and organize any kind of personal information.
mydiarysv.zip      09/18/06     852K
    Program for anyone who want's a diary.
myfiles250.exe     05/06/05    1.82M
    File organizer to catalog files and folders
myob-password-reco 03/13/06     445K
    Recover lost passwords for MYOB files.
myphotoz.exe       01/05/04     535K
    Digital Photo Album
natalarm.exe       08/02/03    5.57M
    Wake up to the sounds of nature
ncleaner_setup.exe 03/26/06     602K
    nCleaner is a system cleaner and optimizer
nesh.exe           05/22/04    4.75M
    Program your mind using subliminal messages.
netgadgets         02/19/03    2.50M
    Set of diagnostic tools for Networks.
netwister_1_0_setu 07/01/03    1.48M
    Background application for file transfers
nfudts14.zip       10/01/08     751K
    Naming Files Using Date/Time Stamp
norightclick101_se 11/18/04     726K
    Diable Right Click on your pages!
nsauditor_setup.ex 06/11/08    5.57M
    Scan and monitor network.Over 45 net tools.
nsmu112.exe        10/22/03     773K
    Extracts multiple zip archives into one directory.
ntbasic.zip        01/09/04    1.65M
    NT Account Manager. Great for Domain Administration.
ntfs-fat-data-reco 10/06/07     629K
    Data rescue tool for windows operating system
ntuserex.zip       04/07/05     296K
    List /export user accounts and their settings on w2K/NT machine
nuclient45.exe     11/20/03    5.50M
    Synchronization and take the network with you,incremental backup
nydc.zip           09/07/06    1.93M
    NYDC tells you how long until a specified date.
oe-password-recove 08/19/05     578K
    Recovers lost passwords for email accounts.
oerepair.zip       11/20/05    1.52M
    An expert in healing corrupted OE emails!
ofixdemo.exe       03/03/03    3.98M
    Suite for the recovery of damaged Ms Excel, Access, and Word
olload14.zip       01/17/04     101K
    Keep Outlook loaded in the system tray (next to the clock).
ondcop12.zip       12/09/05     436K
    Copy a directory structure only. No files.
ontime11.exe       02/28/04     676K
    Synchronizes PC's clock to atomic time server
openclose.zip      01/22/05     720K
    Open and close your CDRom(s).
openzup.exe        07/30/04    1.09M
    OpenzUp is an easy-to-use file opener.
optim_install.exe  10/29/07    3.27M
    Stock Trading with cutting edge technology.
organizer.exe      05/18/04    1.05M
    Customize your startup configuration.
otdih-trial-setup. 05/06/05   10.44M
    Create the PERFECT GIFT everytime!
outlookexrecoverys 06/30/05    1.96M
    Tool to recover damaged Outlook Express email
ovispdfrecover.exe 11/30/03   12.44M
    decrypt protected Adobe Acrobat PDF files
ovulation-calculat 11/30/04     673K
    Ovulation Calculator calculate your fertility
    Search and browse like a pro from your PC
    Fixes the 'Cannot find server or DNS Error'.
    Saves internet search information
    Fill in your Internet forms instantly.
    Organizes your passwords in a secure manner.
    Award Winning Password Manager
    Create up to 10 million passwords at a time with full DB support
    Password Assistant Generate
    Tracking passwords for individuals and teams.
    Securely store all your passwords
    Secrets of happiness and prosperity explained
    PayPal Monitor hides down in your System Tray
    Multifunctional password manager
    Turn your PC into an answering machine
    Program for anyone that collects postcards.
    PC Doctor Pro Breathe Life Into Your PC!!!
    shows the working time on your computer
    Parental Control Software for Windows
    The user-friendly password manager
    split on text information within many PDF's
    Decrypt(recovery,unlock) the protected PDF.
    change the summary information in many pdf's
    PDF document management, and organization VCL
    automates the process of appending multiple P
    Personal Editor 32 rel. 1.3.04
    Recovers lost Peachtree Accounting passwords.
    USB memory stick data storage retrieval tool
    protection against spyware, adware, malware
    Mass file processing to rename, move, copy
    Spy online and off-line activity.
    Popup Stopper, Cookies Cleaner
    Convert documents, spreadsheets, more, into image or PDF files.
    NFS client and server for windows 95/NT/2000
    Kill browser and Messenger Service pop-ups.
    Manage your private login and password data!
    Recovers lost Microsoft PowerPoint passwords.
    The Power of Creative Selling
    Protect your affiliate links
    Quickly find your PayPal fees using any rate.
    It will rid your computer of those annoying pop-up windows
    Erase browser's history, temporary files, etc
    Recover lost Microsoft Project passwords.
    Recover Windows passwords: PWL, asterisks etc
    Utility to store password accounts securely and remind to update
    Time client for Windows NT, 2000 and XP.
    Make an Internet kiosk or a public access PC.
    Data file and e-mail encryption utility
    Protect yourself from special spyware and dangerous programs.
    Program to recover Lost/Forgotten Passwords.
    Password Manager and generator product.
    Recovery MS Access Files Password (*.mdb)
    Remove PDF files password ( decrypt pdf ).
    Safely protects passwords, codes, personal IDs
    Complete solution for your privacy protection
qfbb_100.zip       12/24/04      91K
    Copy templates to clipboard for quick paste.
quickandeasytrial. 04/12/06     421K
    155 easy to prepare yet tasty recipes
quickhelp.zip      03/07/05   16.21M
    QuickHelp - Flexible Authoring Environment
quicklaunch.exe    06/16/03    2.42M
    Quick access,startup services,automate tasks
quicksearch.exe    04/01/05    1.36M
    With QuickSearch you can search across multiple search engines
quitmeter-setup.ex 07/14/03    4.65M
    Calculate stop-smoking time and money saved.
    Remote Access 1.0 is a simple remote administration/monitoring tool
    Corrupted USB pen drive files recovery tools
    RAM Def: Monitor and defragment your system's RAM
    Internet Explorer Cleaner
    Safely clean and repair your Windows Registry
    RemindMe is the schedule ANYTHING software.
    RemindMe is the schedule ANYTHING software.
    File renaming utility
    Tune your computers with your requirements
    A clean registry speeds up your computer!
    Color comparison for web page development
    Easy-to-use free Rich and Plain text editor.
    Collection of Resell Rights Cooking Ebooks
    FREE, simple 4-function (+ , -, /, x) RPN calculator.
    Database reporting tool
    Easy, powerful searches for free domain names
    Report printing utility
    RSC helps you change your mail signature.
    Allows you to remotely change local passwords
    A file cataloger for storage media.
    The perfect companion for RV'ers.
    Create virtual 3D worlds in a single click!
    Autorun software to quickly author CDROM/DVDs
    Autorun software to quickly author CDROM/DVDs
    Generates lists of randomly constructed words
    Boost Your Modem
    Very fast full text search utility.
    Award winning anti spam and fraud software
    SAM - A collection of useful utilities.
    Generate letters from Santa.
    Automated Backup
    Copy a folder from one SPS to another.
    This program loads screen displays created with ScreenBuilder.
    Simple countdown timer.
    Privacy Protection Software. Deletes Data history
    CD cover in 5 seconds, Scan
    Sch-Barcode is a freeware for generating Barcode
    Stock Quote Monitoring Program
    Multiply cam is software for video splitting
    If you collect Stamps.
    Scrub DNC Pro is a do not call list scrubbing software.
    Information encryption system.
    Wipe out URL spelling errors on the fly
    Spam complaining tool
    3D animated clocks displays 3 time zones.
    RTTY/NAVTEX/HF-FAXweather reports receiver
    Creates professional installation programs.
    File encryption utility for Windows.
    The job of your this firewall is to protect a PC .
    Lose the browser - Web Services for everyone.
    Utilite to find the same files and remove excessive copies
    Find the same files to remove excessive copies from disk
    safely stores licenses and registration codes
    Allows you to start games and much more globally from keyboard
    Unbreakable encryption made easy
    Easy Sports Administration is powerful tool for managing sportscl
    Add notes and tips in your windows desktop Program
    Controller for relay boards andIO cards
    Current weather and 7-day forecast in your system tray
    A nice tool to encrypt and store your id and passwords.
    Safest File encryption system
    saves keystrokes, screen shots , MSN,etc. FTP
    steganography: hide files, file encryption
    Encrypt all types of files safely and securely.
    PHP shopping cart Shop-Script PREMIUM
    A Free program that lets you see all of the fonts on your PC
    AutoRuns a web page or documents on CDs
    Shut UP! turn off, re boot when YOU want
    Finder is really fast and easy files search utility
    Catalog your entire CD and DVD collection.
    Take control of your web experience.
    Send messages from your PC via Internet to faxes, phones, and e-m
    Accent your individuality in email messages!
    Recovers lost Simply Accounting passwords.
    System Information for Windows
    System Information for Windows
    Scheduled Daily Computer Shut Down
    Calendar/Reminder system tray program for Windows XP
    Stop all annoying popups. Block banner ads.
    Stop all annoying popups. Block banner ads.
    Erase Internet history, cookies, cache etc.
    SmallPrint: Reproduce 50-70 A4 pages onto one
    SMS sending from the computer.
    SMSAlert is a great companion software for Enterprise Mgt Systems
    Mobile SMS plateform, Web and Database Appl.
    StickyNote allows you to create and send beautiful 3D notes.
    Caller ID Generator for Windows
    Enjoy the many, unique flavor of Mexican foo
    Fully functional slot machine game.
    This software helps you manage your Software CD collections.
    Baby - Medical monitor and alarm system.
    The Windows Safety Belt
    A three-in-one privacy protector tool.
    Eliminate spam and potential virus e-mails
    spAnalyzer is a tool which provides analysis of STATSPACK report
    hardware monitoring software that can fan speeds
    Internet bandwidth speed test utility
    Killer All Pop Up Ad
    Hear and See your Emails! using MsAgent Chars
    Split at 4Mb/sec with more than 19 features.
    Easy to use large files splitting utility
    split and compress files,merge them on any pc
    Extends Outlook with a Bayesian spam filter.
    Softpit PC Search Engine
    An advanced charting and monitoring solution for Oracle database
    spViewer Standard provides a GUI to Oracle AWR
    Power spy software to monitor user's activity
    Recover your lost or forgotten passwords.
    Anti Spyware to Secure Your Enterprise
    Permanently Remove Spyware and Adware!
    Send SQL queries as SMS alias and retrieve the results ...
    HotKey start manager
    Defends against spyware like Elite Keylogger.
    SSH client for windows.
    Synchronize with both Palm Desktop
    Create web gallery pages or photo album on the fly
    Stealth WebsiteLogger surveilance application
    Automatic encryption, wiping, system cleanup.
    Painless Way To Stop Smoking
    Kill browser and Messenger Service pop-ups.
    An easy to use countdown timer.
    Shutdown Windows 200/XP/2003 Instantly
    Supreme Spy is an easy to use pc keylogger.
    SV Bookmark is a visual bookmark manager.
    An advanced whois utility
    Delete your internet trail permanently!
    Windows Multi-Term search Utiltiy
    The program creates web reviews of web sites.
    File compression and decompression tool.
    File compression and decompression tool.
    synch files/folders from 1 or more computers
    Features 24 benchmarks
tcolsv.zip         09/01/04     878K
    This is the pefect program for collectors.
tedv060.zip        02/23/06    1.25M
    Torrent Episode Downloader
timean13.exe       04/30/03    1.17M
    analyzes PC activities in Family or Business
timer1.exe         09/06/07     460K
    Timer that uses video clips as alarm
timercafe.zip      10/05/05   13.89M
    Timer cafe - Cyber Cafe Management Software
timerecorder2.exe  08/03/04     311K
    Statistics about Windows-usage: Duration, used programs and more.
tkeys15.exe        05/29/03    1.26M
    Hot Keys
tnlsync_setup.exe  10/23/04    2.61M
    Sync your computers clock with the atomic clock
tr51se.exe         02/25/05    1.43M
    Audio recorder for streaming audio and mic-in
tranzlat.exe       04/04/03    2.78M
    FREE, 8-bit binary, decimal, hexadecimal, RPN calculator tool.
trdrv.zip          01/23/05    1.08M
    FREE program available for trappers.
trid_net.zip       07/06/04      31K
    Identify file types from their signatures
trid_w32.zip       07/06/04     740K
    Identify file types from their signatures
ts30.zip           03/20/03    1.11M
    Catalogue CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs, then browse files and view stats
tsetupsw.exe       08/03/04    2.24M
    Hides secret messages in image files.
tslw2k.exe         05/27/03     594K
    Password protect your workstation or server.
txpsetup.exe       02/09/05     730K
    Ever wanted to follow a log file?
txt2html.zip       02/15/03     536K
    Txt2Html converts text files to html.
txttemplateparser_ 01/20/08     914K
    Template Parser is data processing solution.
typecharge.zip     11/04/03     145K
    Word counting and formula calculating program
tzpk4605.exe       04/28/04    3.10M
    Popup Killer - Kill Pop ups, Ads and Cookies
uc.zip             11/30/05     649K
    This Windows utility converts units (like metres) to other units.
ufowsv.zip         09/18/06     870K
    Perfect computer program for UFO Watchers.
unzip32-311.exe    02/21/04    1.24M
    Easiest way to unzip ZIP files. 1-2-3-unzip!
updateXpress.exe   02/23/04    1.25M
    Network tool updated files across a network
upsetup.exe        12/02/03     828K
    Clean all your internet tracks (cookies...) and block pop up ads.
urlbas55.exe       06/06/04    2.34M
    Powerful and flexible bookmark manager
urlserch.zip       02/16/09     487K
    Extract urls and other text strings from local or remote files
usfut.zip          03/12/03    1.16M
    Browse your files and perform multiple file-level operations with
uslburner.zip      01/27/07    2.11M
    A burning software to protect files in CD.
usrlogfw.exe       04/25/03     602K
    Logs computer activity and screen shots. FREE
uuds3_setup_full_u 11/03/08     777K
    Full-functional compact burning application for Windows.
van10.exe          08/29/03    2.75M
    Cute skinable sticky notes with alarm.
vavplug_en.exe     09/07/04    6.45M
    Reliable Virus Protection
vblsetup.exe       01/27/04     840K
    Easy to use parental lock and system security
vdata23.zip        03/03/03     140K
    VData - Verify Data (Files/Disks/Folders)
vdc.zip            10/28/07     397K
    Create Virtual Drives or Virtual CD-ROMS
vegetariantrial.ex 02/08/06     681K
    Cassell's Vegetarian Cookery
vfvh58i.exe        05/21/07    4.34M
    A Color Fax and Answering Machine Software.
vfvh60i.exe        04/17/08    8.03M
    A Color Fax and Answering Machine Software.
video2mp3.exe      03/12/06    2.40M
    Convert all videofiles to MP3, WAV, WMA,OGG
videodownloader.zi 02/19/08    4.69M
    Capture and download video to your hard disk.
viewMoreDemoSetup. 11/25/04     762K
    Manage and play multimedia (BLOB) data stored in database
vmenu.zip          05/31/06     410K
    Create CSS-based Vertical Menus with ease!
vmsetup.zip        11/13/03     458K
    Fast, Effective Virtural Drive Maintenance
vpersonality.exe   06/16/03    2.11M
    A professional telephone voice changer.
vsetup.exe         11/11/03     932K
    Hih security encryption with a simple drag and drop interface.
vspdfeditor.exe    01/13/05    6.54M
    View,Edit and print pdf documents
    Win2PDF - Create PDF files from any Windows NT/2000/XP app
    Taskbar utility including system information of several types
    WinBatch is scripting for Windows machines.
    Attachment zip add-in for Outlook
    Hidden BCC add-in for Outlook
    HiddenSave add-in for Outlook
    Message Encryption add-in for Outlook
    WDay tells you the name of day, for a specified date.
    A Web Filter - Internet Web Filtering Tool
    Convert Html to php,asp,cgi,jsp,js,vbs, compress html, encrypt
    Download monitor tool to track website status
    Small, fast dictionary for your system tray.
    Complete filenames in edit controls (source included). Free.
    Secure Internet Communication Program.
    Hex Editor, Disk Editor, and RAM Editor
    Enhances your keyboard with hot keys, using Win.
    an award winning collection of tools
    Pop Up Window Stopper
    Organize and manage your wine collections.
    Easy Real-Time eBay for Windows Smartphone
    Backup your important data quickly
    Easy to use and flexible CD/DVD writing application
    Encode audio files from WMA to MP3.
    Recover lost or forgotten MS Word passwords.
    This program will keep track of all weather data you register.
    Complete Web server protection against worms.
    Freeware Time Zone utility!
    Replacement for WinDiff with directories synchronization.
    Easy diskless Win-Terminal from any hardware.
    Performance Monitoring Software for Websites
xptoll50.exe       05/06/06     660K
    A powerful tool for cleaning disks
xrampav.exe        10/08/03   16.35M
    XRampAV - The Ultimate Anti-Virus Software
xsisetup.zip       03/07/05     245K
    Integrate SP2(service Pack 2) into Winxp.
xvssetup.zip       03/06/05     246K
    Give your old application Winxp looks.
zafe setup.exe     05/10/03    1.47M
    Get rid of those large web advertisements with Zap! Ads FE.
zasetup.exe        04/23/03    1.48M
    Need to stop those web ads? Look no further!
zinelite10.exe     12/14/04    1.43M
    Powerful and easy to use WIN32 secure archiving utility software
zipcodes12.exe     05/15/03    1.95M
    Zip Code It! Offeres almost every zip code
zipsc20.zip        12/03/03     726K
    ZipScan searches inside Zip files, CAB files and other archives.
zone.exe           03/14/07    2.82M
    Zone clock is a multi Time Zone clock from UK Software
zsCmp241.zip       06/07/05    3.32M
    file and folder comparison and sync utility
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    Organize and manage virtually any data.
    Organizer for Home PC users, with 50 ready-to-use templates
    Movie inventory software for organizing movie collections.
    Stamp inventory software for stamp enthusiasts.
ADDRESSBOOK.ZIP    01/03/08     386K
    FREE - Organise your contact information,
ADDRFI22.ZIP       11/17/04     357K
    Use for keeping personal address information.
AFXContact_Setup.e 06/11/03    7.36M
    The Address Book that builds links
AGENDA.ZIP         06/18/07    9.96M
    Agenda Manager for Windows.
Ace7setup.exe      08/23/08   24.30M
    Easy to use network based Contact Manager.
AcePln12.exe       12/23/08    2.88M
    Personal time management suite
Adrmng50.zip       10/26/05   15.03M
    Business And Personal Information Manager
AdvDiary.exe       05/24/07    4.46M
    Easy to use and powerful electronic journal.
AktiPlanner.exe    07/16/04    1.11M
    Visual time organizer and tracker.
AlarmMasterInst.ex 09/11/07    1.51M
    Alarm clock, scheduler, timer. Skinnable.
AlarmMasterPlusIns 09/12/07     644K
    Alarm clock, scheduler, timer. Skinnable.
BeOnTimeInstaller. 08/06/03    1.46M
    A simple, easy-to-use, personal reminder program
C-OrgPro.exe       02/28/07    6.99M
    an elegant and powerful organizer (PIM)
C-OrgStd.exe       04/02/07    5.22M
    an elegant personal information manager
CVTBLD.EXE         12/08/03    5.48M
    Personal Network Mgt Tool for Job Seekers
CalendarProSetup.e 02/07/06    1.91M
    An easy-to-use calendar with reminders.
CalendarSetup.exe  12/26/08     385K
    Calendar of any full year, taskbar icon
CodeLib2.zip       02/15/09    8.63M
    A database for all your information.
DPlnr210.exe       01/30/06    3.81M
    Hierarchical planning and estimating tool.
DRAGnHIDE.zip      09/02/03    2.95M
    Passworded storage for pictures and textes drag-n-droped in
DiarySetup.exe     03/07/04    1.09M
    An application that helps you write your diary on your computer.
DocSource3.zip     09/03/04     196K
    Documenatation, source and articles management.
ETODO.ZIP          05/25/04    1.22M
    Helps you manage your To-Do lists
EiownSetup.exe     12/11/08    4.64M
    The Award Winning Home Inventory Program
Film201.exe        01/11/05    3.51M
    Manage your movies easily
GJD20.zip          07/30/05    3.73M
    Record, analyze, and organize glucose tests.
Handy24.exe        02/15/06   33.95M
    Personal Information Manager PIM
    Babya bCal is a easy to use and unobtrusive PIM program
JPortfolio_1_4.zip 05/08/07     283K
    Security Fundamental Analysis Tool
LM2000_1.zip       12/12/04    5.57M
    Organize your random thoughts with this outline/database tool.
Life_Balance_Win_i 06/01/04   10.47M
    Dynamic ToDo List driven by goals, time/effort, and tasks done.
MagnificatSetup.ex 05/23/07   10.35M
    Classical music CD cataloging and Encyclopaedia
Mediabee-1.1.exe   03/16/05    5.30M
    Mediabee Family Dashboard
MeetingPalHost.exe 05/30/04   12.97M
    Software to work together on an Intranet or over the Internet
MillenniaCalendarS 01/18/06    2.53M
    Calendars, holidays and astronomical events.
MotoInstall.exe    04/03/08    3.92M
    Daily Planner and calendar software
Notesb12.zip       04/30/03    2.47M
    Everything you need to be well organized
OrangeRevolutionIn 01/19/05    2.00M
    Alarm clock, scheduler, timer. Skinnable.
    Allows you to store all your passwords.
    Store and retrieve snippets of important text
    Securely store passwords for quick access while you surf.
    It securely stores your passwords
RB20.zip           02/05/05   55.16M
    Recipe maintenance database
RcntJobs.exe       12/01/04    4.22M
    File and URL finder/launcher, phonebook dbase
Recipe11014.exe    07/19/03    4.41M
    An easy to use program to save and manage your recipes.
RecipeCenter500Set 09/18/05    7.04M
    Organize, email, import and print recipes.
RecoveryToolboxFor 10/15/08    1.13M
    Windows Address Book repair software tool
Rmp2Full.exe       03/13/05    2.04M
    Freeware reminder program
SAMcal3.zip        09/27/04    1.82M
    SAMcal is a highly configurable calendar/reminder app.
SDS31.zip          03/07/03    1.98M
    Diary, graph, organizer, health monitor!
SKSetup106.zip     08/22/06    1.20M
    SafeKey is a secure and user-friendly password manager
Setup1.exe         04/26/05    7.37M
    File, backup, find years of Outlook Emails
Setup_Blitz_TAPI_S 10/20/05     706K
    SMDR messages for PBX Panasonic KX-TD through TAPI
ShowOffSetup.exe   04/21/04    3.01M
    Create a picture website on your computer.
SlickMemoV2Setup.e 10/06/08    1.57M
    Note taking application organizer and PIM
Smartwininstall.zi 09/03/04    6.98M
    Get quick access to your applications ,files, folders and sites
SnapturePPCSetup.e 05/04/05     889K
    Transfer text from computer to Pocket PC
SyncCellSetup_apad 02/26/09    6.23M
    SyncCell lets you use your RAZR like a PDA!
TelistPro60Demo.zi 12/08/06    9.79M
    Stores contacts,anniversaries,photos,tasks...
TheTimeMasterSetup 07/31/04    1.57M
    This is the ultimate time management tool.
TimeManager7Basic_ 12/07/05   10.02M
    Calendaring Software
TimeManager7Pro_2. 12/07/05   10.02M
Timepl10.exe       09/29/06    1.85M
    Daily planning and time management tutorial
TrackerSetup.exe   11/25/07   13.84M
    Personal information management software
VORG.Team.Full.exe 03/08/07   59.24M
    Advanced Team information manager
VirtuosoOrganizer. 02/07/04    1.16M
    Personal Information Manager for you or for your business.
WeddlesContactHand 02/17/04    2.77M
    Address book to store driving directions, pics, numbers, etc.
