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Summary: Frequently asked questions about the uk.local.peterborough
	newsgroup and the City of Peterborough, England.

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    from stand about in a field with other young people?
    harmless fun with a skateboard?
    advocates the feeding of small childen to hideous Black Winged Ones?
    orange T-shirts and radios?

uk.local.peterborough is for the discussion of issues relating to
attractions of; or plan to visit the City.

Contributions are also welcome from those interested in neighbouring
towns and cities in the Peterborough area, where no other local group

The formal Charter for uk.local.peterborough can be found at

Midlands.  People from the Midlands insist the place is nothing to do
this, saying the place isn't their fault and it's really part of the
East Midlands.

The population of Peterborough is 150,000.  One day the people of
Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire will unite to build a huge wall around

look angry or hostile.  However, if you stay in Peterborough for long,
you will slowly fit in as you adopt the same appearance and mindset.

The people of Peterborough are not well known for their sense of humour.

No.  Residents of Wisbech are thick; people from Peterborough are merely
uneducated and cultureless.  (The percentage of the resident workforce
of Greater Peterborough qualified to degree level or above is 30% lower
than the national workforce.)

Many new visitors to Peterborough comment that the place smells; some
comment that the smell is reminiscent of rotting brussel sprouts.  There
s much debate, however, on precisely what causes the stench; the sewage
uk.local.peterborough posters.

Yaxley, meanwhile, has an odious odour caused by manure at the mushroom
farm at the top of the village.

Many people think Peterborians are jealous of the people of Cambridge,
but this is not the case.  Whilst we appreciate Cambridge has it's own
culture, history, thriving local economy, interesting and varied
nightlife, and bollards in the road that automagically move up and down,

Not the way people from Northampton pronounce it.

The Abbey church of Peterborough was founded in 655, and destroyed by
burnt down by mistake in 1116; no-one's quite sure what happened but
many folk blame the Danish for that one too.  Peterborough Cathedral is
the third abbey, founded in 1118.

Guided tours of the Cathedral and the Deanery can be organised and
customised for individual groups; but please note that even today the

For full details the Peterborough Cathedral web site can be found at:

One of the highlights of Peterborough, the passport office is situated
not far from the Market Car Park, and within ten minutes walk from the
train station.

The address of the passport office is: Peterborough Passport Office,
Aragon Court, Northminster Road, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE1 1QG.

For more information see the United Kingdom Passport Service web site at
<http://www.ukpa.gov.uk/_4_offices/4_pborough.htm>, or call their
national call centre on 0870 521 0410.

The Peterborough Beer Festival is the second largest beer festival in
the UK.  It is probably one of the few good things Peterborough has got

The Peterborough Festival <http://www.peterboroughfestival.co.uk/> runs
around June/July each year and gives the city the chance to prove how
much better it is than Wisbech.  The Mayor of Peterborough allegedly

The Willow Festival <http://www.willowfestival.co.uk/> is the region's
largest rock and pop extravaganza.  Set within the surroundings of the
Embankment of the River Nene, it is the culmination of the Peterborough
Festival, running over the final weekend.  It is possibly one of the
largest free festivals in the UK.

(It was recently announced that the Willow Festival would no longer be
Don't say your Cabal never does anything for you.)

Truckfest <http://www.truckfest.co.uk/> is good, clean road haulage fun
for all the family.  It runs in May and features some of the finest
exhibitions, products and celebrity guests from the exciting world of

The uk.local.peterborough newsgroup is full of people with good ideas on
following restaurants and pubs have had positive reviews:

  o Ask, Cowgate
    Typical Italian pizza/pasta restaurant liked by many.  Similar to
    Pizza Express.  Friendly staff.

  o The Bell Inn, Stilton
    Pleasant environment, excellent Stilton cheese ``dessert.''

  o The Cuckoo, Alwalton, and the Fitzwilliam Arms, Marholm
    Described as ``chain pubs'' but with good food.

  o EAST, above Charters
    Derrick, who used to recommend their sizzling beef with pineapple
    rice, has gone right off them!  ``They have not even replied to a
    letter of complaint,'' he says.

  o Fiddlesticks Restaurant, Wansford
    ``Excellent grub.''  Slightly more expensive than the Paper Mill.

  o The Fox, Folksworth
    Very good.  Can get very busy.

  o Fratelli's, Castor
    An Italian restaurant with excellent service and a nice atmosphere.

  o The George, Stamford
    Good, but pricey.  Fish and chips ``to die for.''

  o The Great Northern Hotel
    Described as ``wonderful'' and ``very posh.''

  o The Mill, Oundle
    ``Great food but they don't do their soup in a bun any more...

  o The North A1, Lincoln Road
    Described as a high quality Thai restaurant.  ``Prices are quite
    reasonable, they have a lunchtime menu, and they've got a fish tank
    and everything.''

  o The Old Fire Engine House, Ely
    ``Good Fenland traditional food.''

  o The Paper Mill, Wansford
    ``Rather nice grub, nice surroundings, reasonable prices.''

  o The Phoenix, Fotheringay
    ``Excellent food, quite pricey.''

  o The Spice Inn, Yaxley
    An Indian restaurant, described as ``good.''

  o The Windmill, Orton Waterville
    ``Good grub, reasonable surroundings, reasonable prices.''

  o Neil Ellwood (uk.local.peterborough subscriber) is believed to make
    excellent chip butties.

