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# gopher.first.ethz.ch

This system is mainly used for monitoring purposes at
[FIRST-Lab]( http://www.first.ethz.ch ).
It is run and maintained by Yargo Bonetti
( yargo dot bonetti at first dot ethz dot ch // +41-4463-37541 )
as a small personal side project.

The Gopher server is experimental; do not count on it being eternally up!
In case I notice any problems (security, stability, whatever), I may
shutdown it without further notice. Access is logged, logs may be kept.
It is running [gophernicus]( http://gophernicus.org ),
which I'm slightly involved with, for maintaining and development.

There may be some information available about FIRST-Lab, but
please see the main web presences of FIRST-Lab (as noted above)
and the internally maintained website by the
[FIRST technical team]( https://first.phys.ethz.ch/ ).


*2019-12-21 // Y.Bonetti/HB9KNS*