WeightWare_Install 01/25/05   17.76M
    WeightWare - Your Weight and Health Diary
WinSeasons30.exe   10/13/05     891K
    Your Professional Personal Information Management Software
ab2003.zip         02/22/03     898K
    Free, small and easy to use Address Book replacement.
achef660.exe       06/24/04    8.85M
    Professional recipe manager that's fun to use.
acllid14.exe       07/13/04     302K
    Audio Caller ID and Call Management
adc.exe            02/23/09    2.43M
    Customizable PIM on your desktop wallpaper
addressbook_sw.zip 04/30/04     697K
    Intuitive, flexible, and small addressbook
ado.exe            11/26/08    4.76M
    Address Software for business.
aj3510.exe         04/12/06    2.70M
    Keep a private journal, diary or log.
aladd_el56.exe     06/02/03    1.40M
    Print envelopes and labels in MS Outlook in only 3 mouse clicks!
amibk20.exe        01/31/07    1.03M
    Amibook is the organizer for you.
amlpages_set_eng.z 03/03/03     910K
    Aml Pages is a power manager of the notices having the functions
apikd.zip          01/20/03     321K
    Secure personal information storage
apr.zip            11/04/03    1.49M
    Powerful and easy to use password manager
apw14.zip          12/06/04     619K
    Store all your passwords in a safe place
asacpro.exe        05/28/03     914K
    Simple, elegant and power saving alarm clock.
atdls10.exe        11/06/05     283K
    To-Do List Organizer - Easy to use Task Management
awolf447.zip       03/07/05    6.67M
    Keep your vehicle in great running condition!
ax3.exe            02/15/05    1.33M
    Personal Finance Manager and Budget Planner
azzCardfile_4000c_ 01/13/09    1.70M
    Replacement to MS Cardfile.exe, get organized
barbus-pnb.zip     04/22/04     616K
    Keeps phones, URL's etc. Custom fields pages and print forms
bcedl.exe          05/31/07     712K
    Easily organize your book collection.
bfs32350.zip       03/02/04    2.40M
    Budget databases, investments, all mortgages
birthday.exe       06/13/04    3.17M
    Never forget another birthday or anniversary
boat.exe           03/02/09    7.16M
    Organize and manage your boat related data.
brt350_88.zip      03/03/06    1.64M
    An easy to use Birthday reminder
budgetinstall.exe  12/31/08   13.35M
    Gain control of your finances, print checks, balance checkbook
bztme201.zip       10/14/03    1.16M
    Program to keep your dates under control
calendar-wizard-2- 06/02/08    8.56M
    AMC Calendar Wizard build customized personal printable calendars
calpad1.exe        09/21/04    6.43M
    Make your own customizable web site calendar
calque11.exe       06/04/06   14.20M
    Free All-In-One Calendar and Organizer
ccdl.exe           05/31/07     664K
    Easily organize your coin collection.
ce301.zip          02/22/03   12.76M
    Customizable Collection Inventory Software
chaos7setup.exe    11/02/06    4.85M
    award winning contact manager with shared data 2007 version
chrpro.exe         10/15/07   12.08M
    Church membership management software.
clntnt58.zip       08/24/06    1.31M
    Client-tracking and scheduling for everyone in the office
cn107.exe          04/18/03     524K
    Event Reminder With Calendar And More
cncat-4.1.zip      05/30/08    3.23M
    CNCat - web-resources catalogue
cntpro.exe         10/13/08    9.86M
    Contact Organizer Pro for Windows
collmate.zip       04/10/06    1.10M
    Is your collection in disarray? Get Collmate!
computerdiary2007. 12/13/06    1.56M
    Easy Computer Diary without predefined fields
cpsetup.exe        12/20/04   10.94M
    Award winning contact management system
cs410ri.exe        03/03/09    2.36M
    Keep track of your daily schedule.
cuteorg.zip        01/30/03    1.04M
    Nice looking feature-packed organizer system
cwolf220.zip       03/28/03    5.74M
    Keep detailed records on everyone you know!
    Best Personal Information Management Software
    Simple calendar that sits directly on the desktop for easy access
    Free and effective way to control your weight
    Multidimensional Information Management
    Virtual personal secretary.
    Display the date in your System Tray.
    Multi-featured reminder and scheduler.
eascal32.zip       02/15/04    1.37M
    An inexpensive easy to use calendar.
ecmsetup.exe       02/01/04    2.83M
    Calendar maker software for photo calendar
envpk.exe          03/04/09     820K
    Easy way to print addresses on envelopes.
eqitr.zip          09/19/05    8.38M
    eQit is an all-in-one clock, diary, notepad, and contact database
event.exe          10/22/07   10.60M
    Event Manager for Windows.
ewsetup.exe        05/09/05    3.24M
    Microsoft Outlook AddIn for Realtors
ezrecipe.zip       10/04/06    6.03M
    Recipe database, meal planner and grocery shopping list manager
famrnt58.zip       09/15/06    1.31M
    Calendar and diary for BUSY families
filo_xp_std_setup. 03/20/03   14.43M
    Want Control, Functionality, Features, a Modern Interface?
fosetup.exe        04/10/08    1.63M
    Useful hierarchical database program
freebie-notes.zip  12/19/08    1.59M
    Freebie Notes is a easy to use reminder.
fullcontact.exe    02/20/06    4.36M
    Full Contact: a Shared Calendar with Contacts
fundmn77.exe       04/24/06    1.79M
    Portfolio Management for Individual Investors
    Never hunt and peck for your notes again.
    Easily to use, Voice remind, Desktop Clock
    Track your gas mileage and MPG on multiple cars.
    makefast shopping lists from product file.
    Software for Address, Scheduler, Budget, FileEncryption
    Software video player supports all formats.
MagicKennelReserv 01/05/09   11.11M
    Kennel Reservation Software.
MagicRestaurantRe 11/05/08   12.01M
    Restaurant reservation system.
cs32350.zip       03/02/04    2.05M
    Investment, Pension, Retirement, Mortgages
nvsetup.zip       10/04/06    5.52M
    Keep track of your valuables, household items or collectibles
pdsetup.exe       07/04/04    3.23M
    Organizer Editor Topics Tree Rich Text Ideas
tsd-ver.1.35.exe  02/27/05    1.23M
    Simple and powerful task manager.
tsd.exe           09/09/04     907K
    A hierarchically organized to-do list.
    Info tree PIM and personal organizer
    Offender tracking software for professionals.
    The premier hierarchical note program
    Organize and execute a successful job search.
    Prayer Journal. Attach answers
keepoint7free.exe  01/15/05    5.97M
    Internet research software to save, organize and share WebPages
keyring.zip        07/08/03     178K
    Morello KeyRing Password Protection Software
krnlnt58.zip       10/26/06    1.31M
    The ONE scheduler for EVERYONE in the office
leader.exe         10/10/08    5.93M
    Win Log Assist is a PC time-keeping tool.
mailalert1b2.exe   08/18/04    1.43M
    A free e-mail alert add-in for MS Outlook.
mam121.exe         04/27/06    2.03M
    DVD, DivX, HVS, Hi8Catalog Software.
mbrpro.exe         10/20/08   12.12M
    Membership manager for Windows.
mcal40.exe         02/18/09    5.19M
    Customizable Calendar Reminder w/Photos
mcb360.zip         04/16/05    5.49M
    A flexible tool to help you manage your music
mf5demo_setup.zip  09/01/07   25.10M
    Nutrition and Menu Management Software
mienet_calendar_ag 03/03/03     264K
    Multilingual PIM-Calendar-Agenda TreePad add-on Icons up to 2020
mp3Toolbox10Free.z 02/09/03    3.63M
    mp3Toolbox is fully automated mp3 tag renamer and organizer.
myPWD101.exe       08/29/03    4.77M
     the safe preservation and uses various website password
myc.exe            11/21/08    1.39M
    Very easy-to-use contact manager.
mytasks.exe        08/24/03    1.29M
    The perfectly simple to-do list manager
ngccd79.zip        04/19/03    1.53M
    Atkins Controlled Carb Diet Software
notes.zip          05/10/06    2.52M
    Organizing notes in an outline tree form
notesimpsetup.exe  01/15/04    1.03M
    Makes notes with ease. Sets your mind free.
nreminder.zip      09/26/08     586K
    Reminder and scheduler for your enterprise.
officediary.exe    10/10/06    1.51M
    The Best Diary Software Like MS OFFICE 2003
openfitness_window 10/11/05    6.42M
    See your fitness progress and stay motivated
otak_120.zip       06/26/05    3.20M
    PIM with calendar-based notes, tree-type notes, addbook, task
    AMC Pagan Daybook 3 a unique calendar and integrated screen saver
    Personal information manager and day planner
    Generate secure strong passwords with ease!
    PC Diary Calendar without predefined fields
    Organize paper documents, notes, reminders ..
    Organize files, urls, notes, reminders, todo.
    Tray calendar. Make appointments, notes, HTML, printouts
    Desktop notes organizer and reminder.
    Birthday reminder software for everyday. Stay
quickftpserver.zip 03/05/04    1.61M
    Quick FTP Server is an easy to use FTP server
    RecBook is a very easy to use Bankbook Reconciliation Calculator
    Personal Calendar and Event Reminder
    To Do List to plan and organize your activity
    To Do List to plan and organize your activity
    Low cost multi-user CRM and PIM system
    Organize your sports card collection.
    Professional Electronic Manager-Organizer
    Memopad with folders, searching, encryption
    A time-saving personal information manager.
    Find out your credit rating anonymously
    A Bookmark manager.
    DateBook keeps track and reminds you of important dates.
    Integrated Address Book, E-mail List Manager and more!
    Office personnel sign-out board and message center
    Network-based office personnel scheduler, sign-out board
    Very easy-to-use all-in-one personal financer
    A fast and easy way to store all your notes.
    Easily organizes your web address data
    Create customizable sticky notes, reminders with snooze feature.
    SuperCool Calendar - PIM software about calendar with alarm and r
    Easily organize your software collection.
talkingreminder_16 03/10/04    2.44M
    Talking Reminder - never forget another event
timclk.zip         02/02/09    2.91M
    Personal Timeclock: time tracking, reporting
tomd5-0.exe        07/23/04    2.31M
    Stylish task list manager/organizer software
treenotes.exe      04/25/06    2.41M
    Universal, powerful note manager
trial.exe          04/05/04    1.70M
    The only software specifically for Square Foot Gardening!
tskpro42.zip       12/20/04    6.54M
    Powerful multi-user network calendar
tspdmsetup.exe     09/03/03   17.09M
    Innovative Personal Data Manager
ultimate-screen-cl 07/17/08   12.06M
    AMI Ultimate Screen Clock - schedule reminders, set system clock
visualmindsetup.ex 05/31/07   27.48M
    Mind mapping program. Improves your thinking!
voxagenda.exe      02/22/06    2.43M
    Create a calendar- Speak instead of writing!
vvs10.exe          04/16/03    3.62M
    Manage your information with this powerful organizing tool.
    Makes Your Desktop So Outstanding!
    Create macros for any Web/Window application
    Event reminder for Outlook Express/Windows Address Book
    AMF Daily Planner
xr422ri.exe        05/14/08    1.55M
    Stop forgetting important events like birthdays, holidays, phone
yLend.exe          03/13/05    1.77M
    Loaned items tracking software
yTimer.exe         05/11/05    1.82M
    Countdown timers with audio alert and popup
yvReminder.zip     03/03/07     922K
    Birthday reminder, data - from Address Book: Outlook (Express)
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    Make a Web Page and put it Online in Minutes.
    Easily make Style Sheets for your Website.
    Make Webpages for the Wireless Web.
    Spam Blocker removes spam from any POP3 email account.
    This Drag and Drop FTP program is the easiest way to maintain yo
    Easy WYSIWYG Website Software
    Make Great Buttons in Java or Flash !
    Easily Create Java Banners for Your Website
    Easily Create Java Banners for Your Website
    Password Protect Your Website with Ease
    Easier Web Searching / Identify Spam Results
    Fast, powerful web log report generator
    Amazing expandable Flash menus in minutes
    1 Click NetBooster the PC and Net Optimizer.
    1Click Spamshield stops PoP3 unwanted email
    1Click Spamshield stops PoP3 unwanted email
    Lightning fast internet information discovery
    Pop-up/Ad/SPAM blocker and web accelerator
    Create your own wireless hotspot
    Tunnels Windows apps on remote desktops
    Load balancing for Windows Terminal Services
    Accept/Deny RDP sessions by IP, PC name, etc.
    Converts PCs to thin clients
    Find and download the MP3s you are looking for.
    FTP client with flexible scheduler, transfer manager, zip/unzip.
    Automated ftp client. Runs as a service application.
    Automated ftp client with flexible scheduler.
    355 Monitor checks the online status of websites.
    FTP client w/ multi-threaded transfer engine
    Revolutionary navigation with pictures!
    Website verification and availability monitoring software
    Get the latest cult films onto your computer!
    7Way is a powerful email checker.
    Stop popup ads and surf the web way faster!
@SMS_POP.ZIP       04/24/03    4.24M
    SMS Add-In for Microsoft Outlook
A2P101.exe         10/13/04    2.06M
    Allows POP3 client to access web based email
AA2006.zip         01/15/06    1.58M
    Analyse attachments and e-mail.
ACEmessageSetup.ex 01/11/04    1.65M
    Send messages to group network PCs
AEPSetup.exe       06/29/04     449K
    protect all emails from email harvesters
ALPass.exe         08/28/07    5.76M
    Automatically Login to Web Sites, Web Email
AM-Install.exe     10/31/06     427K
    Powerful advert and popup blocking system.
ANetSearch.zip     11/09/07    3.52M
    Simple and fast network search engine.
ARHbrowser.zip     06/26/05     783K
    Internet traffic economy in time of web-pages viewing.
ASpam-Version-1.0. 06/17/04   10.49M
    Stops spam before it reached your inbox.
AWEBV235.EXE       06/12/04    1.39M
    The WebVacuum downloads files from web sites.
AbcShortcuts.exe   02/04/05     376K
    Lists the websites you visited in 26 menus (a-z) for quick access
AbookReaderFree.zi 05/14/04     189K
    AbookReader software takes a webpage and displays it as a book.
AbsTools_SendMail_ 12/11/04    1.26M
    Send html mail w/ multiple attachments
AbsoluteTelnet.exe 02/06/08    1.54M
    Telnet, SSH1, SSH2, SFTP w/lots of features
Accelerweb.exe     06/03/03    1.06M
    Accelerweb, latest in Internet acceleration
AccessFavorites.zi 10/16/03    1.22M
    Keeps Internet Explorer Favorites in-sync between 2 computers.
ActiveWhois.exe    02/27/08    1009K
    Explore all records for IP address and domain
AdPrintX1_00_002.z 09/05/03      38K
    Utility to manage Windows network printers from the command line
AdolixEMBackupSetu 09/05/08    1.49M
    The easiest way to backup Top 4 Email Clients
AdolixOEBackupSetu 02/26/06    1.36M
    The easiest way to backup Top Email Clients
AdventNet_ManageEn 09/30/05   30.40M
    Web-based event management tool
AdventNet_ManageEn 09/30/05   32.88M
    Firewall, VPN, Proxy server log analysis tool
AgentDialer.exe    08/10/03     446K
    This is a simple dial agent software.
AimAtSite.exe      05/06/03     447K
    Search toolbar for Internet Explorer.
AmazD162.exe       02/16/06    1.22M
    Speed up and manage your file downloads
And.zip            06/28/04     205K
    Is a free FTP clinet program for upload and downloas of data
Anti-Porn.EXE      07/15/04    3.29M
    A porn-filter software.
AntiHijk.exe       12/27/04     437K
    Protect your IE homepage from hijacked!
Antispam.exe       12/30/08    2.18M
    Block 99% of spam, viruses, spyware....
AnyplaceControlIns 11/27/08    3.23M
    Software for remote PC access via Internet.
ApocgraphySetup.ex 06/12/03    2.28M
    Protects against spam, viruses, and hoaxes.
ArcEv100.zip       08/27/03    4.67M
    Wireless monitor to capture packets on WLAN
AuditorLiteWindows 07/22/06   54.35M
    Free Configuration Documentation Software
AutoRefresh.zip    08/21/05     159K
    Tray based program to automatically refresh webpages at intervals
BC.ZIP             03/14/08    1.27M
    FREE - Communicate with your work colleagues
BCP.ZIP            03/14/08     590K
    Provide internet access to all your intranet
BFWDEMO.exe        11/29/08    5.70M
    Flash website templates
BMExtreme_v2_45.ex 10/26/05     376K
    Keep track of how much you download from the internet.
BMonitorPro.exe    09/02/03    1.01M
    Bandwidth Monitor Pro displays and logs your bandwidth usage.
BS-Server_Free_Set 08/06/05    1.83M
    Internet broadcasting, Streaming media server
BabyaDiscoverer4.z 04/14/03      10K
    Web browser
BabyaDiscoverer5.z 05/23/03     204K
    A simple and customisable browser
Babya_bFTP_setup.z 06/26/03     223K
    Babya bFTP is a simple and small FTP client
BandooV3.exe       12/26/08    4.31M
    Bandoo: Fun addition to MSN, AIM & Yahoo! IM.
Bandwi1.zip        12/23/05     617K
    Looking to monitor your bandwidth usage?
BarGr365.exe       11/14/04    1.48M
    Bar Graph MDI is a GRML file and web browser.
BarcodeJSP_TRIAL.z 03/27/04     304K
    Barcode image generator Java component
BarcodeNet_TRIAL.z 03/27/04     467K
    Barcode image generator .Net control
BeFasterSetup.exe  11/08/06    2.12M
    BeFaster optimizes your connection...
BeeThink_SpyDetect 12/16/08    1.29M
    Detect unknown spyware and trace hackers.
BizDefender        03/24/03    3.29M
    computer/network monitoring and surveillance
BlockWebSiteBuddy3 05/11/08     980K
    Reliable software to block unwanted web sites
Blogbt10.exe       05/18/05     537K
    Submit and Ping your blog to search engines.
BlueFrogSetup.exe  02/28/06    1.51M
    Blue Frog makes spammers leave you alone.
BossWatchetInst    05/24/03     260K
    It shows the screen of the remote computer.
Browst09.exe       05/27/05     334K
    Zip through search results, free IE plugin
Buzz_3D_FreeChat_v 04/01/04    2.92M
    Unlimited-use High Quality Audio / Video Web Chat with A/V email
CIRRUS20.zip       05/05/06   88.69M
    Config Management Router, Switch, Firewalls
CISetup.exe        09/23/04   44.73M
    Network Inventory Software
CMOInstaller.exe   01/30/04    9.57M
    Eliminate 100% of spam with ChoiceMail One
Camelo20.exe       09/18/04   14.39M
    Full featured server side ANTI SPAM solution
Cartha30.exe       09/18/04    7.67M
    Webmail client with groupware capabilities
CerberusInstall.zi 01/15/03     253K
    Fast and easy to use FTP server.
Cleanster1.0Setup. 04/22/03     709K
    Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Client Utility For Cleanster Service
CloveAntiSpam.EXE  10/06/03    1.87M
    Use it to protect your Outlook against spam!
CoGen_FW.exe       07/06/07    7.21M
    Software firewall protection
Cocomero_v0_2_BIN_ 04/10/05      92K
    A C# (.NET) FTP Checker.
CoffeeLiveChat40.e 10/10/05    5.89M
    Add Live Chat to your Website Quick
CoffeeSiteMapper.e 04/07/05    1.76M
    The Most Popular SiteMapper in the World !
CommuniCrypt_1_Set 07/22/05    2.07M
    RSA-Encrypted realtime-messenging/chat
CoolPopup.exe      08/12/05    1.59M
    Easy-to-use WinPopup replacement.
CoreftpSetup.exe   01/01/09    4.19M
    Secure FTP Client w/SSL/TLS/SFTP, HTTPS, zip
CuteHotspot.exe    10/23/08    5.21M
    Wireless billing software
DART_TRI.EXE       04/28/03    1.27M
    DART - search, gather, preview and analyze documents
DHEEdt16.zip       10/29/03    1.98M
    DHE The Fast WEB Editor!
DOSRDP.ZIP         03/29/03     484K
    make low cost and high reliability terminals
DUSuperControler-V 06/26/03     736K
    Control upload/download speed of your computer
DataFreeway.exe    02/04/05    1.59M
    SSH SFTP WebDAV FTP FTPS Client for Windows
DefenseWall_v1_61. 07/20/06    1.01M
    The easiest way to protect yourself!
DemoJX.zip         02/10/05     912K
    Powerful OS-independent product for searching
DesktopCentral_Fre 12/12/07    2.11M
    Free Windows Tools
Deva-xFTP.exe      12/30/08    5.30M
    Smart FTP Client integrated Webmaster tools.
DhcpExplorer.exe   06/21/08     444K
    Discover DHCP servers on network.
DialTimer_v099b.zi 05/11/03     779K
    Timer for Dial-Up Networking to warn user after elapsed time.
DivXAuthorTrial.ex 02/09/07   38.54M
    Create DivX videos with DVD-like features.
DivXCreate.exe     04/12/06   16.36M
    Create and play high-quality DivX video.
DnsEye.exe         12/08/06     479K
    DnsEye is monitoring DNS packets in network.
DotNmap_Install_pg 10/10/04     508K
    DotNmap is a graphical front-end to Nmap (Network Mapper)
DownloadWunder1.27 02/14/03    1.58M
    Fast multi-threaded download manager for all sorts of files
Download_sdtrial-r 05/09/05      72K
    Spyware Doctor is an advanced adware and spyware removal utility
DrDivX2.exe        03/01/07    2.87M
    Convert nearly any video file to DivX
DreamSetup.exe     01/14/04     584K
    A FTP server with nice interface
EAT.ZIP            06/15/05     515K
    Transform your data to plain text with this...
EEMINSTALL.exe     08/20/03    3.05M
    Enterprise instant messaging software for point-to-point comm.
EMailSpy1.exe      09/11/04    2.52M
    A tool to capture, monitor and record emails.
ESFTP.EXE          07/25/04      37K
    Freeware ftp-server for Windows
ESMS.EXE           07/25/04      69K
    Freeware mail-server for Windows
ESNS.EXE           07/25/04      47K
    Freeware news-server for Windows
ESetup16.exe       12/13/04    1.42M
    navigate the embedded file system of phones.
ETFree10.exe       09/27/04    1.18M
    UNIQUE blocker, never lose good pop-ups!
EasyGoBack.exe     01/02/04     208K
    Easily navigate back and forward
EasyLo10.zip       04/13/05     331K
    Single click log into your favorite websites
EasyRe10.zip       04/13/05     327K
    Magnify webpages as you browse the web.
Ecardxp.zip        04/28/04    4.67M
    multimedia e-mail client with powerful anti-spam filtering
Ejays.exe          01/16/08    1.05M
    Browser Companion for both Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.
EmailHero.exe      03/11/03    3.85M
    Email Hero kills SPAM and junk mail
EmailTalker40.exe  11/10/04    2.83M
    Buddy reads aloud your email (Hotmail, POP3)
EncryptHTML.zip    01/19/03    2.04M
    Encrypt HTML,ASP,JS,VBS,SHTML files, images.
EventLogAudit.exe  02/09/03    3.01M
    Collects the eventlog from the computers.
Explorer.zip       06/18/03     938K
    Conheca o navegador mais verstil da internet
FGTimeSyncSetup.ex 07/07/07     111K
    FG Time Sync can automatically sync the time on PC's.
FHSSet10.exe       01/03/08    1.39M
    Monitor HTTP traffic to find the URLs.
FIQ1208.zip        09/05/06    9.53M
    fast, save visual Site Ripper/Offline Browser
FISSet10.exe       10/25/07     689K
    Switch between different network settings.
FMBSetup.exe       05/20/04    2.08M
    Backup and restore emails for FoxMail client.
FPinger_4_2.exe    05/05/03    1.49M
    Network visualization, administration, monitoring and inventory.