For more information on restaurants around Peterborough, see
Also see the food and drink section of the Peterborough Community
Website <http://www.peterborough.net/lifestyle/food.asp>.

Many would argue that the Brewers Fare Pub/Travel Inn Hotel is a motel
bar rather than a bona fide public house; so it either has one pub or no
consider that Hampton has over 5,200 houses, and claims to be the
largest new town development in Europe.  For more information see

    from stand about in a field with other young people?

Not true.  Hampton has /lots/ of fields to choose from.

    harmless fun with a skateboard?

For some serious flippey action, you need to hook up with the
<http://www.knowhere.co.uk/3328.html>, top spots include the Y2SK8 skate
House, and the train station.

The Massive have a harsh warning to many would-be young skaters,
messed up!''  Before mounting up on your board, it is probably best to

Good luck, and may your skateboarding be ``phat and nuff stylee''.

Note: It is advisable not to get the Peterborough Skate Massive mixed up
of people and have nothing in common.

Distinctive and arresting, the goth (or gothic) movement is one of
nocturnal social habits, obscure music and dark, maudlin attire.
Although difficult to calculate, some estimate that there are as little
as half a dozen goths active in Peterborough.

This would be unimportant, were it not for the fact that groundbreaking
community and it's economic health.  For example, London is both the
United Kingdom's financial hub, and the part of the UK with the highest

With a tenfold increase in Peterborough's goth count, experts believe
the city would become the leading light in the Eastern Region; countless
benefits could be delivered, including reductions in crime and
mprovements in healthcare.

Not all Peterborough residents, however, believe that an increase in the
uk.local.peterborough poster takes the view that:

    ``... the goth posture is an unhealthy approach to life, and I
    hope in most cases it turns out to be nothing more than a phase
    for those involved.''

Another Peterborough resident defends the goth and alternative scene,

    ``... they aren't bad kids, most wouldn't hurt a fly.''

One possible solution to the issue of goth acceptance would be the
establishment of a commune in somewhere already used to unusual-looking

Yes.  The Peterborough Linux Users Group (PLUG) is an informal forum for
Linux users in and around Peterborough.  To find out about meetings,
or to join the electronic mailing list, visit the PLUG web site at

There is a handful of us who can be found on channel #peterborough_uk on
the ChatNet network <irc://irc.eu.chatnet.org/peterborough_uk>.  There
are a few other channels on ChatNet that Peterborians show up on too
<irc://irc.eu.chatnet.org/kill_barry_fry>.  Around the late 1990's
channel #peterborough on IRCnet seemed quite popular, but it has since
fallen into disuse. 

amoungst teenagers, sick weirdos, and investigative journalists who like

    advocates the feeding of small childen to hideous Black Winged Ones?

evidence to suggest that it might be part of an underground Cthulhu
cult which advocates the feeding of small childen to hideous Black
Winged Ones.

    orange T-shirts and radios?

They are the Street Wardens, employed by the council as ambassadors for
the city.  The radios allow them to contact Peterborough's CCTV team,

When they group together, all orange with shaven heads, they look like
attendees at some kind of baked bean convention.

behavior and alcohol ban breaches; and people having the audacity to

The cages were put up by someone (we're not naming names) who hates

Mr Binky, CEO of BinkCorp, is widely rumoured to be plotting to Take
Over The World.  Allegedly, he hatches his Secret And Devious
Masterplans from one of the higher points in Broadway.  His prototype
Ultimate Death Ray presently sits incomplete in a disused warehouse (2
Microsoft Way, Redmond, United States), awaiting red LEDs.

For more information on the properties of different LEDs, please see:

Many people see him roaming around the town centre (and occasionally in
Yaxley) and wonder precisely who he is; few dare approach him to find
out.  The only thing people are sure of is that he's been roaming about
for over a decade, and no-one can ever recall seeing him /not/ wearing a

The really huge bloke's name is Giles.  It's known he went to
took a course in Media Studies instead.  He's believed to now make rock

Giles speaks with an American accent, but this was not always the case.
He lived in America as child, but only picked up his present accent upon

We are assured that despite the fact he's really huge and wears a
bandanna, Giles is actually a very nice chap.  The next time you see
``Hey, you're Giles, aren't you?  I've read about you on the Internet!''

(Thanks to Timothy Rayner for helping us answer this question.)


of Peterborough United supporters have never been outside Peterborough.