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Summary: A list of public locations & tournaments for foosball. 
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Copyright: (c) 1996 Robert Uyeyama
Version: 3.2b

All of the latest rec.sport.table-soccer FAQs are available at =
Foosball Heaven's FAQ archive http://www.foosballheaven.com/


Compiled by Robert Uyeyama and the members of rec.sport.table-soccer.
(c) copyright 1996 Robert Uyeyama  Permission granted to distribute =
file in unmodified form only, if distributed freely, for free, =
Offenders will be drilled then dinked twice.


**********This is not the latest version of this file!!!**********
This listing may have obsolete information.

****The latest version of this file****
 is now based as a web page at
Clay Gump's great foos web site, The Foosball Source at 

The latest version of this file is no longer maintained by Robert =
This older version is posted as a service to the Usenet, and as a =
older information.

*****If you have updates or additions to playing locations of =
fill out the convenient form at the Foosball Source at the "Add Your =
Location" area within the "Playing Locations" area:

The direct link to The Foosball Source's  playing location area is:


This listing contains public playing-locations for
table-soccer (foosball).  Regular tournaments are also listed when
known.  Local foosball promoters are also listed.  All listings are
by state.

Terms: DYP=3Ddraw your partner doubles; BYP=3Dbring your partner;
    HMP=3Dhouse matches the pot; MD=3Dmixed doubles; doub=3Ddoubles; 
    des=3Ddesignation system for goalie player; hc=3D handicap system;
    sing=3Dsingles; GW=3DGoalie War; 21yr=3D must be 21 to enter;
    "/" designates "or", e.g. sing/DYP=3D singles or DYP;
    Am=3DAmateur; Rk=3DRookie/beginner; ($x)=3D$x guaranteed payout =
    winners; (money added)=3Dmoney added to entry fees for payout.
    T=3DTornado; S=3DStriker; D=3DDynamo; TS=3DTournament Soccer;
    RP=3DRene Pierre; other tables spelled out.
    note that "T" would designate an unknown number of Tornado
    tables, and "1T" would designate one Tornado table.

Note: This listing is far from complete: so if
   you have any info on your local area that you don't see here,
   or *corrections* and additions (e.g. missing addresses, phone #)
   to what is already listed,  __please__  email them to me,
   uyeyama@hawaii.NOSPAMedu.  I want your info!  Your fellow foosers
   will benefit!

***new: please send in college campus locations, just name 
campus and place (no address needed)***	

Also:  Promoters and Table-operators are always
   welcome to request a listing in this file free of charge.
   Just email the author.

v1.4: Three Rene Pierre locations added in NC and VA!  Also,
      the southwest listing have been somewhat updated.  Eric's 
      tournament in Ottawa added.
v1.5: Some additions to Texas, Florida, Mass, Mich, Miss, other =
      Stryker and Tornado numbers listed.
v1.6: MD (one Stryker location too) and WA added. Corrections & =
additions to
      various states, including: CA, OR, NV.
      Correction to Dynamo/Stryker number (284-7606 was wrong; -0114 =
      b/c. _minor_ additions: Montreal, PA, MD, TX, HI; corrections: =
v1.7: LA added; NY, IL additions
      c IOWA/ILL additions, AZ corrections
v1.8: OH added, WI, MD, MA, CO changes. New USTSA Hot Line number.
v2.0: NJ & NYC & TN added, WI, CA, OH, CO, IL, Toronto additions.  =
keeping listings by university as well for campus foos (send them =
v2.1: Caught up on some backlog: Canada, CO, NY, NJ, FA, VA.  I hope =
v2.2: More backlog.  Sorry Morrie, I finally got to it!
v2.3: Minnesota, W Virginia, Egypt added. New RP locations in N =
Lots of additions in all states (e.g. TX, RI, NY, WI).
Quebec, CANADA, Egyptian contact. 
South Carolina are new.  
Hopefully, European locations are coming soon, I'm working on it!
  a big tourney in LA.  Clay's graphical playing-location file is =
coming soon!
the web operater, Will Hawkes... once this web site finds a permanent
address, it  will be listed in this file under the UK section, and =
via Rob's Foosball Heaven http://www.foosballheaven.com/) 

See http://www.vifa.com for Valley/Tornado promotions in North =
America.  Contact VIFA at PO Bo 656; 333 Morton St; Bay City, MI  =

Call the Tornado promotions at (817) 561-0511
for Tornado playing locations in areas not  listed here.  They will 
likely give you the phone number of a local "promoter" that will then 

Call for Stryker/ATSF information by calling Dynamo at (800) 527-6054.
However in the past ASFers who have tried to get info from this =

For info on Rene Pierre tournaments, newsletters, playing-locations, =
John Wilkerson (910) 724-9543 & Will Wall (910) 768-1220 & 768-0670.  
Two tournament-running locations below are in Virginia and John's in 
North Carolina; periodically there are larger tournaments.

This file is for foosball, or babyfoot, style table-soccer.
the table-soccer FTP site at conrad.harvard.edu in /pub/subbuteo. 

call your local directory information (411) to find the area code for
the city.  Then dial (that area code)-555-1212 for directory =
for that city; tell the operator the name of the foos-den and you'll =
their phone number (& address if you ask).

Note: Most every promoter/table-operator listed by name in this file =
also willing to sell parts, hardware, and non-coinop tables by =
Contact individually for more info.

Acknowledgments: The members of rec.sport.table-soccer and the staff 
and promoters for the USTSA who have continuously made contributions =
this list.

****The latest version of this file**** is now based as a web page at
Clay Gump's great foos web site, The Foosball Source at 


Contact Provicincial Secretary of Belgium's Table-soccer League at:
         De Zandput                    
        Pierre Corneliskaai 6         
        9300 Aalst      
        Phone: 0032-53-774946 (probably no English; Try French/Dutch)
Note also that the "Jupiter" table by John Gilles Corp is most =
found here.  Also, foosball is generally called "kicker."

To find foos locations, either 1) Email Pavoncelli Claudio at
"kicker" or "kickerclub" competitions are.

The most highly recommended playing location is:

El Condor 
Musselystraat 2; 9620 Zottegem; phone 0032-9-3612230; easy train =
access 6 Jupiter seven-stars & 1 Buffalo. ETU champ Arthuro Carletta =
                        (easily avaible by train)



West Edmonton Mall: Galaxyland Arcade (Edmonton)

***British Columbia***
Starlite Billiards (Burnaby- near Vancouver)


On Tap (Ottawa)

Molly McGuires (Ottawa)

Cue 'N' Cushion Billiards (Ottawa)
T; open 24 hours

Corner Pocket Billiards West (Ottawa)

The Smokin Gunn Ranch & Saloon (Nepean - near Ottawa)

Alley Kats Sports Lounge (Kanata - near Ottawa)

Ottawa note: all of the above locations are operated by Regent =
Vending & 
Amusements.  For info on leagues (VIFA #001), tournaments, or DYPs =
Eric Dunn at 728-2211 or email ag638@FreeNet.Carleton.CA 

Kanata Classic (Ottawa)

Oliver's (Ottawa)
At Carleton University

Hagus (Ottawa)
At Alqolguin College on Lees. Ave.

TopHat Billiards (Suix St. Marie)
Queen Street; (705) 549-7676

Biilard Parlous (Suix St. Marie)
Gore St.

EJ's (Suix St. Marie)
Station Mall

Diamond Billiards (Waterloo)

Dudas ST East area (Toronto)
Many locations with Torino tables (glasstop, telescoping rods)

The 360 (Toronto)

The Brunswick House (Toronto)
Bloor St. West near Spadina

Corner Pocket (Toronto)
College St.; north side of street, west of Bathurst.

Foufounes Electroniques (Montreal)
(514) 845-5484

Le Loft Club (Montreal)

Le Dogue (Montreal)


Contact Robert at aiocairo@usia.gov for foos in Cairo.

Foosball is known as "Kicker," and the playing organization is the =
 (Deutscher Sportautomatenbund), which also governs darts & billiards =
 DSAB events are played on Loewen-sport foos tables.

     DSAB: Schwester-Elisabeth-Strasse 1a; 55425 Waldalgesheim; =
         Phone: 06721/33787;  Fax: 06721/33559.
     Loewen-sport: Loewen Sport; Im Tiergarten 20-30; 55411 Bingen =
          Rhein; GERMANY.  

     Thorsten Ringhoff's German foos web page contains the DSAB Rules =
 Play in its entirety and he has also begun a GERMAN playing =
locations listing. 
 The web page is called The Surfer's Inn and is at: 
 http://stud.fbi.fh-darmstadt.de/~ringhof/kicker.html.   The direct =
link to his
 playing locations is: =

Hong Kong  I know it's not a nation-state, but...

Bahama Mama's (Knutsford Terrace, TST, Kowloon)


United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Contact TAMEEMIS@EMIRATES.NET.AE for Tornado foosball in Abu Dhabi.


United Kingdom (UK) 
UK listings courtesy of Will Hawkes and his UK web site at:
(permanent URL TBA)
UK listings formatting will be standardized in a later version of this

Tornado tables are distributed and promoted in the UK and Ireland

Heaton Mersey Industrial Estate,
Bletchley Road,
Stockport, SK4 3ED.

The person in charge of table football events is James Anderson.

"Garlando" tables you will see listed here are the prototypical UK =
table, a "glasstop."  An Italian table?

Skill Games, South Road, Southall (Tornado)
The Lord Wolsey, Dudley Road, Southall (Tornado) - these two Southall =
ones are where the countries best players play regularly
The Bricklayers Arms, Putney (Tornado)
Worlds End, Chelsea (Tornado)

University Tavern, nr. College of Law, off Tottenham Court Rd =
The Hawley Arms, Camden - good standard here (Garlando)
The Grafton Arms, Camden - good standard here (Garlando)
The City Tavern, off Cheapside (the City) (Garlando)
Cafe near St. Paul's Cathedral (Garlando)
The Hogshead Tavern, Kings St, Hammersmith (Garlando)
Rowan's Bowling Centre, Finsbury Park (Garlando)
The Cadogan Arms, Chelsea (Garlando)

Cafe Kick, off Rosebery Avenue, Clerkenwell (French)


Jesus College, Queens College, Robinson College, St. Catherines =
College, Kings College, Sidney
Sussex College, Emmanuel College, Girton College, Downing College =
(all Garlando)

