Now it supports TABLE and other

Found at: ftp.icm.edu.pl:70/packages/mMosaic/mMosaic.README

mMosaic is a derivative work of NCSA XMosaic 2.7b5. You can use it as a simple
browser. Now it supports TABLE and other supplementary TAG (like CENTER).

mMosaic become a free browser, because since the 3.0.10 it is build
over Lesstif-0.77 (GNU licence). 

But, two major (from my point of vue) features have been added. The first is
the multicast capability of mMosaic. It multicast any embedded object 
(XPM, JPEG, PNG..., image, MIDI data, Music score (Rosegarden data), 
figure (Xfig data)).

Create your own data format via APROG, and mMosaic multicast it! mMosaic 
multicast also the cursor and scrollbar position. It is, maybe, attractive 
feature for who want to multicast slide in an interactive maner. (the cursor 
s the pencil and scrollbar move the slide if the window is too short
- or slide too long ;-) ).

Maybe, it's possible to give to mMosaic, the status of a new multicast media. 
A pluggin for 'sdr' exists. 

The second is the Application Program called APROG. APROG is a new experimental
HTML marker. It's enable programs written over the Xt (like Motif and Athena 
application) to run *inside* mMosaic. If you like APPLET, maybe you'll love

More information is at :

email: dauphin@sig.enst.fr