Manifest This directory contains the

Found at: ftp.icm.edu.pl:70/packages/netlib/pltmg11/readme


This directory contains the following:


The pltmg_source directory contains the following files:

 1. mg0.f                           module that sets precision
 2. pltmg.f                         most source code
 3. mgmpi.f                         MPI interface 
 4. mgvio.f                         SG interface
 5. xgui.c                          X-Windows interface
 6. mgxdr.c                         XDR interface
 7. atest.f                         main driver program
 8. battery.f, burger.f circle.f,   
    control.f, domains.f, ident.f,
    jcn.f, message.f, mnsurf.f,     sample test problem data sets
    naca.f, ob.f, square.f, usmap.f
 9. xgui_stubs.c,                   (mostly) empty routines 
    mgvio_stubs.f, mgmpi_stubs.f  
    Makefile_ubuntu                 an example makefile for Linux
    Makefile_osx                    an example makefile for Apple OS X

Your environment must include Fortran and C compilers as well as X-Windows,
MPI, and SG. The X-Windows GUI is based on the Motif widget set and X11R6.
SG (socket graphics) is an OpenGL display tool written by Michael Holst;
t is available at http://ccom.ucsd.edu/~mholst/

You can set the precision in the module mthdef in the file mg0.f. This
module is machine dependent, but should work as provided in most
environments. Set the floating point arithmetic to single or

All calls to X-Windows routines are made by routines in the file xgui.c.
xgui_stubs.c can be used in place of xgui.c. (e.g. set X11_INTERFACE to
xgui_stubs in the Makefile). In this case, X-Windows libraries are not 
needed to resolve external references, but the X-Windows interface is disabled.

Similarly, if SG is not available or not desired, one can use the file
mgvio_stubs.f in place of mgvio.f. Then the maloc library is not needed 
to resolve external references, and the SG and bh file graphics interfaces 
are disabled. Finally, if MPI is not available or not desired, use 
mgmpi_stubs.f in place of mgmpi.f. This removes the need to load the 
mpi library to resolve external references, and the parallel processing 
capabilities of PLTMG are disabled.

To make an executable, you must compile mg0.f, pltmg.f, mgmpi.f, mgvio.f,
mgxdr.c, xgui.c, atest.f, and your test problem data set, and link the 
the maloc library (SG) and the mpi library (MPI). A generic Makefile
s provided (along with sample Makefiles for Linux and OSX). To use the
Makefile, specify paths for the indicated include files and libraries, and

                                  SG Interface

To use the SG (OpenGL) interface in PLTMG, first start up one or more
(up to 4) SG display tools. Click on the button marked `socket' and choose
associated with a unique socket number. Choose the corresponding socket
number for graphics output (PLTMG parameters FDEVCE, GDEVCE, JDEVCE).


The directory quick_ref contains minimal documentation in the form of
HTML files which can be viewed using Firefox or similar browser. Complete

The quick reference guide was generated from LaTeX files using the package 
LaTeX2HTML by Nikos Drakos and Ross Moore.


This version of PLTMG was supported by the National Science Foundation
through grant DMS-0915220 (University of California at San Diego).
The UCSD Scicomp Beowulf cluster was built using funds