Vim can be found Amsterdam Amsterda

Found at: ftp.icm.edu.pl:70/packages/vim/MIRRORS

-- VIM Distribution Sites --      Last change: 2021 Aug 31

Vim can be found at:
  https://ftp.nluug.nl/pub/vim/                         Holland, Amsterdam  *1
  http://ftp.vim.org/pub/vim/                           Holland, Amsterdam
  ftp://ftp.home.vim.org/pub/vim/                       Holland, Amsterdam
  rsync://ftp.vim.org/Vim                               Holland, Amsterdam

*1 different domain, because that's what the certificate is for

HTTPS mirror of ftp site:
   https://ftp.stu.edu.tw/pub/vim/                       Taiwan, Kaohsiung  *2
   https://ftp.cc.uoc.gr/pub/vim/                        Greece, Heraklion
   https://ftp.pl.vim.org/pub/vim/                       Poland, Oswiecim
   https://www.mirrorservice.org/pub/vim/                England, Kent  
   https://ftp.cz.vim.org/pub/vim                        Czechia, Prague *3
   https://vim.mirror.garr.it/pub/vim/                   Italy, Rome
   https://vim.astra.in.ua/                              Ukraine, Lviv

*2  https mirror of http://ftp2.tw.vim.org/pub/vim/
*3  redirects to https://ftp.sh.cvut.cz/pub/vim/

HTTP mirror of ftp site:
   http://ftp2.tw.vim.org/pub/vim/                       Taiwan, Kaohsiung   
   http://mirrors.standaloneinstaller.com/vim            France, Strasbourg  
   http://ftp.gr.vim.org/pub/vim/                        Greece, Heraklion   
   http://ftp.sh.cvut.cz/pub/vim/                        Czechia, Prague     
   http://ftp.pl.vim.org/pub/vim                         Poland, Oswiecim    
   http://ftp2.pl.vim.org/pub/vim                        Poland, Oswiecim    
   http://mirror.netinch.com/pub/vim/                    Finland, Tampere    
   http://ftp2.uk.vim.org/pub/vim/                       England, Kent       
   http://ftp2.jp.vim.org/pub/vim                        Japan, Tsukuba      
   http://ftp2.kr.vim.org/pub/vim/                       Korea, Daejeon      
   http://www.netgull.com/vim                            USA, Dallas         
   http://mirror.metrocast.net/vim                       USA, NH, Rochester  
   http://ftp.cz.vim.org/pub/vim                         Czechia, Prague *4
   http://vim.astra.in.ua/                               Ukraine, Lviv

*4 redirects to http://ftp.sh.cvut.cz/pub/vim/

FTP Mirrors:
   ftp://ftp.ca.vim.org/pub/vim/                         Canada, Burlington  
   ftp://ftp.nl.vim.org/pub/vim/                         Holland, Amsterdam  
   ftp://ftp.de.vim.org/                                 Germany, Berlin     
   ftp://ftp3.de.vim.org/pub/vim/                        Germany, Oldenburg  
   ftp://ftp.cz.vim.org/pub/vim                          Czechia, Prague     
   ftp://ftp.uk.vim.org/pub/vim/                         England, London     
   ftp://ftp2.uk.vim.org/pub/vim/                        England, Kent       
   ftp://mirror.netinch.com/pub/vim/                     Finland, Tampere    
   ftp://ftp.gr.vim.org/pub/vim/                         Greece, Heraklion   
 + ftp://ftp.pl.vim.org/pub/vim/                         Poland, Warsaw      
   ftp://ftp2.pl.vim.org/pub/vim                         Poland, Oswiecim    
   ftp://ftp.sh.cvut.cz/pub/vim/                         Czechia, Prague     
   ftp://vim.tsu.ru/pub/vim                              Russia, Tomsk       
   ftp://ftp2.tw.vim.org/pub/vim                         Taiwan, Kaohsiung   
   ftp://ftp.jp.vim.org/pub/vim/                         Japan, Tokyo        
   ftp://ftp.kr.vim.org/pub/vim/                         Korea, Seoul        

RSYNC mirrors of the ftp site:
   rsync://ftp.nl.vim.org/Vim                            Holland, Amsterdam  
   rsync://ftp2.uk.vim.org/ftp.vim.org/pub/vim/          England, Kent       
   rsync://mirrors.standaloneinstaller.com/vim           France, Strasbourg  
   rsync://ftp.pl.vim.org/pub/vim/                       Poland, Warsaw      
   rsync://ftp.ca.vim.org/vim                            Canada, Burlington  
   rsync://ftp2.jp.vim.org/vim                           Japan, Tsukuba      
   rsync://ftp2.kr.vim.org/vim/                          Korea, Daejeon      
   rsync://vim.astra.in.ua/vim                           Ukraine, Lviv

        ? Might not always work
        + Also keeps older versions
        - Not up to date
        x Some files are compressed to .gz
        = Can list contents of archives, nice!

You can get the most recent version from Github, see:
Or use Mercurial, see:

The MacVim source can be found here:

- always mirror from ftp://ftp.home.vim.org/pub/vim/
- please use the "/pub/vim" directory, so we can make an alias
- send a message to Bram@vim.org to get an entry in this list and an
  ftp..vim.org alias

(Bram AT vim.org).                                         vim: set et: