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file	toms/1
for	obsolete, numerical integration, quadrature
title	QuadI
by	R.J. Herbold

file	toms/2
for	obsolete, secant method, function zeros
title	Rootfinder
by	J. Wegstein

file	toms/3
for	obsolete, Bairstow's method, polynomial zeros
title	Solution of Polynomial Equation by {Bairstow}-{Hitchcock} Method
by	A. A. Grau

file	toms/4
for	bisection method, function zeros
title	Bisection Routine
by	S. Gorn

file	toms/5
for	Bessel function, series expansion
title	{Bessel} Function ${I}$ Series Expansion
by	D. S. Clarke

file	toms/6
for	asymptotic expansion, Bessel function
title	{Bessel} Function ${I}$ Asymptotic Expansion
by	D. S. Clarke

file	toms/7
for	obsolete, Euclidian algorithm, greatest common divisor
title	{Euclidian} Algorithm
by	R. Claussen

file	toms/125
for	Gaussian coefficients, Gaussian quadrature, numerical integration,qd-algorithm
title	Weightcoeff
by	H. Rutishauser

file	toms/133
for	pseudo-random numbers
title	Random
by	P. G. Behrenz

file	toms/179
for	Incomplete Beta Ratio
by	O. G. Ludwig

file	toms/266
for	pseudo-random numbers
title	Pseudo-Random Numbers (+ remark)
by	M. C. Pike and I. D. Hill

file	toms/280
for	Gregory quadrature, numerical integration, quadrature abscissae
title	Abscissas and Weights for {Gregory} Quadrature
by	J. H. Welsch

file	toms/322
for	Fisher's F-distribution, Student's t-distribution
title	${F}$-Distribution
by	E. Dorrer

file	toms/326
for	biquadratic equation roots,cubic equation roots,polynomial zeros,
title	Roots of Low-Order Polynomial Equations
by	T. R. F. Nonweiler

file	toms/332
for	{Jacobi} Polynomials
by	B. F. W. Witte

file	toms/343
for	Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors of a Real Generator Matrix
by	J. Grad and  M. A. Brebner

file	toms/344
for	{Student}'s $t$-Distribution
by	D. A. Levine

file	toms/347
for	An Efficient Algorithm for Sorting with Minimal Storage
by	R. C. Singleton

file	toms/351
for	Modified {Romberg} Quadrature
by	G. Fairweather

file	toms/352
for	Characteristic Values and Associated Solutions of {Mathieu}'s Differential Equation
by	D. S. Clemm

file	toms/353
for	{Filon} Quadrature
by	S. M. Chase and  L. D. Fosdick

file	toms/358
for	Singular Value Decomposition of a Complex Matrix
by	P. A. Businger and  G. H. Golub

file	toms/358
for	Singular Value Decomposition of a Complex Matrix
by	P. A. Businger and  G. H. Golub

file	toms/359
for	Factorial Analysis of Variance
by	J. R. Howell

file	toms/365
for	Complex Root Finding
by	H. Bach

file	toms/370
for	General Random Number Generator
by	E. L. Butler

file	toms/379
for	Squank ({Simpson} Quadrature Used Adaptively-Noise Killed)
by	J. N. Lyness

file	toms/380
for	matrix transpose
title	In-situ Transposition of a Rectangular Matrix
by	S. Laflin and M. A. Brebner

file	toms/382
for	combinations of m out of n objects
title	Combinations of ${M}$ Out of ${N}$ Objects
by	P. J. Chase

file	toms/384
for	Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors of a Real Symmetric Matrix
by	G. W. Stewart

file	toms/385
for	Exponential Integral ${E}_i (x)$
by	K. A. Paciorek

file	toms/386
for	greatest common divisor (GCD)
title	Greatest Common Divisor of $n$ Integers and Multipliers
by	G. H. Bradley

file	toms/392
for	Systems of Hyperbolic P.D.E.
by	R. R. Smith and  D. McCall

file	toms/400
for	Havie integration with expanded Rutishauser summation
,	numerical integration, quadrature, Romberg integration
title	Modified {Havie} Integration
by	G. C. Wallick

file	toms/403
for	generate integer partitions
title	CIRPI

file	toms/404
for	complex gamma function
title	CGAMMA

file	toms/406
for	exact solution of linear system by residue arithmetic
title	EXACT

file	toms/407
for	ordinary differential equations
title	DIFSUB

file	toms/408
for	sparse matrix arithmetic

file	toms/410
for	sort
title	PSORT

file	toms/413
for	taylor series coefficient by contour integration
title	ENTCRE

file	toms/414
for	Chebyshev Approximation by the method of Remez
lang	publication Algol

file	toms/419
keywords	polynomial zeros
title	CPOLY
for	zeros of a complex polynomial
alg	Jenkins and Traub

file	toms/420
for	surface mesh plot
by	H. Williamson

file	toms/421
for	Complex Gamma Function with Error Control
by	H. Kuki

file	toms/422
for	minimal spanning tree
by	V. K. M. Whitney

file	toms/423
for	Linear Equation Solver
by	C. B. Moler

file	toms/424
for	{Clenshaw}-{Curtis} Quadrature
by	W. M. Gentleman

file	toms/425
for	Generation of Random Correlated Normal Variables
by	R. L. Hurst and  R. E. Knop

file	toms/427
for	{Fourier} Cosine Integral
by	P. Linz

file	toms/429
for	Localization of the Roots of a Polynomial
by	W. Squire

file	toms/431
for	A Computer Routine for Quadratic and Linear Programming Problems
by	A. Ravindran

file	toms/432
for	matrix Riccati equation AX + XB = C
title	AXPXB

file	toms/433
for	univariate interpolation
title	INTRPL

file	toms/434
for	Exact Probabilities for ${R \times C}$ Contingency Tables
by	D. L. March

file	toms/435
for	Modified Incomplete Gamma Function
by	W. Fullerton

file	toms/436
for	Product Type Trapezoidal Integration
by	W. R. Boland

file	toms/437
for	Product Type {Simpson}'s Integration
by	W. R. Boland

file	toms/438
for	Product Type Two-point {Gauss}-{Legendre}-{Simpson}'s Integration
by	E. N. Houstis,  W. F. Mitchell and  J. R. Rice

file	toms/439
for	Product Type Three-point {Gauss}-{Le}{\-}gendre-{Simp}{\-}son's Integration
by	W. R. Boland

file	toms/441
for	Random Deviates from the Dipole Distribution
by	R. E. Knop

file	toms/443
for	Solution of the Transcendental Equation $w e^w = x$
by	F. N. Fritsch,  R. E. Shafer and  W. P. Gowley

file	toms/446
for	Ten Subroutines for the Manipulation of {Chebyshev} Series
by	R. Broucke

file	toms/448
for	Number of Multiply-Restricted Partitions
by	T. Beyer and  D. F. Swinehart

file	toms/449
for	solution of linear programming problems in 0-1 variables
title	MAXL01

file	toms/450
for	{Rosenbrock} Function Minimization
by	M. MacHura and  A. Mulawa

file	toms/451
for	Chi-Square Quantiles
by	R. B. Goldstein

file	toms/452
for	Enumerating Combinations of $m$ Out of $n$ Objects
by	C. N. Liu and  D. T. Tang

file	toms/453
for	{Gaussian} Quadrature Formulas for {Bromwich}'s Integral
by	R. Diessens

file	toms/454
for	The Complex Method for Constrained Optimization
by	J. A. Richardson and  J. L. Kuester

file	toms/456
for	Routing Problem
by	Z. Fence

file	toms/458
for	discrete linear l1 approximation
alg	suboptimization method of interval linear programming
title	APPROX

file	toms/460
for	Calculation of Optimum Parameters for Alternating Direction Implicit Procedures
by	P. E. Saylor and  . D. Sebastian

file	toms/461
for	Cubic Spline Solutions to a Class of Functional Differential Equations
by	F. J. Burkowski and  W. D. Hoskins

file	toms/462
for	Bivariate Normal Distribution
by	T. G. Donnelly

file	toms/463
for	Algorithms {SCALE}1, {SCALE}2, and {SCALE}3 for Determination of Scales on Computer Generated Plots
by	C. R. Lewart

file	toms/467
for	Matrix Transposition in Place
by	N. Brenner

file	toms/468
for	Algorithm for Automatic Numerical Integration Over a Finite Interval
by	T. N. L. Patterson

file	toms/470
for	Linear Systems with Almost Tridiagonal Matrix
by	M. Kubicek

file	toms/473
for	Legendre series from Chebyshev series
title	LEGSER

file	toms/474
for	bicubic interpolation
title	ITPLBV

file	toms/475
for	surface mesh plot
title	INIT3D
by	Thomas Wright, NCAR

file	toms/476
for	spline under tension
title	CURV1

file	toms/478
for	L1 solution to overdetermined linear system
alg	simplex
title	L1

file	toms/479
for	minimal spanning tree, point clustering
title	GROW

file	toms/481
for	critical path, network, precedence networks

file	toms/483
for	surface mesh plot
title	PLOT3D

file	toms/484
for	complex modified Bessel function of second kind, K0 and K1
title	KZEONE

file	toms/485
for	interpolating g-spline
title	GSF

file	toms/487
for	probability of discrepancy between empirical and proposed distribution
title	PKS2
alg	Durbin, Ann. Math. Stat. 389 (1968) 398

file	toms/488
for	normal random numbers
title	GRAND
alg	Von Neuman/Forsythe/Ahrens/Dieter/Brent

file	toms/490
for	real dilogarithm
title	DILOG

file	toms/493
keywords	polynomial zeros
title	RPOLY
for	zeros of a real polynomial
alg	Jenkins and Traub
by	M.A. Jenkins

file	toms/494
keywords	partial and ordinary differential equations, method of lines
title	PDEONE
for	systems of nonlinear parabolic partial differential equations
,	in one space dimension
alg	method of lines
by	R.F. Sincovec and N.K. Madsen

file	toms/495
keywords	Chebyshev solution, linear system, linear programming, simplex method
title	CHEB
for	overdetermined systems of linear equations in the Chebyshev norm
alg	a variant of the simplex method
by	I. Barrodale and C. Phillips

file	toms/496
keywords	eigenvalue, generalized eigenvalue problem
for	generalized eigenvalue problem for complex matrices
alg	LZ algorithm
by	L.C. Kaufman

file	toms/497
keywords	functional differential equations, integration, one step, multistep
title	DMRODE
for	integration of functional differential equations, such as retarded
,	ordinary differential equations, Volterra integro-differential equations,
,	and difference differential equations
by	K.W. Neves

file	toms/498
keywords	Airy function, Chebyshev series, asymptotic or Taylor expansion
title	AIRY
for	Airy functions Ai(z), Bi(z) and derivatives for real values of z
alg	Chebyshev series approximations
by	P.J. Prince

file	toms/499
keywords	pattern recognition, PDE, finite difference, Laplace equation
title	CONOPT
for	contour scanning path for a two-dimensional region
,	The path is designed to help accelerate the propagation of edge
,	effects when solving two-dimensional partial
,	differential equations using iterative methods
by	W. Kinsner and E.D. Torre

file	toms/500
keywords	minimization, optimization
title	MINI
for	unconstrained minimum of multivariate function
alg	quasi-Newton
by	D.F. Shanno and K.H. Phua

file	toms/501
keywords	polynomial approximation, exchange algorithm, Chebyshev approximation
for	best polynomial approximation to a discrete one-dimensional data set
,	in the Chebyshev (minimax) sense
by	J.C. Simpson

file	toms/502
keywords	nonlinear equation, differentiation parameter, 1 parameter embedding
title	DERPAR
for	continuation
alg	modified method of Davidenko, Newton's method, Adam's integration
by	M. Kubicek

file	toms/503
keywords	linear integral equations, nystrom method
for	one-dimensional linear Fredholm integral equations of the second kind
alg	Nystrom method using Simpson's and Gauss quadrature
by	K. Atkinson

file	toms/504
keywords	ODE, IVP, global error estimation, Runge-Kutta-Fehlberg
title	GERK
for	nonlinear systems of ordinary differential equations with global
,	error estimate
,	Integration is performed on different meshes and global extrapolation
,	is used to estimate the global error in the more accurate solution.
,	The integration is done using Runge-Kutta-Fehlberg methods of 4th and
,	5th order
by	L.F. Shampine and H.A. Watts

file	toms/505
keywords	sorting, searching, linked lists, data structure, list operation
title	SPN
for	insertion sort for linked lists, insensitive to the key distribution

file	toms/506
keywords	eigenvalues, QR algorithm
title	HQR3
for	reduces an upper Hessenberg matrix to quasi-triangular form
alg	unitary similarity transformations
by	G.W. Stewart

file	toms/507
keywords	approximation, interpolation, spline approximation, quintic spline
title	QUINAT
for	interpolating quintic natural spline
by	J.G.  Herriot and C.H. Reinsch
lang	Algol

file	toms/508
keywords	bandwidth reduction, profile reduction, sparse matrix
title	REDUCE
for	reducing the bandwidth and profile of sparse symmetric matrices
,	using row and column permutations
by	H.L.  Crane et al.