FTPClient1.msi     07/02/05    4.37M
    FTP Client for Microsoft Windows*
FTPSetup.exe       08/02/04     814K
    Easy FTP client, edit and preview files direc
FarView_v1040.zip  01/21/03     909K
    A program to remotely view and partially control another PC via
FastHTML5-Beta-Par 12/02/04    1.72M
    FastHTML is a HTML editor in portuguese
FeedBeastInstaller 05/04/07    1.62M
    A free, professional-quality RSS reader.
FeedEditorSetup.ex 05/15/06    1.91M
    Feed Editor is convenient RSS feeds editor.
FileU110.zip       02/29/04    1.35M
    Monitors open file usage on a Netware 4.x/5.x/6 server.
FireScope_Workbenc 07/09/08   59.58M
    Free IT Service Modeler and SNMP Walk/Browser
FireTU10.exe       04/22/05     848K
    FireTuneUp is a tuning utility for Firefox.
FlashAndPicsContro 05/06/05     480K
    Easily disable Flash or pics in IE
FlashSavingPluginS 05/06/05     558K
    Save Flash movies right from your web browser
Flystrike.exe      08/13/03    4.47M
    Flystrike interrogates and auto-deletes spam
FreeNetEnumerator. 01/19/08     372K
    Enumerate computers in a domain.
FreePortScanner.ex 11/13/07     956K
    Freeware and Fast Computer Port Scanner.
FreeSnmp.exe       06/27/06     500K
    Free SNMP provides support for SNMP protocol.
FreeSysInfo.exe    06/22/08     442K
    Discover system and network information.
FreeWebLinkSubmitt 05/10/06     440K
    Allows submit url search engines, directories
FreeWireSetup.exe  06/01/03     396K
    Search download and share files with FreeWire
Freedomizer_Guard- 12/06/05    1.30M
    Freedomizer Guard-1 New! Super Program!
Froogie1.exe       09/01/04     596K
    Submit your products to Froogle data feed.
FtpRDP.EXE         03/29/03     579K
    terminal ftptool
GALHiderSetup.exe  09/21/06     539K
    Hide users in Exchange Global Address List
GCP1.exe           05/21/06    2.85M
    faster, more reliable, more intelligent!
GEODATASOURCE-CITI 02/09/09      17K
    World Cities Database
GEODATASOURCE-CITI 03/08/09     153K
    World Cities Database Latitude Longitude
GEOIOS_I.exe       03/09/03    3.29M
    GEO facilitator/server for cable/DSL/LAN PCs.
GEOSOS_I.exe       03/09/03    1.85M
    Signal-online and connect to your dialup PC from anywhere!
Gate-and-Way.exe   05/20/04     927K
    Firewalled Intenet connection to LAN users.
GeminiUDS_1_3_0_wi 04/18/03   16.08M
    Powerful Internet/web search and information retrieval system.
GentleMACPro_Setup 12/23/05    1.60M
    Change MAC and IP address simultaneously
GetFileSizeSetup.e 05/06/05     523K
    Find out file size before downloading a file
GetFlash_Setup.exe 02/11/03    1.20M
    Search, save and classify Flash files (*.SWF)
GluedOn.exe        06/04/03     910K
    GluedOn keeps you on the Internet.
GoldenKeywords41.e 12/15/06    4.14M
    Find your Golden Keywords fast and accurately
Grabber.exe        11/29/03     190K
    Grabber is a mass image downloader for IE
GralicWrapClientSe 07/15/05     839K
    Blocks fraudulent and phishing websites.
HD22.zip           05/04/03    3.47M
    a http/ftp/mms/rtsp download tool.
HEXCOLOR.ZIP       12/28/04     173K
    Generate webpage hex colors - Realtime screen
HSME30.zip         03/08/04    4.43M
    Web Applications server for Home and Mobile
HTML2Image.zip     05/05/04     609K
    Capture and convert HTML page to Image
HTMLRTA.exe        09/08/04    3.95M
    WYSIWYG HTML TextArea replacement.
HTMLTe10.zip       04/13/05     373K
    Simply extract HTML and Text from any webpage
HTTPMonitor.exe    01/20/06     147K
    Control each outgoing HTTP request.
HTTProb1.zip       12/16/04     255K
    A powerful HTTP viewer and analyzer.
HZSetup.exe        05/26/06    1.70M
    HTTP compression software for IIS Web servers
HandyFTP.msi       01/25/07     475K
    FTP upload tool for lazy - just click
HappyBrowser.exe   10/01/04   14.02M
    check proxy,browse web page,block ad
HijackRemoteSetup. 01/07/06     728K
    Free remote spyware cleaning using HijackThis
HitMan_4_Bundle_Se 07/17/08    4.33M
    keep track of downloads and page views in real time
HotHelpDeskV1_00Bu 08/19/07    2.10M
    Hot Help Desk - Trouble Ticketing and Knowledge Management with V
HotST12.exe        03/14/06     461K
    Search the net on a phrase you select.
HotSpot.exe        07/14/04     141K
    HotSpot MWC Client
HtmlRemover.zip    10/29/04     214K
    Emsa HTML Tag Remover - HTML removal utility
HttpConnectClientS 08/19/03     327K
    Translate network traffic into http request to cross firewall
HttpConnectServerS 08/19/03     345K
    Translate network traffic into http request to cross firewall
HttpTrafficGen.exe 12/12/06     419K
    Http Traffic Generator
Hyperbox.zip       02/22/06     225K
    Generates HTML files
    All-in-one website promotion suite
    FREE - Complementary website color tool, for
    FTP plugin for Internet Explorer.
    Erases all traces of your Internet activity
    Restore IE Option. Configure modem, cable and ADSL
    Internet Explorer plugin for reducing traffic
    View HTTP and HTML in Internet Explorer
    Block Instant Messenging, Web Chat, Web Games
    Block Instant Messenging, P2P and Chat
    Premier In-Out board with unlimited users
    Change the IP number to dotless IP number
    IPD Personal with e-mail alert XP
    IP Detective Suite XP
    Erase all traces of your Internet and PC.
    IPnote emails you your dynamic ip address when it changes
    Tool to fill out various webforms
    Secure and accelerate your web servers.
    Share files easily and securely.
    Remote control of Internet connection. Free
    Monitor ICQ conversations on network!
    Displays details of cookies and visited URLs.
    contorols ei, kills popups, search in web
    Enhance IE with web search,popup killer,skins
    Encrypted instant messaging tool for use with MSN Messenger
    Tabbed web browser with mouse gesture & voice support
    Easy to use web browser that blocks popup ads by default
    Quick access to multiple search engines from the system tray
    Gives you the YouTube experience as a application
    Elegant, auto detect mods, queue transfer
    Monitors Internet connection. Freeware!
    It assists to be notified about new posts
JSVImageSliderGold 07/21/08     727K
    Creates scrolling images on Web pages.
KSW15_install.exe  09/05/07    4.97M
    Organize/manage web site with hierarchy/index
KainaDiggerInstall 09/19/04    3.22M
    Web browser with accelerator combines with networking tools
KdaPilot.exe       02/12/03     405K
    KDAPilot is aKeyword Density Analyzer
KeywordExpander.zi 07/23/06     586K
    Expand your AdWords keywords list with ease
KeywordTrackingToo 11/20/08     624K
    Free professional keyword tracking tool.
KillSpam.exe       12/09/04    1.31M
    View, filter and delete spam email before downloading it
Killer.exe         05/07/04     325K
    The history eraser for internet and other software programs
KiwiCT2.exe        09/29/05    4.12M
    Free network management and config tools
KiwiSD7.exe        11/07/05    5.24M
    FREE GUI based Syslog Daemon for Windows
Kiwi_Logger.exe    10/06/05     624K
    Free syslog message sending tools
LANster_995b.exe   01/13/04    3.37M
    A LAN search program used to find shared files on a network
LDSetup.exe        06/12/08    1.87M
    Anti-Leeching Access Control Web Security
LHsetu16.exe       02/23/07    1.13M
    Manage your network without server program.
LSS.ZIP            03/14/08     632K
    FREE - Analyse raw traffic logs (CLF plain
LanRaptor10Setup.m 09/27/04    2.45M
    Protocol Analyzer/Creator/Launcher
LanTool.0.1.9.exe  10/31/05     576K
    Remote Network Administration for LAN/WAN.
Lantern.exe        10/30/03   10.69M
    Comprehensive Networking Application for Backup, File Sharing....
LbeOutlookReplace. 09/21/05    2.26M
    Search and replace for use with Outlook
LightServer.exe    07/14/04     141K
    HotSpot MWC LightServer
LinkAceSetup.exe   05/21/07     460K
    Link Ace is a powerful Bookmark Manager.
LinkChk_Free.exe   09/01/05     327K
    Web link parser and PageRank checker software
LinkDisguiser.exe  05/08/06    1.00M
    Anti-spam protection from email bots
LinkExchangeSEO.ex 03/03/06    1.71M
    Link Exchange SEO tool. Raise link popularity
LiveRSS.msi        10/03/06     639K
    RSS creeping line
LogCekk1.exe       12/04/05    1.23M
    Searching router log files.
LogiSphere.msi     01/24/07    2.78M
    Web cam SW for pictures and video streams
LucidLink22Client. 04/21/05   18.90M
    Easy WiFi (802.11) network conectivity
MCCv100.msi        10/14/03    2.78M
    Control multiple web pages with your browser
MCSInstaller_v1_8. 12/20/03    5.92M
    Email Reader/Speaker - NeuroSpeech OESpeaker for Outlook Express
MDNS.exe           02/24/04    3.67M
    indispensable tool for multiple DNS addresses
MDSSen11.zip       11/12/04   17.75M
    Sign file in any format by many persons
MECLBvr2X.exe      03/28/08   15.24M
    Load balance packet and Http server.
MECRMPvr2X.exe     06/24/07   14.65M
    Windows automation tool and remote control
MECRMvr2X.exe      06/24/07   13.16M
    Windows automation tool and remote control
MERLYvr2X.exe      06/24/07    8.73M
    Port Address Translation Tool.
MESDSvr2X.exe      06/24/07    9.98M
    Windows automation tool and remote control.
MICROFTP.ZIP       07/31/05     263K
    Easy-To-Use FTP Client for MS Windows
MM3-WebAssistant.z 01/20/04     586K
    Proxy Offline Browser: archiving by browsing
MM3Pro05.zip       06/14/05    1.04M
    Archives visited web pages with your browser.
MMP01.zip          10/23/04   25.08M
    Simplify and automate client printer moving.
MNM_7x.exe         04/13/04    5.97M
    Connect your laptop anywhere
MNetMgr.exe        05/19/03    5.20M
    Get your laptop connected
MP2SetupE2.exe     08/08/03    2.56M
    Search agent for images by keyword, URL, news
MSG_2_0_Setup.exe  08/25/06     305K
    MSG is a graphical NetBIOS message sender.
MSNContentInstalle 06/16/05    1.57M
    InstallsMSN Content packs.
MSRD_Setup.zip     01/14/07    1.03M
    Display screens of other PCs and control them remotely.
MSpk101.exe        10/13/04    6.48M
    Voice notifies new emails, reads emails
Magic_Uneraser.exe 02/26/08    1.01M
    Recover any lost and deleted files.
MailDetective2.exe 01/04/06    3.75M
    Detect mail abuse in corporate networks.
MailMenderSetup.ex 10/06/04    7.23M
    Powerful Anti-Spam Application
MailRoam-v1.2.exe  03/25/03     359K
    Switches mail server when roaming
MailTalkX_Setup.ex 03/25/06    3.77M
    A spam filtering (Anti-Spam) and an email monitoring utility,
ManageEngine_Appli 03/11/05   29.41M
    Monitor Apps, Servers, DB, Systems, Websites
McrLit50.exe       09/20/05    5.31M
    Messaging server for MS Windows Platforms
MediaGet.exe       09/04/04    2.09M
    Quickly download tons of media files
MementoLE.zip      09/20/04    1.49M
    Records Yahoo! Messenger Webcam session video.
Mercur50.exe       09/22/05   11.46M
    Messaging server for MS Windows Platforms
MibBrS10.exe       09/05/07    1.07M
    A Powerful MIB browser from HiliSoft.
MilShieldSetup.exe 09/10/08    3.13M
    Automatically erases all tracks from your PC.
MinesweeperClient. 02/17/03     952K
    Scanner probes your network to identify vulnerabilities
MobileSSH.zip      03/10/06     178K
    Idokorro Mobile SSH for remote access
MobileTCPSetup.exe 01/06/05    1.32M
    Forwards SMTP connections to the correct SMTP server
MojoClassifieds_de 10/15/06      33K
    MojoClassifieds classifieds software
MojoDirectories_de 05/02/07      33K
    MojoDirectories directory software
MojoListings_demo_ 04/06/07      32K
    MojoListings content management software
MojoPersonals_demo 04/21/07      32K
    MojoPersonals dating software
Mpm1In10.exe       04/08/04     329K
    Save/restore LAN/Internet settings profiles.
MsgPopupIIEN.exe   03/14/04    1.17M
    Rich featured instant LAN messanger
MultiOptionalRepor 05/26/04     797K
    Query traffic statistics cut by local host's
Munnin22.exe       01/18/07    2.01M
    eBay bargain hunting and market research!
MuseumSetup.exe    07/31/05    1.73M
    Search your History!
MyFilms.zip        08/23/07    2.64M
    MyFilms for your downloaded movies
MyIPSuite.exe      02/18/04    1011K
    Trace,sniffer and scan IP and website
MyMoviesSetup.exe  12/09/04    3.43M
    Ultimate movie organizer and sharing tool.
MySafe10.exe       06/25/05    4.69M
    MySafe – A secure roaming internet profile
NADetector.exe     11/15/07     553K
    Monitors and analyzes the network traffic.
NNTPProxy.zip      12/14/03     274K
    A true NNTP (news) proxy
NView-29.zip       11/01/03    1.65M
    N-View is a network monitor
NamesDB-Setup.exe  11/14/04     190K
    Instantly access a huge MSN Names database.
NecuseDemoSetup.ex 11/16/06    1.79M
    The Definitive Artificial Intelligence persoanlized search Tool
NeoDownloaderInsta 12/07/07    1.91M
    Download tons of pictures and media files
NeoDownloaderLiteS 12/17/07    1.88M
    Fully automatic image downloader
NetAlive.zip       03/04/03      21K
    Monitor several remote sites for network errors.
NetBiosSpy.zip     06/26/03      29K
    Netbios SMB sniffer
NetCheckerInstall. 06/20/04     463K
    NetChecker is a network diagnostic
NetCli15.exe       05/12/05    1.78M
    Easy Network Clipboard Sharing with Security
NetComSetup.exe    05/24/05    1.49M
    Traffic monitoring, IP-filtering, QoS, Bridge
NetD22.zip         02/16/06    2.42M
    Network scanner and file searcher
NetEagle3.exe      05/25/05    2.97M
    Monitors various network services.
NetEagleEx3.exe    07/26/05    3.28M
    Monitors various network services.
NetExpense.exe     12/07/03    1.34M
    Tracks Internet/Computer usage
NetFav1.exe        08/10/04     619K
    FREE file-sharing program and online bookmark
NetFile.exe        10/03/03    2.30M
    User friendly FTP client with P2P
NetJaxerSetup.exe  02/23/06    1.13M
    NetJaxer integrates web 2.0 apps into Windows
NetMeterSetup.exe  06/22/06     950K
NetPeek4.zip       12/30/04    5.30M
    Inventory your network
NetPenguin.exe     07/03/04    4.28M
    NetPenguin consists of 12 network utilities
NetProfileSwitchSe 06/19/06    1.37M
    Switch your laptop between multiple networks
NetTaskExec.exe    12/10/06     441K
    Schedules programs to run on net computers.
NetTime_ins.exe    11/20/03     976K
    Synchronize your PC's or LAN's clock
NetTools2.exe      03/31/06    5.75M
    Host monitoring (alerting), trace, lookup, port/network scanner
NetView.exe        09/29/03    6.46M
    Organize thousands of web pages and EMail.
Netsticker.exe     06/26/04    6.01M
    Netsticker gives you 'drag and drop' graphic bookmarks
NetworkActivAUTAPF 09/19/03     168K
    Configurable UDP and TCP port forwarding.FREE
NetworkActivPIAFCT 06/11/05    1.45M
    Easy yet advanced, quad-mode packet analyzer.
NetworkActivWebSer 06/11/05     608K
    Easy, free, GUI, Web Server supporting CGI, PHP, and Perl.
NetworkDriveManage 05/02/08    1.67M
    Network Drive Manager
NetworkGazerInstal 10/28/04    2.03M
    Security network monitoring systems with documenting.
NetworkInventory.e 02/09/03    5.03M
    Audit your network computers and export.
NetworkManagement. 02/09/03    4.41M
    Powerful deployment tool to install softwares
NetworkManager.exe 08/19/07    2.83M
    Network management and inventory software
NetworkProcMonitor 01/26/06     434K
    Displays remote computer process information.
NetworkSecurityAna 01/18/05   21.60M
    Real-time advanced security event management
Network_Probe_0.4- 02/18/03    4.29M
    Network Probe
NoSPAMSpam.zip     06/21/04    3.62M
    NoSPAMProxy is a AntiSPAM SMTP Proxy
NomadNews-2.10.zip 01/23/06    2.50M
    Free Usenet newsreader application
NoopFTP11.exe      07/06/03    2.18M
    NoopFTP is an explorer style FTP client.
NwsAl100.exe       05/29/04    4.32M
    NewsAloud reads news stories aloud or to MP3.
OESort10.exe       03/11/05      68K
    Outlook Express Contacts pane names sort etc.
OE_Repair.zip      05/05/06     974K
    Potent tool to repair Outlook Express
OGProgram.exe      03/03/03    1.24M
    OctaGate works like a switchboard for HTTP requests
OXP_internet.exe   08/11/05     683K
    Optimize your Windows XP Internet Settings.
OpM_5.exe          05/27/05   28.56M
    Manage Apps, DB, WAN, LAN, Switches, Routers.
OrionSetup.exe     08/27/06    1.44M
    Compact and comfortable IRC client.
OutlookExpressBack 09/25/08     877K
    Outlook Express backup/restore tool
    Submit your software PAD file to 100 sites.
    Protected web browser
    Improve your PC performances!
    Download free pictures from the Internet.
    Clear cache,cookie,urls,protect your privacy.
    Internet eraser to protect privacy
    Network monitoring and session control
    Protected email client with anti-spam filter
    An intelligent popup blocker for IE
    Check the page rank of a site or page.
    Remove file extensions from URLs and src code
    High quality packet sniffer LAN analyzer
    Configure and manage Cisco routers, switches
    DNS Audit matches IP addresses to DNS names
    Captures flow data from network traffic
    Discover every device on your network
    Ping Scan looks for responding network nodes
    Port Scan looks for open TCP network ports
    SNMP Scan finds nodes that support SNMP
    Discovers devices connected to switch ports
    Receive, log and display syslog messages
    TFTP Server is a simple file transfer tool.
    IT network dashboard
    Network troubleshooting & remediation system
    Pamela for Skype
    Blocks porn so children grow up strong and healthy.
    Overview of all access rights
    Personal Web Helper is a password manager and one-click Web Form
    Alternative Tabbed Flash Design Web Browser.
    Online Caller ID and Internet Call Waiting with no monthly fees!
    Identify callers and zap telemarketers.
    Easy to use Outlook Express backup utility.
    Super Picture Finder Grabber Downloader
    Easily find and download multimedia content!
    PNS is a tool for network security shielding.
    Send SMS text messages, phone calls and faxes
    Blocks popups
    Domain popularity link checker and whois / expiry information.
    Block all IE popup ads and messenger spams.
    Popup Advert Stopper
    Emsa Port Blocker - TCP Port Blocker Utility
    the most efficient FTP client/server!
    PC Management suit
    Software to enable you show the love in email
    Anonymous Surf,Block Popups/Ads,Clean History
    Erase all your internet tracks easily.
    Bypass firewall, tunnel connections, hide IP.
    Check proxy,find anonymous or fastest proxy
QLogin30.exe       02/07/09     118K
    Login to multiple websites in one click.
QPelicanSetup1_0_1 08/29/05    1.42M
    Use QIOS Pelican to send personalized e-mail
RACServer350.exe   12/18/08    2.01M
    Software for PC remote control
RADREPsetup.exe    03/05/06    5.64M
    RADIUS log analysis and reporting tool.
RASMonitorSetup.ex 01/18/03     532K
    The tiny modem bandwidth usage monitor utility
RFTPScanSetup1.1.e 12/02/05    1.02M
    Find files in local FTP servers.
RSIPAdBlockerDemo. 11/04/04    3.03M
    Block IP Popup Ads
RSSSub10.exe       01/09/06    1.09M
    Submit RSS Feeds to the RSS search engines.
Radar_45.exe       04/30/05    1.18M
    monitoring website status and performance
RageWork.zip       07/16/05   11.75M
    RageWork takes file management to the next level!!! Must See!!!
RbTst2.0.zip       05/03/03     748K
    RoboTest: Connection/server performance tests
RealWebInfo.exe    08/18/03     792K
    Get the real information of all the websites
RemSht34.exe       06/07/06     336K
    Shutdown multiple workstations over a network
RemoteControl.exe  04/17/07     535K
    Connect to Remote PC behind Firewalls
RemoteDeviceExplor 02/01/06     432K
    Displays remote computer device information.
RemoteMemoryInfo.e 02/12/06     436K
    Displays remote computer memory statistics.
RemotePCInstallerT 06/08/05     860K
    Automated software distribution, hard- and softwareinventory
RemoteServiceMonit 01/25/06     434K
    Controls the status of network services.
ReplyB10.exe       03/23/06    1.76M
    Outlook-Tool für alle die oft Mails schreiben
ResellerBackup.zip 05/19/05     976K
    ResellerBackup is a tool that allows you to backup your website
RfcBrS35.exe       09/05/07    1.19M
    Powerful RFC browsing tool renders HyperRFCs.
RiverGate-RSS-Read 02/20/09    2.80M
    RiverGate Rss Reader is a feed reader.
RooslWho.zip       04/13/08    1.40M
    WhoIs Client with Webpage source grabber. Track Phishing Fraud!
SBN32_89.exe       03/10/03    1.28M
    Automatically download files from newsgroups
SB_2_10_Trial.zip  05/19/05    7.98M
    Portal creation system and user management.
SDA15.zip          10/30/06    1.88M
    Optimize and manage your downloads and RSS/ATOM/PODCAST feeds.
SDAISetup.exe      06/12/08   14.66M
    Web Application Firewall for IIS Web Servers
SEO%20Studio.exe   11/01/03    9.78M
    Search engine optimization software
SEO_1.exe          12/18/04    3.93M
    Various SEO reports  keyword ranking in SEs
SFTPFull.exe       09/18/03    6.36M
    SmartFTP - FTP Client
SFsetup.exe        06/04/03      68K
    Stop SPAM from entering your Outlook inbox
SKYweb.zip         08/07/03    1.85M
    A fast internet browser
SMESSAGE.ZIP       01/03/08     271K
    Quick, strong encryption with private
SMS_Phantom.zip    03/10/04     299K
    SMS Phantom is a freeware messaging software
SMSing_102.zip     04/02/03    1.35M
    Send Free SMS To Any Cellular WorldWide
SNIEW_Setup.exe    03/13/05    5.84M
    Internet Explorer surveillance tool
SP23.exe           09/20/04    2.32M
    It can make or edit html files
SQLMan.zip         05/05/04      25K
    Management utility for Microsoft SQL Server
SSHTun30.exe       07/01/04    3.30M
    TCP/IP SSH Tunnel Client
SSHTunnelSetup.exe 06/06/05    3.02M
    SSH 1 2/reconnect/firewall/aut. proxy config
SSS.exe            06/06/03    8.19M
    Network Security Scanner
SSSleuth.exe       09/10/07    3.68M
    Multi-lingual search engine for your company
SSSpider.exe       09/10/07    3.32M
    Information Retrieval Intelligent Web Engine
SS_Setup.exe       12/11/03    2.15M
    Find a SMTP server anywhere to send mail
STsetup.exe        06/28/03    6.38M
    Site-Thief is a website downloading software
SUBMITIT.ZIP       06/19/05     120K
    Submit your programs to software web sites.