The Chequers Pub, The High Street (Tornado/ Garlando) - good players =
The Chequers is holding a Tornado competition on June 8th - top prize =
=A3100. <a =

About 3/4 of the colleges have Garlando tables


Berties, off the High Street (Tornado)

The Prince Albert, Trafalgar St. (Garlando)

Rainbow Snooker Club, Whitworth St. West (Tornado)
University - Owens Park Hall (Garlando)
University - Oak House Hall (Garlando)

Bowling alley in Hillsborough

The Castle pub (Garlando)

Fusion Bar, Townsend Street, Dublin 2 (Tornado)
The Hideout Arcade. South William Street, Dublin 2 (Tornado) (Knock =
on the black door)



Electric Cafe (Mobile)

Speedsport Raceway Gameroom (Cullman)

MVP Sports Lounge (Daleville)
;(334) 598-9999; Near Dothan, Alabama.

T.C.'s Bar (Birmingham)
Contact WSP1@wow.com for competition.

Lakeside Sports Club (Tucson)
T; Sat DYP?

North Bell Road (North Phoenix)

Black Bull Tavern (Phoenix)

Clicks Billiards (Phoenix)

Clicks Billiards (Tucson)

Hot Shots (Bentonville)
North Main; (501) 464-7656
open & rookie byp...

***CALIFORNIA*** ("SD" denotes San Diego area, "BA" denotes
    San Francisco Bay Area, "LA" denotes Los Angeles area; other areas
    are explicitly named, e.g. "Sacramento Area")

Chicago West Nite Club (Carmichael) - Sacramento Area

Fats Billiards (Sacramento) - Sacramento Area
D or T.; may have tournaments soon.

Caloma Billiards (Sacramento) - Sacramento Area
may have tournaments soon.

Hot Shot - Pool - Foosball (Bakersfield) - Bakersfield

San Jose Live (San Jose) BA

Jimmy's Sports Tavern (Danville) BA/East Bay

San Jose State University Student Union (San Jose) BA
(basement, by bowling alley);

Saratoga Lanes (San Jose) BA
Take Saratoga Ave off 280 (from SF Right onto Saratoga, from SJ loop
around turn right onto Saratoga.; (408) 252-2212

?  (San Francisco, Richmond District) BA
South side of Clement Ave near 6th.

Kozmo's (Berkeley) BA
Durant Ave between Telegraph Ave. and Bowditch Ave; (510) 548-8831

O'Connell's (San Diego) SD
T; Tues 8pm DYP ($100)

Babe's Billiards N' Brew (El Cajon) SD

Blind Melons (Pacific Beach) SD
(619) 483-7844

Classic Billiards (Santee) SD
(619) 596-7490

Crown Billiards (Oceanside) SD
(619) 757-8800

Fiesta Billiards (Imperial Beach) SD
(619) 429-1800

Kearny Mesa Bowl (?,CA) SD
(619) 279-1501

Red Bird Tavern (Poway) SD
(619) 748-9812

Sports Cafe (Kearny Mesa) SD
(619) 569-8667

Stinger's (Pacific Beach) SD
(619) 581-1234

Star & Garter (San Diego) SD
of 36th & Univ

Charles Billiards  (Glendale) LA
T; Mon 8pm Am/Rk-DYP; Wed 8pm DYP ($200)

Shagnasty's Billiards (Moreno Valley, CA) LA

Gardena Bowl (Gardena?, CA) LA
T; Tues 8pm DYP; Th 8pm Rk-DYP

Rack'em Up Billiards (Cucamonga) LA
(909) 980 9558
T; Th 7:30pm DYP

Cue & View (Cucamonga) LA
Foothill Blvd & Vineyard. Ne corner of vineyard & foothill

Longshot (San Marcos) LA
T; Wed 8pm DYP
Rack and Cue (?, CA) LA
T; Fri 8pm DYP ($200)

Games Plus (Anaheim) LA
(714) 826-0742
O'Hearns (Hermosa Beach) LA

The Pitcher House (Hermosa Beach) LA

Yankee Doodle (Los Angeles? may be a multiple-location chain) LA

Summer's Sports Bar (Manhattan Beach) LA
(310) 545-9333

Sports Harbour (Marina Del Rey) LA

TJ Schooner's (Moreno Valley) LA
(909) 247-5857

Seaside Cafe (Playa Del Rey) LA

Cue N Brew (Redondo Beach) LA

Longshot (San Marcos) LA

Rack and Cue (Stanton) LA
T; Fri 8pm DYP

San Francisco Saloon (West L.A.) LA

Gabe's Place (West L.A.) LA

For more re: Pink E's locations contact Shelly Langley at (970) =

The County Cork (Ft. Collins)

Fort Ram (Ft. Collins)

????? (Ft. Collins)
Corner of Laporte & College Ave.

Walrus and Catacombs Bar (Boulder)

Flaps (Boulder)

Champs Bar (Bouder)
Clarion Harvest House

Breckenridge Brewery (Breckenridge)
end of Main St.

Horseshoe II(?) (Breckenridge)
corner of Lincon and Main

Bombers Sports Bar & Grille (Colorado Springs)

Shields & Drake; (970) 493-0636

Cooper St. Pier (Aspen)
next to paradise bakery, front door faces Aspen Mountain

Country Cork (Fort Collins)
on Drake

Guido Murphy's Pub (Putnam, CT)
T (NEFA hardware).

Hot Shots Cafe (Willamantic, CT)
T (NEFA hardware).

Blarney's Cafe (Williantic, CT)

Boston Billiard Club (Danbury, CT)

Schmedley's Pub (Storrs, CT)
Rt 44 West to Rt 32 South.  Schmedley's is 1/4 mi South of the light =
Eagleville (Rts 32 & 275), on your right.

Jason's Food and Spirits (Warwick, RI)
T (NEFA hardware)

Jimmy's Saloon (Newport, RI)

The Tavern (Newport, RI)

Sully's Sports Pub (Newport, RI)

Cappy's (Newport, RI)
Memorial Blvd.

The Strike Zone (Middletown, RI)


for info 

Giggles (Pompano?)
T; Fri alternating BYP/DYP & Wed sing, both 9:30pm. Roy 

Slick Willie's Sports Emporium (Clearwater)

Clicks Billiards (Orlando)

Safar's (Jacksonville)

Crickets (Orlando)

Hoser's Deli and Ale House (Fort Walton Beach)

Tennessee Blvd; (904) 222-2978; FSU strip, next to Bullwinkles.

Black Dog (Destin)
Hwy 98 (South of Hwy 98, middle of Destin, Can't miss it)

University of Miami (Coral Gables)
Student Union

Hog Heaven bar & grille (Islamorada, Plantation Key)
Mile Marker 86.5 near Holiday Isle Resort

Champains (West Palm Beach)

West Inn Lounge (Jacksonville)

Hammerhead's (Fernandina Beach)
A1A - next to Slider's

Milbar (Jacksonville)
Adams Ave.;; Union St. exit I-95. R onto West Main, then R onto Adams

Gatormesiters (Gainesville)

Miami Dade Kendall Campus - Men's Club (Miami)

University of Miami, Coral Gables Campus (Coral Gables)
Witten University Center

Barnacle's (Norcross, near Atlanta)
Jimmy Carter Blvd. (Take Peachtree Industrial or 85 to JC Blvd; by =
T?; Tue 9pm DYP

Barnacle's (Gwinnet)
off of Satellite Blvd near mall
T?; Thurs pm DYP

American Pie (Sandy Springs) near Atlanta

AMPT Skate Shop (Athens)

Josh's Pool Room (Hapeville)
foos plays"

Bats & Balls (Buckhead/Atlanta) 

Dicky's Last Resort (Buckhead/Atlanta) 

ZAPP! Video Game Arcade (Honolulu, Oahu)
This is the new foos place to be!  Tournaments on Saturdays.

Hawaiian Brian Billiards (Honolulu, Oahu)

Rose & Crown (Honolulu, Oahu)
King's Village, Waikiki

Snapper's Sports Bar (Honolulu, Oahu)
Waikiki (Across the street from the Ilikai)

Shark's Billiards (Honolulu, Oahu)

Moose McGillyCuddy's (Honolulu, Oahu)

Outrigger East Hotel-- the sports bar there (Honolulu, Oahu)

Maui Family Billiards & Amusement (Kahului, MAUI)

The Sports Page Bar (Kihei, MAUI)

Shooters Cafe (Hilo, Big Island of Hawaii)

Sports Bar @ State Line (Franklin)
Deuchmeister; Sat Singles & DYP

J.D. Batts Bar & Grill (Blue Island)
Western and 123rd

Champaign, IL Info: Sam Roseman; GamePro Amusements, Inc. 
   P.O. Box 6173; Champaign, IL 61826-6173; (217) 355-6217

Bradleys (Champaign)

Gully's Riverview Inn (Champaign)

Off Track Betting (Champaign)
Springfield & Country Fair Dr.

Belgrade Tap (Moline)

Streeter's Tavern (Chicago)

University of Chicago "The Pub" (Chicago)
Other Campus Locations: Psi U. fraternity 5639 S. University , 1D.

McDuffy's Lodge (SW side Chicago)

Rembrandts (Dolton)
to Sibley West, Right on Michigan City Rd. (past White Castle) to 141 =
St. left.

Bottom's Up! (Lansing)
Glenwood/Lansing Rd; (708) 418-3877 From Chicago: 94 S(e) to 80/94 E =
to Torrance Ave South approx 2 mi to Glenwood/Lansing

Old Munich Inn (Wheeling)
Milwaukee Ave south of Lake-Cook Rd.

McGaffer's Saloon (Forest Park)

Lamplighter Inn (Palatine 60067) 
; foos for 20 years! 6am-1am Sun-Th, 6am-3am Fri & Sat.

Yogi's Bar & Grille (Bloomington)
;alternate Tues Doub.

Hoosiers Too (Indianapolis)

Riverside & Company (Cedar Rapids)
(319) 362-2631  For more info call Ken Gibb (319) 365-5932

Software Exchange (Wichita)

Wick's Pizza Parlor (Louisville 40204)

Max's Pool Hall (Lafayette)
corner Pinhook & Kalisaloon
T; Thurs DYP ($100 added on last Thurs of month)

Quarter Till (Lafayette)
USL campus, 2nd floor above Mr. Cook. (daytime only, best competition)

Daquiri Supreme (Lafayette)
Jonston St. (in Office Depot parking lot)
T; Wed dyp?

