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Welcome to sci.math.research, a moderated newsgroup.

The charter

    CHARTER: This newsgroup is a forum for the discussion of
             current mathematical research.

Additional hints about suitability of materials

We understand "mathematical research" to be an exploration of mathematics
to the mathematical community.

encouraged to post announcements of:
   - mathematics conferences
   - preprints available, electronically or physically
   - new mathematics journals
   - online resources of interest to research mathematicians
   - availability of new mathematical software
   - job openings for mathematicians
   - professional obituaries of mathematicians

We discourage requests for:
   - solutions to homework problems
   - a particular complicated equation to be solved symbolically
   - a particular function to be integrated symbolically
   - solutions of problems at an undergraduate level
   - elementary combinatorial algorithms
   - information about computer software
   - information pertaining to mathematics education
   - e-mail addresses of mathematicians
   - jobs
   - responses to be sent by email directly to you

We discourage the use of:
   - fighting words

The moderators

The moderators of this group are

     Maarten Bergvelt <bergv@math.uiuc.edu>
     Kevin Buzzard <k.buzzard@imperial.ac.uk>
     G. A. Edgar <edgar@math.ohio-state.edu>
     Robert Israel <israel@math.ubc.ca>

Moderators Emeriti:

     Dan Grayson <dan@math.uiuc.edu>
     David Rusin <rusin@math.niu.edu>

The moderators appreciate receiving feedback about their moderation
appeared, please drop the acceptor of it a note.  You can see who accepted it
by glancing at the "Approved" line in the header of the article.

Where to find this and other information

This document is available at 
You can also find pointers there to other useful sources of information on
the Internet for mathematicians.

The readers of sci.math.research

     The newsgroup is read by thousands of research mathematicians, some of
them among the most distinguished mathematicians in the world, as well as
tens of thousands of graduate students, undergraduates, and others with an
questions and answers, it can burnish your reputation as a professional or
amateur mathematician, even if you make mistakes.  But if you toss off
obscure questions that you haven't thought through and that hold no
count on the moderator to reject any particular posting.  Even if you cancel
a posting, it will still be permanently archived by commercial services that

The basics of posting to a moderated newsgroup

     This newsgroup is moderated, but you should post original articles and
followups in the usual way.  The news reading software automatically forwards
articles by email, forwards accepted articles to the rest of the net, and
the moderator, or the rejection notice couldn't be delivered to you.

     Using a false return email address (to avoid spam, for example) will
articles.  Often the moderator has changes to suggest to the author which
the moderator from communicating with the poster.

     We may reject postings which lack a valid return address.

     Anonymous postings are discouraged, although postings sent through
anonymizing services are currently being accepted.

     Many readers of sci.math.research read this newsgroup through an ASCII
terminal or its equivalent, so please post messages in plain ASCII text, with
they are unintelligible without MIME-decoding software will be rejected.  For
the same reason, don't expect it to be easy for the readers to follow a link
to a web page included in your article.  Instead, you should provide the main
mathematical ideas in plain ASCII to get readers interested, and offer a link
to a web page only as a supplement.

     If you wish to communicate with the current moderator, one good way to

     Make sure to omit any extraneous text from your posting.  This
ncludes trailing blank lines, gratuitously many blank lines, initial
text as much as possible.

     If you have some TeX which you would like to post, consider instead

     When posting a followup, please don't modify the subject line, as it
makes it more difficult for readers to follow the thread.

     Crossposting to other moderated newsgroups is discouraged, because the
moderator has no criteria for judging the acceptability of the article to the
other newsgroups.  It is better to post the article separately to other
moderated newsgroups, so the other moderator can receive and judge the

     Crossposting to other unmoderated newsgroups is discouraged, too,
because it leads to parallel and hence wasteful discussions, especially if
the other newsgroup is sci.math.  If you do cross-post, be patient - the
article will not appear in the other newsgroups until it has been moderated.
The news software detects the presence of a moderated group in the list of
newsgroups, sends the article to the moderator, and does not arrange for it
to be posted to the other newgsroups.  That job is left to the moderator,

     Newsgroups operate as a forum for public discussion, so it is courteous
to follow the discussion on a newsgroup for a while after you have posted a
question.  Some readers feel it is impolite for a poster to request replies
be sent by email, because this robs the other readers of the benefit of

     Some newsgroup reading software has problems: here are the problems we
know about.  The epigone software at Mathforum.org: (1) for a reply it leaves
the subject field blank in the form presented to the user, thereby
encouraging a new or incorrect subject to be entered; (2) articles with
they are in the same thread according to the "references" header; 
(3) articles with the same title are regarded as being in the same thread,
even if there is no "references" header indicating that; (4) there is no way
to view all the headers of an article (to see what thread it's really in, for

Related newsgroups

     If you are considering posting to sci.math.research, it's possible that
the article is better suited to another research newsgroup such as:

comp.graphics.research  Highly technical computer graphics discussion.

     or to another sci.math.* news group:

     or to a mathematically oriented mailing list such as:

GRAPHNET at http://listserv.nodak.edu		  Graph theory

     or to one of the following groups:

comp.graphics.algorithms  Algorithms used in producing computer graphics.
comp.soft-sys.math.mathematica	Mathematica (moderated).
comp.soft-sys.math.maple	Maple.
comp.text.tex		  Discussions about mathematical typesetting using TeX.
comp.theory               Theoretical computer science.
comp.theory.cell-automata Discussion of all aspects of cellular automata.
comp.theory.dynamic-sys   Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems.

At http://db.uwaterloo.ca/~alopez-o/math-faq/math-faq.html is an FAQ for

Maarten Bergvelt