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Subject: Prophecies of Nostradamus: part 7/8, The Earth Shift
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  in part under no restrictions.

(This FAQ on Nostradamus interpretations and related material is 
  available at ftp://ftp.netcom.com/pub/nanomius/home.html)

The geological and spiritual earth shift (part 7)

a. Timing
b. The end of civilization 
c. Geography
e. Old vs. Young Souls
f. The New Age of spiritual rebirth
  g. Reawakening of freedoms an rights
  h. Peace after WWWIII
  i. Spirituality transcends technology
  j. Feminine aspects of God revered again
  k. More open, frequent contact with aliens
  l. "Green" revolution, return to the land
  m. Scientific discoveries reaffirm Eastern religion
n. Great Genius unifies religion and science
o. Great Genius discovers the science of miracles
q. New philosophy of the Age of Aquarius

a. Timing

Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are due to the activity caused by
the conjunction of the planets, which also affects the shift of this

b. The end of civilization 

Civilization as you know it will cease to exist. (I. p53) Cities will
no longer exist as we know them. (I. p56)

c. Geography

Continents as you know them now will cease to exist or change
know it will be [spared]. Continents all over the earth will be
affected. The water mass as we know it now will cover a greater
not be any country that is not affected. A large portion of Asia will
be covered with water. Africa will have a channel cutting through it,
a new strait. (I. p56)


Make humanity aware. Let people prepare themselves spiritually.
changes. (I. p53) Problems of survival will be hardest in countries
turned into islands. (I. p69)

e. Old vs. Young Souls

There is now a higher proportion of old souls in the world than there
the world survive. They can be found everywhere, permeated in the
oddest places. The old souls will be in communication with each other
and they are the ones that will help things hold together and

Nostradamus states that his communication is intended to help us avoid
the worst-case scenarios of his visions that could be averted with
trying time. The spirits on the earth at this time are there by
choice to work through major amounts of karma. Living in this
of ten average human lifetimes. 

The older and more advanced spirits volunteered. Some younger spirits
the line for them" as far as spiritual advancement. They're not fully
volunteers but just enforced volunteers, so to speak, because they
knew they had no other choice.  Most of the people are understandably
unhappy, but some make the best of the situation and some don't.

f. The New Age of spiritual rebirth

The shift will usher the beginning of a new age. (I p53, I. p56) Even
though there will be physical deaths, there is no death of people's
consciousness, but a different awareness. Do not feel that people
make a new beginning for the earth. (I. p56)

Whether the worst of the events prophecied come to pass, there will be
a great spiritual rebirth throughout the world. Individuals will have
the opportunities to "get in touch with themselves" and  come to a
s restored after the time of troubles, people will come to this
the Eastern and Western religions will ensue. 

Focusing on this "ray of hope" during the time of troubles could
alleviate the worst aspects of the suffering, the the materialism of
the majority of the population will regrettably make this unlikely.


The U.S. will suffer defeats fighting the Antichrist as well as an
nternal political deterioration during the time of troubles. When
the time of troubles are over people will celebrate their victory and
freedom, and reawaken in the U.S. the spirit of liberty and rights
embodied by the Statue of Liberty, which were dead during the time of
the Antichrist's tyranny. The  people will regain their rights and
the way of life improve from the dark times.


An American president with a strong Cancer influence will  push for

. Spirituality transcends technology

This quatrain refers to the grand design that is emanating from the 
"center of the wheel" during the time of troubles and the healing
Vulcan, i.e. one who works with fire, represents warfare. 

The "hidden sun" represents the fact that the societies of the world
gnorant of their origin and the "meaning of life" and they search
for fulfillment and happiness in other areas, and do not succeed.
They think it's found in modern technology, hence the  "sun being
eclipsed by Mercury". It's held only second because what people
to find happiness in technology they separate themselves from the
central source of the universe.

By the end of WWWIII and the time of troubles, and the healing process
begins, people will be reunited with the source. The horrors of war
and bloodshed--the powers of Vulcan--will cause them to realize that
technology does not contain the answers to happiness. They will gain
a new insight into "from whence they sprang and where they are
and people will be able to heal themselves and the world, and go far
n preparing to join the community fo the Watchers.

The central hub of the "wheel" represents the source of everything and
various influence the "aspects" have on historical developments as a


The feminine aspects of God have been ignored, neglected and reviled.
After the demise of the Antichrist the pendulum will swing back into
balance. In early ages and in ancient societies the female aspect of
God was worshipped and revered. The masculine aspect was also
extends into the present, the female aspect was suppressed and
masculine and feminine aspects. This realization will help foster a
more balanced worldview.

k. More open, frequent contact with aliens

After the time of troubles there will be much closer and open contact
and be cast up on the shore. The people will perceive them as the
enemy out of terror. Some of the "Others" are enemies, and some are
not. There is more than one group of "Watchers". Some mean well for
mankind and some have more selfish motives in mind.

l. "Green" revolution, return to the land

"green" revolution with roots in the social revolution of the early
nuclear families of the modern era. Larger families and groups of
communities will be very earth- and ecology-conscious. They will help

They will reclaim and cultivate wasted, misused, or unusable land for
farmland. Since the will for peace is all-encompassing, building
century trend, cities will be torn down to expose soil to sunlight
and make room for farming. So many will have died during WWWIII that
nstead of fighting over land.

m. New political alliances

After the calamitous events of the late 20th century, the present 
alliances among the countries, particularly western nations, will
alliance will be "at loose ends". A secret naval or intelligence
base, will be constructed on the American continental shelf
underneath the ocean for secrecy. Heads of staff will meet there to
not be known by this name but will live on in a similar organization
that stemmed from it. This will be  dissolved due to the stress
countries underwent duing the time of troubles. 

n. Scientific discoveries reaffirm Eastern religion

Military scientists--not those researching weapons, but doing
electricity, magnetism, gravity, etc. shortly  after the time of
troubles. This new force will give supporting evidence for Eastern
and rise in greater glory than through outward communication with
other nations. It is not so much a discovery but a realization. 

The evidence for the force has been in front of us bu the facts have
been misinterpreted and misassociated with other phenomena, such as
"statistical aberration". The force will relate to mystical phenomena

o. Great Genius unifies religion and science

The Great Genius will help unify science and religion and bring about
the enlightenment and peace of the Age of Aquarius foretold by
themselves up to the higher powers and the higher levels of the
universe. In effect it will make everyone a  philosopher. Sects and
"upper regions".


The great genius will realize the magic of alchemy through his
anything will seem possible in the climate of a greater unity of
mind, soul, body, and emotions. People will be able to manipulate the
basic forces of the universe in a wa that will seem utterly fantastic
to those not involved with the occult. People presently involved in
occult and psychic realms currently deal with these forces without
understanding, but in the future understanding will be present,

q. Astonishing feats of medicine

Future medicine will reach astonishing sophistication by today's
the spirit" into, i.e. reanimate, the body.  A breakthrough in
everything through lifeforce will be discovered, the central source
of this the divine spirit. It will seem like a profound rebirth of


A new philosophy will emerge in the New Age, more compatible with the
actually very deep. After a period of peace the people of earth will
become lax and uncaring of the higher aspects of spirituality because
they "have it easy". A war and famine and other hardships will turn
minds toward higher realizations as people think there must be
contradictions in philosophies that perplex people, and will overturn
older, established religions. It will have sociological effects and
the Age of Aquarius.