Bulldog (Lafayette)
General Mouton (near "the Strip", near USL)

Maco's (Lafayette)
"the Strip"

Shanahans (Lafayette)
"the Strip"

"the Strip"

Loose Caboose (Lafayette)
"the Strip"

Uncle Larry's (Metarie/Fat City near New Orleans)

High Tide Bar & Billiards (Houma)

White Diamond Billards (Lafayette)
onJohnston, 2 miles on the right


For Info call _Tornado of Maryland_ Foosball Hotline (410) 242-6968
   or: Jim Waterman (410) 757-8283  waterman@freenet.fsu.edu

Looney's Pub (east Baltimore)

The Cave (east Baltimore)
Boston Street; (410) 276-9556

Millersville Inn (Millersville)
Veteran's Hwy (at Benfield Blvd.); (410) 987-0948

USA Billiards (Laurel)
Laureldale Drive (off of Rt 198); (301) 604-3635

O'Neills Pizza Pub (Bowie)
Rt 197 Nort of Rt 450 at Giant Plaza; (301) 262-1405

Town Hall (College Park)
Rt 1 in College Park, (301) 474-3322

Gator's Pub (Towson)
York Road at Belvedere

The Green Turtle (Ocean City, Laurel)

Big Peckers (Ocean City)

Talbot Street Cafe (Ocean City) (just off the boardwalk)
Talbot St.

Tremors (Baltimore)

Babe's Billiard Cafe (Bethesda/DC)

For more information on the New England area, call
the New England Foosball Association (NEFA). (603) 882-7726
Also contact Mark Roth (ZMCG63A@prodigy.com).

Sharky's Billiards (Nashua, NH) -- NEFA headquarters
Foosball Assoc.

Jillian's Billiards (Boston, MA)

Mad Maggie's Billiards (Danvers, MA)

The Silver Cue (Woburn, MA)

Blarney Stone Irish Pub (Burlington, VT)
T; Th 8:30pm DYP

Burgundy's (Londonderry, NH)
Crossroads Mall - JCT Routes 102 & 128; (603) 437-6600
T; Sun 3pm DYP

Daniel's Sports Bar (Dover, NH)
T; Sun 7pm DYP

Manny's (New Bedford, MA)
T; weekly DYP

Harvard Univeristy locations (Cambridge, MA)
Tornado: Dunster House, Quincy House, Eliot House, Cabot House, =
Union, Harvard University Band Room.  Browntop/premier-soccer: North 
House, Eliot House, Leverett House.

Bow and Arrow Pub (Cambridge, MA)
At Harvard University off Mass Ave. next to Hong Kong

Avalon (Boston, MA)

Alfa Arena (Woburn, MA)

Avenue Family Billiards Center (New Bedford, MA)

Axis (Boston, MA)

Barnaby's (North Conway, NH)

Bleachers (Salem, MA)

CCC Portugeuese Club (Peabody, MA)

D & A Billiards (Waterville, ME)

Electric Wave (Hampton Beach, NH)

Funtime (Danvers, MA)
Liberty Tree Mall; (508) 762-0102

Ground Round (Andover, MA)
Main St; (508) 740-1154


Mad Maggie's Billiards (Norwood, MA)

Maine Games (Biddeford, ME)

Middle Earth Cafe (Winoonski, VT)

Mike's Hobbies (Rutland, VT)

O'Shaffee's (Salisbury Beach, MA)



Red Fox Inn (Bondville, VT)
Box 105; (802) 297-2488

The Roadhouse Danvers (Peabody, MA)

South Shore Sports Center (Hingham, MA)

Universal Joint (Boston, MA)

Woburn Bowladrome (Woburn, MA)

Federal Jack's Restaurant & Brew Pub (Kennebunk, ME)
off Rt 9 just before bridge into Kennebunkport.

Van Dyke Sports Center (Warren) -- Detroit area
T; weekly DYP

Sigma Alpha Mu (Kalamazoo)

Waldo's Campus Tavern (Kalamazoo)

Couple's Bar & Grill (Rochester Hills)

USA (Ann Arbor)

Russ Pub (Minneapolis) from downtown Mpls, 35W south to Hwy13, West =
Near Menards lumber...;(612) 890-5710

All American Sports Bar (Minneapolis/Bloomington)
Mall of America; (612) 854-5483

Jimmy's (Waite Park) 
Division St. (go downstairs)

H.R. Pesty's (Waite Park) 

Geez (St. Cloud) 
Mall St. Germain

MC's Dugout (St. Cloud) 

Red Carpet  (St. Cloud) 

Benton Station (Sauk Rapids) 
Benton Drive (Downtown)

Howies (St. Cloud) 

Broadway Bar (Elk River)  
Hwy 10

T-birds (St. Paul)
Maplewood; (612) 779-2265

This Is It (Jackson)

Side Time Arcade (Pearl)

CO-9's Hot Wheels (Sardis)
Rt. 1 Sardis; (601) 487-3351

Night Moves (Kansas City)

Schaefer's Billiards (St. Louis)

Dave Baker's Residence (Mexico)
Orchard Heights; (573) 581-8733

The Montana State Univ Rec. Center (Bozeman)
T; Sat monthly DYP


Sinister Grin (Chadron)

The White Falcon (Scottsbluff)

Bills Place (Kearney)
Box 60 Route 4; (308) 237-7224

The Sports Pub (Las Vegas)
Maryland Ave (near UNLV)

Spring Mountain Rd. at Decatur

Sierra Nevada Pizza & Spirits (Incline Village)


The Bottom Half (Ewing)
Off of Route 1 at the Mrs. G's intersection 

Oliver's Pub (Colonia)
nr. Woodbridge Rt35

Sportsland, USA
Rt 22 close to Murray Hill

Springdale Cafe (Longbranch)
Springdale Ave; (908) 222-9753 Exit 105 Garden St. Pkwy.