file	toms/509
keywords	bandwidth reduction, king algorithm, profile reduction, sparse matrix
for	reducing the bandwidth and profile of sparse symmetric matrices.
by	N.E. Gibbs
#	modification of algorithm 508

file	toms/510
keywords	piecewise linear function
title	STL2
for	piecewise linear approximation of given data points
,	The approximant need not be continuous, and distinct tolerances
,	may be specified for each data point
by	D.G. Wilson

file	toms/511
keywords	Bessel function first kind, Airy function, asymptotic expansion
title	IBESS and JBESS
for	CDC 6600 Fortran subroutines for Bessel functions Iv(x) and Jv(x),
,	for real x.ge.0, and real v.ge.0
by	D.E. Amos, S.L. Daniel, and M.K. Weston

file	toms/512
keywords	linear function, normalized solution, periodic quindiagonal, psd
title	FACTOR, RHS, and SOLVE
for	symmetric positive definite periodic quindiagonal systems of
,	linear equations.
by	A. Benson, and D.J. Evans

file	toms/513
keywords	transposition in place, matrix transposition, permutation
title	TRANS
for	in-situ matrix transposition
alg	makes use of the cyclic structure of the transposition mapping
by	E.G. Cate and D.W. Twigg
#	revision of algorithm 380

file	toms/514
keywords	interpolation, cubic splines, spline approximation
lang	Algol
for	piecewise cubic interpolation using local data
by	M.R. Ellis and D.H. McLain

file	toms/515
keywords	combinations
title	COMB
for	generates a vector from a lexicographical index
,	That is, let C1, C2, ... Cm be the set of
,	combinations of n items taken p at a time arranged in lexographical
,	order. Given an integer i, this routine finds Ci
by	B.P. Buckles and M. Lybanon

file	toms/516
keywords	confidence interval, illinois method, regula falsi, rank test
title	RANKCI
for	confidence intervals and point estimates based on ranks in the
,	two-sample location problem.
by	J.W. McKean and T.A. Ryan, Jr.

file	toms/517
key	eigenvalues, condition number
title	CONDIT and QR2NOZ
for	condition numbers of matrix eigenvalues without computing eigenvectors
by	S.P. Chan, R. Feldman, and B.N. Parlett

file	toms/518
keywords	incomplete Bessel function, von mises distribution
title	VMISES
for	computes the left tail area of the Von Mises distribution,
,	which is equal to the incomplete modified Bessel function of the
,	first kind and zero-th order (I0)
by	G.W.  Hill

file	toms/519
keywords	Kolmogorov-Smirnov probabilities
title	RAKK, DURB, and EPST
for	Kolmogorov-Smirnov probabilities with arbitrary boundaries
alg	RAKK is a generalization of Massey's method. DURB is Durbin's method.
,	EPST is the Epanechnikov, Steck method
by	R. Kallman

file	toms/520
keywords	resource allocation, linear programming
title	ARSME
for	resource constrained network scheduling, activities arbitrarily
,	interrupted and restarted later with no increase in activity duration
alg	automatic revised simplex method
by	J. Weglarzet et al.

file	toms/521
keywords	integral of the coerror function, Miller recurrence algorithm
title	INERFC
for	repeated integrals of the coerror function
by	W. Gautschi

file	toms/522
keywords	symbolic and algebraic manipulation, linear, congruence technique
title	ESOLVE
for	exact solution of systems of linear equations
alg	multiple-precision integer coefficients, congruence techniques
by	S. Cabay and T.P.L. Lam

file	toms/523
keywords	partitioning, sorting
title	CONVEX
for	planar convex hull
by	W. F. Eddy

file	toms/524
keywords	multiple precision, extended precision, floating point arithmetic
title	MP
for	multiple precision floating point arithmetic and evaluating
,	elementary and special functions
by	R.P. Brent
#	not available by email;  use ftp
#	However, you almost surely want the newer version in netlib/bmp.

file	toms/525
keywords	spline approximation, adaptive curve fitting, Hermite interpolation
title	ADAPT
for	approximating a user-defined function by a piecewise polynomial of
,	specified smoothness and degree and norm
by	J.R. Rice

file	toms/526
keywords	bivariate interpolation, piecewise polynomial interpolation
for	bivariate interpolation and smooth surface fitting for irregularly
,	distributed data points
by	H. Akima

file	toms/527
keywords	marching algorithm, block tridiagonal matrix, elliptic PDE
title	GMA, GMAS, and KPICK
for	linear systems arising from 5-point discretizations of separable or
,	constant coefficient elliptic boundary-value problems on rectangular
,	domains; Dirichlet,Neumann, mixed, or periodic boundary conditions
alg	generalized marching algorithm
by	R.E. Bank

file	toms/528
keywords	libraries, error handling, storage management, machine dependencies
title	PORT
for	framework for a portable Fortran subroutine library: machine-dependent
,	constants, automatic error handling, and dynamic storage allocation
,	using a stack
by	P.A. Fox, A.D. Hall, and N.L. Schryer

file	toms/529
keywords	symmetric permutations, block triangular, depth first search, sparse
title	MC13D
for	finding symmetric permutations to block triangular form
,	That is, given the column numbers of the nonzeros in each row of a
,	sparse matrix, this subroutine finds a
,	symmetric permutation that makes the matrix block lower triangular.
by	I.S. Duff and J.K. Reid

file	toms/530
keywords	eigenvalue, eigenvector, skew-symmetric matrix, symmetric matrix
for	eigenvalues and eigenvectors of real skew-symmetric matrices or
,	real tridiagonal symmetric matrices with constant diagonals
alg	orthogonal similarity transformations
by	R.C. Ward and L.J. Gray

file	toms/531
keywords	contour plotting
title	GCONTR
for	contours through equal values of a surface
by	W.V. Snyder

file	toms/532
keywords	roundoff analysis, numerical stability, numerical linear algebra
for	roundoff analysis of noniterative numerical methods
by	W. Miller and D. Spooner

file	toms/533
keywords	sparse matrix, simultaneous linear equations, partial pivoting
title	NSPIV
for	sparse systems of linear equations by sparse Gaussian elimination
,	with partial pivoting
by	A.H. Sherman

file	toms/534
keywords	stiff ODE, composite multistep, cyclic, initial value problem
title	STINT
for	integrating a set of first order ordinary differential equations
alg	stiffly stable, cyclic composite linear multistep methods
by	J.M. Tendler, T.A. Bickart, and Z.  Picel

file	toms/535
keywords	eigenvalue, generalized eigenvalue problem
for	generalized eigenvalue problem for complex matrices
alg	QZ
by	B.S. Garbow

file	toms/536
keywords	security transformation, encipher, decipher, multiprecision integer
title	PURDY
for	Purdy's irreversible enciphering function
,	It serves as a machine independent model for
,	studying the evaluation of polynomials mod P and for the
,	implementation of more efficient machine dependent system utility
,	programs for enciphering passwords
by	H.D. Knoble

file	toms/537
keywords	Mathieu differential equation, wave equation, eigenvalue,
,	cylinder function
title	CHARMA
for	characteristic values of Mathieu's differential equation for odd
,	or even solutions
by	W.R. Leeb

file	toms/538
keywords	eigenvalue, eigenvector, sparse, diagonable, simultaneous iteration
title	SIMITZ
for	eigenvalues largest in magnitude and corresponding eigenvectors
,	of a real matrix symmetric relative to a user-defined inner product
alg	simultaneous iteration algorithm
by	P.J. Nikolai

file	toms/539
keywords	linear algebra, utilities
title	BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms)
for	basic operations of numerical linear algebra, including dot product,
,	Givens transformations, vector copy, swap, norm, and scaling, and
,	determination of the component of largest magnitude
by	C.L. Lawson et al.
#	not available by email;  use ftp
#	However, you almost surely want the newer version in netlib/blas.

file	toms/540
keywords	collocation, PDE, method of lines
title	PDECOL
for	coupled systems of nonlinear partial differential equations in one
,	space and one time dimension.
,	The solution method uses finite element collocation based upon
,	piecewise polynomials for spatial discretization. The time
,	discretization is done by general-purpose software for ordinary
,	initial value problems
by	N.K. Madsen and R.F. Sincovec

file	toms/541
keywords	elliptic PDE, linear system
for	separable elliptic partial differential equations. Handles the
,	Helmholtz equation in Cartesian, polar, surface spherical coordinates,
,	cylindrical and interior spherical coordinates. Includes software for
,	systems of linear equations from finite difference approximations to
,	general separable problems
by	P.N. Swarztrauber and R.A. Sweet

file	toms/542
keywords	incomplete gamma function, taylors series, continued fractions
title	GAM
for	Taylor's series and continued fractions for evaluating Tricomi's
,	incomplete gamma function and the complementary incomplete gamma
,	function
by	W. Gautschi

file	toms/543
keywords	fft, fast helmholtz solver, fast poisson solver
title	FFT9
for	Dirichlet problem for the Helmholtz equation on a rectangle
alg	4th and 6th order accurate 9-point finite difference approximations
,	and fast Fourier solution techniques
by	E.N. Houstis and T.S. Papatheodorou

file	toms/544
keywords	covariant, iterative refinement, least square, over or under determined
title	L2A and L2B
for	weighted least squares problems, overdetermined and underdetermined
,	systems of linear equations, and problems where the solution is subject,
,	to linear equality constraints. covariance matrix of the solution vector
alg	modified Gram-Schmidt with iterative refinement
by	R.H. Wampler

file	toms/545
keywords	multidimensional fft, mass storage fft, optimal sorting
title	CMFFT and RMFFT
for	computing real and complex fast Fourier transforms, minimizing I/O
by	D. Fraser

file	toms/546
keywords	almost block diagonal, gaussian elimination, spline approximation, ODE
for	almost block diagonal linear systems
,	Such matrices arise naturally in piecewise polynomial
,	interpolation or approximation and in finite element methods for
,	two-point boundary value problems
by	C. de Boor and R. Weiss

file	toms/547
keywords	discrete cubic splines, discrete natural splines, interpolation
for	discrete cubic spline interpolation and smoothing
by	C.S. Duris

file	toms/548
keywords	assignment problem, Hungarian algorithm
title	ASSCT
for	the square assignment problem.
by	G. Carpaneto and P. Toth

file	toms/549
keywords	Weierstrass elliptic function
for	Weierstrass's P-functions in the equiharmonic and lemniscatic cases
by	U. Eckhardt

file	toms/550
keywords	polyhedron, graphics, numerical integration
title	PROPS and SRFINT
for	computing surface area, centroid, volume, weight, moments, and products
,	of inertia of solid polyhedra
by	A.M. Messner and G.Q. Taylor