SVGIn1A.exe        08/25/05    3.85M
    Guide To Spyware And Virus Removal
SVSetup.exe        06/08/07     870K
    SelectView helps you get rid of annoying ads
SWPEE310.zip       05/31/06   90.79M
    Network Discovery, Monitoring and Management
SafeSetup.exe      12/27/03     666K
    Hacker safe online shopping software
SamiFTPServer1.3.0 10/25/04     179K
    Small and feature-filled FTP server.
SamiHTTPServer1.0. 10/25/04     144K
    Small and easy to use HTTP server.
ScamSensorForOutlo 11/19/05     918K
    E-mail phishing scam protection
ScanFi_4.zip       07/29/05   23.67M
    Discover, Report, Remediate vulnerabilities
ScnDBX20.exe       03/08/05    4.41M
    Repair Your OE Problems.Get your email back
SecretMessengerSet 12/17/05    1.21M
    Hide secret message into images.
SecretWeb.zip      11/30/06    6.53M
    A secret webbrowser for your privacy
Security_Bulldog_I 01/17/05    1.49M
    Protects against viruses,scripts,hoaxes,etc..
SekholFinder.msi   01/28/04     999K
    A tool for automating Internet searches
SenseGuardSetup.ex 10/26/06     561K
    Protect your Adsense from Accidental Clicks
SerialIP_Server_Se 11/07/04     653K
    Serial (RS232) to TCP/IP Converter
ServUSetup1.exe    01/07/09    4.97M
    Serv-U - Industry's Most Popular File Server
Setup.zip          09/23/05    1.33M
    Software for remote administration of local area networks
SetupAdminMagic111 12/09/04    2.60M
    Quick and easy remote screen takeover for $99
SetupDemo.exe      04/20/06     584K
    Mail Trustee is an effective anti-spam tool
SetupMonitorMagic. 12/08/04   13.81M
    Pro-active monitoring and alerting solution
SetupNetScopeEn.ex 09/27/03    1.12M
    Checks are your colleagues at workplaces
SetupPro.zip       08/30/03    4.25M
    Save time and win auctions on eBay.
SetupSimpletidy.ex 02/25/06    1.07M
    Convert HTML to wellformed XHTML 1.0
SetupUserManagemen 03/23/05    6.39M
    Active Directory user resource management
Setup_GatherBirdCo 05/20/05     399K
    Copy files over unreliable networks
Setup_RichBar_v1.e 12/11/03    2.85M
    The only Explorer add-on that does all!
ShareAlarm.exe     10/10/05     444K
    Share access alarm Tools.
SiSu_Setup.exe     02/26/04    2.63M
    Site Surfer is a fully functional web browser
SimpleDesktop-inst 04/09/05   15.98M
    Access and control a remote computer.
SimpleMail.zip     03/07/05     321K
    This program greatly facilitates the sending of Internet mail!
SiteLinkChecker.ex 03/04/06     469K
    Checks Web sites for broken links.
SiteUnseen.zip     08/24/06    3.75M
    Searchs Sites. Downloads Files Automatically.
SizePopup.exe      07/04/05     631K
    Sending messages in computers networks.
SkypeAttendant_set 07/25/06    8.22M
    Route Skype calls automatically
SkypeTransfer_setu 08/02/06    1.17M
    Transfer Skype calls.
SocialSpeedSetup.e 11/01/08    1.12M
    Submit social bookmarks to the search engines
SoftpileToolbarSet 09/02/03     645K
    The best way to search for software.
SolarWinds-RealTim 08/05/08   20.63M
    Unlock the Power of NetFlow on Your Network
Spam-Aid.exe       02/19/04    1.06M
    Spam-free eMail solution for POP3 accounts.
SpamEraser1.0.0.ex 05/09/07    4.67M
    SpamEraser isanti-spam software for outlook
SpamSlamSetup.exe  08/13/03    1.75M
    Eliminates 100% of junkmail from all of your POP email accounts.
SpeedConnect70Setu 04/04/08    1.83M
    Software to speed up your internet connection.
SpeedL10.exe       03/09/04    1.59M
    Simulate slow TCP/IP connections.
SpeedTestProGold.e 10/24/07    4.12M
    Full Network and Internet Speed Testing
Spinch15.exe       09/30/05    2.88M
    Strong protection against spyware for your PC
SteelRun-As-v1.0.e 02/16/07     843K
    Simple Run As Agent
Stm_ins.exe        11/20/03     934K
    Create and Manage the SSH encrypted Tunnel
StrongServer.exe   07/14/04     141K
    HotSpot MWC StrongServer
SurfOnGuard.zip    03/21/03     321K
    Blocks popups and cleans internet folders
SurfSense.zip      02/12/07    1.18M
    Internet searching productivity tool
SurfStar.exe       02/16/03    3.73M
    Enhanced web browser that stops pop-ups
TEDLogAnalyser11Tr 07/07/03    4.41M
    'TEDLogAnalyser 1.1' is a tool to analyse server log files.
TX-Trial.zip       06/08/03     751K
    Block KaZaA, block MSN Messenger, block Chat
TabMail.zip        01/05/04    1.15M
    Unicode, PGP, auto-compression, multi-account
TapiR10.exe        08/18/05    4.28M
    TapiRex shows a contact for an incoming call
TeamTalk_v2.1_Setu 02/15/04    1.52M
    TeamTalk is an voice conferencing application
TeleMe_1.exe       05/13/03     952K
    Send SMS text messages, phone calls and faxes
TerminalServiceAge 01/29/06     437K
    Controls terminal services and processes.
TheEasyBee.msi     03/17/05    3.30M
    Web recorder, player, scheduler and extractor
ThinClientServer3- 05/16/07    6.82M
TidyFavorites_Setu 01/31/08    1.12M
    Customize your Favorites
Toolbars.exe       11/06/05     807K
    The best clollection of IE toolbars
TraffMon.zip       05/19/06    1.37M
    A network traffic monitor and logger.
TrafficEmulator.ex 10/21/05     427K
    Generates traffic to stress test network.
TrafficStatistic_W 05/11/04    4.45M
    IP traffic statistics and bandwidth usage reporting
TrfcWz10.exe       01/27/06     307K
    Make web pages faster and better.
TupEnterprise.zip  02/11/07    6.56M
    Internet/PC activity control and monitoring
Tw_SkypeForwarder. 02/09/05    2.00M
    Skype to phone and phone to Skype.
TweakMASTER-Instal 12/02/06    1.35M
    optimize 'Net connection for faster downloads
TweakMASTER-PRO.ex 12/02/06      11K
    optimize 'Net connection for faster downloads
UIMPlus.exe        06/23/05    1.23M
    FREE multi-protocol instant messenger
UPnPES10.exe       12/02/07     768K
    A powerful UPnP exploring tool from HiliSoft.
UWSetup.exe        12/19/08     903K
    Get Notified Instantly When Web Pages Change!
UltraNetSniffer.ex 06/04/03    1.82M
    Ultra Network Sniffer
UpSetup.exe        03/09/03     457K
    Easy FTP upload tool.
UrfinInstall.zip   04/11/05     533K
    Urfin finds files in your local network
VENetworkCatcherLi 04/26/06     537K
    Freeware network monitoring tool
VE_Desktop_Version 04/19/06    8.50M
    Network simulation software
VPNAdminSetup.zip  10/23/04    1.82M
    Store VPN-Connections in Profiles
VisualSniffer.zip  10/24/05    3.07M
    packet capture tool and protocol analyzer (IP Sniffer)
Vividstation.zip   08/08/03    4.75M
    Great for managing all your emails.
VyChat21.msi       08/25/05    2.87M
    Real-time serverless chat for local networks
W3Setup.exe        05/26/06    1.10M
    JavaScript, markup
WBSC.exe           05/05/05    3.72M
    Add a spell checker to areas of your web site
WE_Standard.zip    11/29/07   10.74M
    Work Examiner Internet Usage Software
WallixPro-setup.ex 02/13/09    2.93M
    Wallix Firewall is a strong PC firewall.
WebCam.zip         01/30/03    1.94M
    Have you ever seen WebCams in FULLSCREEN?
WebColor_setup.exe 01/14/04     361K
    Your personal HTML pocket-palette!
WebDoctor_Net.zip  08/03/05    2.10M
    Internet Explorer and web related technical tools
WebDumper_setup.ex 01/12/09    1.88M
    Web site Dumper and retriever tool
WebForumReader.zip 10/20/08    2.12M
    A unique program for reading Internet forums
WebForumReader_Lit 10/20/08    1.28M
    A unique program for reading Internet forums
WebMarkers.exe     02/02/06    1.60M
    Save Important Web Pages Without Printing
WebMonitor.exe     12/07/05     115K
    Emsa Web Monitor - Web monitoring program
WebPlacementVerifi 05/06/06     440K
    Allows check site search engine placement.
WebRipper_1.15a.ex 06/22/06     530K
    WebRipper, the ultimate website ripper.
WebScraperPlus.exe 11/07/04   33.93M
    Web Crawler, Form Submitter, Data Extractor
WebbyFilesWin.zip  01/27/06   17.92M
    Easy to use file sharing and management system for team work
Websy140.exe       07/08/03    1.46M
    Website monitor / downloader with ad-removal
Wepkey14.zip       08/28/04      33K
    40-bit and 104-bit WEP keys
Whisto11.zip       03/24/03     357K
    Enhance your IE by some popular features.
Whisto15.zip       06/17/03     387K
    Whistone is a very useful IE plug-in!
WifiOwl- 10/06/06    7.28M
    Monitoring Wi-Fi Access Points
WifiOwlBundlePack- 10/06/06  117.25M
    Monitoring Wi-Fi Access Points
WinFtpServer.exe   12/11/03    1.06M
    Best Choice for you to setup a Ftp server
WinPing.zip        12/31/08     586K
    Ping program, very easy to use.
WinksSetup.exe     06/27/05    1.31M
    Downloads and installsMSN winks.
WippienInst.exe    08/02/06    1.97M
    Instant Messenger with VPN support
WolSetup.exe       07/12/06     174K
    Program implements wake on lan function.
WrPro033.zip       04/07/07    5.74M
    Web server, mail server and firewall log analysis
    The Ultimate File Attachment Software
    XP Firewall Commander
    An inappropriate content link checking utility.
YTKLite.exe        03/23/07    1.02M
    The Yahoo Messenger-Integrated Chat Companion
Yahoo-Message-Arch 10/11/04     349K
    Decodes Yahoo Messenger's Message Archive.
YellowTipWS201.exe 05/28/04   19.32M
    All-in-one installer of Apache, PHP, MySQL, more
ZAPaSPAM.exe       10/04/04    3.02M
    ZAPaSPAM for Outlook and Outlook Express
ZAPaSPAMExpress.ex 10/04/04    3.35M
    ZAPaSPAM for Outlook and Outlook Express
ZendStudio-5_5_0.e 01/15/07   68.44M
    Zends PHP Editor and IDE to speed up PHP dev
_filecpr.exe       04/12/06    1.32M
    FTP Server Made Simple
a1surf81.zip       04/16/08    9.04M
    Very Robust Web Browser / Anonymous E-Mailer/Voice E-Mailer/FTP
a4install.exe      07/16/03    1.84M
    Build Flash menus and Web site without coding
aamailsetup.exe    12/06/06    6.78M
    Email server with monitoring
aap.zip            01/14/03    1.07M
    Extract attachments from mail cliens
abcearth.zip       06/26/06    1.57M
    EarthLink emails converter to any format
abcedit.zip        06/13/07    1012K
    Easy-to-use BlackBerry contacts editor
abcgw.zip          05/13/08    1.96M
    Useful tool to convert emails from GroupWise
abcie.zip          04/18/06    1.07M
    IE bookmarks converter to CHM, PDF and HTML
abclive.zip        05/22/08    1.81M
    Useful tool to convert emails from Live Mail
abcnokia.zip       04/01/06    1.42M
    Useful VMG converter to any document format
abcvcard.zip       12/19/07    1.33M
    Useful vCard converter to any document format
ablef.exe          12/02/06   20.32M
    Automated Ftp client.
absetup.exe        08/30/05    3.18M
    A fast, stable, multi-window browser.
aceaxep.exe        10/24/08   21.10M
    XServer for Windows, Linux to Windows Desktop
aceftp3pro.exe     04/26/06    3.09M
    Powerful and secure file transfer solution.
acmeftp10.zip      01/29/03    1.19M
    AcmeFTP is a powerful FTP tool.
activewebtraffic.e 04/21/08    3.19M
    Promote your web site to the search engines
adarmor-CID161162. 09/09/04    1.91M
    AdArmor eliminates all online advertising.
addpreview_regular 10/02/05      81K
    Adds thumbnails to the search results of google, msn
adial180.zip       01/22/05    1.54M
    A user-friendly Internet dialer
admw800.exe        01/16/07    3.48M
    Toolkit for Windows, Linux
adr.zip            05/11/03    1.33M
    Powerful remailer with SMTP server, etc.
adsfilter.zip      02/22/06     536K
    Powerful advert removal add-on for MS IE
adult100.exe       03/27/07     552K
    Protect your child from explicit web content
advnetmonpro.exe   03/24/05    1.50M
    It displays the screens of remote computers.
ae60stup.exe       12/20/05    2.09M
    Connect an Amiga with one or more PCs
aep.zip            07/22/03    5.52M
    Processing and extracting data from incoming E-mail messages.
aepl.zip           07/22/03    4.96M
    Fully automates receiving, processing and replying to incoming e-
aet_tracer_lite2.3 03/09/03   17.48M
    Network analysis and visualization tool
aet_tracer_pro.exe 04/25/03   12.75M
    Network tool collection
aexr1042.exe       01/05/09    1.23M
    repair and recover orphaned Exchange offline storage(.OST) files
aextr.zip          12/26/03     307K
    Extracts message data to contacts and file.
afm.exe            10/31/03    2.37M
    FTP client allows automation of file transfer
afs.zip            08/25/03    1.02M
    Advanced, secure and easy to use.
agentcq.exe        08/27/03    2.19M
    MSN Messenger: auto reply and have fun with MSN Messenger
ahc.zip            12/03/04     774K
    Final preparation of HTML pages.
ahpp.exe           01/25/07    1.96M
    A handy HTML and text protection software
ahtml.exe          04/01/07    7.05M
    ASP-Pages with every CGI enabled web server
aicqt11.exe        09/10/03     601K
    User-friendly Internet tool for ICQ users!
aimingclick.exe    10/16/05     675K
    Gives you an instant reference for any word.
aimpr310.zip       03/23/06     542K
    Recover passwords to instant messengers.
aio_free.zip       10/23/07      38K
    Visual and audio alerts when internet connection status changes.
alck.EXE           02/17/03     356K
    Search All Things and Communicate with People in the LAN(Local Ar
aloaha.zip         02/05/05    4.69M
    Innovative server based AntiSPAM Solution.
als.zip            09/06/05    1008K
    LAN resources scan and search tool.
amarafibb.exe      10/14/08    4.43M
    Amara Flash Intro and Banner Builder
amarafmb.exe       10/14/08    3.06M
    Amara Flash Menu and Button Maker
amilenn32.exe      04/05/06     567K
    Network shared folders arranged to groups
amp.zip            07/29/03    1.46M
    Making clients lists of emails and names.
ams.zip            05/30/03    1.31M
    SMTP/POP3/WebMail/Secure Mail Server
ams300.exe         06/29/05    1.79M
    Automatically send and receive EMail messages
anaweb20.exe       10/15/03   17.07M
    Website Load Testing and Performance Analysis Solution
android40.exe      01/04/06    1.56M
    Automatic Usenet Newsgroup Downloader
anin.zip           02/02/09    5.04M
    LAN PC's software and hardware inventory
antenna.exe        06/16/03    1.99M
    Visual web creator with transparent layers
antiblock.exe      12/23/05    1.24M
    Outlook blocks your attachents?
antifrwl.zip       05/16/03     399K
    Anonymizer for FTP, News, IRC, ICQ, Email
antis.exe          12/10/04     113K
    Powerful software for removing junk emails.
antispam.zip       04/01/05     466K
    Anti Spam plugin for Outlook Express
antispamguard.zip  04/11/06    2.21M
    Destroys any spam mail and all other junk.
anydown.zip        10/05/03     501K
    Anydown is for browse
aoer1042.exe       01/30/09     644K
    A powerful tool to recover Outlook Express emails from dbx files
aoev1042.exe       03/06/09     641K
    recover deleted email in Outlook Express
apd100.zip         03/06/03     801K
    Quickly find and download pictures from Web
appesetup.exe      06/02/03    4.44M
    This program allows you to block and manage pop-up ads.
apprinst.zip       11/04/04     658K
    Monitor accessibility of your host computers!
appspy.exe         07/08/03    1.97M
    Network file utility.
aproxy_install.exe 06/08/04     969K
    Proxy server support http,telnet,socks,ftp.....
apwab.zip          09/04/03    2.59M
    Builds sophisticated ASP/PHP Web Applications
arpmke.exe         10/06/03     707K
    Perform easy uninstallations and audits.
articlespinnersetu 01/23/09    2.40M
    The fastest,easiest way to rewrite articles.
articlesubmitterse 01/20/09    1.55M
    The fastest & easiest way to submit articles.
as-setup1.exe      01/07/09    2.89M
    AllegroSurf - Because it's YOUR Internet.
as3PF_1_1.exe      10/27/05     389K
    Designed to prevent outsiders from accessing your network
asd.zip            02/28/05     835K
    Smart, flexible and aggressive spam control!
asfd.zip           07/20/03     544K
    Block all popups with this quick-toggle tool.
asi12setup.exe     06/27/03     808K
    Gather system information from LAN computers
asiev160.exe       10/29/04   17.12M
    The best way to find bargains on eBay! Free!
asklog14.msi       01/14/04    1.70M
    AskLog is the Web log analyzer program
asmssrvr.exe       10/24/07    5.54M
    Send, Receive and Process SMS messages
aspmon35.exe       05/29/06    2.33M
    Monitor any serial port activity easily!
assetfocussetup.ex 09/16/03   12.15M
    AssetFocus Network Inventory
atc70.exe          02/24/09    3.33M
    Synchronize computer clock with Atomic Clock.
atn.zip            02/23/09    5.04M
    Inventory network workstations, build reports
atomiclog23.exe    02/29/04    3.13M
    A Personal Internet Monitor
attachments_compre 02/13/04     490K
    ZIP outcoming attachments in Outlook
atzsn5.exe         07/21/04    1019K
    Software Atomic Time Server Solution for the Enterprise.
atzsvr5.exe        07/21/04    2.38M
    Atomic Time Zone Server operates Internet Time Servers.
auntyjeaninstall.e 05/12/04    1.14M
    Filter web sites for child safe surfing
authexec.zip       05/05/07      62K
    Remote command execution via web-based authentication.
autob.exe          04/09/05    1.27M
    Keep-alive program to auto browse the web.
av_en.exe          12/11/08   20.72M
    Anti-virus/Anti-spam protection for MDaemon
avdpro.zip         12/07/03     988K
    Finds attractive domain names for web site
awallfree.msi      10/22/07    2.05M
    Active Wall is a professional gateway filter.
awalltrial.msi     10/22/07    2.39M
    Active Wall is a professional gateway filter.
awlog.zip          10/21/04     942K
    Web site log analyzer.
awr.msi            01/05/04    4.69M
    Helps check your web site position.
awrc40.zip         01/23/04    1.51M
    Easily audit remote servers and workstations
awstrial.exe       05/25/06    1.00M
    Utility to hide your IP while surfing the web
axessh40.exe       12/11/07    3.99M
    SSH Client for Windows, terminal emulator
ayspy14.exe        04/26/07     262K
    Look up information in the Internet Registry
background.exe     12/04/05     323K
    Test images as tiled background
backlink-checker.e 11/14/07     958K
    Backlink tracker to analyze reciprocal links
basync20.zip       07/07/06    7.13M
    Scheduled file sync and mirroring over FTP
batchsyncftps.zip  12/23/06    7.39M
    Scheduled file sync over FTPS and SFTP/SSH
bbad196.zip        07/31/05     819K
    yEnc/NZB newsreader with scheduler and cache.
bbip71.exe         04/12/04    1.28M
    Permanently wipe deletes Windows and internet history.
bbst30301.exe      06/08/04    2.04M
    Performs exhaustive tests on your connection.
bcsetup.exe        02/19/03     928K
    Control your network traffic.
bestnetsec.zip     03/30/06    2.62M
    The best solution for corporate network.
bflite.exe         11/08/06    1.34M
    BeFaster Lite optimizes your connection...
bgl101.zip         08/24/05     349K
    Extracts links from a page loaded in MS IE
bigant.zip         01/13/09   15.42M
    Instant messaging program with VOIP, video, and web conferencing
bigmail_setup.exe  06/22/05    1.15M
    A utility compressing email attachments
bittorrent-acceler 03/07/09    1.91M
    BTAT is a new addon for BitTorrent
bjet101.zip        01/13/05     769K
    Binjet downloads media files from Usenet
bladeftp26.zip     12/23/06    3.77M
    A FREE FTP client with new features
blkw521.zip        06/08/06    8.40M
    Download website, offline browser site ripper
blockthat10.exe    05/23/03    2.51M
    Block That! Block Pop-ups and More...
bmftp_trial.zip    07/05/05    4.57M
    A native ftp server for windows 2000, XP and 2003
boingoinstaller.ex 10/14/03    7.81M
    See Wi-Fi signals and manage your connections
bookstp.exe        04/25/04     706K
    Convert your bookmarks into html documents.
bopupmes.exe       09/08/08    1.82M
    Secure IM client for business communications
bpadfree_install.e 01/28/05     180K
    Remove adverts and pop-ups.
bpftpclient_instal 11/24/05    2.54M
    BulletProof FTP a fully automated FTP client.
bpftpsetup.exe     04/08/05    2.33M
    BPFTP Server is a powerful Windows FTP Server
bpk15.zip          03/06/05     486K
    Top keyword generator for web site promotion
browseanywhere.exe 03/29/03     971K
    Visit any website in the world with global route technique
browserformfiller. 06/21/07    1.31M
    Form Filler Companion for IE.
browserobjectdirec 03/07/09      642
    BrowserObject is browser capabilities control
browserobjectdirec 03/06/09      640
    BrowserObject is browser capabilities control
browserobjectdirec 03/06/09      648
    BrowserObject is browser capabilities control
browserobjectphp2. 03/06/09    1.18M
    A server-side browser detection tool.
brsldr40.zip       05/10/05     133K
    Share Development Projects over the Internet
bssetup.exe        01/25/04    1020K
    P2P Internet Telephony
btlr32.exe         03/01/05    1.93M
    Manage all of your downloads with ease.
bwmsetup.exe       05/02/05    2.19M
    Traffic shaper offers bandwidth
cMail.exe          02/22/07    3.96M
    Easy-to-use Windows e-mail client
ca_setup.exe       07/18/06    2.14M
    A chat server for real-time chatting.
callistoinstall.ex 05/12/04    3.01M
    Callisto NewsReader/Bulletin Board browser.
capsa63ent.exe     11/22/06    8.24M
    Colasoft Capsa is an expert packet sniffer.
capsaent.exe       11/03/08    8.66M
    Monitor and Troubleshoot Network in Real Time
cbs.exe            05/28/03     881K
    Help you stay connected to the Internet.
cc270.exe          12/19/06    1.33M
    country code lookup tool
ccauto3.zip        06/12/04   11.12M
    Cyber cafe billing system and monitoring management software
ccauto3t.zip       06/12/04   11.12M
    Cyber cafe billing system and automation management software
cccterm.zip        02/21/03    2.58M
    Telnet and Serial Communications Terminal Emulator
ccgma20.zip        06/25/06     397K
    Tool for getting MAC address from IP address.
