Did I write about this

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                       |_|    ...2019-11-17 |___/ 
Did I write about this before?
I've observed the phenomenon for several years, and I've yet to search
for it, but I'm sure it's widely known. I think it's becoming more
pronounced with time, at least for myself.
It's the stressful feeling you get when you've got many more things you'd like
to do, than you've got time to do. I'm not thinking about things that HAS to
be done, but leisure, recreation! I'm finding it increasingly difficult to
spend my leisure time leisurely, now, I don't talk about workaholism, I'm not
spending my leisure time working or trying to be practical or do useful stuff.
I mean, when I've got some time, and I also sense a need, to relax, to decouple
and just feel good.. Then I'm paralyzed by the choices for recreation I've got
available to me, to such a degree that I long for childhood boredom (which I 
even back then appreciated greatly), I long for a situation of having less
choice, or maybe, I think, more time to waste. I guess it's analysis paralysis.
I miss the sensation of boredom, I miss the creativity that comes with it.
I miss the silliness that can ensue from it.
I want to work on my game, I enjoy thinking about it, but I fear starting the
work, because I'll scarcely have time to get anywhere with it, and I also fear
that after spending all those hours on such a nonsense task, I'll end up
regretting my choice.
I searched for it
It's called free-time paralysis.