Happy Pickle (Longbranch/West End)

Sports Authority Bar (Fairfield)
Ramada Inn

Tiger Inn (Princeton)

Main ST

Tides Cafe (Belmar)
RT 35; 

Cue Masters (Albuquerque)
Wasington 2 blocks south of Central

DAX (Albuquerque)
Downtown on Central

Spectators (Albuquerque)
Juan Tabo and Eubank

The Club (Las Cruces)

Brew Ha Ha (Las Cruces)
South Valley Drive; (505) 524-9481; dyp points contest with prizes

***NEW YORK***
For more info, contact:
               NY Metro FOOSBALL
         Kenneth A Farnum Jr. (aka: FarnumA440@aol.com)
         (718) 885-2480 (# & 1 to reach NY Metro Foosline)

Before Foosing or for more listings, please call the the NY Metro =
Leave info on where you're playing so everyone will know where and =
all the NY Metro-Area foos players will be !!!
                To reach NY Metro FoosLine:
                          (718) 885-2480
(During the annoucement, push: "#" then "1" for Tourney/FoosNites =
You can also beep Ken Farnum Jr. at:
          1 (800) 362-PAGE (Pin # 95599)
fax:     (718) 885-0774


                ***NY Metro Foosball Headquarters***
The Bear Bar East (NYC) (2nd Flr)
(212) 987-3633  (ask for Billy)
(FYI: Parking at: E.96th betwn 2nd & 1st Aves)
NY Metro Foosball, the internet Foosball group, sent you.

Jake's Dilemma (NYC)   Most Popular NYC Uptown location
(212) 580-0556  (ask for: Julio or Ted)
(action heaviest 10pm-2am Wed-Sat)

The Gin Mill (NYC)  (1 blk north of Jake's Dilemma)
(212) ______    (use: (212) 580-0556  (ask for: Harvey or Ted)

Down the Hatch (NYC) Most Popular Lower-Manhattan location
W.4th St. & Jones (in the Village bet 6th & 7th Aves)
(212) 627-9747 (ask for: Jackie)
Don't forget our "Last Tuesday of the Month" DYP $8/player @ 8pm
Richter's (NYC)
E. 90th & 3rd Ave.
(212) 534-2720  (ask for Jerry)
NY Metro Foosball, the internet Foosball group, sent you.
Southshore Billiards & Long Island Table Soccer	
(Bayshore, Long Island 11706) 
(516) 666-8200   ask for Caryn Varadinek (aka: pinky@interport.net)
DYP every Sun 8:00 , Wed Fun Foos Nite.

                *** Other NY Metro Foosball Locations***
Kelly's Korner (NYC 10128)
(212) 987-3759 (Tommy Flynn)

Giuseppe O'Learys" (formerly The Irish Pub East)
E. 58th St (bet. 2nd & 3rd Aves)
(212) 980 4616 (contact: davidp@ios.com)
(Foos & Subuteo)

The Bear Bar West (NYC)
(212) 362-2145

The Red Zone (NYC)
W. Broadway & Broome St.; (212) 

Red Baron (NYC)
Upper East side (90's); (212) ? 

Hoolihan's (NYC)
Broad Street, just South of Wall Street.;

	North Bronx- Lower Westchester
Centerfield's (City Island)

Dew Drop Inn (Yonkers)

Ehring's Restaurant (Bronx)
W 231 St.; (718) 

Marty Dolyes (Larchmont)

Sportstime (Elmsford)

First Edition (Bayside)
Bell Blvd and LIRR

	West Point (Cornwall, New Windsor, Newburgh)
Contact Warren:
yw5879@trotter.usma.edu (Warren)
Work:  914-938-3516
Home 914-534-9732

 ****   Main West Point-Area Location    ****    
The Minuteman Tavern (Vails Gate)
Route 300; (914) 561-9844

The Leprechaun Inn (Cornwall)
Route 9@; (914) 534-8865.

Champions Tavern (Newburgh)

Duke's (Newburgh)

LA 247 (Cornwall)

Long Island Table Soccer
(516) 666-8200   ask for Caryn Varadinek (aka: pinky@interport.net)
Southshore Billiards & Long Island Table Soccer	
(Bayshore, Long Island 11706) 
(516) 666-8200   ask for Caryn Varadinek (aka: pinky@interport.net)
DYP every Sun 8:00 , Wed Fun Foos Nite.