ccm_setup.exe      03/11/06    5.13M
    Mail client with built-in RSA/AES encryption
cdcoeinstall.exe   04/21/08   28.28M
    CTI integration in any application
certcheck.zip      05/05/07      32K
    Tests a server's SSL certificate for validity.
cflash11.exe       12/03/04    1.40M
    save flash files from web pages and cache
cftpdeluxesetup.ex 07/04/06    3.28M
    Cost effective, secure, reliable ftp client
chargemeter_en.exe 03/28/05     876K
    The money meter
checkmail.exe      03/25/04     880K
    mailbox checker
chkp3_43.exe       02/21/03     421K
    Email checker, check also ftp, news, ping... and other.
chronos_setup_free 02/24/09     527K
    Chronos - Atomic Clock Synchronizer
cktcks55.exe       06/01/05    3.79M
    Reveals pathways and behavior of web visitors
cleanup3.exe       12/30/03   16.20M
    Protect your Internet Privacy
clickandkeep.exe   11/25/06    4.29M
    Click'n Keep - Backup your email client!
clipboardsaver.exe 03/25/04     675K
    Windows Clipboard controller.
clipcollect-setup. 05/26/08    1.01M
    Website Builder: Convert any files to HTML
cmails15.zip       06/07/05    1.71M
    Professional SMTP/POP3 mail server suite.
cmailserver40.zip  06/25/06    1.76M
    Easy to use email, web mail server software.
cmax_setup.exe     06/02/08    6.35M
    CaptureMAX Professional Webcam Software
cmsetup.exe        04/12/04     586K
    Monitor cookies.
cncat.zip          03/02/04      51K
    Script to installWeb-sites directory
cngeoip.zip        05/30/08    8.19M
    CNGeoip - cities and countries tracking by IP
cngsetup.exe       08/02/08    6.65M
    Web-Monitor, Bookmark Manager, Web Archiver.
cnsearch.zip       01/25/07     430K
    Full-text search system, easy to install and to set up.
cnstats.zip        03/02/04      91K
    System for web-sites statistics.
codejay_setup.zip  02/08/03    9.02M
    Codejay - Code Generator Tool For ASP, COLDFUSION, ASP.NET, PHP
codethatgridstd.zi 06/23/04     142K
    advanced JavaScript grid
codethatindexer_tr 12/10/03     857K
    Adds search engine functionality to the site
codethattabstd.zip 10/26/04      79K
    JavaScript tab control (page control).
codingftp-setup.ex 04/23/08    2.20M
    Using script to automate FTP operation
col2html51.exe     10/08/06     761K
    Colour To HTML shows you HTML codes and their hexadecimal values.
comcamin.exe       03/15/03     388K
    An amazing array of over 50 effects put's this above the rest.
commfort.zip       03/05/09    6.10M
    High-load client-server multimedia chat
commis1.zip        10/05/04     326K
    Secure Your Links from Being Bypassed!
confcdkit.exe      08/04/04    3.40M
    Software tool for Conference organisers.
conkeep.exe        02/07/08    2.68M
    Prevents your connection from appearing idle.
convert3.zip       02/10/03    2.69M
    Token Ring/Ethernet MAC Address Converter
cookiem.exe        05/12/03     512K
    Manage your cookies and control your privacy.
coral_directory.zi 12/08/04     767K
    LDAP Browser CoralDirectory
courier3.exe       06/04/04    4.00M
    Safe, secure and reliable email for Windows - Courier delivers.
cpwiz10.exe        05/09/03    1.45M
    A cPanel account database with Quickstart information.
creloaded-manager- 04/28/07   10.07M
    Software for CRELoaded store management
cryptoasetup.exe   04/16/04    2.92M
    Secure email encryption. PGP support.
cryptotunnel.zip   05/11/07      64K
    Creates an encrypted tunnel for relaying traffic.
csf100.exe         03/23/04     553K
    Protect your inbox from spam.
csinternetnewswire 08/13/04     306K
    Customizable news distribution system built upon web technologies
csk405a.exe        02/09/04    2.09M
    Software router, Firewall, HTTP caching and authentication, VPN
csp32.exe          09/10/04    2.97M
    Common Gateway Interface (CGI) Creation
cswebmenu.zip      10/14/08    1.18M
    Popup menu web control for ASP
cswebmenu_jsp.zip  10/13/08     375K
    Popup menu web control for JSP
cswebmenu_net.zip  10/14/08    1.32M
    Popup menu web control for ASP.NET
ct200setup.exe     05/05/04     822K
    The easy way to limit Internet access.
cv5.zip            05/22/06    3.88M
    Network packet monitor and analyzer
cvh200.exe         04/22/06    2.12M
    Transposable sheet music for over 1900 hymns.
cview283.zip       02/14/07    1.47M
    Viewer for Netscape, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer cache
cvra2.zip          01/14/05    1.75M
    Remote packet monitor, add-on for CommView
cxmlsetup.exe      04/20/06    4.06M
    FREE XML reader and firewall program.
cxsetup.exe        06/07/04     932K
    WebCam Database, Viewer With WebCam Page Builder
cyber.exe          07/22/03     611K
    Search ,Download and Organize Thouthands of News each day.
    A Dynamic DNS service provided by Deerfield
    Network file utility.
    Capture, upload and archive webcam-images.
    Serial Data TCP/IP Converter Software
    Manage, Convert E-Mail Addresses
    Find Outlook Express dbx-file email addresses
    Email and newsgroup attachment decoder/viewer, near universal
    2003 Email/newsgroup decoder/merge MIME,ZIP,yEnc,HTX,UUE, more
    Automatically backup all AD based DFS
    Automated dialer, supports skins, plugins...
    Automates file distribution in intranets.
    Network file utility.
    Steilto2 is a TCP/IP messenger program. Small, fun, fast Free.
    dMSN is a Java Based MSN Client
    Network mapping and monitoring software
    Quickly and easily find best available Internet domain names.
    Monitor your domain names for any changes.
    Network PC Software and Hardware Inventory Tracker
    IE add-in to inspect and edit the HTML DOM
    Capture web pages, popups, status, whois.
    Manual Search Engine Submitter Tool
    Download complete websites for later viewing
    Assert control over what files your users download.
    Powerful smart doorway page generator.
    100% identity-verify malware-proof anti-spam
    Check your e-mail with real style, kill spam
    FREE - Easy paste and go downloader,
    Dynamic dns client built-in web hosting
    Spam Proxy
    A Windows based AutoResponder with follow ups
    Email forwarding software - 14 day free trial
    MySQL Backup and MySQL Restore scheduler - local or remote
    Convert DVD to flash video of high quality.
    Download high quality covers
    Download over 200,000 covers for DVDs!
    Universal Web-based database manager
    DWebPro is a stand-alone web-server on CD.
eIQProSuitev40W.ex 01/18/05   19.48M
    eIQ Professional Suite allows you to generate reports showing eVi
eMail20.exe        03/13/06    1000K
    Protect your email inbox.
eMailBounceHandler 10/20/08    2.10M
    Bounce e-mail filtering and handling tool
eMnAsetup.exe      04/22/05    1.39M
    Accelerate, Security, Optimizing and Settings
eNotebsetup.exe    06/10/03    1.27M
    Save web pages into single file for offline browsing.
eOrderingGold.zip  11/04/04    2.75M
    Shopping Cart and eCommerce app
eOrderingPro_Win.z 10/22/04    2.78M
    Shopping Cart and Online Store solution
eOrdering_Complete 10/22/04    2.70M
    Shopping Cart and Online Store solution
ea8000.exe         03/03/06    4.51M
    Outlook Express Backup and Restore
eas2005.exe        07/27/05    3.63M
    Superior protection against spam and phishing
easy_survey_100.zi 02/13/04    1.69M
    Internet survey add-in for Microsoft Office.
easydeskticker.exe 04/25/08    1.73M
    Displays RSS news feeds on the desktop.
easysubmitwebsites 10/31/04     396K
    Simple search engine promotion software.
easysync.exe       04/26/07     695K
    Fill the gap in ActiveSync. Sync any folders!
ec300.exe          10/24/06    2.47M
    Chatprogram for LAN/Internet
edgedesk-4_03-wind 02/19/05   20.17M
    Web-based e-mail and collaboration suite.
edocone_setup.exe  06/10/05    6.38M
    eDocOne is an e-article organizer.
efgo200.exe        07/17/03     716K
    file share large attachments software
efmm520.exe        02/04/09     673K
    Manage fast and easy your mailbox
efriend.zip        09/16/04     958K
    Find yourself a friend from your computer
efs3full.exe       02/15/05    1.77M
    Receive corporate POP3 mail and deliver to your local SMTP Server
efsws.zip          08/21/03    1.78M
    Easy File Sharing Web Server
eft121.msi         03/29/06     737K
    Access and manage files worldwide by browser.
eiwcli10.zip       04/06/06      21K
    Every Time A New Internet
eliminad.exe       11/27/03    1.87M
    Prevents banners popups windows messenger ads
ellafree_full_1_5_ 03/31/04   14.19M
    Ella learns by example stop spam
ellatrial.exe      02/16/04   14.31M
    Ella learns by example stop spam
email_archiver.zip 05/17/07    3.58M
    Export e-mails into HTML/CHM archive.
emailcloaker.zip   03/11/05     439K
    Cloak HTML email addresses.
emailmarketingtria 05/29/06     418K
    Make A Killing With Email Marketing
emailnotifier.exe  01/25/05    1.44M
    The certified email add-on for you.
emarkr20.zip       04/24/07     485K
    Mark text in web pages.
ematrixsoft_javasc 03/03/08    1.82M
    Free JavaScript examples for cut and paste.
emftp2022ep.msi    04/27/07     678K
    Easy-to-use, high-quality FTP client software
emlpriv.zip        10/25/04    1.20M
    Ensure your email security with Email Privacy
emom32.zip         11/24/05    1.41M
    Insert graphical smileys into email messages.
emonitor.exe       02/20/03    2.45M
    Monitoring your network services
enp1_1.exe         09/04/03    1.28M
    Server for managing and caching NNTP messages
entdesktop.exe     04/21/05   81.15M
    IT Asset Discovery, Tracking and Helpdesk
entmgr.zip         03/08/03   12.73M
    Prevent misuse of internet access by employee
epmp.zip           04/18/04     617K
    Performance monitor for remote servers.
es2006.zip         11/11/06   12.23M
    Replace attachments with hyperlinks.
esa.exe            04/18/05    1.43M
    Network packet monitor and analyzer
esec3.exe          03/29/06    9.61M
    Network-wide control of portable storage
esmtps25.zip       03/19/05    1.20M
    Secure way to send e-mail from portable PC.
esrdemo.exe        09/17/08    1.86M
    Recovery for Exchange Server fixes EDB & STM
etagfix-setup.exe  08/14/04     695K
    Saving bandwidth by fixing IIS etags.
etcetera.exe       05/13/03     894K
    Take control of your web browsing experience.
etherscout-setup.e 01/04/04    1.14M
    Watch Internet activity of users on your LAN in realtime.
etn_12-0.zip       01/28/08    1.17M
    Telnet Client for Intra- and Internet
ewe.zip            07/12/06    1.88M
    Create your own Web Site with ease, visually
exalert.zip        10/01/03     381K
    Notify about new mail in Exchange mailbox.
exosetup.exe       08/04/03     585K
    P2P File Sharing, shared folders eXplorer
eye.zip            02/23/09    4.38M
    Server monitoring tool
eyepro.zip         03/02/09    4.55M
    Server monitoring tool
eyespy.msi         08/14/04     934K
    desktop screenshot server
ezc2w_20.zip       02/06/03     598K
    Web server/script engine for serial comm.
ezdetach.exe       02/12/03      81K
    Save outlook attachments
ezilon_toolbar.exe 06/14/05     565K
    a pop up blocker, ability to search Ezilon
ezwpinst.exe       03/02/08     827K
    Auto checks web sites for text or updates.
fass.exe           05/25/04     101K
    Forum post editor
fastnet99.exe      04/11/03    2.83M
    FastNet99 is a freeware Internet utility
fastseek.zip       12/22/05     942K
    FastSeek is an advanced search tool.
fbns.zip           09/24/04    1.46M
    An innovative Web Browser for improving your Internet surfing
fctrdns.zip        08/06/03    2.52M
    Do your own DNS lookups (A, CNAME, MX, SOA, NS, and more)
fctrlsrv.zip       01/21/03    1.52M
    ListServ E-Mail discussion server (Like MajorDomo)
fdffsetup.exe      02/26/07    1.39M
    Secure your PC. Once for all.
fdminst.exe        01/15/09    5.35M
    Free open-source download manager/accelerator
fe12en.exe         12/05/03    1.04M
    Tools for search and transfer files on ftp Sites
feoxoe.exe         11/22/05    3.29M
    Feox Outlook Express spam blocker.
feoxoutlook.exe    11/22/05    2.97M
    Feox Outlook spam blocker.
feret306.exe       03/19/03    3.22M
    Versatile real-time 802.11B/Ethernet monitor.
ffind11.exe        02/02/06     277K
    Fast access to your favorite search engines
fgsetup.exe        04/27/04     700K
    Block Popups, Banners, Spyware, Adult sites
fgsh20.exe         08/26/04     103K
    Automatically import form data into GoldMine.
fhsetup.exe        09/24/05    1.09M
    Download Flash movies on Internet
filena12.exe       04/12/03    1.76M
    renames files and folders for FTP-Upload
filepocket.exe     03/11/05     913K
    Distribute files over the Internet.
filespnt.exe       06/26/08    1.64M
    Network file utility.
filespy.exe        06/16/03    1.97M
    Network file utility.
findinsite.exe     09/28/05    1.81M
    ASP.NET Search Engine for a MS hosted site
firefox_bleach_byp 03/23/07     610K
    Firefox Theme Based on Bleach Bypass Colors
firewall.zip       10/25/05    8.63M
    Keeps your computer shielded from hackers
firstmailsrv.zip   01/04/08    1.49M
    Fast and secure SMTP/POP3 server
fiscdkit.exe       09/28/05    3.85M
    Find-CD is a full text search engine for CDs.
fixlinks.exe       02/02/04     776K
    Repairs broken links in HTML files automatically
flash-capture-conv 08/02/07    6.99M
    Capture SWF and convert to iPod/3GP/PSP video
flash-to-3gp-suite 05/23/07   11.94M
    Convert flash to 3gp video of high quality.
flashbannermaker.z 12/07/08    1.99M
    Create Flash Intros, AD banners and ecards.
flashcapture.exe   01/14/03    1.26M
    Help you download flash files from web site or from your cache.
flashfavorite.exe  01/09/04    1.33M
    download flash,save flash from web pages
flashslideshow.zip 02/25/09    5.38M
    Make Flash gallery and pan zoom effects.
flsetup.exe        09/05/07     199K
    Upload, transfer or backup files
fnt.exe            10/14/08    3.11M
    Create Flash news tickers
fobozinstall.exe   05/12/04    1.82M
    Search several search engines at once.
folders_watch_110. 02/12/04     809K
    Monitoring of new messages in Outlook folders
formfiller.exe     08/11/03    1.15M
    fill any html form easily and quickly
forumposterv1.zip  07/21/03    4.21M
    Post your Ads to over 3000 Forum Boards.
fp_install.exe     08/15/03    2.53M
    Flashpoint is versatile presentation tool.
fpc170b80108-free. 01/27/08    6.59M
    non-client and fast installation video chat
fpssetup.exe       10/19/03    1.46M
    Stop all pop-up and pop-under windows for free.
freepcaudit.exe    10/27/08     966K
    Freeware system information tool.
freewarebook.zip   03/09/04     441K
    A browser that has reviews, article
freewhois.exe      12/20/06     427K
    Free whois anywhere. Search domains and ip.
frequency15.zip    12/01/03    1.82M
    Manage your weblog from the desktop!
freshdow.exe       04/03/03    1.38M
    No ads, no spyware - fully featured download manager
freshftp.exe       02/25/05     762K
    Free FTP software for web site owner
fsanlz41.exe       02/21/05    2.61M
    Fast web log file analyzer
fsav2003n.exe      10/31/03    6.12M
    An award-winning antivirus program
fslsetup.exe       06/15/03     432K
    Search utility for fast files searching
fspypro.exe        08/04/03    2.27M
    Network file utility.
ftp42.exe          12/19/05     565K
    a easy ftp server especially for personal use
ftp4shell.zip      11/29/08     496K
    FTP client integrated in the Windows explorer
ftpeditor_setup.ex 04/27/03    1.65M
    Edit files directly on FTP servers.
ftpgetter_setup.ex 12/24/08    3.04M
    FTP/FTP+SSL scheduling and automation utility
ftpmset.exe        06/08/03     909K
    FTP Client for uploading and downloading file
ftprush.exe        02/28/08    4.81M
    Versatile FTP client for smooth file transfer
ftransmitter.zip   10/22/08     821K
    Automate frequent file transfer operations.
fullsetup.exe      08/09/07    3.80M
    Communicator and monitoring tool
fvc-suite.zip      09/18/07   12.64M
    All to convert video to flash, flash to video
fvec.zip           01/21/08    6.07M
    Batch convert video to Flash on server-side
fvrtec.zip         05/21/08    8.63M
    Batch convert video to Flash on server-side
fwrm200.exe        06/29/04   10.54M
    Firewall configuration version control.
fxppassword.zip    02/28/06    1.44M
    Decrypt Passwords
    Command Line FTP Program for Automated Transfers
    Connect your LAN to the Internet, easily!
    An alternative to the plain browsers.
    Remote Access & File Sharing by Mail
    Enhanced Dynamic HTML Editor
    Desktop remote control program.
    Resume and accelerate downloads. Get a site.
    save and manage the flash animations
    Everything a download manager can do and more
    GetRight: Internet Download Manager
    Getzuy is a Download Spider for any files
    Download, Convert, Repair and Play FLV Video.
    Download, Convert, Repair and Play FLV Video.
    The ultimate download manager.
    SearchTool for the Google(TM) website
    Control WWW and e-mail activity in your LAN
    Kill annoying Ad Popup Windows.
    Gmail IE button, shortcut and quick launch
    Software and hardware inventory system
    Individually delete Google Toolbar History
    Google AdsenseArticles
    Free keyword monitoring tool for Google!
    Private and Secure Instant Messenger.
    GRKda: Keyword Density Analyzer for Windows
    Map many drives to network shares in groups.
    Share any Microsoft Outlook folders
    Search Engine Optimizer
    GhostSurf 2005 protects your privacy online.
    Guestbook Software for user feedback on site
    Insert and manage smilies with one click
    GhostSurf Platinum ensures your safety online
    Extract pictures out of websites.
    Download images from Internet-sites. Great number of options.
    Http, anonymous proxy, socks server, smtp honeypot
    Block the Google cookie to search anonymously
     VoIP H.323 SDK software
    Harold - The MSN Robot. Use MSN to remotely control your PC
    A powerful XHTML/ASP/PHP5 editor
    Network Configuration Management Software
    Headlines MDI is a GRML file and web browser.
    Royalty free off-line HTML browser.
    HotDog Professional 7 Speed Precision Control
    Easily remove cookies from Internet Explorer.
    Check your Hotmail account e-mail from a normal POP mail client.
    Manager wireless hotspot network with web based login password
    Handy Password is an easy password manager
    Watch all HTTP headers while surfing Internet Explorer
    Multipages Web browser
    Grab web pages smartly !
    convert html/text data to html/javascript
    Website Copier/Offline Browser. Open Source.
    HTML based eBook compiler.
CakeDemo.exe      02/01/06    1.34M
    iSCSI target with friendly user interface.
NetQu20.exe       09/20/04    3.67M
    Internet Query tool for MS Windows Platforms
_isrc2003.exe     01/03/04     328K
    Shows HTML/CSS/Scripts/Flash in the IE pane
amw12.zip         04/03/03     704K
    Schedule your access to Internet or to another computer!
amwp_pro.exe      03/22/05    4.06M
    Monitoring of company's Internet access usage
bkfree_eng.exe    01/13/04    4.52M
    Intelligent Mailbook E-Mail Client v. 3.1
calv38.exe        01/13/03    2.03M
    Web Calendar Server
cc.zip            01/11/04     563K
    Allows you to control a dialup connection across LAN.
cq-logger.zip     07/05/05    1.63M
    Log all messages sent and received via icq
csca.exe          10/12/05    2.63M
    CSCatchAll adds catch-all mailbox to Exchange
csetup.exe        02/23/05    3.63M
    Internet offline browser and file downloader.
cyclone.exe       02/01/09     950K
    Boost your Internet Connections up to 200% !!
dasetup.exe       02/11/08    4.60M
    Accelerate downloads and resume broken ones.
dncv000.exe       03/25/06      86K
    Converts International Domain Names (IDN)
eaccelerator.exe  11/10/03     636K
    Accelerate the surfing and downloading speed.
ecv.exe           03/27/05     687K
    IE Cache Manager
egsetup.exe       01/15/05    1.64M
    Protect your IE settings, stop popups windows
emailsetup.exe    11/11/04     636K
    Anti spam software
emate.exe         02/15/03     357K
    Block/kill ads popup Stop Messenger Spam
eraser-setup.exe  07/09/04     545K
    This clears the web tracks on the hard drive.
erescuer.exe      06/14/05     284K
    Repair Internet Explorer with One Click.
ew.exe            07/20/04    1.07M
    Intelligent popup ad killer  Flash download
ezblog1.exe       06/30/05    1.17M
    Easy way to publish your own blog or journal.
fxfpSetup.exe     12/16/04    5.88M
    Easy Flash Buttons, Movies, Slideshows, MP3 Players for any web!
hb1037.exe        04/03/03    4.90M
    ihbrowser - The Ultimate MDI Browser
miser1.exe        12/10/08    5.31M
    A self organizing Internet research tool
msetup.exe        04/02/05    1.47M
    Monitor your internet/network bandwidth
nb157.zip         11/23/08     131K
    Bookmarks manager with export, import support.
nbox15.zip        03/25/05    1.21M
    Let's you preview and delete (spam) email before download
netcontrolsetup.e 12/06/04     996K
    The program allows to control an internet con
netlock.zip       09/30/06     902K
    A portable multi-function Internet utility
netprot3.exe      11/10/08    1.67M
    Restrict and password protect Internet access
nfiltrator.zip    09/18/03    1.32M
    Network Security Scanning and Auditing
nformenter-0_1_1- 02/16/05       5K
    Extension for Mozilla Firefox for form filling
noutboardwin.exe  01/16/08    4.91M
    Cross platform in/out staff tracking tool.
nox4.msi          01/22/03    1.01M
    POP3 e-mail connector for MS Exchange Server
npro.exe          08/28/03    6.50M
    Transfer files on FTP servers from within Windows Explorer.
nstal30.exe       10/31/04     348K
    IE toolbar to increase web dev productivity
nstall.exe        03/22/07   13.99M
    Platform independent secure ftp server.
nstall_bman703.ex 01/24/03    5.90M
    BrowseMan is a multi-tabbed browser for serious Internet users
nstall_dk_sharewa 02/19/07    1011K
    WHOIS domain name checker and finder.
nstall_dt_sharewa 12/07/06     853K
    Advanced domain verifier and RDNS tool.
nstall_pl_sharewa 02/19/07     942K
    Google Pagerank and link popularity checker!
nstaller_Upload2P 06/15/06     537K
    Transfer files to your mobile phone.Easy.
nstantsyncftp.zip 12/23/06    7.13M
    Smart file sync and remote backups over FTP
nstantsyncftps.zi 12/23/06    7.13M
    Secure file sync over FTPS and SFTP/SSH
nstinct.exe       03/05/03    2.41M
    Innovative, attractive, small yet powerful e-mail client.
nterback-e.exe    03/26/04    5.01M
    Remote backup zips, encrypts, and sends files
nterceptor1v2.zip 05/09/03     356K
    capture http communications
nterfax.exe       08/12/04    2.46M
    Send faxes over the Internet for FREE including pictures
nvoicesdemo.zip   03/22/05     637K
    Javascript File Explorer. ASP, PHP, JSP.
pcheck.zip        02/05/08   30.00M
    Network and Server Monitoring Software.
pig-server-setup. 10/29/05     655K
    Set up a VPN server in less than 1 minute
pig-setup.exe     08/29/07     733K
    Protect data at any Wi-Fi Hotspot with VPN
pl.zip            02/18/03     809K
    Identifying host locations.
ppt01.exe         01/09/06     850K
    Software protects your personal data.
psrch21.zip       03/27/05    1.21M
    IPsearch: IP Search Tool with Whois and IP Lookup
pssetup.exe       08/14/07   20.30M
    Monitor network and be notified of problems
qrp.exe           03/02/09    4.48M
    Secure and accelerate your web servers
rSetup.exe        06/03/03    1.37M
    Internet Rocket makes your Internet faster!
rbis-ss.zip       05/14/03    3.08M
    A firewall and proxy-server application
rclean.zip        09/05/05      30K
    IRClean is designed to combat IRC worms
rrwf203.zip       03/05/05    4.41M
    Control and organize emails with InboxRULES
sapizip-setup.exe 08/10/04     710K
    Increase performance and reduce bandwidth.
search15.zip      08/04/07     421K
    A Simple Internet search client
setupex.exe       12/27/05     987K
    Remote control for your LAN
situp.exe         04/21/07    3.92M
    IsItup network monitor for websites
sm151.exe         04/22/03    2.33M
    Windows mail server with Webmail
srch15.zip        06/04/04    2.64M
    ISearch is an internet search utility
ssetup3.exe       10/14/03    2.79M
    Windows TCP/IP Network Optimization Utility
tagent.zip        03/11/06     641K
    Take the Internet traffic under your control.
td7int.exe        10/04/04    5.90M
    Deletes traces of Internet and PC activity,
usetup.exe        02/23/03     606K
    Checks web pages for changes.
vbeen1.exe        10/31/06    4.35M
    log keeping software for travelers
    Automated SFTP - Secure FTP
    Compact, portable, secure SSL e-mail client
    a powerful ftp-client program for Windows
    Make Javascript menus for your site easily with no programming
    Announce the messages on the web pages.