file	toms/551
keywords	overdetermined system, linear programming, dual simplex algorithm
title	L1
for	overdetermined system of linear equations in the L1 norm
alg	a dual simplex algorithm to the linear programming formulation
,	of the given problem
by	N.N. Abdelmalek

file	toms/552
keywords	constrained L-sub-1 approximation, linear programming, simplex method
title	CL1
for	L1 solution to linear equations subject to linear equality and
,	inequality constraints
alg	modified simplex method
by	I. Barrodale and F.D.K. Roberts

file	toms/553
keywords	parabolic PDE, semidiscretization, explicit time integrator
title	M3RK
for	initial value problems for nonlinear first-order systems of ordinary
,	differential equations which originate from semi-discretization of
,	parabolic partial differential equations
alg	stabilized, explicit three-step Runge-Kutta formulas of order one
,	and two, and degree 2 through 12.
by	J.G. Verwer

file	toms/554
keywords	nonlinear equation, Brent method
title	BRENTM
for	nonlinear equations
alg	modification of Brent's method.
by	J.J. More and M.Y. Cosnard

file	toms/555
keywords	fixed point, nonlinear system, homotopy, continuation, zeros
title	FIXPT
for	fixed points or zeros of a vector function
by	L.T. Watson and D. Fenner

file	toms/556
keywords	exponential integral, miller algorithm, confluent hypergeometric
title	EXPINT
for	sequences of exponential integrals E(n+k, x), k=0, 1, ..., m-1
,	for n.ge.1, and x.ge.0
by	D.E. Amos

file	toms/557
keywords	goal, multiple objective optimization, constraint partitioning, simplex
title	PAGP
for	a partitioning algorithm for linear goal programming problems.
by	J.L. Arthur and A. Ravindran

file	toms/558
keywords	multifacility, optimal location, rectilinear distance, minimum cut
title	LOCATE
for	one-dimensional multifacility location problem with rectilinear distance
alg	minimum-cut approach.
by	T. Cheung

file	toms/559
keywords	quadratic programming, orthogonal decomposition
title	HSQP
for	stationary point of a quadratic function of n variables subject to
,	linear constraints
by	J.T. Betts

file	toms/560
keywords	Jordan normal, canonical, eigenvalue, eigenvector, block diagonal
title	JNF
for	Jordan normal form of a complex square matrix
by	B. Kagstrom and A. Ruhe

file	toms/561
keywords	heap, table maintenance
for	efficient table maintenance using heaps
by	D.K. Kahaner

file	toms/562
keywords	shortest path, shortest route problem
for	shortest path from a specific node to all other nodes in a network
by	U. Pape

file	toms/563
keywords	overdetermined system, linear constraint, discrete approximation
title	CL1
for	overdetermined systems of linear equations in the L1 sense,
,	with or without linear constraints
by	R.H. Bartels and A.R. Conn

file	toms/564
keywords	L-sub-1 approximation, least absolute deviation, problem generator
title	L1GNR
for	generating test problems for discrete linear L-sub-1 approximation
,	problems
by	K.L. Hoffman and D.R. Shier

file	toms/565
keywords	PDE, method of lines, finite differences, ODE
for	time-dependent coupled systems of nonlinear partial differential
,	equations over a two-dimensional rectangular region
by	D.K. Melgaard and R.F. Sincovec

file	toms/566
keywords	nonlinear equations, least square, unconstrained minimization,
,	optimization
for	testing unconstrained optimization software
by	J.J. More, B.S. Garbow, and K.E. Hillstrom; Averbukh, Figueroa, Schlick

file	toms/567
keywords	momenta, extended range, Legendre polynomial, overflow, underflow
title	NORMP
for	normalized Legendre polynomials, varying order, fixed argument and
,	degree; extended-range arithmetic
by	D.W. Lozier and J.M. Smith

file	toms/568
keywords	file directory system, Unix, ratfor
title	PDS
for	a portable file directory system implemented in Fortran
by	D.R. Hanson

file	toms/569
keywords	ODE, BVP, collocation, mesh selection, error estimates, damped newton
title	COLSYS
for	nonlinear multi-point boundary value problems for mixed order systems
,	of ordinary differential equations
alg	spline collocation at Gaussian points using a B-spline basis.
by	U. Ascher, J. Christiansen, and R.D. Russell

file	toms/570
keywords	eigenvalue, eigenvector, iteration, real sparse nonsymmetric matrix
title	LOPSI
for	approximations to right or left eigenvectors corresponding to the
,	dominant set of eigenvalues of a real symmetric matrix
alg	simultaneous iteration
by	W.J. Stewart and A. Jennings

file	toms/571
keywords	direction statistic, Mises or Fisher distribution, continued fraction
for	statistics for von Mises's and Fisher's distributions of directions
,	(the ratio of modified Bessel functions of the first kind)
by	G.W. Hill

file	toms/572
keywords	Helmholtz equation, capacitance matrix, poisson solver,
,	conjugate gradient
title	HELM3D
for	the Dirichlet problem for the Helmholtz equation on general bounded
,	three-dimensional regions
alg	second-order accurate finite differences, capacitance matrix,
,	conjugate gradient
by	D.P. O'Leary and O. Widlund

file	toms/573
keywords	optimization, nonlinear least square, regression, quasi-newton, secant
title	NL2SOL
for	adaptive nonlinear least-squares algorithm
by	J.E. Dennis, D.M. Gay, and R.E. Welsch

file	toms/574
keywords	interpolation, osculation, shape, convexity, monotonicity, Bernstein
for	shape-preserving osculatory quadratic spline
,	The spline is a piecewise quadratic
,	Bernstein polynomial with a continuous first derivative which
,	interpolates given function and first derivative values, and preserves
,	monotonicity and convexity in the data
by	D.F. Mcallister and J.A. Roulier

file	toms/575
keywords	nonsymmetric permutations, maximum transversal, maximum assignment
title	MC21A
for	row permutation for a zero-free diagonal
,	That is, given the pattern of nonzeros of a sparse matrix,
,	this routine attempts to find a permutation of its rows that makes the
,	matrix have no zeros on its diagonal
by	I.S. Duff

file	toms/576
keywords	simultaneous linear equation, gauss elimination, pivoting strategy
title	MODGE and REFINE
for	(possibly singular) linear algebraic equations
alg	Gaussian elimination combined with a new pivoting strategy
,	particularly well suited to problems where residuals can be made small
,	by solving for fewer than n of the unknowns
by	I. Barrodale and G.F. Stuart

file	toms/577
keywords	elliptic integral, inverse circular or hyperbolic function, r-function
title	RC, RF, RD, RJ
for	symmetric incomplete elliptic integrals of the first, second, and third
,	kinds
by	B.C. Carlson and E.M. Notis

file	toms/578
keywords	Gaussian elimination, paged virtual store
for	real linear equations in a paged virtual store
alg	blocks of consecutive columns
by	J.J. Du Croz et al.

file	toms/579
keywords	differentiation, taylor series coefficients, analytic function
title	CPSC
for	leading coefficients in a power series expansion of an analytic function
by	B. Fornberg

file	toms/580
keywords	matrix factorization, orthogonalization
title	QRUP
for	QR factorization with row and column and rank-1 updates
alg	Gramm-Schmidt orthogonalization
by	A. Buckley

file	toms/581
keywords	singular value decomposition, SVD
for	singular value decomposition of a general rectangular matrix
alg	QR and Golub-Reinsch
by	T. F.  Chan

file	toms/582
keywords	bandwidth, profile, wavefront, matrix, Gibbs-Poole-Stockmeyer,
,	Gibbs-King
title	GPSKCA
for	bandwidth or profile reduction of structurally symmetric sparse matrices
by	J.G. Lewis

file	toms/583
keywords	variance, conjugate gradient, least square, simultaneous equation,
,	regression
title	LSQR
for	overdetermined or underdetermined sparse systems of linear equations,
,	sparse least squares problems, and damped sparse least squares problems
by	C.C. Paige and M.A. Saunders

file	toms/584
keywords	quadrature rule
title	CUBTRI
for	adaptive cubature over a triangle.
by	D.P. Laurie

file	toms/585
keywords	convergence, extrapolation, interpolation, least squares,
,	Neville-Aitken
title	EXTRAP
for	sequence extrapolation and generalized interpolation by a linear
,	combination of functions forming a Chebyshev system
alg	E-algorithm, Muhlbach-Neville-Aitken, Epsilon Algorithm of Wynn
by	C. Brezinski

file	toms/586
keywords	iterative methods, sparse matrix
for	large sparse linear systems by adaptive accelerated iterative methods
by	D.R. Kincaid et al.

file	toms/587
keywords	linear least squares, constraints, covariance matrix
title	LSEI and WNNLS
for	least squares problems with linear equality and/or inequality
,	constraints
by	R.J. Hanson and K.H. Haskell

file	toms/588
keywords	Hankel transforms, Bessel function first kind, convolution integral
title	HANKEL
for	fast evaluation of complex Hankel transforms of orders 0 and 1 using
,	related and lagged convolutions.
by	W.L. Anderson

file	toms/589
keywords	matrix eigensystem, iterative method, eigensystem improvement
title	SICEDR
for	improving the accuracy of computed real matrix eigenvalues and improving
,	or computing the associated eigenvector
by	J.J. Dongarra

file	toms/590
keywords	generalized eigenvalue, QZ algorithm
for	deflating subspaces with specified spectrum
by	P. Van Dooren

file	toms/591
keywords	linear model, variance, unbalanced data, missing cells, hypothesis test
for	storage-efficient analysis of variance of balanced data, unbalanced
,	data, and unbalanced data with missing cells
by	W.J. Hemmerle

file	toms/592
keywords	optimal estimation, optimal interpolation, perfect splines
title	RANGE
for	Given values and a bound on the kth derivative, determines the range of
,	possible values of a function
by	P.W. Gaffney

file	toms/593
keywords	Helmholtz, capacitance matrix, fast poisson solver, conjugate gradient
for	the Helmholtz equation on bounded nonrectangular planar regions with
,	Dirichlet or Neumann boundary conditions
alg	Fourier method extended to nonrectangular regions using the capacitance
,	matrix method
by	W. Proskurowski

file	toms/594
keywords	roundoff analysis, relative errors, numerical stability
for	automatic roundoff error analysis of numerical algorithms
by	J.L. Larson, M.E. Pasternak, and J.A. Wisniewski

file	toms/595
keywords	hamiltonian circuit, depth-first search
title	HC
for	finding one or more Hamiltonian circuits in a directed graph
by	S. Martello

file	toms/596
keywords	underdetermined system, parameterized equation, continuation,
,	limit point
title	PITCON
for	continuation, target points, limit points
alg	local parameterization, curvature estimates to control stepsize
by	W.C. Rheinboldt and J.V. Burkardt

file	toms/597
keywords	Bessel function
title	RIBESL
for	sequences of modified Bessel functions of the first kind (real argument
,	and real order
by	W.J. Cody

file	toms/598
keywords	matrix equations, solvent, newtons method, qz algorithm
title	SQUINT
for	solvents of the matrix equation A*X**2 + B*X + C = 0
by	G.W. Davis

file	toms/599
keywords	gamma, poisson distribution, random numbers, accept-reject method
for	exponential, gamma, normal, Poisson, and uniform distributions
by	J.H. Ahrens, K.D. Kohrt, and U. Dieter

file	toms/600
keywords	approximation, interpolation, spline approximation, quintic spline
for	quintic natural spline interpolation.  translation of algorithm 507
by	J.G. Herriot and C.H. Reinsch

file	toms/601
keywords	sparse matrix
for	transposing, multiplying and adding pairs of sparse matriceses
by	J.M. McNamee

file	toms/602
keywords	acceleration of convergence, divergent series, Levin's u transform
title	HURRY
for	accelerating the convergence of alternating and monotone sequences and
,	series
alg	Levin's u transform
,	The routine estimates truncation and roundoff errors to
,	make a near-optimal stopping decision and provide a good estimate of
,	the accuracy
by	T. Fessler, W.F. Ford, and D.A. Smith

file	toms/603
keywords	almost block and diagonal systems, gaussian elimination, 2 point BVP
for	almost block diagonal linear systems
alg	modified alternate row and column elimination.
by	J.C. Diaz, G. Fairweather, and P. Keast

file	toms/604
keywords	Remes algorithm, extremal polynomial, Richardson iteration
title	EXTREM
for	extremal polynomials.
by	F.W. Sauer

file	toms/605
keywords	verifiers, standard conformance, Basic programming language
title	PBASIC
for	BASIC program for adherence to the American National Standard Minimal
,	Standard for BASIC
by	T.R. Hopkins

file	toms/606
keywords	expert systems, menu-driven applications, computer-aided instruction
for	decision trees
by	P.W. Gaffney et al.