DBT's (Hicksville, Long Island)

Horsefeather's (Pt. Jefferson Station, Long Island)
off Main St/ Rt 112; (516)

Tara's (Pt. Jefferson Station, Long Island)
ff Main St/ Rt 112; (516)

Schultzie's (Mastic, Long Island)
Neighborhood Road

Border (exit 27 off the Cross Island Parkway) in Bellrose
(516) 354-9808
corner of 244th Street and Jericho Turnpike 
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx	=

	Other NY State
For Info in the Buffalo area, contact Mark Roth ZMCG63A@prodigy.com

Niagara Falls Blvd. at I-290 (US-62); (716) 832-1620 (formerly =

T.J. O'Malley's (Binghamton)

Midway Lanes (Vestal)
Jensen Rd.

Bathtub Billy's Sports Bar (Rochester)
Ridge Road West (US-104)

The Creek (Rochester)
Scottsville Road

Chapterhouse (Ithaca)
Stewart Ave.

Beachwarmers (Ithaca)

Mud Puddles (Lake Placid)

Dudeks (Albany/Cohoes)

Michael's (Albany)

Diamond Eight Billiards (Guilderland)

Diamond Eight Billiards (Latham)

Legends (Endicott)
St. turnoff to North St. to Oak Hill
 4T;Sun & Wed 8pm DYP w/ player rating system

Mr. Freds (Endicott)
Wash. Ave, Left onto North street, Right onto Oak Hill, right onto =
Witherill, left onto Squires.

Kappa Delta Rho (NY, NY)

Fast Break Billiards (Gastonia)

Sharkey's Bar & Billiards (High Point)

Break Time Billiards (Winston-Salem); For more Rene Pierre info =

Bub O'Malley's (Chapel Hill)

Bub O'Malley's (Chapel Hill)
Franklin St.;

North Carolina Original Sports Bar (Chapel Hill)

Lake Boone Country Club (Raleigh)

Savannah Joes (Boone)
King St.;

Cheap Shots (Chapel Hill)
Rosemary Street at Henderson St.

House of Billiards (Cincinnati)
St. Route 125, 1/4 mi east of I-275 interchange

Rosie O'Grady's (Columbus)
exit Morse Rd. go West.  Rosie's is west of Cleveland Ave on South =

Arlington Cafe and Billiards(Columbus)

The Junction (Athens)
N. Court St.;; corner of State St.

Cat's Eye Saloon (Athens)

The Sanctuary (Huber Heights)
Brandt Pike (St. Rt. 202); (513) 237-6858; I-70 to Brandt Pk. exit 2 =

Starbucks I (Moore)
T; Tues 8pm Open sing/doub HMP, Th 8pm various, other days also.

Starbucks II (Newcastle)
T; Wed 8pm Free Rk DYP for $.

Harolds Billiards (Okla. City)
T; Sat midnight HMP, other days also.

T; Wed 8pm various

Speeds Billiards and Games (Tulsa)
T; Th 8pm Open DYP-HMP/other format.

Tulsa Billiard Palace (Tulsa)
T; Mon 8pm HMP Open doub/sing/MD, Tue 8pm Rk DYP,
   Wed 8pm Rk/Am HMP sing/doub, Sat midnight HMP, other days also.

Col. Bill's Grill & Family Re. Center (Ardmore 73401)

Harold's 8-Ball (Okla. City)

The Jungle Safari: High Voltage (Tulsa)

After School Games (Weatherford)

KC's Game Palace (Pauls Valley)

Nasty Habits (Okla. City)

The Corner Pocket (Okla. City)

LD's Sports Cards Plus (Purcell)

Watonga Lanes (Watonga)
(405) 623-5033
Super Flea Sports Lounge (Moore)

The Sober Nite Club (Okla. City)

Kokomos; The Plaza Inn
S.E. 29th & I-35; (405) 672-2341

Hwy. 77 ; (405) 872-5814

Geiger Center, OBU (Shawnee)
(405) 275-2850 x2414

Chasers (Okla. City)

K.A.'s (Okla. City)

Night Gallery (Newalla)

***OREGON***  See also WASHINGTON for nearby locations
Gemini Pub (Lake Oswego) (northern OR)

Dublin Pub (Beaverton/Portland? 97225)

Moosehead Billiards and Games (Eugene)
No smoking - all ages welcome.

Firestone Inn (Tigard)
Barbur Blvd.; (503) 590-2564

University of Portland (Portland)
Kenna Hall & Villa Maria Hall

Murph's Study Hall (York)

Coach's Lounge (York or Harrisburg ? )
(717?) 846-1666

Smokey Joe's (Philadelphia?)

Shorty's (Kutztown)

Wolfendale's Bar (Indiana)
to Rt119N, exist at Wayne Ave, follow to Downtown.

Hill House Pit (Philadelphia)

Brass Rail (Lock Haven)
Bellefonte Ave; left at very end of main street, then 200 yards on =

Robert's Roadside Inn (Beaver)
Sharon Road; (412) 775-0200

Bleacher's Sports Bar (Stroudsborg; Pocono Mountains)  
Rt 611; (717) 421-4070

Front Row Sports Bar (Stroudsburg; Pocono Mountains) 
Main & 7th Street; (717) 421-2200

East Stroudsburg University (Stroudsburg; Pocono Mountains) 
Full Tilt Game Room

***RHODE ISLAND*** See Connecticut/Rhode Island

The Radio Room (Charleston)
entrance on Burn's Lane. 

The Market St. Mill (Charleston)
Market St. (historic district, downtown

Upstairs Tiger Town Tavern (Clemson)
College Ave; downtown Clemson Univ.

