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                       |_|    ...2018-06-07 |___/ 
Was my smartass answer to the fair-enough question
"how did it go?" because.. I don't know really how to answer that question...
In a perfect world there are exactly two outcomes, success or failure.
Either everything goes perfectly or it doed not matter at all.
One mistake defeats every success. That is generally how I judge myself.
The things I did right are not important. Doing things right is not cause for
celebration, they are the base-line. The modus operandi.
However, when the task is not well defined, or too fragmented, I have to be more
lax, less hard on myself. When things are slightly beyond my control,
my expectations are lowered and used for determining the degree of failure.
0 percent - total negative impact.
50 percent - no impact at all, just a waste of time.
100 perxent - total positive impact, all tasks completed and "more".
I guess thats the thing. Im only satisfied if I can succeed in all defined tasks
and also define and succeed in additional tasks which are recognized to
be beneficial as well.
Looking forward to. somehow feeling better. Looking forward to looking forward.
ps.. writing on a cellphone sucks..
.. out