    JOC Web Finder: Search for web pages fast
    Download websites quickly to your local drive
    Firewall protects your computer while online
    Create scrolling images on Web pages.
    Create menus for web pages in minutes!
    Delete junk, spam, viruses, and big e-mails.
    JustFTP is an ActiveX component (justftp.dll)
    5 must have webmaster tools in one Suite!
    Powerful and easy creator of DHTML menu.
    Powerful and easy creator of DHTML menu.
kda21.zip          02/26/03     350K
    KDA is a small program that simulates traffic to the ISP.
kdmssetup.exe      09/06/03   11.13M
    Share all things digital over the web.
kepitup3.zip       02/14/07    2.36M
    Keep your internet connection up and running!
keywor11.exe       06/12/08    2.05M
    Optimize website content and ad campaigns
kfsens10.exe       10/31/03    1.03M
    KFSensor, Honeypot Intrusion Detection System
kfwhois24.exe      10/11/03    1.06M
    KF Whois tracks domain registration changes
kfws10.exe         01/26/03     684K
    Free HTTP Web Server, hosts unlimited sites.
kiwialphafree.exe  05/09/04    1.47M
    Fast and anonymous downloads from Morpheus, LimeWire, Grokster an
kjhfgsetup.exe     12/14/07     181K
    Simply easy free way to monitor your network hosts via ICMP or TC
kjhgsetup.zip      04/23/07    4.88M
    Backup and Restore Email Records
kkv20.zip          10/12/03    8.54M
    Anti spam program stopping unsolicited e-mail
lanapbotdetectaspn 05/07/05     368K
    ASP.NET CAPTCHA-stop automated registrations
lanapbotdetectaspt 03/04/06    2.36M
    ASP CAPTCHA to prevent automated registration
lanbuster.exe      10/23/05     535K
    LanBuster turns on or off filesharing.
lanchart.exe       11/30/06    4.84M
    Create network diagrams easily.
languardnss8.exe   04/16/07   17.95M
    Network vulnerability management solution.
lanmessage.zip     08/22/04     285K
    Send your message to others on your network
lanscanner.exe     02/05/04     722K
    Tool for searching of shared, FTP and HTTP resources over network
lanstate24.zip     05/25/06    1.96M
    Create visual network map and monitor hosts
lantalk-net.exe    12/02/04     661K
    LanTalk.NET Instant messenger for networks
lapc250e.zip       12/23/04    4.37M
    Link monitor and alert notification system
lc_setup.exe       08/01/07    4.10M
lcalc11.zip        03/31/05     700K
    Calculate addressesis as easy as pie now!
ldpc24.exe         04/30/03     265K
    Monitoring and Live Help for your website
ledSetup.exe       02/06/04     596K
    left eye dynamic ip dns client
lfrmt306.exe       03/19/03    1.04M
    Efficient, real-time network capture agent.
lftrial.exe        02/05/09    6.13M
    User friendly network diagramming tool
lightspeed.zip     07/26/03     274K
    The LightSpeed Website Optimizer optimizes web pages.
lilledl-1.3.zip    07/12/05     258K
    HTTP/FTP download manager.
link_spirit.zip    06/23/05     619K
    Internal PageRank Computer
linkchecker_setup. 03/21/05     243K
    Finds broken links
linkcop.exe        03/06/05    3.37M
    Monitor your link exchange partners
linkhunter.exe     11/29/04    1.31M
    Make Your Competitor Links Work For You
linkman.exe        11/25/08    3.57M
    The bookmark management tool
linkrunr.exe       08/29/03    3.17M
    Automatically checks Web site links.
linksman_demo.zip  09/01/05    1.38M
    Internet bookmarks manager / RSS aggregator.
litesetup.exe      01/10/06     592K
    Bandwidth Monitor for your Windows desktop
loadscout.exe      06/20/03    1.05M
    Play snatches of remote MP3 and AVI files
lockjar_v2.zip     01/04/04    5.03M
    Manage your browser cookies with LockJar
logmonitor5.exe    12/20/08   11.23M
    Log Monitor Export - log files monitoring
lookbao.exe        01/23/05    3.67M
    The most powerful browser.
loplus11.exe       07/24/03     885K
    Network TCP/IP availability monitor
lsdins.exe         11/17/03   10.84M
    Increase sales with live chat on your website
lshut31.zip        03/31/05     978K
    One click to shutdown or reboot a remote comp
lspirit.exe        07/15/03    1.66M
    secure real-time communications application.
lspy20.zip         03/31/05    1.06M
    Nothing is hiddenfrom you now!
lssetup.exe        12/16/07     914K
    Bookmark/favorites password manager for IE/NS
lsurfTBYB.exe      05/02/03    1.36M
    IE6 content magnification and viewing enhancement toolbar
lsz1_1.zip         04/18/06    3.14M
    Live Chat with your website visitors.
lt10.exe           03/27/03    4.55M
    Full-featured Smart LAN messenger with macros
lucidlinkhoe22.exe 04/25/05   36.27M
    Easy-to-use Strong WiFi SOHO WiFi Security
lw123d.zip         04/02/06    1.94M
    Advanced URL and Link scanning tools.
lwhois11.zip       03/31/05    1.01M
    Information about domains in the Internet.
lydia6.zip         03/11/04    2.27M
    Lydia Email Notification and Spam Filter
m9psurfer_installe 11/04/05    2.10M
    Very fast web browser by mental9Production!
mabl_beta1.exe     07/07/03    1.34M
    MAB fowards AIM instant messages to your mobile device.
madymta.zip        06/28/04    3.52M
    A fast and easy SMTP server for group users.
mailbell.exe       09/25/04    1.36M
    Email Notification for POP3, IMAP, MAPI
mailcarrier301.exe 11/05/04    7.34M
    Mail Server with antispam and antivirus
mailenablestandard 08/30/04    5.16M
    Powerful email server for Windows NT/2000/XP
mailessentials12.e 02/02/06   16.08M
    Server based anti-spam and anti-phishing
mailfwd_win_31.exe 04/11/05     373K
    Forward AOL, Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo, POP mail to any e-mail address.
mailkeeper.exe     04/03/05    1.88M
    MailKeeper is a Outlook Express backup tool.
mailmonitor.zip    12/29/03    1.30M
    Monitor incoming and outgoing mail traffic.
mailserv.exe       12/23/06   18.28M
    The Internet Anywhere Corporate Email Server
mammms_pro.exe     03/22/05    3.98M
    Want to know if your employees abuse email?
maxas10.zip        07/04/03     892K
    Spam filter for Eudora. Blocks 98% of spam.
mb10.exe           09/29/04     437K
    Save and manage your favorite web pages.
mbbset20.exe       02/10/03    2.04M
    Reader for newsgroups and web message boards.
mbm.zip            03/02/06     888K
    Control your mail messages direct on server.
md2_exchange.exe   02/22/07    4.37M
    A robust tool to monitor corporate mail flow.
md_en.exe          12/11/08   32.93M
    IMAP, SMTP, POP3 Windows mail server software
mdaemonfree_en.exe 12/11/08   47.75M
    SMTP, POP3 Free Windows mail server software
megaping_setup.exe 10/08/07    2.69M
    security scanner, host monitor, and much more
menusuite.zip      08/22/08    8.86M
    A powerful creator to build DHTML menu easily
merak820.zip       06/30/05   23.11M
    Multiple awards winner mail server
mesh.zip           06/12/07     625K
    MESH - It's all about remoting
messenger.exe      11/26/08    4.18M
    Instant LAN messaging software. Try now.
metacompresssetup. 07/27/05     926K
    MetaCompress - ISAPI compression filter.
meteorftp.EXE      01/31/03    1.86M
    Personal FTP server
mf121.zip          03/27/05     616K
    Personal Forum Account Manager
mikey11.exe        09/27/04     933K
    Keychain for your software key and web logins
milfie10.exe       10/11/04    1.02M
    Deletes history, cookies and index.dat files.
miliki-dialup-acce 07/17/03    4.91M
    Speed up Email 14x and Web browsing 6x
minip133.exe       03/17/03    5.10M
    Host web sites with Apache-based web server
mis.zip            02/18/03     456K
    Searchs images in search engines.
mize.exe           07/27/06   22.21M
    Automation software and task scheduler
mln_en.exe         07/25/03    1.73M
    highly protected, user friendly mail client
mlog3.exe          07/17/05     840K
    Log messages from MSN and Windows messengers.
mlw.zip            03/12/03    1.22M
    Processing and converting your mailing lists
mmill383.exe       11/30/04   12.03M
    Generate web pages from databases
mmnstd21.exe       06/01/06     479K
    Check for e-mail on multiple mailboxes
mntr.exe           02/04/06    1.57M
    A user-friendly Traceroute and WhoIs utility
mobilePhoneTools42 08/06/08   34.34M
    Mobile PhoneTools 4.0 - Bluetooth
monweb20.exe       10/15/03   16.23M
    Advanced and easy to use website monitoring software
mp7demo.zip        08/20/04    3.61M
    professional network security scanner
mping_1.exe        12/31/03     682K
    Network monitoring tool - graphical results.
mpsoh.exe          03/17/03    5.08M
    Host website with an Apache-based web server
mred200.zip        04/25/08    1.00M
    Redirects e-mail to one or multiple addresses
mrsetup.exe        01/16/03     660K
    Internet Utility
mrw265.exe         01/04/05    2.95M
    Internet email and newsreader for Windows
ms.exe             04/16/06    1.70M
    This is a feature-packed e-mail checker.
msc.exe            03/21/06    1.03M
    Internet Connection Speed Test
msgcore303.zip     01/07/06    4.46M
    SMTP/POP3 email server /w antivirus, listserv, antispam
msguard_122.zip    02/13/04    1.70M
    Protect your server from spam
msnjournaling.zip  09/04/03     502K
    Save Messenger history to MS Outlook journal.
mss.zip            09/21/03    1.37M
    Search all major search engines in one click.
mssetup.exe        12/03/03    8.36M
    MailScanis a proven antivirus solution.
mtdor100.zip       09/21/04     916K
    Free Bayesian Spam Filter for Outlook 2003
my-youtube-convert 09/13/08    2.11M
    Download YouTube videos for iPod,PSP,Mobiles
myIPsPro.zip       05/23/03    4.31M
    IP Address Management Software
mychat2100.zip     03/15/06    6.27M
    Client-server communication complex for corporative network
mylivesignature.ex 03/21/07     379K
    Breathe Life Into Your Email Signature!
myprivacynet.zip   04/26/06    2.19M
    Secure business info in a network!
namonitor.exe      11/19/04    1.30M
    Network inventory with screenshots.
naptrial.exe       07/13/05    1.43M
    Anonymous internet browsing
nascan40.exe       07/10/06    1.52M
    Advanced IP/port scanner with built-in skills
nat.zip            03/02/09    8.72M
    Inventory user PCs and monitor servers
nc22.exe           07/05/05     284K
    Hide IP address and location from anyone
ncm.exe            06/06/05    2.45M
    Switch between network configurations, monitor bandwidth
ncmsetup.exe       05/18/03    1.41M
    allow you to change your network setting
nead10.zip         08/20/04    3.32M
    manage privileges on a per-application basis
neoloa10.exe       03/04/05   32.55M
    Professional Web Load Testing Tool
nesetup.exe        02/07/03     803K
    Net Events allows to control hosts condition
net.exe            11/20/04    1.04M
    Remote control and administration tool for local networks.
netaware.zip       08/10/04     736K
    File Share Activity Monitoring and Recording
netdirbooster.zip  04/25/07     179K
    Increase speed network folder listing
netflowtester.zip  12/30/08     380K
    Debug Cisco's Netflow packets.
netgong.zip        11/13/08    1.19M
    Monitor connectivity and device availability.
netgrabber.exe     12/16/03    1.40M
    powerful,fast web2chm maker,offline browser.
nethe.exe          09/24/04     990K
    Administration of computers in the local network
netinfo.zip        11/13/08    1.53M
    A full-featured network toolkit.
netman12.exe       01/28/06    6.13M
    Add computers to a list and perform various network functions.
netmon.exe         02/12/05    1.03M
    Network sniffing and monitoring software
netmon.zip         02/02/09    4.41M
    Monitors your LAN and servers availability
netmon1.exe        02/19/07    7.78M
    Monitor any IP based device on your network.
netmonpro.zip      02/09/09    4.51M
    Monitors your LAN and servers availability
netnotep.zip       11/16/08    2.71M
    Draw interactive network diagrams
netobs29.exe       07/19/05    1.10M
    Remotely administrate and monitor your PC!
netrip20.exe       04/20/03    1.76M
    Grabs web sites showing images as a slideshow
netscan.exe        10/27/04     625K
    A free multithreaded IP,SNMP,NetBIOS scanner.
netscape7.zip      01/09/04   32.86M
    Netscape 7 seamlessly integrates browsing, em
netsend2.exe       04/26/06     208K
    Net Send GUI is a plain LAN messenger.
netsend2004setup.e 02/25/04     243K
    A modern GUI replacement for the old ms dos command 'net send'
netsniffer.exe     07/26/05    1.73M
    A network protocol analyzer (sniffer).
netsoap.exe        11/23/03     644K
    Internet Soap cleans Cookies, History and much more
netspy.exe         06/16/03    2.38M
    Secretly see web sites visited on a computer.
netspy13.exe       02/23/05    3.70M
    A firewall,network monitoring,internet tools
netspy25.exe       05/30/06    1.44M
    Network Spy and Remote Control Software
netuse.zip         10/09/03     830K
    Netuse Is A Internet Monitering Software
networ20.exe       08/26/05     634K
    Optimize your Internet connection up to 300%
network-inventory- 01/13/09    1.62M
    Track network computers' hardware & software
networkmalwareclea 02/04/05    8.00M
    Clean VIRUS in your networks environment.
networkservermonit 10/25/05   13.03M
    Monitor and fix network and server errors.
networksleuth_setu 02/03/08    1.48M
    Network file searching utility.
networx.exe        11/30/04     819K
    Measure bandwidth use and connection speed
nev60.exe          10/17/06    3.54M
    Event Log Management and Monitoring
newspics.exe       08/02/04    1.21M
    Easily download pictures from newsgroups.
newzcrawler18.zip  03/03/06    1.85M
    NewzCrawler is a rss reader and blog client.
nf12.exe           05/24/05     892K
    Netflix queue control and free Netflix trial!
nfg46.zip          07/20/08    1.42M
    THE Binary Downloader for USENET-Newsgroups!
nfsaxe.exe         11/03/08    6.28M
    Windows NFS Client and Windows NFS Server
nfsrvsetup.exe     09/13/03    3.05M
    powerful, secure and easy-to-use FTP server program
nimonitor.exe      05/18/04    1.29M
    Allows you to make up a network inventory
nkSetup.exe        04/25/03      88K
    Internet Enhancing Tool
nmemplpro.exe      11/11/08    3.56M
    See their screens and take a control.
nms.zip            03/14/08     634K
    FREE - Remotely monitor health and status
nmsetup.exe        01/23/04    3.88M
    Web bookmark manager software
nnrtrial.zip       06/05/06    2.28M
    Make NDS image
nolsetup.exe       07/21/04    2.37M
    Never Offline(R) does exactly what it says.
notepagerpro.exe   07/27/07    5.90M
    SMS Messaging and Paging Software
np402.exe          03/17/03    3.17M
    Share one Internet connection between many users.
nr1.zip            04/12/06    4.54M
    Network content monitor
nsasetup.exe       12/06/04    4.92M
    Advanced Network Tools for administrators.
nsecadmin.zip      10/02/03    4.37M
    Hidden observation
nspsetup.exe       05/30/03     679K
    AntiSpam Toll
nssetup.exe        04/02/05    1.87M
    Test for Internet/Network connections
nst2.zip           10/02/06    7.84M
    Email spam filter (SMTP/POP3 proxy server)
nstfree2.zip       10/02/06    7.84M
    Email spam filter (SMTP/POP3 proxy server)
nstwst2.zip        03/30/06    6.24M
    POP3 Email spam, attachment and virus filter
ntemailnotifier.ex 04/01/08     654K
    A tiny free email checker,unlimited accounts
nts.zip            03/28/08    2.95M
    Network server time synchronization software.
nucem-v3.exe       05/19/03    3.57M
    NUCEM Spam Terminator
nvmlfre.exe        03/26/03     528K
    An HTML-style scripting language.
nw141.zip          10/15/03     314K
    Use this tool to search for public access news servers.
nwmtrial.exe       07/13/05    1.14M
    Website uptime monitoring software.
obp410.exe         03/03/04    2.89M
    Backup/Restore Outlook 2003,2002,2000,98
observer.exe       09/08/08    4.77M
    Secure one-way IM client for alerting tasks.
observer1.exe      06/21/03    1021K
    Winpopup for receiving messages only.
observer41.exe     11/08/04    6.38M
oc_setup.exe       07/05/05    3.49M
    Download entire Web sites for offline browsing.
oe_recovery.zip    12/10/05    1.49M
    Recover damaged and deleted messages in OE
oeb.exe            05/01/04    1.79M
    Backup and Restore outlook express data.
oebackup.exe       07/03/03     908K
    Outlook Express and Outlook backup tools
olrdemo.exe        10/30/08    1.30M
    Recovery for Outlook fixes damaged .PST files
om_en_9_0_babya.zi 08/04/06   12.89M
    Powerful web browser based on Opera 9
oofadmin.exe       04/01/07    1.32M
    Manage Out of Office usersettings in Exchange
openadder206.zip   08/09/08    2.31M
    The only Myspace friend adder.
openports.zip      07/30/03      21K
    Powerful TCP/UDP console-based port-to-process mapper for Windows
oscommerce-manager 04/20/07    9.91M
    Software for osCommerce store management
osfilter11.exe     04/07/03     713K
    Outlook Spam Filter
outlook-auto-bcc-1 06/28/06    1.21M
    Automatically creates CC/BCC in Outlook.
outlook-bells3.exe 09/05/06    9.19M
    Outlook Productivity Add-in
outlook_nntp_130.z 12/30/04    4.81M
    Newsgroups support for Microsoft Outlook
outlookzip.zip     02/11/04    1.59M
    OutlookZIP is an Outlook Add On to ZIP and Unblock attach files
outp100.zip        09/15/05     531K
    Web Site Monitoring and Delivery Software
    A mailbox cleaner/antiSPAM filter for Windows
    Network Traffic Monitor, Analysis
    Packet analyzer and protocol decoder
    Packet analyzer and protocol decoder
    Paltalk Messenger - free voice
    Feature enchancer plug-in for AIM
    Take control over your kids
    3270,5250,VT/100,SCO ANSI Terminal Emulation
    PasSafe is a password access management tool.
    Automatically log on to websites.
    3270,5250,VT/100,SCO ANSI Terminal Emulation
    Download manager/Product Bundler Utility.
    Portbuster 2.0 with new amazing skin system!
    Professor PageCraft is used to generate pages
    It is an intelligent that detects and kill popups
    Network PC software & hardware inventory!
    Block telemarketers with this Caller ID tool
    Parental Control Monitoring Software.
    Download all images from a site w/ one click
    PDF conversion and web site creation system.
    Create an Internet name for your dynamic IP.
    Personal Data Vault secures your documents
    Network management and monitoring
    PFS is a web based file sharing solution.
    Force Programs to use a proxy at socet level
    A free full-featured visual HTML editor.
    SMS,text messaging,and paging server software
    powerful picture downloader
    search and download all pictures of the site
    Grab and share movies and pics from websites
    Pingoman is powerful network monitor
    Powerful media download manager.
    Find, download and manage web pictures easily
    A powerful and feature-packed FTP server.
    A powerful and easy to use mail server.
    A firewall with user-level access controls.
    A powerful Web, Mail, FTP, and Telnet server.
    A powerful web server that supports PHP.
    Send personalized e-mail to large groups
    It is a very useful frame detecting tool.
    Graphical traceroute application.
    Pocket PhoneTools 5 Pro
    POP3 Connector for Exchange and SBS 2000/2003
    Ultra-lightweight POP3/SMTP e-mail client
    Free popup-at-pointer(TM) Laptop Time Saver.
    an intelligent popup blocker program
    kill annoying popup while surfing the web
    Instant messenger for LAN
    Increases Internet speed by remove all annoying you popups.
    Smart Popup Blocker is an anti-popup product.
    Add emoticons and animations to your e-mails.
    Protect and manage your passwords with ease!
    Check Bulk Expired Domain Pagerank
    Protect Your PC With Privacy Protect
    Retrieves product keys from network computers
    Professional, secure, easy-to-use Wiki server
    Network sniffing detection software
    The ProtoNova Web Server
    Control your PC
    Control your PC
    Monitor and classify bandwidth/network usage
    A comprehensive network monitoring solution.
    Printer monitoring solution
    Browser popup and popunder blocker software.
    Enhancement for corporate SMTP server
    Sygate Personal Firewall PRO - Secure Your Business
    Delete spam emails directly on the server
    Outlook PST Repair and Recovery Software
    Automatic switch of proxy servers
    Windows Time Server Supporting NTP4.0.
    Purge Cache, Cookies and Tracks for I. E.
    Tool to identify and close security holes.
    Automated FTP file transfer
    Automated or manual file transfer
qdnews43.exe       01/04/06    1.39M
    Download FOUR files at once from usenet news!
qsetup.exe         10/31/07     887K
    Call conferencing software.
qube_v1.exe        11/03/05    2.69M
    A radically distinctive Websearch Client
questp51.exe       07/03/05     399K
    Search for the best domains
quickpeek.zip      11/13/06    2.49M
    QuickPeek is a light pop3 email monitor
quo_de10.exe       04/25/06     410K
    Your email signature, evolved.