The Uptown Grill (Rapid City)
T; Tues? (league night) DYP

Firehouse Brewpub (Rapid City?)
upstairs at Fat Boy's Beach Club
T; Tues DYP

The Longbranch Saloon (Knoxville)

Flamingo's (Knoxville)

Toddy's Back Door Tavern (Knoxville)

Quarter's, Inc. (Knoxville)

U.C. Down Under (Knoxville)
University Center @ The University of Tenn. (basement)

Alpha Epsilon Pi (Nashville)
West End Ave or Broadway.

The Villager (Nashville)
to Blakemore

The Gold Rush (Nashville)
Elliston Place;Parallel to West End Avenue, R off 24th Ave N. near =

The Mill (Nashville)
Broadway; I-40 exit on Broadway west... The Mill is on right.

The Electric Wizard (Knoxville)

Doc's Stadium (El Paso)

Cornbreads (Houston) 
T; Sat 9 pm DYP $100 added!, Open Doub Last Sat of month 6pm.
Boomers (Houston)
T; Mon and Fri 9pm Open DYP HMP.

Chisholms (Houston)
T; Tues DYP, $100 added 3rd Tuesdays of month.

Koach's (Houston)
T; Wed pm seeded DYP, HMP last Wed of month.

Cornbreads #2 (Houston)
T; Thurs 9pm DYP.

Hwy 6 North
T; Fri 9pm Open DYP.

Clicks Billiards (Dallas)

Clicks Billiards (Carrolton- near Dallas)
Marsh Lane;  (214) 373-6016

Clicks Billiards (Arlington)
(817) 640-7686

Clicks Billiards (Dallas)
Skillman; (214) 343-2184

Vic's Billiards (Lewisville-- near Dallas)

Texas Billiards (Wataugua-- near Dallas)

The Beggars Club (N. Dallas)

Speeds Billiards (Arlington)
(817) 640-7675

Clicks Billiards (Austin, San Antonio, El Paso, Corpus Christi,
Waco, College Station, Wichita Falls, Tyler)

Milo Butterfinger's (Dallas)

University of Texas Austin (Austin)
Brackenridge Hall (next to Jester Center)  and  Simkins Hall



Northern X-posure (Salt Lake City)
North Beck Road

The Well Spring (Salt Lake City)

The Orchid Bowl (North Salt Lake City)

DV8 (Salt Lake City)

Sultan's Tavern (Logan)
T or TS?; Wedpm DYP


Judy's Place (Virginia Beach); See Break Time Billiards, NC for more =
RP info.
(804) 497-6058

Outback Lodge (Charlottesville)

Joe's Sports & Raw Bar (Petersburg)

Family Recreation Center (Richmond)
Forest Hill Ave

Mulligan's (Richmond)

Renegades (Richmond)
W. Broad St.

Cool Hands (Arlington)
T; Mon DYP.

Old Dominion University (Norfolk)
Webb Student Center game room

University of Radford (Radford)
Heth Center's rec room

Hokie House (Blacksburg)

Champ's Sports Bar (Blacksburg)
of N. Main & E. Roanoke Street

***WASHINGTON DC*** See Virginia and Maryland

***WASHINGTON***  See also OREGON & BC Canada for nearby locations.
For more NW foos information, call promoter
   Rocky Wilson (206) 632-8256.

Dante's Steak & Grog (Seattle)

Charlie Mac's South (Sea Tac)

Moonraker Pub (Kent)

Charlie Mac's North (Seattle)

Dante's (Seattle, U-District)

Renton Pub (Renton)

Schooner Tavern (Tacoma)

Bud's Tavern (Milton)

Casino Square Tavern (Everett)

Schooner Tavern (Kingston)

The Corner Tavern (Lynnwood)

Duchess Tavern (Seattle, U-district)

Foxy's Pub (Everett)

Seattle Funplex  (Seattle)

Go-bowl (Pasco)

Gus & Nap's (Bellingham)

Hagar's Tavern (Seattle)

Jersey's Sports Bar (downtown Seattle)

Jimmy Z's (Everett)

Mick Finster's (Edmonds)

Silver Dollar Tavern (Tukwilla)

Sports Page Tavern (Auburn)

Connections (Parkersburg-Vienna)
Rt. 14 between Parkesburg and Williamstown

Terrapin Station (Morgantown)

House of Billiards (Huntington)

Sunnyside Music Garden (Morgantown)
West Virginia Univ., next to Terrapin Station on Sunnyside Ave.

The Mountainlair (Morgantown) aka West Virginia Univ Student Union
; (304) 293-0111 (information)

Maritime Tavern (Appleton)

Steve's on Bluemond (Milwaukee)

The Red Shed (Madison)

The Pub (Madison)

Axel's (Milwaukee)

Bradford Beach Club" (Milwaukee)

Vitucci's (Milwaukee)

The Factory (Platteville)

Lance's Never Inn (Wisconsin Rapids)

Rumors (Algoma)
Hwy 54; (414) 487-9984; From Green Bay E on Hwy 54 20 mi. Rumors sign =
before Algoma

Monsoon's Tavern (Chippewa Falls)
Central St.
(not Tornado)

Dynamo; Sat-biweekly DYP

The Sports Man Billiards Hall (Casper)
T; Sat DYP