fixed serious bug in incorrect type

Found at: ftp.icm.edu.pl:70/packages/netlib/crc/changes

fixed serious bug in oldmasterslave.c:  incorrect type of flag in open call.

Added suffix.c, and modified mirror.c, to decide when to compress files for
ftp archive.  /netlib/crc/res/compressed  contains the list of suffixes of files
that do not need to be compressed.
Also, changed mirror.c so if chtime() fails, push onward.

Added the changes to oldmirror.c (from 31 May 93).

Changed  <<!  to  <<'!'  in ftp script, just in case some idiot put shell characters
n filenames.

Fixed bug in suffix.c;  strncpy must be followed by assigning the trailing 0.

 1 Jun 95		ehg@research.att.com
Fixed bug in crc.c;  needed 32 bit mask inside loop in order to work properly
on 64 bit machines like the Alpha.

lsr.c:  add -d option to print directories