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This FAQ is in it's infancy. It will take some time for the FAQ
to develop. The topics listed below are proposed topics and will
alter as the FAQ develops.

The control file for rec.video.satellite.tvro can be found at

For your newsgroups file:

The charter, culled from the call for votes:

Rec.video.satellite.tvro will be for the discussion of TVRO (an acronym for
TeleVision Receive Only) ... or "Large Dish" satellite reception, generally
non-commercial home-dish owners and hobbiests. This group will continue to
cover C/Ku band reception worldwide, including programming, technical, legal
ssues and other matters relating to home-dish usage, in the same way that
existing group, rec.video.satellite has done since its inception. The
HOMESAT mailinglist will be gatewayed to this group, if this proposal is

This FAQ will be posted in 3 parts (Not including this Intro)



           Used on BUDs, and Who Makes Them?


V.      How Does the Environment Affect Reception?
V.A.    Wind.
V.B.    Rain.
V.C.    Snow/Sleet.
V.D.    The Sun.
V.D.1.  Periodic Sun Outages.
V.D.2.  Solar Flares.
V.E.    Insects, Arachnids, and Birds.

VI.     Can Zoning Ordinances or Homeowner Associations Prevent
        me From Installing a BUD or Minidish System?

VI.A.   FCC Regulations.
VI.B.   Legal Precedents (if any).
VI.C.   Dealing with Homeowner Associations.

VII.    Where Can I get More Information or Help with my BUD System?

VII.A.  Local Dealers
VII.B.  Usenet Newsgroups.
VII.C.  Prodigy?
VII.D.  Yahoo? Deja?
VII.E.  Public Library/Book Titles?
VII.F.  Other.