file	toms/607
keywords	text exchange, management, organization, distribution and maintenance
title	TES (Text Exchange System)
for	transportable Fortran programs for management and exchange of programs
,	and other text
by	W.V. Snyder and R.J. Hanson

file	toms/608
keywords	quadratic assignment, heuristic algorithm, operations research
title	HGW
for	extended Koopmans-Beckmann quadratic assignment problem
by	D.H. West

file	toms/609
keywords	exponential and Bessel function integral, Bickley functions
title	BSKIN
for	Bickley functions Ki(n,x), repeated integrals of the K0 Bessel function,
,	for non-negative integers n and reals x.
by	D.E. Amos

file	toms/610
keywords	psi functions, gamma function, derivative of gamma function
title	PSIFN
for	derivatives of the psi function
by	D.E. Amos

file	toms/611
keywords	trust regions, quasi-newton, secant update, reverse communication
for	general unconstrained minimization problems
alg	model/trust-region approach
by	D.M. Gay

file	toms/612
keywords	quadrature, 2-d integration, singular integrand, epsilon algorithm
title	TRIEX
for	integration over a triangle
alg	adaptive subdivisional strategy with global acceptance criteria and
,	incorporates the epsilon algorithm to speed convergence
by	E. de Doncker and I. Robinson

file	toms/613
keywords	minimum spanning tree, shortest connection network
title	MSTPAC
for	minimum spanning tree for moderate integer weights in a connected
,	undirected graph represented in a forward star data structure
by	R.E. Haymond, J.P. Jarvis, and D.R. Shier

file	toms/614
keywords	quadrature rule, optimal quadrature rule, singular integrand
title	INTHP
for	automatic numerical integration in Hp.
,	The functions may have singularities at one or both endpoints of an
,	interval. Each of finite, semi-infinite, and infinite intervals are
,	admitted
by	K. Sikorski, F. Stenger, and J. Schwing

file	toms/615
keywords	regression, least absolute value
title	KBEST
for	linear regression under a least absolute value criterion
alg	simplex method, branch-and-bound
by	R.D. Armstrong, P.O. Beck, and M.T. Kung

file	toms/616
keywords	Hodges-Lehman location estimator, statistics
title	HLQEST
for	hodges-lehman location estimator
by	J.F. Monahan

file	toms/617
keywords	solve nonlinear equations, differential equation method
title	DAFNE
for	nonlinear systems based on the numerical solution of a Cauchy problem
,	for a system of ordinary differential equations inspired by classical
,	mechanics
by	F. Aluffi-Pentini, V. Parisi, and F. Zirilli

file	toms/618
keywords	estimating sparse jacobian matrices
title	DSM and FDJS
for	estimating sparse Jacobian matrices
by	T.J. Coleman, B.S. Garbow, and J.J. More

file	toms/619
keywords	Laplace transform, automatic numerical inversion
title	DLAINV
for	automatic numerical inversion of the Laplace transform
alg	Durbin formula in combination with the epsilon algorithm
by	R. Piessens and R. Huysmans

file	toms/620
keywords	references and keywords for collected algorithms from ACM
title	Data files containing references and keywords for the Collected
,	Algorithms from ACM
by	J.R. Rice and R.J. Hanson

file	toms/620.bib
keywords	bibtex
title	Bibliographic database of collected algorithms from ACM
by	T.R. Hopkins

file	toms/621
keywords	2d, nonlinear parabolic PDE's, multigrid, low storage requirements
title	BDMG
for	two-dimensional nonlinear parabolic differential equations on
,	rectangular spatial domains with mixed linear boundary conditions.
by	B.P. Sommeijer and P.J. van der Houven

file	toms/622
keywords	simple macro processor, Fortran
title	A simple macroprocessor for use in manipulating Fortran code as well as
,	for general text processing
by	J.R. Rice, C. Ribbens, and W.A. Ward

file	toms/623
keywords	data fitting, interpolation on the surface of a sphere
for	interpolant with one continuous derivative from data values associated
,	with arbitrarily distributed nodes on the surface of a sphere
by	R.J. Renka

file	toms/624
keywords	triangulation and interpolation of arbitrary points in a plane
for	triangulation and interpolation at arbitrarily distributed points in
,	the plane
by	R.J. Renka

file	toms/625
keywords	2d domain processor, grid generation
for	relates a general two-dimensional domain to a rectangular grid laid
,	over it
by	J.R. Rice

file	toms/626
keywords	contour plotting, triangular mesh, FEM
title	TRICP
for	computing contours of a function defined by a set of irregularly
,	distributed data points in the plane.
by	A. Preusser

file	toms/627
keywords	Volterra integral equations, second kind
title	VE1
for	Volterra integral equations.
by	J.M. Bownds and L. Applebaum

file	toms/628
keywords	groebner basis, polynomial ideals, rational integers
title	GROEB
for	canonical (or Groebner) bases of polynomial ideals
by	F. Winkler et al.

file	toms/629
keywords	3d Laplace equation, double potential, spherical harmonics
title	LAPLAC
for	interior Dirichlet problem for Laplace's equation on a general three
,	dimensional domain
alg	integral equation techniques
by	K.E. Atkinson

file	toms/630
keywords	local minimia, nonlinear function, conjugate gradient, quasi-newton
title	BBVSCG
for	a variable storage Fortran subprogram for function minimization
by	A. Buckley and A. Lenir

file	toms/631
keywords	find bracketed zero, Larkin's method, rational interpolation
title	ZERO1 and ZERO2
for	finding a bracketed zero
alg	Larkin's method of rational interpolation
by	V. Nortin

file	toms/632
keywords	0-1 multiple knapsack problem
title	MKP
for	0-1 multiple knapsack problem
by	S. Martello and P. Toth

file	toms/633
keywords	linear dependency analysis, multivariate data
title	LDA
for	linear dependency analysis of multivariate data
by	R.C. Ward, G.J. Davis, and V.E. Kane

file	toms/634
keywords	multinomial fitting, least squares
title	CONST and EVAL
for	fitting multinomials in a least-squares sense
by	R.H. Bartels and J.J. Jezioranski

file	toms/635
keywords	complex linear systems, L-infinity norm, constraints on unknowns
for	Chebyshev solution of systems of complex linear equations with linear
,	inequality constraints and simple bound constraints
by	R.L. Streit

file	toms/636
keywords	estimating sparse hessian matrices, difference of gradients
title	DSSM and FDHS
for	estimating sparse Hessian matrices
by	T.F. Coleman, B.S. Garbow, and J.J. More

file	toms/637
keywords	2nd order elliptic PDEs, bicubic hermite polynomials, general domain
title	GENCOL
for	linear second-order elliptic problems with general linear boundary
,	conditions on non-rectangular two-dimensional domains
alg	collocation with bicubic Hermite polynomials
by	E.N. Houstis, W.F. Mitchell, and J.R. Rice

file	toms/638
keywords	2nd order elliptic PDEs, bicubic hermite, rectangular domain
for	linear second-order elliptic problems on rectangular two-dimensional
,	domains with general linear boundary conditions or uncoupled boundary
,	conditions
alg	collocation with bicubic Hermite polynomials
by	E.N. Houstis, W.F. Mitchell, and J.R. Rice

file	toms/639
keywords	integration, oscillatory integrands, periodic
title	OSCINT
for	integration of some infinitely oscillating tails
by	J. Lyness and G. Hines

file	toms/640
keywords	complex frequency response matrix, continuous-time state space models
title	SFRMG
for	complex frequency response matrix C*E*B, where E is the inverse of
,	(FREQ*I - A) and FREQ is a complex scalar taking values along the ,
,	imaginary axis for continuous-time systems and on the unit circle for
,	discrete-time systems
by	A.J. Laub

file	toms/641
keywords	solution of general integer systems of linear equations
title	EXSOLG
for	exact least squares solution of linear equations with integer
,	coefficients
by	J. Springer

file	toms/642
keywords	smoothing, minimum cross-validation, splines
title	CUBGCV
for	O(n) computation of a cubic smoothing spline fitted to n noisy data
,	points.
,	Degree of smoothing is chosen to
,	minimize the expected mean square error at the data points for known
,	variance, or the generalized cross validation otherwise. Data may be
,	unequally spaced and nonuniformly weighted. Computes Bayesian point
,	error estimates
by	M.F. Hutchinson

file	toms/643
keywords	unordered rxc contingency tables, Fisher's exact test
title	FEXACT
for	Fisher's exact test on unordered r-by-c contingency tables
by	C.R. Mehta and N.R. Patel

file	toms/644
keywords	Bessel function, complex argument, nonnegative order
for	Bessel functions of a complex argument and nonnegative order
,	H1, H2, I, J, K, and Y, as well as the Airy functions Ai, Bi, and their
,	derivatives are provided in both single and double precision.
,	Exponential scaling and sequence generation are optional
by	D.E. Amos
#	Original version available as 644.old.gz
#	ref -- ACM TOMS 12 (1986) 265-273

file	toms/645
keywords	compute generalized inverse of matrix, test programs
for	testing programs that compute the generalized inverse of a matrix
by	J.C. Nash and R.L.C. Wang

file	toms/646
keywords	find positive definite linear combination, 2 real symmetric matrices
title	PDFIND
for	positive definite linear combination of two real symmetric matrices
,	may be used to solve the generalized eigenproblem Ax = (lambda)Bx in
,	case A and B are large and sparse, but neither is positive definite
by	C.R. Crawford

file	toms/647
keywords	quasirandom sequence generators
title	generation of sequences of quasirandom vectors with low discrepancy
,	Such sequences may be used to reduce
,	error bounds for multidimensional integration and global optimization.
by	B.L. Fox

file	toms/648
for	assessing the performance of initial value solvers for stiff or
,	nonstiff systems
by	W. H. Enright and J. D. Pryce

file	toms/649
title	FOURCO
for	trigonometric Fourier coefficients of a smooth function
alg	Lyness's algorithm
by	G. Giunta and A. Murli

file	toms/650
lang	Motorola 68000 assembler
for	efficient square root implementation
by	K. C. Johnson

file	toms/651
title	HFFT
for	Helmholtz equation on bounded two- or three-dimensional rectangular
,	domains
by	R. F. Boisvert

file	toms/652
for	globally convergent homotopy algorithms, for finding zeros or fixed
,	points of nonlinear systems of equations.
by	L. T. Watson, S. C. Billups, and A. P. Morgan

file	toms/653
title	PC-BLAS
lang	8087 assembler
for	Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms
by	R. J. Hanson and F. T. Krogh

file	toms/654
for	incomplete gamma function ratios and their inverse
by	A. R. DiDonato and A. H. Morris, Jr.

file	toms/655
title	IQPACK
for	stable evaluation of the weights and nodes of interpolatory and Gaussian
,	quadratures with prescribed simple or multiple knots
by	S. Elhay and J. Kautsky

file	toms/656
for	model implementation and test programs for Level 2 BLAS
by	J. J. Dongarra, J. du Croz, S. Hammarling, and R. J. Hanson
#	not available by email;  use ftp
#	However, you almost surely want the newer version in netlib/blas.

