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# About this log, run by Yargo Bonetti // 21-10-25

I'm working at FIRST-Lab
(with [official]( https://www.first.ethz.ch/ ) and
[internal]( https://first.phys.ethz.ch/ ) website)
where I'm responsible for

* e-beam systems (lithography, microscopes),
* lithography and wet-chemistry equipment,
* plasma systems (deposition, etching),
* workplace safety and security,
* and informatics.

I have experience in optoelectronics, lithography, analog electronics,
radio communications, and Unix application and systems programming
and administration, and I own a diploma in solid-state physics from University
of Zurich and a PhD/Dr.sc.nat from ETH Zurich.

If you want to contact me,
try *yargo dot bonetti at first dot ethz dot ch* by e-mail,
or `+41-4463-37541` by phone (local office hours only).


For my private gopher holes, please visit:

- [Circumlunar Space]( gopher://circumlunar.space/1/~yargo )
- [SDF]( gopher://sdf.org/1/users/yargo )


This log is available through [HTTPS]( https://share.phys.ethz.ch/~yargo )
as well as through [gopher]( gopher://gopher.first.ethz.ch/1/~yargo ),
and is managed by my [plog]( https://github.com/hb9kns/plog )
script suite, which is also available through an independent
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