    Radmin CS - Corporate Communication Software
    Indirect assessment of site indexation
    Improve the compression ability of WinRAR,WinZip,7-Zip,WinUHA
    Slideshow/banner rotation environment.
    Check domains in Realtime Black Lists (RBL).
    PC remote control with network deployment
    Remote access software for mobile phones.
    RealSPEED is an internettweaking utility.
    Add-in adds new feature to Outlook: Redirect
    Fast and easy download manager with resuming
    Test open relay vulnarebility of your server.
    Remote Server Cron from Windows PC
    Remote Desktop Control
    Remote control for your LAN
    Delete duplicates in Outlook
    Allows remotely shutdown network computers.
    Execute programs remotely on LAN PC's
    Powerful email-to-fax and fax-to-email server
    A Simple News Agent to Find Today's News
    MailSite SE is an affordable, easy to deploy email server
    Locate web-sites positions in search engines
    Stops Messenger type ads
    Reverse Proxy for Web Servers.
    RQ LogViewer - view apache log files easy
    3D File Reduction - Polygon Reduction
    Measures network performance with web page UI
    Shutdown and Wakeup local or LAN computers.
    Easy-to-use news reader for MS Windows.
    Free PHP script converts RSS feeds to HTML.
    Improve your ranking in search engines!
    Thumbnail some dynamic Internet views
    Monitors TCP/IP services on network hosts.
    A cute internet popup killer.
    Internet toolbox
    Get 24/7 server monitoring with Servers Alive
    Manage Multiple Network Configurations
    FTP BackUp Utility
    Save Flash plugin for Internet Explorer
    Search the world for new or used books
    A spam filtering plug-in for Outlook Express
    Converts IE favorites into a single HTML file
    Downloads entire websites automatically.
    A tabbed browser with popup blocker
    Freeware NetBIOS, MAC, IP, HTTP scanner.
    Simple solutions for creating websites.
    Dial-up, telnet and SSH2 w/Zmodem and TCP/IP port forwarding.
    Save high-quality streaming music video clips
    Fast, easy and inexpensive LPD print server.
    Multifunctional Builder to create DHTML Menu
    Simple creator of JavaScript drop-down menu.
    Windows DNS server
    Serial over  Ethernet by Eltima
    Comprehensive interface to multiple search engines at once.
    full-text search engine that can spider web or intranet sites
    Launch searches and highlight search results from your desktop
    Personal Search Engine and custom Toolbar
    Graphical SSH client and terminal emulator.
    Email encryption made easy!
    Create your own website search engine.
    Visitors to your WWW can send you secure mail
    Get rid of your annoying security alerts!
    Highly accurate data searches on the Web.
    Sentry Pro Network Monitoring Solution
    SEO browser replacement for Internet Explorer
    Search Engine Optimization Software and Consulting Services
    Competitive research SEO software.
    Search engine position ranker, SEO, ranking
    Bridge serial app and a TCP/IP network
    Share serial port data over TCP/IP network
    Send personalized newsletters and serialmails
    Find web pages you've already seen.
    Server Nanny network server monitor
    Network file server monitor.
    Filesharing by email
    Connection to ODBC data sources for any app.
    Program helps to be connected to Internet.
    Protection against dialers.
    a bandwidth management tool with rich feature
    E-AddChecker checks valid email address
    Protect your privacy and keep your system clean with Action Surf
    DL7 Scanning Search Engine
    Save Outlook Attachments
    Backup, Save and Archive Outlook messages
    Conveniently Switches Between Networkprofiles
    Peer to peer file sharing tool
    Live television and radio online tuner
    TrayNote Plus: Internet Enabled Note Pad
    Remote, secure access to NetWare server console.
    Kid safe email program for your family!
    Failover protect your website
    Freakishly Wicked Acceleration
    Email spam firewall for Exchange/SMTP Servers
    A powerful free tool that searches all leading search engines.
    Monitoring network access to shared folders.
    Local network connections monitor
    Automatically erases all tracks from your PC.
    Sygate Home Network Share Your Connection!
    Network broadcast messaging system for Windows
    Silently monitor outgoing Outlook emails
    Simple FTP Client is a small free ftp client.
    Ping, Tracert, Lookup, Whois in a single tool
    A powerful and intuitive VoIP SIP SDK
    Create web sites and photo albums without any HTML knowledge
    SiteKiosk - Public access internet terminal software
    Site Publisher: Remote Web site management
    Free visual Traceroute tool for Windows
    Monitor the computers on your network.
    NetWare server monitoring, management and maintenance solution
    Erase Internet history, cache, cookiesetc.
    SMB File Sniffer
    SSH enabled POP3 e-mail encryption utility.
    To speed up your internet connection.
    A Windows shared resource monitor and logger
    Cross platform chat
    Professional antispam for Outlook Express
    Test and debug SNMP requests in your network.
    A tool to evaluate the PR from a link
    Remote removal of huge numbered SoBig viruses
    Powerful Socket Protocol Monitor
    It can convert a direct connection to a proxy connection.
    visual way to select date/time in ASP.NET
    Create secure PDFs from any Windows program.
    FREE 30 Day Trial - Share
    SpamAid - Spam Filter for Microsoft Outlook
    A spam filtering plug-in for Outlook Express
    Quickly delete junk e-mail
    Advanced client-side anti-spam filter.
    Front-end manager with anti-spam.
    Block spam, email viruses, easy to use.
    Spam and phishing filter for Outlook/Express
    SpamGunner is a powerful Anti-Spam product.
    Award Winning Anti Spam Filter
    Remove spam from your file based mail server.
    For a clean, uncluttered Inbox
    Outlook Spam Reporting Tool
    Spamta will help you to remove spam and undesired emails (pt-br)
    Check your email safely
    Dialer, time synchronizer and proxy server.
    Optimize your connection speed by up to 300%
    Broadband speed test and diagnostics
    Protect Your PC Today! - Award Winning Technology
    Secure Password Manager- Passwords Management
    SpeedOptimizer optimizes Internet connections
    A File Sharing Program Similar to KaZaA and WinMX
    Superior Web-Based Remote PC Administration
    Record all computer activity and usage.
    1 Click Spyclean, Protection from Spyware.
    Protect your PC against Spyware
    Free anti-spyware and antivirus solution
    Locates, detects and connects to Wi-Fi Networks.
    Monitor critical systems from any web browser
    Sponsored Search Ad Remover
    Website Spider, Link Checker
    The power to fight back against spammers and get rid of junk mail
    Complete web site community with may features
    Real-time website analytics reporting server
    Site Sounds Website Visitor Notification
    Password protect access to site and documents
    Windows iSCSI initiator, RAM disk and virtual CD and DVD drive em
    Windows iSCSI target with rich  features list
    Simple and flexible short-term task scheduler
    (STEVEN) The spam solution that works.
    Powerful creator of DHTML tree menu!
    LAN file search utility that delivers!
    SubmitDummy! - Get listed in major engines!
    Supersonic Download Ac manages downloads
    Blocking, Monitoring, Hardware
    Protect yourself from junk e-mails.
    Perfectly convert Flash to Video!
    Swiftedit V2 is an online WYSIWYG web editor
    Puts 750 Smilies at your fingertips for UBB forums.
    Download manager, offline browser, FTP, time
    Sysax FTP Automation is a secure file transfer automation program
    A SSH2 based secure shell server that also supports SSL
    A syslog server to monitor syslog message
tassetup.exe       06/24/04   31.08M
    Chat with your sweetheart in any language.
tbftp.exe          03/05/03    1.25M
    Secure FTP client with enhanced scheduler.
tcdsetup.exe       08/17/05    6.50M
    Acronym Teen Chat Decoder Software
tcprelay.zip       05/05/07      51K
    Marshals TCP sessions between clients and a server.
tcpscan.zip        05/05/07      29K
    Multithreaded TCP port scanner.
tcpspy.zip         03/01/08     505K
    Captures and displays all socket calls
tcpviewer.zip      03/01/08     434K
    Captures and displays transferred data
tdnews3.0.zip      09/04/05     840K
    Freeware news and sport on your desktop
tedsk.exe          09/05/05    2.17M
    Topicexplorer is a weblink and file manager
telconi.exe        03/12/04    1.09M
    Visual interface for Cisco IOS
telstar.zip        11/05/05     680K
    Telnet client for windows
temsinst.exe       12/11/03    3.09M
    SMTP and POP3 Email server for Windows
testma14.zip       03/02/06    1.24M
    Debug email delivery problems.
tftpd32_272.zip    02/23/04     128K
    Free bundle of DHCP, TFTP, SNTP, Syslog servers and a TFTP client
tftpdwin.exe       07/28/05     503K
    Multithreaded TFTP server for Windows
tftpsetup.exe      10/16/03    1.62M
    TFTP Server for Windows
tgw04022201.zip    02/23/04    2.23M
    Automatically generate survey/polling web pages for ASP based web
thereiwasinstall.e 05/12/04    1.16M
    Intelligent automatic short term favorites
threatsentry.exe   12/29/05   11.10M
    Windows Web Server IPS  Application Firewall
throttle.exe       03/02/09    1.02M
    Boost your internet speed by 200 percent
thummer.exe        12/20/04    1.84M
    Web Thummer is a Web to JPG application.
tickle34.zip       08/28/05    1.20M
    Prevent ISP Dis-Connects w/ Randomizer
tifny50.exe        04/09/06    3.61M
    Newsreader finds and plays Photos and Music
tigertermhacs.zip  07/08/03   35.57M
    TigerTerm HA Client Server: server/web telnet
timail_1_install.e 03/04/03     570K
    The SMS of the Net
tinydialer.zip     07/01/03     135K
    Tiny but powerful ISP dialer
tipi-1.4.exe       08/18/06    2.09M
    Hide and encrypt information in pictures.
titanftp.exe       01/02/09   12.40M
    FTP Server for sharing files with others
tlnews.exe         05/10/05     739K
    Powerful newsreader with unprecedented support for large groups
tmt.exe            08/27/06     390K
    Check / Send mail from tray. SSL-TLS- AUTH-antispam and more.
tneval32.exe       03/03/09    9.18M
    3270, 5250, VT100, VT220 and ANSI emulation.
tni-setup.exe      11/17/08   12.77M
    Inventory computers on a network in a minute!
tnlas_setup.exe    08/12/05    4.42M
    Powerful Anti-Spam Solution
tnlftp_setup.exe   06/02/08    5.24M
    Freeware FTP Client
tnm-setup.exe      02/04/09    6.53M
    Control your network efficiency right now!
toolbarsetup.exe   03/29/07     682K
    Free Games Toolbar
topinst.exe        04/16/05    1.70M
    Apache Web Log analysis, Image Resizing, Speak Text and More
traceless116.exe   03/15/05    1.59M
    Cover your tracks with this powerful internet privacy utility
tracesweeper_setup 07/17/08     786K
    Ultimate cleaning expert for your PC!
tracke30.exe       08/11/05     453K
    Protect your privacy from prying eyes...
trackscleaner-CID1 09/09/04    1.74M
    TracksCleaner erases surfing traces and more.
trafficcounter.exe 02/07/05     439K
    It displays and counts network traffic.
traflogger.zip     10/17/04     214K
    Traffic logger, only ethernet interfaces. Uses WinPcap.
tree365.exe        10/03/04    1.65M
    Tree MDI is a GRML web browser with history.
truecafe.exe       10/22/08    6.86M
    Friendly cyber cafe software
tscon_setup.exe    05/16/07    2.36M
    Tabbed environment for RDP connections
tsds2_3.exe        04/08/03     793K
    Dynamic DNS registration for static hostnames.
tsigke10.exe       10/23/04     143K
    This tool can generate a TSIG key value
tubedownload_setup 06/27/08    2.33M
    Download and convert YouTube videos
tv.exe             01/09/08    2.21M
    Watch LIVE world TV stations for FREE
txtrial5u.exe      08/02/03    1.26M
    Block KaZaA, block MSN Messenger, block chat
tym1.exe           08/29/03    3.85M
    Voice announces useful Yahoo! mail.
tzwc5002.exe       05/05/04    3.24M
    Cleanyour online
ufasoft_icqsnif_2. 10/27/04     652K
    IRC, EMail, AIM, ICQ sniffer
ufasoft_sniffer_4. 09/21/05    1.31M
    Snif Wi-Fi - LAN and WLAN Sniffer
ufasoft_sniffer_4. 06/23/06    1.39M
    LAN/Wi-Fi/IM sniffer
ukygSetup.exe      11/08/07    1.41M
    Viewer for iRemotePC Free Remote Access host
ula10.exe          04/30/03    3.04M
    An automated file uploading utility.
ultraadm60.exe     05/06/08   13.96M
    Domain and Active Directory management tool.
ultrad.exe         06/16/03    2.50M
    Utility to extract file URLs from a web page
upl-cr-ftp-win-4.9 09/23/05    1.37M
    Upload files and folders to FTP servers.
urlrecorder.zip    05/06/08     740K
    Paessler URL Recorder
urtr.exe           10/22/06    2.25M
    Play mp3 files directly from Usenet.
usb-over-network.z 12/08/05    1.30M
    Share USB devices over a LAN or the Internet
usemon15.exe       04/30/03    1.47M
    monitors PC activities in a windows network
usergate_setup.exe 12/16/08    7.94M
    UserGate your total network security solution
vbtocs_setup.zip   07/25/06    2.71M
    Visual Basic.Net to C# Converter
velaro.exe         10/03/07    6.43M
    The trusted leader in live help and live chat
videodownloader.zi 11/26/08    4.69M
    Capture and download video to your hard disk.
viewshield_1005_00 01/18/05     460K
    Block ads, pop-ups and slow images. Tune privacy per click
virtual-modem.zip  03/11/06     736K
    A direct modem connection via the Internet
visualwhois2004-11 05/02/04    2.34M
    Visual WhoIs 2004-Locate sites on a 3D globe.
vmntoolbarsetup.ex 04/11/06     713K
    Enjoy a Cool Browsing Experience
vmssetup_en.exe    12/06/05   25.41M
    Configurable mail server for power users.
vnc10setup.exe     06/13/04    3.61M
    nstall and distribute VNC software on your network PC's easily
    Anonymous internet browsing
    WebBiter extracts and groups live sections of pub web pages
    WB Editor is the desktop blogging tool
    Email notification and spam filtering for Windows
    Organize Bookmarks, Favorites, URLs, UserIDs
    WebCam video stream splitter.
    Have you ever seen WebCams in FULLSCREEN?
    Track disk usage on the server
    Investigate the web pages/images viewed.
    WebCloner is a site ripper, image downloader
    FTP client connects through a network drive.
    download up to 100 files simultaneously
    Protects your web form from SPAM and scanning
    Hide the Source Code of Your Website
    Interactive Web Log Analyzer
    Program for merging parts of sites together.
    Realtime Webserver Monitoring
    Monitor Your Web Sites to Keep Them Online
    Just 10 step to improve your web site ranking
    Stress Tests, Load Performance Testing and Website Monitoring
    collect and manage Web information!
    a fast robot to search and download image
    Monitor, restrict and manage your organizations access to the web
    Jump to web sites with hotkeys - fast/easy.
    Onpage optimizer for SEO pros and newbies.
    Onpage SEO tool for bloggers and webmasters.
    The easiest web semi-automated promotion tool
    Webserver load, performance and stress test.
    HTML reports: Do what 'View Source' never can
    Professional Web Script Authoring Tools.
    WebExe converts HTML pages into EXE files.
    Help you share files with your friends
    Help you share files with your friends
    Personal Web scanner
    Whois obtain domain registration information.
    Multi-page browser with built-in 27 utilities
    Windows X Server, Linux to Windows Desktop
    X-Server for Windows,Linux to Windows Desktop
    Second-generation wireless connectivity tool
    Small and powerful download manager.
    Gives your computer a custom hostname/ domain
    Easy-use mail server with WebMail
    Winmail.dat files viewer
    It is a powerful communication tool.
    Instant messenger for LAN
    Dialup/Telnet/FTP Client and Terminal Emulator
    Mail Server(WebMail,SMTP,POP3,IMAP,SSL,SMIME)
    Wandering IPs is geolocation software.
    Detect, monitor
    capture and analyze network traffic
    Check your email safely
    Feature rich web server log analyzer
    A full featured award winning mail server
    WMI Testing tool for Windows.
    Simple tool for monitoring current weather.
    Record all email sent and received!
    Top 10 web search engine optimization tool
    Html/Script Editor with instant preview and a Code Generator
    A html editor with instant preview!
    Seo Software WebPosition Gold
    Grab pictures from a Web site
    Reading of WikiPedia from any application.
    Network security solution.
    Save, organize and share web-page content.
    Shopping Cart Software to build online store
    IP locator,network monitor,file copier
    Website Load Time Testing and Optimization
    An up-to-date multimedia web stream recorder
    Download, save, and view Web sites offline
    Protect your internet privacy. Delete cookies
    Web content management finally made easy
    Free tools to download Videos from websites.
    Download Video FLV Flash to your Mac machine
    Who's visiting your web-site right now
    Browse, capture and monitor the web
x2nwc200.zip       01/27/03    2.87M
    HTML Compiler - produces .exe from HTML pages
xchat28.zip        04/09/03    3.31M
    Intranet private real-time chat with encryption, network tools
xeon.exe           04/12/04     951K
    Easy to use personal firewall
xfilter.zip        06/12/04    2.28M
    A free powerful personal firewall.
xipli.exe          09/23/06     536K
    IP-address to country mapping utility
xnetgdn.zip        05/08/05    5.79M
    Powerful and easy to use anti-porn software.
xns51.exe          08/13/04     441K
    Monitor your network and Internet connections
xnsetup.exe        04/01/03     500K
    Telnet Client for Windows (vt100,vt220,xterm)
xprri.exe          09/23/06     303K
    Google's PageRank revealing utility
xray-1.4.zip       02/20/05     472K
    X-Ray Mail Assistant is an email assistant.
xwsetup.exe        10/27/03    1.09M
    Xtrawise Anti-Spam Filter for Windows.
yMailFull.exe      03/13/05    2.98M
    spam cleaner and standalone email client
yahoostatus3.exe   05/15/03     782K
    Manage Yahoo Messenger Status
yakmail17.exe      10/26/04    5.15M
    Simple tone setting voice recorder for email!
ydec122.exe        04/25/05     906K
    Read yEnc posts in Outlook Express
yhbin103.exe       10/22/04    1.72M
    Yahoo Groups File Manager
yonc125.exe        04/04/04     967K
    Your Online (Dial Up Networking) Companion
youtube-download-s 01/14/09    2.33M
    Download YouTube videos for iPod,PSP,Mobiles
youtube-flv-downlo 09/09/08     762K
    Download youtube flv videos
youtubevideodownlo 06/27/08    2.35M
    Download and convert YouTube videos
zeroblog.zip       07/09/06    1.40M
    Multi threaded 'Zero Calorie' Http (web) server
zim20.zip          03/16/06    1.49M
    Chat and Instant Messaging Server
zipforward_trial.e 03/19/03    1.49M
    ZipForward is compatible with WinZip but has many more features.
zoc_win_english.ex 09/25/04    2.57M
    Award winning terminal emulator
zrcs32.zip         04/28/05    3.20M
    Remote access server for Windows 2K3/XP/2K
zst4me.zip         12/22/04    1.94M
    Automatic typing for filling in forms.
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** WinSite (tm):  The Planet's Largest Software Archive for Windows
** Index of:
**           Program Listings from Publications
** In Directory: ftp/pub/pc/winxp/programr/listings
**   On Archive: mirrors.winsite.com
** Last Updated: Friday, Jan. 23, 2009   12:20 EST
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** Some files are **ONLY** available on the WinSite web site.
** The column "AVAILABILITY" below indicates when files can only be
** downloaded from the web site, http://www.winsite.com
** Copyright 2005  WinSite Group Inc.    All Rights Reserved
AnonymousSurfing.z 10/26/05    7.05M
    Hide IP address and location from hackers
Aspose_1_.ASPXpand 12/28/06    1.53M
    Aspose.ASPXpand is an ASP.NET component.
Aspose_1_.AdHoc.zi 12/28/06      50K
    Aspose.AdHoc is an ASP.NET component.
Aspose_1_.Cells.ms 12/28/06    8.68M
    Aspose.Cells is a .NET component.
Aspose_1_.Cells.zi 12/28/06   11.22M
    Aspose.Cells is a Java component.
Aspose_1_.Chart.ms 12/28/06    1.78M
    Aspose.Chart is a .NET component.
Aspose_1_.Editor.m 12/28/06    5.33M
    Aspose.Editor is a Word Processor Control.
Aspose_1_.Flash.ms 12/28/06    1.20M
    Aspose.Flash is a Flash® management component
Aspose_1_.Grid.msi 12/28/06    7.55M
    Aspose.Grid is a .NET component.
Aspose_1_.Pdf.msi  12/28/06    4.11M
    Aspose.Pdf is a .Net Pdf component.
Aspose_1_.Slides.m 12/28/06    2.55M
    Aspose.Slides is a .NET component.
Aspose_1_.Spell.ms 12/28/06    1.55M
    Aspose.Spell is a .NET component.
Aspose_1_.Tasks.ms 12/28/06    1.64M
    Aspose.Tasks is a .NET component.
Aspose_1_.Total.Ja 12/28/06   22.77M
    Aspose.Total is a suite of 6 Java components.
Aspose_1_.Total.zi 12/28/06   62.22M
    Aspose.Total is a suite of 17 .NET components
Aspose_1_.Words.ms 12/28/06    7.43M
    Aspose.Words is a .NET component.
Aspose_1_.Words.zi 12/28/06    3.96M
    Aspose.Words is a Java component.
Aspose_1_.Workflow 12/28/06    5.06M
    Aspose.Workflow is a .NET component.
Aspose_1_.iCalenda 12/28/06    1.11M
    Aspose.iCalendar is a .NET component.
Aspose_1_.pdf.kit. 12/28/06    4.77M
    Aspose.Pdf.Kit is a .NET component.
Bingooo_english.ex 07/04/03    2.60M
    Browser, metasearch engine with agents, and communication in a si
BitTorrentManager. 04/02/05    3.74M
    Tool to download and distribute large files
CdrvC100.exe       08/26/04    4.50M
    Serial Communication Library For Pocket PC
ChilkatDotNet.msi  07/18/06    1.53M
    Zip component for .NET 1.0 / 1.1 Framework
ChilkatDotNet2.msi 07/18/06    1.65M
    Zip component for .NET 2.0 Framework
DeleakerSetup.zip  06/15/06     659K
    Get rid of any leaks with Deleaker
FlashPlayerControl 12/07/05    8.72M
    A Delphi component to enhance Flash ActiveX
GoogleCalDemo.zip  05/16/08     619K
    Component that works with Google Calendar
JSImageSliderGoldT 12/03/07     729K
    Create scrolling images on Web pages.
JSVGallerySliderTr 04/05/08     769K
    Creates scrolling images on Web pages.