file	toms/657
title	CON3D
for	plotting contour surfaces of a function of three variables
by	G. Sewell

file	toms/658
title	ODESSA
for	ordinary differential equation solver (a modification of LSODE) with
,	explicit simultaneous sensitivity analysis
by	J. R. Leis and M. A. Kramer

file	toms/659
for	Sobol's quasirandom sequence generator for multivariate quadrature
,	and optimization
by	P. Bratley and B. L. Fox

file	toms/660
title	QSHEP2D
for	quadratic Shepard method for bivariate interpolation of scattered data
by	R. J. Renka

file	toms/661
title	QSHEP3D
for	quadratic Shepard method for trivariate interpolation of scattered data
by	R. J. Renka

file	toms/662
title	MODUL1 and MODUL2
for	numerical inversion of the Laplace transform
alg	Weeks' method
by	B. S. Garbow, G. Giunta, and J. N. Lyness

file	toms/663
title	CWI BLAS
for	Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms in Fortran 200 for the Cyber 205
by	M. Louter-Nool

file	toms/664
title	GBSOL
for	Gauss algorithm to solve systems with large banded matrices using
,	random-access disk storage
by	G. Schrauf

file	toms/665
title	MACHAR
for	dynamically determine machine parameters
by	W.J. Cody

file	toms/666
title	CHABIS
for	locating and evaluating roots of systems of nonlinear equations
alg	characteristic bisection.
by	M.N. Vrahatis

file	toms/667
title	SIGMA
for	global minimization using a stochastic integration algorithm
by	F. Aluffi-Pentini, V. Parisi, and F. Zirilli

file	toms/668
title	H2PEC
for	generating observations from the hypergeometric distribution
by	V. Kachitvichyanukul and B.W. Schmeiser

file	toms/669
title	BRKF45
for	first-order systems of nonstiff initial value problems for ordinary
,	differential equations.
alg	two-step block Runge-Kutta formula of order 6.
by	J.R. Cash

file	toms/670
for	Runge-Kutta-Nystrom. Two embedded formula pairs are provided,
,	the lower order pair allowing interpolation
by	R.W. Brankin, I. Gladwell, J.R. Dormand, P.J. Prince, and W.L. Seward

file	toms/671
title	FARB-E-2D
for	contour lines for values given at rectangular mesh
,	Areas between contour lines may be filled with colors or patterns
alg	nonlinear bicubic Hermite polynomial interpolation
by	A. Preusser

file	toms/672
title	EXTEND
for	generating interpolatory quadrature rules of the highest degree of
,	precision with preassigned nodes for general weight functions
by	T.N.L. Patterson

file	toms/673
lang	Pascal
alg	one-pass
for	dynamic Huffman codes (compression)
by	J.S. Vitter

file	toms/674
for	one-norm of a real or complex matrix, condition estimation.
,	Explicit matrix is not required; instead matrix-vector products are
,	computed by the calling program via a reverse communications
,	interface.
by	N.J. Higham

file	toms/675
for	square root covariance filter and information filter in dense or
,	Hessenberg forms
by	M. Vanbegin, P. Van Doore and M. Verhaegen

file	toms/676
for	weighted orthogonal distance regression
by	P.T. Boggs, J.R. Donaldson, R.H. Byrd, and R.B. Snabel
#	not available by email;  use ftp
#	However, you almost surely want the newer version in netlib/odrpack.

file	toms/677
for	interpolation of rapidly varying function values given at points
,	irregularly distributed in the plane
alg	C1 triangular elements, with needed partial derivatives are estimated
,	using a minimization criterion making use of a tension parameter
by	L.B. Montefusco and G. Casciola

file	toms/678
title	BTPEC
for	sampling from the binomial distribution
by	V. Kachitvichyanukul and B.W. Schmeiser

file	toms/679
title	Level 3 BLAS
for	basic linear algebra
by	J.J. Dongarra, J. Du Croz, S. Hammarling, and I. Duff
#	not available by email;  use ftp
#	However, you almost surely want the newer version in netlib/blas.

file	toms/680
for	complex error function
by	G.P.M. Poppe and C.M.J. Wijers

file	toms/681
title	INTBIS
for	real roots of a system of nonlinear equations within a region defined
,	by bounds on the variables
alg	interval Newton/bisection methods
by	R.B. Kearfott and M. Novoa III

file	toms/682
for	inversion of the Laplace transform
alg	Talbot's method
by	A. Murli and M. Rizzardi

file	toms/683
for	exponential integrals of a complex argument
by	D.E. Amos

file	toms/684
for	C1 and C2 interpolation on triangles with quintic and nonic bivariate
,	polynomials
by	A. Preusser

file	toms/685
title	SERRG2
for	separable elliptic equations on a rectangle
alg	Rayleigh-Ritz-Galerkin with tensor-product B-splines
by	L. Kaufmann and D. Warner

file	toms/686
for	updating the QR decomposition of a matrix.
by	L. Reichel and W.B. Gragg

file	toms/687
for	decision tree for initial value ode

file	toms/688
for	epdcol: a more efficient pdecol code

file	toms/689
for	nonlinear volterra integral equations of the second kind

file	toms/690
for	chebyshev polynomial software for elliptic-parabolic systems of pdes

file	toms/691
for	improving quadpack automatic integration routines

file	toms/692
for	model implementation and test package for the sparse blas

file	toms/693
for	floating point multiple precision arithmetic

file	toms/694
for	test matrices

file	toms/695
for	modified cholesky factorization

file	toms/696
for	inverse rayleigh iteration for complex band matrices

file	toms/697
for	univariate interpolation

file	toms/698
for	dcuhre - adaptive multidimensional integration for a vector of integrals
by	Berntsen, Espelid, Genz

file	toms/699
for	new representation of Patterson's quadrature formulae
by	Krogh, Van Snyder

file	toms/700
for	sleign - Fortran package for Sturm-Liouville problems
by	Bailey, Garbow, Kaper, Zetti

file	toms/701
for	goliath - exact analysis of rectangular rank-deficient sparse rational
,	linear systems
by	Alefeld, Eyre

file	toms/702
title	TNPACK
for	large-scale minimization
alg	truncated Newton
by	Schlick, Fogelson

file	toms/703
title	MEBDF
for	stiff ode
by	Cash, Considine

file	toms/704
for	almost block diagonal linear systems in spline collocation
by	Majaess, Keast, Fairweather, Bennett

file	toms/705
for	Sylvester equation AXB + CXD = E
by	Gardiner, Laub, Amato, Moler

file	toms/706
title	DCUTRI
for	two-dimensional integral over triangulated region
by	Berntsen, Espelid

file	toms/707
title	CONHYP
for	confluent hypergeometric function
by	Nardin, Perger, Bhalla

file	toms/708
title	BRATIO
for	incomplete Beta function IX(a,b)
by	Morris

file	toms/709
for	testing algorithm implementations
by	Buckley

file	toms/710
for	eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a general matrix
by	Dongarra, Geist, Romine

file	toms/711
title	BTN
for	parallel unconstrained optimization
by	Nash, Sofer

file	toms/712
for	normal random number generator
by	Leva

file	toms/713
for	vectorized Bessel function evaluation

file	toms/714
title	celefunt
for	testing elementary functions of complex argument
by	Cody

file	toms/715
title	specfun
for	special function routines and test drivers
by	Cody

file	toms/716
title	tspack
for	tension spline curve-fitting package
by	Renka

file	toms/717
for	max- and quasi-likelihood estimation in nonlinear regression
by	Bunch, Gay, Welsch

file	toms/718
for	eigenvalue allocation problem for single-input systems
by	Miminis, Reid

file	toms/719
for	multiprecision translation and execution of Fortran programs
by	Bailey

file	toms/720
for	adaptive cubature over a collection of 3-dimensional simplices
by	Berntsen, Cools, Espelid

file	toms/721
for	eigenvalues of Mathieu differential equation for noninteger and
,	integer order
by	Shirts

file	toms/722
for	support IEEE binary floating point arithmetic
by	Cody, Coonen

file	toms/723
for	Fresnel integrals
by	Van Snyder

file	toms/724
for	F-percentiles
by	Abernathy, Smith

file	toms/725
for	multivariate normal integral
by	Drezner

file	toms/726
for	Generating Orthogonal Polynomials and Gauss-type Quadrature Rules
by	Walter Gautschi

file	toms/727
by	Sherif Hashem and Bruce Schmeiser
lang	C
for	q-th quantile and standard deviation of that estimate

file	toms/728
for	quadratic bilevel programming problem
by	Paul H. Calamai and Luis N. Vicente

file	toms/729
alg	extended Levinson algorithms
for	solving symmetric and general Toeplitz systems
by	Per Christian Hansen

file	toms/730
alg	divide and conquer
for	unitary eigenproblem
by	G. S. Ammar, L. Reichel, and D. C. Sorensen

file	toms/731
alg	adaptive moving grid
for	univariate partial differential equation
by	J. G. Blom and P. A. Zegeling

file	toms/732
alg	capacitance matrix, Laplacian preconditioner, FACR
for	nonseparable self-adjoint elliptic PDE on 2D polygonal domain
by	P. F. Cummins and G. K. Vallis

file	toms/733
name	TOMP
alg	nonlinear programming
for	optimal control problem
by	D. Kraft

file	toms/734
alg	toms/630
lang	Fortran90
by	A. G. Buckley

file	toms/735
alg	pyramid
for	wavelet transform and inverse
by	C. Taswell and K. C. McGill

file	toms/736
for	hyperelliptic integrals and the surface measure of ellipsoids
by	C. F. Dunkl and D. E. Ramirez

file	toms/737
for	portable fortran 77 interval standard function library
alg	intlib
by	R. B. Kearfott, M. Dawande, K. Du and C. Hu

file	toms/738
for	generate niederreiters low discrepancy sequences
by	P. Bratley, B. L. Fox and H. Niederreiter

file	toms/739
for	unconstrained optimization using tensor methods
by	T. Chow, E. Eskow and R. Schnabel

file	toms/740
for	compute improved incomplete cholesky factorizations
by	M. T. Jones and P. E. Plassmann

file	toms/741
for	least-squares solution of linear, bordered, block diagonal systems of equations
by	R. D. Ray

file	toms/742
for	least squares data fitting with nonnegative second divided differences
alg	l2cxft
by	I. C. Demetriou

file	toms/743
alg	wapr
for	calculating real values of the w-function
by	D. A. Barry, S. J. Barry and P. J. Culligan-Hensley

file	toms/744
for	stochastic algorithm for global minimization with constraints
by	F. M. Rabinowitz

file	toms/745
for	computation of the complete and incomplete fermi-dirac integral
by	M. Goano

file	toms/746
alg	pcomp
for	fortran code for automatic differentiation
by	M. Dobmann, M. Liepelt and K. Schittkowski

file	toms/747
for	fortran subroutine to solve the eigenvalue assignment problem 
,	for multiinput systems using state feedback
by	G. Miminis and H. Roth

file	toms/748
for	enclosing zeros of continuous functions
by	G. E. Alefeld, F. A. Porta and Y. Shi

file	toms/749
for	fast discrete cosine transform
by	B. G. Sherlock and D. M. Monro

file	toms/750
for	exact solution of large scale asymmetric travelling salesman problems
by	M. Dell'Amico, G. Carpaneto and P. Toth

file	toms/751
alg	tripack
for	constrained two-dimensional delauney triangulation package
by	R. J. Renka

file	toms/752
alg	srfpack
for	software for scattered data fitting with a constrained surface 
,	under tension
by	R. J. Renka

file	toms/753
alg	tenpack
for	a linpack/blas2-based library for the computer manipulation of tensor products
by	P. E. Buis and W. R. Dyksen

file	toms/754
for	fortran subroutines for approximate solution of dense quadratic assignment problems using grasp
by	M. G. C. Resende, P. M. Pardalos and Y. Li

file	toms/755
for	{ADOL-C}: A Package for the Automatic Differentiation of Algorithms 
,	Written in {C/C++}
by	Griewank, A., Juedes, D. and Utke, J.

file	toms/756
for	A {Matlab} Toolbox for {Schwarz-Christoffel} Mapping
by	Driscoll, T. A.

