in fix introduced with some in

Found at: ftp.icm.edu.pl:70/packages/netlib/fp/00lastchange

  strtodg.c in gdtoa.c:  fix a glitch, introduced 20160506, with some
  strtoIg.c in gdtoa.c: undo some changes, probably of 20160506, that
caused trouble with subnormal values, such as 1.23e-320, on which
values differing by one in the least-significant bit.
  test/dt.c:  when compiled with -DUSE_fpinit, initially invoke
fpinit_ASL() (found in the AMPL/solver interface library) to set Intel
  test/dtest.c: change output to say "strtord consumes" rather than
"strtod consumes".
  test/d.out: update to reflect the above change to dtest.c.