KineticaRT.Control 06/24/04     281K
    .NET Knob Instrument Control
MW6Aztec.ZIP       03/14/04     957K
    Aztec 2D Barcode ActiveX
MW6AztecASP.ZIP    03/14/04      24K
    Aztec 2D Barcode ASP Component
MW6AztecASPNet.ZIP 03/14/04      13K
    Aztec 2D Barcode ASP.Net Component
MW6AztecNet.ZIP    03/14/04     840K
    Aztec 2D Barcode .Net Control
MW6AztecWin32.ZIP  03/14/04     847K
    Aztec 2D Barcode Win32 DLL
MW6Barcode.zip     03/14/04     963K
    MW6BarCode ActiveX supports>20 symbologies
MW6BarcodeASP.ZIP  03/14/04      35K
    Barcode ASP Component
MW6BarcodeASPNet.Z 03/14/04      22K
    Barcode ASP.Net Web Control
MW6BarcodeNet.ZIP  03/14/04     850K
    Barcode .Net Windows Form
MW6BarcodeWin32.ZI 03/14/04     853K
    Barcode Win32 DLL
MW6DataMatrix.zip  03/14/04     948K
    DataMatrix 2D Barcode ActiveX
MW6DataMatrixASP.Z 03/14/04      25K
    DataMatrix 2D Barcode ASP Component
MW6DataMatrixASPNe 03/14/04      14K
    DataMatrix 2D Barcode ASP.Net Component
MW6DataMatrixNet.Z 03/14/04     841K
    DataMatrix 2D Barcode .Net Control
MW6DataMatrixWin32 03/14/04     842K
    DataMatrix 2D Barcode Win32 DLL
MW6MegaPipe.zip    03/14/04     933K
    XModem/YModem/ZModem/Kermit ActiveX
MW6PDF417.zip      03/14/04     961K
    PDF417 2D Barcode ATL ActiveX
MW6PDF417ASP.ZIP   03/14/04      32K
    PDF417 Barcode ASP Component
MW6PDF417ASPNet.ZI 03/14/04      22K
    PDF417 Barcode ASP.Net Component
MW6PDF417Net.ZIP   03/14/04     849K
    PDF417 Barcode .Net Control
MW6PDF417Win32.ZIP 03/14/04     849K
    PDF417 2D Barcode Win32 DLL
MicronWindowsDemo. 10/13/08     677K
    Tool bring back windows deleted files folders
MyUT_11.EXE        05/05/07    2.58M
    Easily integrate update functionality.
NET_Picture_Compon 07/21/04     583K
    .NET Picture Visualization Control
    Source code linecount software for developers
SQLCom10.exe       12/09/04     447K
    Compares the structure of two SQL databases.
SingleChatDemo.exe 12/11/07    1.12M
    Web based live chat software for user support
SolidAudit_TS.zip  06/07/05    9.72M
    Software for auditing Terminal Services.
Spirit_of_Quicksor 12/18/06    1.19M
    Dlls Library dedicated to Sorting.
StiRep12.zip       02/25/06    5.89M
    StimulReport.Net is a reporting tool for .Net
UNA-1.0-windows-in 05/13/08   47.21M
    UNA is the world's best source code editor!
ak101.exe          03/22/07     933K
    AKeeper is a Personal Password Database
am102.exe          02/07/07     951K
    Pregnancy Journal, your pregnancy memories.
aqb_ax11.zip       12/15/05     984K
    ActiveX component for building SQL queries
aqb_fr10.zip       10/25/05    2.57M
    Delphi component for buiding SQL queries
asdlemul2.exe      03/13/08    1.41M
    Easy and hassle-free COM port data emulation
aspose_1_.Network. 12/28/06     719K
    Aspose.Network is a .NET components suite.
aspose_1_.barcode. 12/28/06    8.16M
    Aspose.BarCode supports barcode generation.
aspose_1_.barcode. 07/09/07     214K
    Aspose.BarCode is a Java component.
aspose_1_.metafile 12/28/06     213K
    Aspose.Metafiles is a Java component.
aspose_1_.pdf.kit. 12/28/06    3.72M
    Aspose.Pdf.Kit is a Java component.
aspose_1_.pdf.zip  12/28/06    1.94M
    Aspose.Pdf is a Java Pdf component.
aspose_1_.slides.z 12/28/06    1.90M
    Aspose.Slides is a Java component.
audk.exe           02/09/06    3.10M
    Skin application with two lines source code!
ausbmon20.exe      02/28/06    2.78M
    USB Devices: analysis and debugging
bsfilesdk_free_set 11/12/05    1.53M
    Secure private file sharing components
bsp2psdk_free_setu 12/28/05    1.53M
    Virtual private peer-to-peer components
cadimportvcl.zip   06/06/06    7.75M
ccc101.exe         02/26/07     957K
    Card Collection Software.
cel2fah101.exe     01/21/07     935K
    Convert Unixtime to a Date and vice versa.
cifree.exe         04/18/06     520K
    A simple and clear freeware installer.
clInetSuiteDemoD6. 03/17/07    3.28M
    Send/receive mail, download/upload data.
cp101.exe          02/26/07     942K
    Color Picker.
crystal_flow_cpp_s 02/12/08    7.73M
    Flowcharts,Trees for C/C  Code - Base
crystal_revs_cpp_s 02/12/08    8.17M
    Review Visualization Tools for C/C  - Basic
    Most Popular Download Manager, 136mill. users
    Compares and synchronizes databases structure
    DHTML Grid with rich API, various cell types and AJAX support
    Clear up some space on your hard drive
edbdac.zip         03/14/06    5.21M
    EnterpriseDB BDE replacement.
evspd.exe          06/03/08    3.05M
    Create virtual serial ports in your system
flashanimationstud 08/28/03    2.50M
    flash driven website design system
fsp_10.zip         04/21/05    1.82M
    Database script and query tool
fsp_11.zip         07/22/05    1.95M
    Database script and query tool
ftpclientsetup.exe 08/19/07    1.16M
    activeX,ocx,upload,download,ftp server client
    Wedding Guest List Management Software.
    Golf Score Wizard - score card tracker.
    Serial Port Monitoring Control Library (SPMC)
    Powerful and Fast developer's editor
    Powerful HTA editor (for Html Applications)
b-psc104.exe      04/09/07     959K
    Web Page Size Calc adds up Web page size
bdac10.exe        04/27/07    3.83M
    Connectivity to InterBase/Firebird/Yaffil
multitiffviewerset 08/19/07    3.34M
    Imaging activeX view bmp,gif,jpeg,png,tiff
ott101.exe         03/22/07     950K
    Overtime Tracking Software.
    PAD Submitter. Shareware promoter.
    PrecisionID DataMatrix ActiveX Control.
    Native Barcode Generator for ASP and IIS.
    Barcode ActiveX Control and DLL.
    Polar Draw Component with full source code.
    Get rid of annoying popup windows .
    Convert PowerPoint to DVD and PPT to video
    Mighty strong resource files builder/editor.
    Fix Windows Registry Problems.
    Protect your online privacy
    Generate and print reports with ease
    RSS Feed Maker.
    Skin maker software solution for UI developer
    Library for direct connectivity to SQL Server
    Create and edit UML sequence diagrams
    A royalty-free ActiveX to access serial ports
    Instant message monitor, recorder, keylogger.
    Files/folders compression/encryption - 1 file
    Localization solution for software developers
    SQLMemTable: fast in-memory database with SQL
    Protect Your Online Privacy.
    SQCBW indents source code lines
    Protect Your Online Privacy.
    Protect your online privacy
    SWF to 3GP Converter converts SWF to 3GP/3G2.
    Convert SWF to video as SWF to AVI, MPEG, etc
    Convert SWF to flash video in FLV, MP4...
tethys-macro-sdk-s 05/25/06    1.43M
    Add Macro Recorder to your software
tiffprocessorsetup 08/19/07   10.85M
    Graphic,photo,picture,tiff image activex ocx
tiffviewersetup.ex 08/19/07    9.30M
    Imaging activeX view bmp,gif,jpeg,png,tiff
vnullmod20.exe     07/29/05    1.10M
    Emulate null-modem connection.
vsmaker_trial.zip  05/23/06     223K
    Video thumbnail component
    WebCloner is a site ripper, image downloader
    Make flash video player for web to play video
    Make flash video player for web to play video
    Website checker tool regularly monitors site
xf40_unr.zip       04/18/08    4.33M
    Read and write XLS files directly
xlhelp.exe         05/23/07    3.33M
    Help and user documentation generator Excel
xmlsitemapmaker101 12/26/06     958K
    XML Sitemap Maker.
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**           Winsock Compliant TCP/IP Networking Applications and Other
**           Internet-working Utilities
** In Directory: ftp/pub/pc/winxp/winsock
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cmnet235.zip       03/06/04    5.43M
    Telnet/Dial-up program w/Zmodem, PC-ANSI/VT100
    Turn HTML pages and websites into full-featured .exe ebooks
**  Copyright 2005 WinSite Group Inc.    All Rights Reserved
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** WinSite (tm):  The Planet's Largest Software Archive for Windows
** Index of:
**           Video Applications
** In Directory: ftp/pub/pc/winxp/video
**   On Archive: mirrors.winsite.com
** Last Updated: Monday, Mar. 2, 2009   08:20 EST
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** Some files are **ONLY** available on the WinSite web site.
** The column "AVAILABILITY" below indicates when files can only be
** downloaded from the web site, http://www.winsite.com
** Copyright 2005  WinSite Group Inc.    All Rights Reserved
    Convert DVD to MPEG4(DivX,XviD),VCD,SVCD,AVI
    DVD Ripper and DVD Backup to VCD/SVCD
    Make Perfect Copies of Your DVD Movies
    Capture, broadcast and share audio and video!
    Free 3GP Player for Pc
    convert Video files to 3GP 3g2 PDA Mp4 Format
    3GPP MP4 Flash FLV SWFvideo converter
    convert Video to IPOD 3GP PSP PDA MP4 Format
    Create and transfer video ringtones!
    3GP converter,3GP converter for Mobile Phones,3GP video converte
    Nidesoft 3GP Video Converter is a powerful 3GP video converter s
    Convert any video to avi/3gp/mp4 formats
    200% fast to convert video to 3GP video/movie
    Convert almost allvideo files to 3GP Movie
    Convert popular video formats.
    Convert DVD to AVI, DivX, or XviD formats.
    Download YouTube Video into AVI, MPEG, MP4.
    Convert video to iPod, PSP, 3GP, MP4 (MPEG4).
    Analysis of video clips and audio files!
    Convert and improve your video files!
    The movie converter for your mobile device!
AVBOXsetup.msi     02/22/06    3.62M
    AVBOX can manage video/audio files, capture images from video...
AVIJoiner.exe      08/16/04     410K
    It joins several AVI files into bigger one.
AVISplitter.exe    08/17/04     419K
    It splits a large AVI file into smaller ones.
AVSCaptureWizard.e 12/20/06   16.04M
    AVS Capture Wizard
AVSDVDCopy.exe     10/02/06   18.92M
    Copy DVDs/CDs and burn data with AVS DVD Copy
AVSDVDPlayer.exe   12/20/06   34.98M
    FREE AVS DVD Player
AVSDVDtoGO.exe     12/20/06   18.99M
    AVS DVD to Go
AVSDVDtoiPod.exe   12/22/06   18.62M
    AVS DVD to iPod
AVSMobileUploaderS 12/22/06    7.39M
    AVS Mobile Uploader
AVSVideoConverter. 12/22/06   35.60M
    AVS Video Converter
AVSVideoReMaker.ex 12/22/06   24.33M
    Edit your video with AVS Video ReMaker.
A_Moment_In_Time.z 04/30/05    6.68M
    A short video depicting early events in space and time.
Alive3GPVideoConve 11/02/06    3.35M
    Convert various video to 3GP, 3G2, MPEG-4.
AliveMP4Converter. 09/02/06    3.00M
    Convert various video formats to MP4 format.
AlivePSPVideoConve 12/10/06    3.29M
    Convert various video to PSP MP4 format.
AliveVideotoFlashC 12/24/06    3.23M
    Convert various video to Flash FLV and SWF.
AliveYouTubeVideoC 10/01/07    3.29M
    Download and convert videos from YouTube.
AliveZuneVideoConv 12/10/06    3.40M
    Convert various video to Zune MP4 format.
AliveiPhoneVideoCo 02/02/07    3.42M
    Convert various video format to iPhone video.
Alright.zip        01/06/05   18.06M
    A full music video production by Phil J Sassone
Animavideo.zip     01/08/05    9.94M
    1st Video for the new year featuring animations and music
AoAMP4Converter.ex 05/03/06    5.15M
    Put your favorite videos on iPod/PSP/Mobile
AugartVideoConvert 11/30/06   27.30M
    Augart Media: Digital Video
AuroraVCD_SVCD_DVD 12/26/05   10.17M
    Create VCD,SVCD,DVD Disc
Automator3-4.zip   09/28/05    8.87M
    HTPC Movie Automation Software.
BMediaV1.exe       12/01/04   18.97M
    All-in-one DVD, music, photos
Baroque_Art__Music 05/19/05   12.33M
    A video clip of baroque art & music with a message.
Bridge_Of_Love.zip 06/06/05   16.62M
    An inspirational video with a christian theme. (Appx. 17 MB)
CSAll2iPod_Setup.z 12/13/07    7.09M
    Convert all video format to mp4 for ipod.
CamProtect26062008 07/20/08     518K
    Video Surveillance
CamWizard_install. 03/25/05     463K
    Webcam motion detection cctv video system
CinemaPremiereOnli 04/06/05     291K
    Organize, search, sort and play movies in all formats
Climax_Color_Video 05/24/05   14.91M
    Psychedelic Colors and special effects video with music.
Coaster.zip        04/22/05   12.74M
    A visual roller coaster ride with music. (13MB File)
CoffeeVideoPlayer4 05/05/06    7.69M
    Add A Cool Video Player to your Website !
Cole2k_Media_-_Cod 11/07/05   17.67M
    Features playback and encoding codecs
CopyDVDSetup.exe   04/11/04    4.77M
    CopyDVD is a useful software to backup your existing DVD collecti
Crazy_Colors_Video 01/06/05   19.21M
    Colorful GIF Animations
D2DV30.exe         05/23/05    1.14M
    Convert DVD to DIVX, AVI, VCD, SVCD,MPEG
DVD-fx23setup.zip  09/26/04     940K
    A lightweight, simple, free DVD player.
DVD2AVI.exe        05/29/07    2.74M
    dvd to avi divx converter
DVD2AVIAC3_trial.e 01/07/04    1.34M
    Convert DVD to AVI, DIVX, MPEG4 with AC3
DVD2Flash_Setup.ex 08/20/07    9.63M
    DVD to Flash Converter, Convert DVD to FLV
DVD2WMV.exe        05/29/07    2.75M
    dvd to WMV converter
DVDCopy.exe        03/03/04     172K
    Copy your movies onto DVD or CD!
DVDCopyMachineSetu 12/02/05    1.48M
    Copy, burn DVD, split video files
DVDLabelersetup.ex 09/01/03    6.32M
    Automatically create DVD scene indexing label
DVDREAUTHOR_SETUP. 11/03/06    1.19M
    Powerful tool for Scenarist script creation
DVDRegionFree21.ex 07/04/03     733K
    Watch all region DVDs on region-locked DVD drive!
DVDRipFactory.exe  08/04/08    2.27M
    rip DVDmovies to video formats.
DVDRipFactoryPro.e 08/27/07    7.43M
    Rip DVD  movies to most used format.
DVD_PSPiPod.zip    12/01/05    8.48M
    A best DVD to iPod, PSP software pack
DVD_Player.zip     04/01/04    2.84M
    RioDVD is a full featured and easy to use DVD player
DVDto3GPVideoRipCo 09/02/08    7.78M
    Rip DVD movies to DVD/SVCD/AVI/iPod movies.
DVDtoDVDCopyTrialV 01/09/04    7.88M
    Get perfect duplicates of your movies on DVD.
DhweTrial.zip      01/05/09    7.61M
    Dynamic HTML Editor the Fastest WEB Editor
DirectDVD.exe      10/10/05   17.43M
    Windows HD DVD Player with Surround Audio
DirectDVD8.exe     12/02/08   20.16M
    Windows DVD Player with SRS HD Audio
DivXInstaller.exe  05/31/06   14.33M
    Create and play high-quality DivX video.
E=MC2_Video.zip    03/02/05   15.34M
    Video Animations and music by indie band E=MC2
EM_PowerPoint_Vide 01/07/09    6.57M
    Free Convert PowerPoint to AVI, WMV, MPG, BMP
EMpgPlayer.zip     09/22/06    3.54M
    MPEG Player with MPEG-1/-2/-4,3GP
EStreamEyeTools.zi 09/22/06    8.79M
    Software to analyze video quality
EXMuxer_Pro.zip    09/22/06    3.79M
    Software to demux and mux MPEG-2 TS
EasyDVDCopier.exe  04/08/05    2.08M
    Quality Fast DVD Copying
EnhancedDVDecoderI 01/21/06    1.85M
    Display/burn DV timecode, datecode etc on DV
FCTRSetup.EXE      03/13/07    2.11M
    Imports and categorizes TV Shows into iTunes
FLVPlayerSetup.exe 10/07/08    2.15M
    Free FLV Player to play your Flash Videos.
FVStudio100.exe    10/16/05    3.45M
    Convert Video Files to Flash SWF and FLV
FYDCSe10.exe       07/23/08    4.17M
    Download and convert videos from YouTube.
FantasticCamSetup. 05/24/06    3.72M
    A Wonderful Assistant to Internet Video Chat
FantasyDVDPlatinum 06/14/06    6.27M
    Exquisite and powerful DVD player
Flash2video_Setup. 06/23/06    4.81M
    Convert flash projector, swf or flv to video.
FlashDecompilerGol 10/15/08    3.92M
    Totally free flash decompiling software
FlashPlayer.exe    02/22/04     108K
    Program for viewing Flash-animations
FoxDVDRipper.exe   11/26/08    2.98M
    rip DVD  movies to video formats.
FoxDVDRipperPro.ex 07/04/08    7.40M
    Rip DVDmovies to most used format.
FoxFlashDecompiler 10/09/08    4.68M
    Professional Flash decompiler software
FoxVideoConverter. 09/21/08   16.77M
    Convert many video formats to iPod.
Fractal_Infinity.E 07/21/04   15.71M
    Mathmaticular Breakthrough 'The Mandelbrot Set' (Demo Video)
Free3GPVideoConver 10/02/08    5.64M
    Free 3GP Video Converter
FreeAudioDub.exe   10/01/08    5.57M
    Free Audio Dub
FreeDVDDecrypter.e 10/06/08    2.51M
    Free DVD Decrypter
FreeStudio.exe     01/09/09   25.03M
    Free Studio
FreeVideoDub.exe   10/07/08    5.58M
    Free Video Dub
FreeVideoFlipAndRo 10/01/08    8.97M
    Free Video Flip and Rotate
FreeVideoToFlashCo 10/17/08    8.93M
    Free Video to Flash Converter
FreeVideoToJPGConv 10/14/08    5.60M
    Free Video to JPG Converter
FreeVideoToMp3Conv 10/15/08    5.65M
    Extract audio from movies for free!
FreeVideoToiPhoneC 10/16/08    5.62M
    Free Video to iPhone Video Converter
FreeYouTubeDownloa 01/09/09    5.61M
    Free YouTube Download
FreeYouTubeToMP3Co 01/09/09    5.60M
    Free YouTube to MP3 Video Converter
FreeYouTubeToiPhon 10/17/08    5.59M
    Free YouTube to iPhone Converter
FreeYouTubeToiPodC 10/17/08    5.60M
    Free YouTube to iPod Converter
FreeYouTubeUploade 01/06/09    5.61M
    Make video for YouTube, upload it.
Free_Video_Downloa 02/26/08    2.25M
    Download and convert videos from YouTube, Google Video, Break
Free_Zune_Video_Co 01/12/09    2.56M
    Convert video files to Microsoft Zune compatible format (WMV MP4
From_The_Beginning 02/21/05   12.03M
    A video tribute to the early years of Emerson, Lake & Palmer.
FullAudioConverter 07/14/04   11.86M
    Full featured
GP_inside.zip      10/23/07    4.37M
    3D Walkthrough of the Great Pyramid of Egypt
Graphic_Art_Video. 01/06/05   17.45M
    A graphic art video featuring colorful animations and music...
Herosoft_Video_Con 03/27/06    7.84M
    Convert video files to DVD,VCD,MPEG,AVI etc.
Hodge-Podge_Video_ 05/16/05   19.47M
    GIF / MPEG video with indie band music (Appx. 20 MB)
    a viewer for the camera Axis very simple to use with save of imag
    Captures video, audio, pictures from screen.
    Easy to use but powerful audio/video capture application
    iPod  vides export and video downloading
    convert Video to IPOD PDA MP4 Format
JoinVobFiles.exe   08/08/07     217K
    Free software to join, merge VOB files
Kung-Fu_Stick_Men. 04/22/05    2.29M
    See the kung-fu fighters battle  with detailed animation.
MISInfoVideo_setup 02/22/07    8.97M
    Free player: Play DVD, AVI, MP3, MPEG, JPG
MSetup19.exe       12/22/06    5.79M
    Simulate a powerful web camera for your IM.
Magic3GPVideoConve 04/21/08    5.75M
    Convert many formats to 3GP.
MagicDVDCopier46.e 09/20/07    2.58M
    copy DVD movie to blank DVD or hard drive
MagicDVDRipStudio. 10/16/08    2.28M
    rip DVD  movies to video formats.
MagicDVDRipper32c. 05/25/05    1.57M
    backup DVD or convert it to DivX/AVI/VCD/SVCD
MagicDVDto3GPVideo 08/27/08    8.08M
    Backup DVD to VCD, SVCD, AVI, WMV, 3GP, MP4.
MagicVideoCapture. 04/25/08    3.47M
    Capture video and image in real time
Magic_Movie.zip    01/08/05   12.64M
    Upbeat Music and Animations by Phil Sassone
MediaOne .exe      05/03/03     732K
    A smaller and faster multimedia player.
MicroVideoCapture. 10/15/08    3.60M
    Superior Video capture
MicronWebMonDemo.z 10/27/07    1.24M
    Website monitoring software to monitor uptime - downtime performa
MotionHunter.exe   06/23/05    1.55M
    Motion Detection Software. Be sure!
MovieManagerSetup. 04/27/08   16.20M
    MovieManager is a fully featured Home Theater PC application
Movie_Title_Maker. 08/01/06    1.96M
    Add graphics, titleto quicktime movies.
Moving_Colors.zip  01/06/05   27.61M
    Designs of moving color and some stand out 3D with music
MovkitBVCProSetup. 03/11/08    6.72M
    Convert between AVI,MPG,WMV,RMVB,MOV,MP4,3GP.
MovkitBVCSetup.exe 04/19/06    6.88M
    Convert between AVI,WMV,ASF,MPEG,RealVideo
MovkitCloneDVDSetu 07/25/06    1.80M
    CloneDVD dvd movie to blank DVD disc.
MovkitDVD2IPodSetu 06/03/08    3.82M
    Convert your DVDs to iPod Video
MovkitDVD2PSPSetup 06/01/08    3.99M
    Convert DVD files to PSP Movie(MP4, AVC)
MovkitDVD2ZuneSetu 04/23/08    6.37M
    Convert DVD files to Zune video
MovkitDVD2iPhoneSe 06/04/08    6.05M
    Convert your DVDs to iPhone Video
MovkitDVDCopySetup 07/27/06    2.04M
    Copy DVDdvd movie to blank DVD disc.
MovkitDVDPack.zip  07/31/06    5.42M
    Movkit DVD Copy and DVDPean Video
MovkitDVDPackGold. 07/29/06    6.36M
    Movkit DVD Copy and DVDPean Pro
MovkitIPodSuiteSet 03/18/07    5.15M
    Convert all formats to iPod video
MovkitMobileVCSetu 03/20/08    6.57M
    Convert DivX AVI MPEG WMV to iPod PSP MP4 3GP
MovkitPSPSuiteSetu 05/29/08    5.19M
    Convert DVD, All formats to PSP(MP4, AVC)
MovkitPSPVCSetup.e 03/19/08    3.71M
    Convert AVI,WMV,ASF,MPEG,RMVB,RM to PSP Movie
MovkitPackPlatinum 03/19/07   18.11M
    ALL-IN-ONE solution for Video Conversion
MovkitZuneVCSetup. 05/12/07    5.07M
    Convert AVI,WMV,ASF,MPEG,RMVB,RM to Zune film
MovkitiPhoneSuiteS 09/01/07    8.10M
    Convert all formats to iPhone video
MovkitiPhoneVCSetu 03/18/08    5.38M
    Convert AVI,WMV,ASF,MPEG,RMVB,RM to iPhone
MovkitiPodVCSetup. 03/22/07    3.98M
    Convert AVI,WMV,AS