file	toms/757
for	{MISCFUN}, a software package to compute uncommon special functions
,	Abramowitz, Airy, Bessel integrals, Debye, Struve, synchrotron
,	radiation, transport integral, inverse-tangent integral, Clausen
,	integral, Lobachevski integral, Stromgren integral
by	Macleod, A. J.

file	toms/758
for	{VLUGR2}: a vectorizable adaptive-grid solver for {PDEs} in {2D}
by	Blom, J. G., Trompert, R. A. and Verwer, J. G.

file	toms/759
for	{VLUGR3}: a vectorizable adaptive-grid solver for {PDEs} in {3D}
,	--- Part {II}. code description
by	Blom, J. G. and Verwer, J. G.

file	toms/760
for	Rectangular-grid-data surface fitting that has the accuracy 
,	of a bicubic polynomial
by	Akima, H.

file	toms/761
for	Scattered-data surface fitting that has the accuracy of a cubic polynomial
by	Akima, H.

file	toms/762
for	{LLDRLF}, log-likelihood and some derivatives for {log-F} models
by	Brown, B. W., Levy, L. B., Lovato, J., Russell, K. and Spears, F. M.

file	toms/763
for	INTERVAL_ARITHMETIC: A Fortran 90 Module for an Interval Data Type
by	R. B. Kearfott

file	toms/764
for	Cubpack++: A {C++} Package for Automatic Two-Dimensional Cubature
by	R. Cools, D. Laurie and L. Pluym

file	toms/765
for	{STENMIN:} A Software Package for Large, Sparse Unconstrained 
,	Optimization Using Tensor Methods
by	A. Bouaricha

file	toms/766
for	Experiments with a Weakly Stable Algorithm for Computing 
,	{Pad\'{e}}-{Hermite} and Simultaneous {Pad\'{e}} Approximants
by	S. Cabay, A. R. Jones and G. Labahn

file	toms/767
for	A {Fortran} 77 Package for Column Reduction of Polynomial Matrices
by	A. J. Geurts and C. Praagman

file	toms/768
for	{TENSOLVE}: A Software Package for Solving Systems of Nonlinear 
,	Equations and Nonlinear Least-squares Problems Using Tensor Methods
by	Bouaricha, A. and Schnabel, R. B.

file	toms/769
for	{Fortran} Subroutines for Approximate Solution  of Sparse 
,	Quadratic Assignment Problems Using {GRASP}
by	Pardalos, P. M., Pitsolulis, L. S. and Resende, M. G. C.

file	toms/770
for	{BVSPIS}---A Package for Computing Boundary-Valued 
,	Shape-Preserving Interpolating Splines
by	Costantini, P.

file	toms/771
for	rksuite_90: {Fortran} 90 Software for Ordinary Differential 
,	Equation Initial-Value Problems
by	R. W. Brankin and I. Gladwell

file	toms/772
for	{STRIPACK}: {Delaunay} Triangulation and {Voronoi} Diagram 
,	on the Surface of a Sphere
by	R. J. Renka

file	toms/773
for	{SSRFPACK}: Interpolation of Scattered Data on the Surface of a Sphere with a Surface under Tension
by	R. J. Renka

file	toms/774
for	{Fortran} Subroutines for Generating Box-Constrained 
,	Optimization Problems
by	F. Facchinei, J. Judice and J. Soares

file	toms/775
for	The Code {SLEUTH} for Solving Fourth-Order {Sturm} {Liouville} Problems
by	L. Greenberg and M. Marletta

file	toms/776
for	{SRRIT}: A {Fortran} Subroutine to Calculate the Dominant Invariant Subspace of a Nonsymmetric Matrix
by	Z. Bai and G. W. Stewart

file	toms/777
for	{HOMPACK90}: A Suite of {Fortran} 90 Codes for Globally 
,	Convergent Homotopy Algorithms
by	L. T. Watson, M. Sosonkina, R. C. Melville, A. P. Morgan 
,	and H. F. Walker

file	toms/778
for	{L-BFGS-B}: {Fortran} Subroutines for Large-Scale 
,	Bound-Constrained Optimization
by	C. Zhu, R. H. Byrd, P. Lu and J. Nocedal

file	toms/779
for	{Fermi-Dirac} Functions of Order -1/2, 1/2, 3/2, 5/2
by	Macleod, A. J.

file	toms/780
for	Exponential Pseudorandom Distribution
by	Hamilton, K. G.

file	toms/781
for	Generating {Hilbert's} Space-Filling Curves by Recursion
by	Breinholt, G., Schierz, C. and Krueger, H.

file	toms/782
for	Computing Rank-Revealing {QR} Factorizations of Dense Matrices
by	Bischof, C. H. and Quintana-Ort\'{\i}, G.

file	toms/783
for	{Pcp2Nurb} -- Smooth Free-Form Surfacing with Linearly Trimmed
,	Bicubic {B}-Splines
by	Peters, J.

file	toms/784
for	{GEMM}-Based Level 3 {BLAS}: Portability and Optimization Issues
by	K\aagstr\"{o}m, B., Ling, P. and {Van Loan}, C.

file	toms/785
for	A Software Package for Computing {Schwarz}-{Christoffel} 
,	Conformal Transformations for Doubly Connected Polygonal 
,	Regions
by	Hu, C.

file	toms/786
for	Multiple Precision Complex Arithmetic and Functions
by	Smith, D. M.

file	toms/787
for	{Fortran} Subroutines for Approximate Solution of Maximum 
,	Independent Set Problems using {GRASP}
by	Resende, M. C. G., Feo, T. A. and Smith, S. H.

file	toms/788
for	Boundary Integral Equation Programs for the Planar 
,	{Laplace} Equation
by	Atkinson, K. and Jeon, Y.

file	toms/789
for	{SLTSTPAK}: A Test Package for {Sturm}-{Liouville} Solvers
by	J. D. Pryce

file	toms/790
for	{CSHEP2D}: Cubic {Shepard Method for Bivariate Interpolation of Scattered Data
by	R. J. Renka

file	toms/791
for	{TSHEP2D}: Cosine Series {Shepard} Method for Bivariate Interpolation of Scattered Data
by	R. J. Renka and R. Brown

file	toms/792
for	Accuracy Tests of {ACM} Algorithms for Interpolation of Scattered Data in the Plane
by	R. J. Renka and R. Brown

file	toms/793
for	{GQRAT} --- {Gauss} Quadrature for Rational Functions
by	W. Gautschi

file	toms/794
for	Numerical {Hankel} transform by the {Fortran} program {HANKEL}
by	T. Wieder

file	toms/795
for	PHCPACK: A general-purpose solver for polynomial systems by homotopy continuation
by	J. Verschelde

file	toms/796
for	A {Fortran} Software Package for the Numerical Inversion of the {Laplace} Transform Based on a {Fourier} Series Method
by	L. D'Amore, G. Laccetti and A. Murli

file	toms/797
for	{Fortran} Subroutines for Approximate Solution of Graph Planarization Problems Using {GRASP}
by	C. C. Ribeiro and M. G. C. Resende

file	toms/798
for	High-Dimensional Interpolation Using the Modified {Shepard} Method
by	M. W. Berry and K. S. Minser

file	toms/799
for	Revolve: An Implementation of Checkpointing for the Reverse or Adjoint Mode of Computational Differentiation
by	A. Griewank and A. Walther

file	toms/800
for	{Fortran 77} Subroutines for Computing the Eigenvalues of Hamiltonian Matrices {I}: The Square-Reduced Method
by	P. Benner, R. Byers and E. Barth

file	toms/801
for	{POLSYS_PLP}: A Partitioned Linear Product Homotopy Code for Solving Polynomial Systems of Equations
by	S. M. Wise, A. J. Sommese and L. T. Watson

file	toms/802
for	An Automatic Generator for Bivariate Log-Concave Distributions
by	W. H\"{o}rmann

file	toms/803
for	A Simpler Macro Processor
by	W. A. {Ward, Jr.}

file	toms/804
for	Subroutines for the computation of Mathieu functions of integer orders
by	Alhargan, F. A.

file	toms/805
for	Computation and Uses of the Semidiscrete Matrix Decomposition
by	Kolda, T. G. and O'Leary, D. P.

file	toms/806
for	SPRNG: A Scalable Library for Pseudorandom Number Generation
by	Mascagni, M. and Srinivasan, A.

file	toms/807
for	The {SBR} Toolbox -- Software for Successive Band Reduction
by	C. H. Bischof, B. Lang and X. Sun

file	toms/808
for	{ARFIT} --- A {Matlab} Package for the Estimation of Parameters and Eigenmodes of Multivariate Autoregressive Models
by	T. Schneider and A. Neumaier

file	toms/809
for	{PREQN}: Fortran 77 Subroutines for Preconditioning the Conjugate Gradient Method
by	J. L. Morales and J. Nocedal

file	toms/810
for	The {SLEIGN2} {Sturm}-{Liouville} Code
by	P. B. Bailey, W. N. Everitt and A. Zettl

file	toms/811
for	{NDA}: Algorithms for Nondifferentiable Optimization
by	L. Luksan and J. Vlcek

file	toms/812
for	{BPOLY}: An Object-Oriented Library of Numerical Algorithms for Polynomials in {Bernstein} Form
by	Y-F. Tsai and R. T. Farouki

file	toms/813
for	{SPG}--Software for Convex-Constrained Optimization
by	E. G. Birgin, J. M. Martinez and M. Raydan

file	toms/814
for	{Fortran} 90 Software for Floating-Point Multiple Arithmetic, {Gamma} and Related Functions
by	D. M. Smith

file	toms/815
for	{Fortran} Subroutines for Computing Approximate Solutions of Feedback Set Problems Using {GRASP}
by	P. Festa, P. M. Pardalos and M. G. C. Resende

file	toms/816
for	r2d2lri: an algorithm for automatic two-dimensional cubature
by	I. Robinson and M. Hill

file	toms/817
for	{P2MESH}: generic object-oriented interface between {2-D} unstructured meshes and {FEM/FVM-based PDE} solvers
by	E. Bertolazzi and G. Manzini

file	toms/818
for	A Reference Model Implementation of the Sparse {BLAS} in {Fortran} 95
by	Duff, I. S. and V\"{o}mel, C

file	toms/819
for	{AIZ, BIZ}: Two {Fortran} 77 Routines for the Computation of Complex {Airy} Functions
by	A. Gil, J. Segura and N. M. Temme

file	toms/820
for	A Flexible Implementation of Matching Pursuit for {Gabor} Functions on the Interval
by	S. E. Ferrando, L. A. Kolasa and N. Kova\v{c}evi\'{c}

file	toms/821
for	A {Fortran} Interface to {POSIX} Threads
by	R. J. Hanson, C. P. Breshears and H. A. Gabb

file	toms/822
for	GIZ, HIZ: Two {Fortran} 77 routines for the computation of complex {Scorer} functions
by	A. Gil, J. Segura and N. M. Temme

file	toms/823
for	Implementing Scrambled Digital Sequences
by	H. S. Hong and F. J. Hickernell

file	toms/824
for	CUBPACK: A Package for Automatic Cubature; Framework Description
by	R. Cools and A. Haegemans

file	toms/825
for	A Deep-Cut Bisection Envelope Algorithm for Fixed Points
by	S. Shellman and K. Sikorski

file	toms/826
for	Parallel Eigenvalue Routine for Complex {Hessenberg} Matrices
by	M. R. Fahey

file	toms/827
for	irbleigs: A {MATLAB} Program for Computing a Few Eigenpairs of a Large Sparse {Hermitian} Matrix
by	J. Baglama, D. Calvetti and L. Reichel

file	toms/828
for	{DNSPLIN1}: Discrete Nonlinear Spline Interpolation
by	R. J. Renka

file	toms/829
for	Software for Generation of Classes of Test Functions with Known Local and Global Minima for Global Optimization
by	M. Gaviano, D. E. Kvasov, D. Lera and Y. D. Sergeyev

