From dmg Mon Mar EST Courtney

Found at: ftp.icm.edu.pl:70/packages/netlib/fp/permission

AT&T proprietary.

From dmg Mon Mar 25 19:32:12 EST 1991
Courtney checked on my conversions paper; Publications
long since expired.)  They've updated their records:

>From mhuxd!techlib Mon Mar 25 16:20 EST 1991
Response to your Publication Clearance status query:

  Jobnumber: BL91.00445
  Title:  Correctly Rounded Binary-Decimal and Decimal-Binary Conversions
  Intended publication:
    Name: For Distribution on Request
  Current Job Status: Released
      Effective:  032591

On the strength of this, I'd like to announce to Hough's
numeric-interest mailing list availability of fp/dtoa.c and
of a postscript version of Numerical Manuscript 90-10 (my
versions of the f2c disclaimers) to the stuff in netlib/fp.
and (2) tell me where to put Postscript for 90-10.  (As I recall,
there was to be a standard place for it.  Or I could put 90-10
nto fp.)

From dmg Thu Sep 19 10:43:44 EDT 1991
Sure.  Should fp/testbase be there?
>From ehg Wed Sep 18 21:12 EDT 1991