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Found at: ftp.icm.edu.pl:70/packages/netlib/presto/index.bak

 ====== index for presto ======

 PRESTO is an environment for writing object-oriented parallel
 programs in the C++ programming language.  PRESTO provides
 the programmer with a set of pre-defined object types that simplify
 the construction of parallel programs.  PRESTO runs on Sequent
 Symmetry DYNIX 3.0 and DEC VAX ULTRIX 2.0.
 PRESTO is an all or nothing deal.  To receive all of PRESTO from netlib,
 	send presto.xaa from presto
 	send presto.xab from presto
 	send presto.xac from presto
 	send presto.xad from presto
 	send presto.xae from presto

 These five files make up a tarred, compressed, uuencoded, split copy
 PRESTO is written in C++.  We provide PRESTO source code, documentation,
 and some simple programs written on top of PRESTO.  You must provide
 a C++ translator on your own.
 Here is the output of sum(1), a checksum utility.
 19543    61 presto.xaa
 28867    61 presto.xab
 65207    61 presto.xac
 12671    61 presto.xad
 23371    46 presto.xae
 The following should get you started.
 cat presto.xaa > presto.tar.Z.uue
 cat presto.xab >> presto.tar.Z.uue
 cat presto.xac >> presto.tar.Z.uue
 cat presto.xad >> presto.tar.Z.uue
 cat presto.xae >> presto.tar.Z.uue
 uudecode presto.tar.Z.uue
 uncompress presto.tar.Z
 tar xvf presto.tar
 You can read more about PRESTO in ACM SIGPLAN PPEALS (July 1988) 
 and Software -- Practice & Experience (August 1988).
 Hank Levy, Ed Lazowska, Brian Bershad,
 Dave Wagner, Jeff Chase, Franz Amador,...
 Department of Computer Science
 University of Washington