file	toms/830
for	Another Visit With Standard and Modified Givens Transformations and A Remark On Algorithm 539
by	R. J. Hanson and T. R. Hopkins

file	toms/831
for	Modified {Bessel} Functions of Imaginary Order and Positive Argument
by	A. Gil, J. Segura and N. M. Temme

file	toms/832
for	{UMFPACK} --- an Unsymmetric-Pattern Multifrontal Method
by	T. A. Davis

file	toms/833
for	{CSRFPACK} --- Interpolation of Scattered Data with a $C^1$ Convexity-preserving Surface
by	R. J. Renka

file	toms/834
for	glsurf --- An Interactive Surface Plotting Program using {OpenGL}
by	R. J. Renka

file	toms/835
for	{MultRoot} --- A {Matlab} Package for Computing Polynomial Roots and Multiplicities
by	Z. Zeng

file	toms/836
for	{COLAMD}, a Column Approximate Minimum Degree Ordering Algorithm
by	T. A. Davis, J. R. Gilbert, S. I. Larimore and E. G. Ng

file	toms/837
for	{AMD}, an Approximate Minimum Degree Ordering Algorithm
by	P. Amestoy, T. A. Davis and I. Duff

file	toms/838
for	{Airy} Functions
by	B. R. Fabijonas

file	toms/839
for	{FIAT}, A New Paradigm for Computing Finite Element Basis Functions
by	R. C. Kirby

file	toms/840
for	Computation of Grid Points, Quadrature Weights and Derivatives for Spectral Element Methods Using Prolate Spheroidal Wave Functions --- Prolate Elements
by	J. P. Boyd

file	toms/841
for	{BHESS}: {Gaussian} Reduction to a Similar Banded {Hessenberg} Form
by	g. w. Howell and N. Diaa

file	toms/842
for	A Set of {GMRES} Routines for Real and Complex Arithmetics on High Performance Computers
by	V. Frayss\'{e}, L. Giraud, S. Gratton and J. Langou

file	toms/843
for	Improvements to the {Schwarz-Christoffel Toolbox} for {MATLAB}
by	T. A. Driscoll

file	toms/844
for	Computing Sparse Reduced-Rank Approximations to Sparse Matrices
by	M. W. Berry, S. A. Pulatova and G. W. Stewart

file	toms/845
for	{EIGIFP}: A {MATLAB} Program for Solving Large Symmetric Generalized Eigenvalue Problems
by	J. H. Money and Q. Ye

file	toms/846
for	{MixedVol}: A Software Package for Mixed Volume Computation
by	T. Gao, T. Y. Li and M. Wu

file	toms/847
for	{spinterp}: Piecewise Multilinear Hierarchical Sparse Grid Interpolation in {MATLAB}
by	A. Klimke and B. Wohlmuth

file	toms/848
for	A Recursive Fixed Point Algorithm for the Infinity-Norm Case
by	S. Shellman and K. Sikorski

file	toms/849
for	A Concise Sparse {Cholesky} Factorization Package
by	T. A. Davis

file	toms/850
for	Real parabolic cylinder functions {$U(a,x)$, $V(a,x)$}
by	A. Gil, J. Segura and N. M. Temme

file	toms/851
for	{CG\_DESCENT}, a conjugate gradient method with guaranteed descent
by	W. W. Hager and H. Zhang

file	toms/852
for	{RealPaver}: an interval solver using constraint satisfaction techniques
by	L. Granvilliers and F. Benhamou

file	toms/853
for	An efficient algorithm for solving rank-deficient least squares problems
by	L. Foster and R. Kommu

file	toms/854
for	Fortran 77 Subroutines for Computing the Eigenvalues of {Hamiltonian} Matrices {II}
by	P. Benner and D. Kressner

file	toms/855
for	Subroutines for the Computation of {Mathieu} Characteristic Numbers and their General Orders
by	F. A. Alhargan

file	toms/856
for	{APPSPACK 4.0}: Asynchronous Parallel Pattern Search for Derivative-Free Optimization
by	G. A. Gray and T. G. Kolda

file	toms/857
for	{POLSYS GLP}: A Parallel General Linear Product Homotopy Code for Solving Polynomial Systems of Equations
by	H.-J. Su, J. M. McCarthy, M. Sosonkina and L. T. Watson

file	toms/858
for	Computing Infinite Range Integrals of an Arbitrary Product of {Bessel} Functions
by	J. {Van Deun} and R. Cools

file	toms/859
for	{BABDCR}: a {Fortran} 90 package for the Solution of Bordered {ABD} Linear Systems
by	P. Amodio and G. Romanazzi

file	toms/860
for	{SimpleS}: An Extension of {Freudenthal's} Simplex Subdivision
by	E. N. Gon\c{c}alves, R. Palhares, R. H. C. Takahashi and R. C. Mesquita

file	toms/861
for	{Fortran} 90 Subroutines for Computing the Expansion Coefficients of {Mathieu} Functions using {Blanch's} Algorithm
by	D. Erricolo

file	toms/862
for	{MATLAB} Tensor Classes for Fast Algorithm Prototyping
by	B. W. Bader and T. G. Kolda

file	toms/863
for	{L2WPMA}, a {Fortran} 77 Package for Weighted Least Squares Piecewise Monotonic Data Approximation
by	I. C. Demetriou

file	toms/864
for	Algorithms for General and Robot-Packable Variants of the Three-Dimensional Bin Packing Problem
by	S. Martello, D. Pisingery, D. Vigo, E. {den Boef} and J. Korst

file	toms/865
for	{Fortran} 95 Subroutines for {Cholesky} Factorization in Blocked Hybrid Format
by	F. G. Gustavson, J. K. Reid and J. Wasniewski

file	toms/866
for	{IFISS}, a {Matlab} Toolbox for Modelling Incompressible Flow
by	H. C. Elman, A. Ramage and D. J. Silvester

file	toms/867
for	{QUADLOG} --- A Package of Routines for Generating Gauss-Related Quadrature for Two Classes of Logarithmic Weight Functions
by	N. H. F. Beebe and J. S. Ball

file	toms/868
for	Globally Doubly Adaptive Quadrature - Reliable {Matlab} Codes
by	T. O. Espelid

file	toms/869
for	{ODRPACK95}: A Weighted Orthogonal Distance Regression Code with Bound Constraints
by	J. W. Zwolak, P. T. Boggs and L. T. Watson

file	toms/870
for	A Static Geometric Medial Axis Domain Decomposition in {2D} Euclidean} Space
by	L. Linardakis and N. Chrisochoides

file	toms/871
for	A {C/C++} Precompiler for the Auto Generation of Multiprecision Programs
by	W. Schreppers and A. Cuyt

file	toms/872
for	Parallel 2D Constrained {Delaunay} Mesh Generation
by	A. N. Chernikov and N. P. Chrisochoides

file	toms/873
for	{MATLAB} Software for Large-Scale Trust-Region Subproblems and Regularization
by	M. Rojas, S. A. Santos and D. C. Sorensen

file	toms/874
for	{BACOLR}---Spatial and Temporal Error Control Software for {PDEs} based on High rder Adaptive Collocation
by	R. Wang, P. Keast and P. H. Muir

file	toms/875
for	{DSDP5}---Software for Semidefinite Programming
by	S. J. Benson and Y. Ye

file	toms/876
for	{Solving Fredholm Integral Equations of the Second Kind in Matlab}}
by	K. E. Atkinson and L. F. Shampine

file	toms/877
for	{A Subroutine Package for Cylindrical Functions of Complex Order and Nonnegative Argument}
by	M. Kodama

file	toms/878
for	{Exact VARMA likelihood and its gradient for complete and incomplete data with Matlab}
by	K. Jonasson

file	toms/879
for	{EIGENTEST---a test matrix generator for large-scale eigenproblems}
by	C-R. Lee and G. W. Stewart

file	toms/880
for	{A testing infrastructure for symmetric tridiagonal eigensolvers}
by	O. A. Marques, C. Voemel, J. W. Demmel and B. N. Parlett

file	toms/881
for	{A Set of Flexible GMRES Routines for Real and Complex Arithmetics on High-Performance Computers}
by	V. Frayss\'{e}, L. Giraud and S. Gratton

file	toms/882
for	{Near-Best Fixed Pole Rational Interpolation with Applications in Spectral Methods}
by	J. {van Deun}, K. Deckers, A. Bultheel and J. A. C. Weideman  

file	toms/883
for	{SparsePOP---A Sparse Semidefinite Programming Relaxation of Polynomial Optimization Problems}
by	H. Waki, S. Kim, M. Kojima, M. Muramatsu and H. Sugimoto

file	toms/884
for	{A Simple Matlab Implementation of the Argyris Element}
by	V. Dom\'{\i}nguez and F-J. Sayas

file	toms/885
for	Computing the Logarithm of the Normal Distribution
by	J. M. Linhart

file	toms/886
for	{Padua2D}---{Lagrange} Interpolation at {Padua} Points on Bivariate Domains
by	M. Caliari, S. Marchi and M. Vianello

file	toms/887
for	{CHOLMOD}, Supernodal Sparse {Cholesky} Factorization and Update/Downdate
by	Y. Chen, T. A. Davis, W. W. Hager and S. Rajamanickam

file	toms/888
for	Spherical Harmonic Transform Algorithms
by	J. B. Drake, P. Worley and E. {D'Azevedo}

file	toms/889
for	Jet_fitting_3:---A Generic {C++} Package for Estimating the Differential Properties on Sampled Surfaces via Polynomial Fitting
by	F. Cazals and M. Pouget

file	toms/890
for	{Sparco}: A Testing Framework for Sparse Reconstruction
by	E. {van den Berg}, M. P. Friedlander, G. Hennenfent, F. J. Herrmann, R. Saab and \"{O}. Yilmaz

file	toms/891
for	A {Fortran} Virtual Memory System
by	J. K. Reid and J. A. Scott

file	toms/892
for	{DISPMODULE}, a {Fortran} 95 Module for Pretty-printing Matrices
by	K. Jonasson

file	toms/893
for	{TSPACK}: Tension Spline Package for Curve Design and Data Fitting
by	R. J. Renka

file	toms/894
for	On a Block {Schur--Parlett} Algorithm for $\varphi$-functions Based on the sep-inverse Estimate
by	S. Koikari

file	toms/895
for	A continued fractions package for special functions
by	F. Backeljauw and A. Cuyt

file	toms/896
for	{LSA}: {Algorithms} for large-scale optimization
by	L. Luk{\v s}an, C. Matonoha and J. Vl{\v c}ek

file	toms/897
for	{VTDIRECT95}: {Serial} and parallel codes for the global optimization algorithm direct
by	Jian He, L. T. Watson and M. Sosonkina

file	toms/898
for	Efficient Multiplication of Dense Matrices over $GF(2)$
by	Martin Albrecht, Gregory Bard and William Hart

file	toms/899
for	The Matlab Postprocessing Toolkit
by	Scott A. Sarra

file	toms/900
for	A Discrete Time Kalman Filter Package for Large Scale Problems
by	German A. Torres

file	toms/901
for	{LMEF}: A Program for the Construction of Linear Multistep Methods with Exponential Fitting for the Numerical Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations
by	Dimitrios S. Vlachos and T. Simos

file	toms/902
for	{GPOPS}, {A} {MATLAB} Software for Solving Multiple-Phase Optimal Control Problems Using the {Gauss} Pseudospectral Method
by	Anil V. Rao, David A. Benson, Christopher Darby, Michael A. Patterson, Camila  Francolin, Ilyssa Sanders and Geoffrey T. Huntington

file	toms/903
for	{FRB}--{Fortran} routines for the exact computation of free rigid body motions
by	Elena Celledoni and Antonella Zanna

file	toms/904
for	The {SCASY} Library -- Parallel Solvers for {Sylvester}-Type Matrix Equations with Applications in Condition Estimation, Part {II}. 
by	Robert Granat and Bo K{\aa}gstr\"{o}m

file	toms/905
for	{SHEPPACK}: Modified {Shepard} Algorithm for Interpolation of Scattered Multivariate Data
by	William I. Thacker, Jingwei Zhang, Layne T. Watson, Jeffrey B. Birch, Manjula A. Iyer and Michael W. Berry

file	toms/906
for	{elrint3d} : A Three-Dimensional Nonadaptive Automatic Cubature Routine Using a Sequence of Embedded Lattice Rules
by	Tiancheng Li  and Ian Robinson

file	toms/907
for	{KLU}, A Direct Sparse Solver for Circuit Simulation Problems
by	Timothy A. Davis and Ekanathan {Palamadai Natarajan}

file	toms/908
for	Online Exact Summation of Floating-Point Streams
by	Yong-Kang Zhu and Wayne B. Hayes

file	toms/909
for	{NOMAD}: Nonlinear Optimization with the {MADS} Algorithm
by	S\'ebastien {Le Digabel}

file	toms/910
for	A Portable {C++} Multiple Precision System for Special Function Calculations
by	Christopher Kormanyos

file	toms/911
for	Multiple-Precision Exponential Integral and Related Functions
by	David M. Smith

file	toms/912
for	A Module for Calculating Cylindrical Functions of Complex Order and Complex Argument
by	Masao Kodama

file	toms/913
for	An Elegant {IDR(s)} Variant that Efficiently Exploits Bi-orthogonality Properties
by	Martin {van Gijzen} and Peter Sonneveld

file	toms/914
for	Parabolic Cylinder Function $W(a,x)$ and its Derivative
by	Amparo Gil, Javier Segura and Nico M. Temme

file	toms/915
for	{SuiteSparseQR}: Multifrontal multithreaded rank-revealing sparse {QR} factorization
by	Timothy A. Davis

file	toms/916
for	Computing the Faddeyeva and Voigt Functions
by	Mofreh R. Zaghloul and Ahmed N. Ali

file	toms/917
for	Complex Double-Precision Evaluation of the Wright $\omega$ Function
by	Piers W. Lawrence, Robert M. Corless and David J. Jeffrey;

file	toms/918
for	A {MATLAB} program for the spectral dichotomy of regular matrix pencils
by	Miloud Sadkane and Ahmed Touhami

file	toms/919
for	A {Krylov} Subspace Algorithm for Evaluating the $\varphi$-Functions Appearing in Exponential Integrators
by	Jitse Niesen and Will M. Wright

file	toms/920
for	SFSDP: A Sparse Version of Full Semidefinite Programming Relaxation for Sensor Network Localization Problems
by	Sunyoung Kim, Masakazu Kojima, Hayato Waki and Makato Yamashita

file	toms/921
for	alphaCertified: Certifying Solutions to Polynomial Systems
by	Jonathan D. Hauenstein and Frank Sottile

file	toms/922
for	A Mixed Finite Element Method for Helmholtz Transmission Eigenvalues
by	Xia Ji, Jiguang Sun and Tiara Turner

file	toms/923
for	Efficient Numerical Computation of the Pfaffian for Dense and Banded Skew-Symmetric Matrices
by	Michael Wimmer

file	toms/924
for	TIDES, a Taylor Series Integrator for Differential EquationS
by	Alberto Abad, Roberto Barrio, Fernando Blesa and Marcos Rodríguez

file	toms/925
for	Parallel solver for semidefinite programming problem having sparse Schur complement matrix
by	Makoto Yamashita, Katsuki Fujisawa, Mituhiro Fukuda, Kazuhide Nakata and Maho Nakata

file	toms/926
for	Incomplete gamma functions with negative arguments
by	Ian Thompson

file	toms/927
for	The MATLAB Code bvptwp.m for the Numerical
by	Jeff Cash, Davy Hollevoet, Francesca Mazzia and Abdelhameed Nagy

file	toms/928
for	A General, Parallel Implementation of {Dantzig--Wolfe} Decomposition
by	Joseph Rios

file	toms/929
for	A suite on wavelet differentiation algorithms
by	Mani Mehra and Kavita Goyal

file	toms/930
for	FACTORIZE: An object-oriented linear system solver for MATLAB
by	Timothy A. Davis

file	toms/931
for	An algorithm and software for computing multiplicity structures at zeros of nonlinear systems
by	Wenrui Hao, Andrew J. Sommese and Zhonggang Zeng

file	toms/932
for	{PANG}: Software for Non-Matching Grid Projections in 2d and 3d with Linear Complexity
by	Martin J. Gander and Caroline Japhet

file	toms/933
for	Reliable Calculation of Numerical Rank, Null Space Bases, Pseudoinverse Solutions, and Basic Solutions using {SuiteSparseQR}
by	Leslie V. Foster and Timothy A. Davis

file	toms/934
for	Fortran 90 subroutines to compute Mathieu functions for complex values of the parameter
by	Danilo Erricolo and Giuseppe Carluccio

file	toms/935
for	{IIPBF}, a {MATLAB} toolbox for infinite integral of products of two {Bessel} functions
by	J. Tilak Ratnanather, Jung H. Kim, Sirong Zhang, Anthony M. J. Davis and Stephen K. Lucas

file	toms/936
for	A {Fortran} Message Processor
by	Fred T. Krogh

file	toms/937
for	{MINRES-QLP} for symmetric and {Hermitian} linear equations and least-squares problems
by	Sou-Cheng T. Choi and Michael A. Saunders

file	toms/938
for	Compressing Circular Buffers
by	John C. Gunther

file	toms/939
for	Computation of the {Marcum}  {Q}-function
by	Amparo Gil, Javier Segura and  Nico M. Temme

file	toms/940
for	Optimal Accumulator-Based Expression Evaluation Through the Use of Expression Templates
by	Blake Nelson, Robert M Kirby and Steven Parker

file	toms/941
for	\texttt{htucker}---A MATLAB toolbox for tensors in hierarchical {Tucker} format
by	Daniel Kressner and Christine Tobler

file	toms/942
for	Semi-stencil
by	Ra\'{u}l {de la Cruz} and Mauricio Araya-Polo

file	toms/943
for	{MSS}: {MATLAB} Software for {L-BFGS} Trust-Region Subproblems for Large-Scale Optimization
by	Jennifer B. Erway and Roummel F. Marcia

file	toms/944
for	{Talbot Suite}: parallel implementations of {Talbot's} method for the numerical inversion of {Laplace} transforms
by	Laura Antonelli, Stefania Corsaro, Zelda Marino and Mariarosaria Rizzardi

file	toms/945
for	\texttt{modred}: A Parallelized Model Reduction Library
by	Brandt A. Belson, Jonathan H. Tu  and Clarence W. Rowley

file	toms/946
for	{ReLIADiff}:A C++ Software Package For Real Laplace transform Inversion Based on Algorithmic Differentiation
by	Luisa D'Amore, Rosanna Campagna, Valeria Mele and Almerico Murli

file	toms/947
for	Parallel Generation of Random Permutations with {MPI}
by	Daniel Langr, Pavel Tvrd\'{\i}k, Tom\'{a}\v{s} Dytrych and Jerry P. Draayer

file	toms/948
for	{DAESA} -- A {Matlab} Tool for Structural Analysis of Differential-Algebraic Equations: Software
by	Nedialko S. Nedialkov, John D. Pryce and Guangning Tan

file	toms/949
for	{MATLAB} Tools for {HDG} in Three Dimensions
by	Zhixing Fu, Luis F. Gatica and Francisco-Javier Sayas

file	toms/950
for	{Ncpol2Sdpa} -- Sparse Semidefinite Programming Relaxations for Polynomial Optimization Problems of Noncommuting Variables
by	Peter Wittek

file	toms/951
for	{Caylay} Analysis of Mechanism Configuration Spaces Using {CayMos}: Software Functionalities and Architecture
by	Menghan Wang and Meera Sitharam

file	toms/952
for	{PHquintic}: A Library of Basic Functions for the Construction and Analysis of Planar Quintic {Pythagorean}-Hodograph Curves
by	Bohan Dong and Rida T. Farouki

file	toms/953
for	Parallel Library Software for the Multishift {QR} Algorithm with Aggressive Early Deflation
by	Robert Granat, Bo K{\aa}gstr\"{o}m, Daniel Kressner and Meiyue Shao

file	toms/954
for	An Accurate and Efficient Cubic and Quartic Equation Solver for Physical Applications
by	N. Flocke

file	toms/955
for	Approximation of the Inverse Poisson Cumulative Distribution Function
by	Michael B. Giles

file	toms/956
for	PAMPAC, A Parallel Adaptive Method for Pseudo-Arclength Continuation
by	D. A. Aruliah, Lennaert Van Veen and Alex Dubitski

file	toms/957
for	Evaluation of the Repeated Integral of the Coerror Function by Half-Range Gauss-Hermite Quadrature
by	Gautschi, Walter

file	toms/958
for	Lattice Builder: A General Software Tool for Constructing Rank-1 Lattice Rules
by	L'Ecuyer, Pierre and Munger, David

file	toms/959
for	VBF: A Library of C++ Classes for Vector Boolean Functions in Cryptography
by	\'{A}lvarez-Cubero, Jos{\'e} Antonio and Zufiria, Pedro J.

file	toms/960
for	POLYNOMIAL: An Object-Oriented Matlab Library of Fast and Efficient Algorithms for Polynomials
by	Delgado, Jorge and Pe\~{n}a, Juan Manuel

file	toms/961
for	Fortran 77 Subroutines for the Solution of Skew-Hamiltonian/Hamiltonian Eigenproblems
by	Benner, Peter, Sima, Vasile and Voigt, Matthias

file	toms/962
for	ACOLI: B-spline Adaptive Collocation Software for PDEs with Interpolation-Based Spatial Error Control
by	Pew, Jack, Li, Zhi and Muir, Paul

file	toms/963
for	Estimation of Stochastic Covariance Models Using a Continuum of Moment Conditions
by	Marcos Escobar, Benedikt Rudolph and Rudi Zagst

file	toms/964
for	An Efficient Algorithm to Compute the Genus of Discrete Surfaces and Applications to Turbulent Flows
by	Adri\'{a}n Lozano-Dur\'{a}n and Guillem Borrell

file	toms/965
for	{RIDC}  Methods: A Family of Parallel Time Integrators
by	Benjamin W. Ong, Ronald D. Haynes and Kyle Ladd

file	toms/966
for	A Practical Iterative Algorithm for the Art Gallery Problem Using Integer Linear Programming
by	Davi C. Tozoni, Pedro J. de Rezende and Cid C. de Souza

file	toms/967
for	A Distributed-Memory Fast Multipole Method for Volume Potentials
by	Dhairya Malhotra and George Biros

file	toms/968
for	DISODE45: A Matlab Runge-Kutta Solver for Piecewise Smooth IVPs of Filippov Type
by	Manuel Calvo, Juan I. Montijano and Luis R\'{a}ndez

file	toms/969
for	Computation of the Incomplete Gamma Function for Negative Values of the Argument
by	Amparo Gil, Diego Ruiz-Antol\'{\i}n, Javier Segura and Nico M. Temme

file	toms/970
for	Optimizing the NIST Statistical Test Suite and the Berlekamp-Massey Algorithm
by	Marek S\'{y}s, Zden\v{e}k \v{R}\'{\i}ha and Vashek Maty\'{a}\v{s}

file	toms/971
for	An Implementation of a Randomized Algorithm for Principal Component Analysis
by	Huamin Li, George C. Linderman, Arthur Szlam, Kelly P. Stanton, Yuval Kluger and Mark Tygert

file	toms/972
for	JMarkov: An Integrated Framework for Markov Chain Modeling
by	Juan F. P{\'e}rez, Daniel F. Silva, Julio C. G\'{o}ez, Andr{\'e}s Sarmiento, Andr{\'e}s Sarmiento-Romero, Raha Akhavan-Tabatabaei and Germ\'{a}n Ria\~{n}o