Rammestein There was no terrorist

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There was no terrorist attack, no doubt causing great distress in hatemongers
and haters of freedom alike. I'm glad there wasn't, means I get to write about
the concert! Not sure I can structure this into something coherent, it was a lot
of input. First of all, I'll remark that the audio quality was much better than
at the Slipknot concert that I attended last time, but that, I'm certain, was no
fault of Slipknot, but of the venue itself which was a hall bound to have
terrible acoustics. Anyway, in this respect, the venue of the now defunct State
Prison in Horsens was much better. There were some weird kind of issue with the
sound being sometimes slightly sharper and at other times a bit muffled, I have
a theory that this might be due to the size of the venue, and actually be caused
by pressure differences in the air between the audience and the loudspeakers, so
it is forgivable. The venue was huge, and packed, I heard that there were some
35.000 guests there. Despite of that, everything went fairly smoothly, we were
there in time to get sunburn, and got a fairly okay spot. Though, spots were a
bit of a touchy subject.. As anyone who's been at a concert knows, there will be
people walking around, all the time, and there will be bumping into each other,
there will be beer spilled on you, these are facts of concert-life, and at a
rock concert, I'll venture so far as to claim they are a necessity, they are a
part of the make-up of a rock party. Unfortunately, it seems that it was not
only the band who had aged, but also their audience.. At some point, when you're
old-as-fuck and basically want to have the TV experience, but be there in person
and expect everyone to stand orderly in straight lines and not move, then you,
and everyone else, be much better off that you stay the fuck home and watch the
HD-recorded version later on youtube. There were no mosh-pits, at least I was
actively looking for one, and never found, but I was asked to keep my hands down
as they obscured the view of the fucker behind me, I did not comply.
The venue, in short, was too big, there was simply too many people who'd paid a
small fortune to see the band, and not the big-screen. If I wanted to watch a
band on a screen, I'd do it at home, in a comfortable chair, with better audio.
That's not what concerts are about, and everyone, a bit unrealistically, expects
to have a good spot, they paid a small fortune for the ticket, they feel, justly
so, entitled for a good view, something which a venue of such scale is simply
not able to provide. Since that's not going to be a realistic expectation, the
concertgoer is left with two options: bitch about there being other people, who
deduct from their experience of watching the show, OR, party with said people.
I went to the concert knowing this, and expecting to do the latter. But not that
many people understood that these were their choices, and that, unless they were
at the very front, shouldn't expect to have a super nice view of things.
I don't blame the band, I kind of blame the people going there, but I mainly see
this as a property of the venue.. The place was just too large...
I had planned to kind of crawl over everyone and get into the mosh at the front,
fondly remembering how intense and rewarding an experience that was at Slipknot,
but Horsens didn't seem like the place for it.. Maybe it really was the audience
but I don't know, maybe if it was System Of A Down, I'd go there again, and just
expect that people would be a bit more in the mood for actually having a party,
but otherwise, my impression of Horsens Prison is low, so, no, I don't think I
will go there again. Then there was the band itself, people said they seemed
tired and a bit unmotivated, I kind of agree, but with that audience, I think
that's fair enough, when people are just sort of standing there, I'm sure there
was not a lot of motivation to really kick it off. The music was still solid,
and they did some nice improvisations, so I'm not complaining, I think it's fair
enough to be a bit tired when you're playing so many concerts.. The warm-up
bands were awful, the first sucked, but that's to be expected, but still, I've
been at concerts where I went there to watch the warmups and didn't even care
for the main act, like when Entombed opened for Volbeat. So, I had expected
better warmups for Rammstein, they are a world-class act after all!
For example, Entombed :)
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A Danish rant about the media diluting the meaning of certain words
Since this is a rant about something I thought of in Danish, and it's a comment
on Danish media, this will be in Danish, sorry (to who? the indexing bots?)
Kære medier, afhold jer venligst fra yderligere udvanding af ordenes betydning
Utroligt, Fantastisk, Spetakulært, Fremragende. Vi har ikke så mange ord til at
fremhæve vigtighed som det Engelske sprog, og tak for det. Netop derfor, er
det vigtigt ikke at lade sig forfalde til at bruge dem ved enhver given
lejlighed. Ord som "utroligt" betyder noget ganske bestemt, det betyder noget
som er umuligt at tro, i hvert fald på stående fod uden yderligere forklaring.
Ordet bruges især om fortællinger, overdragen information og i mindre grad om
begivenheder, af en sådan karakter at modtageren, eller den oplevende ikke
umiddelbart kan forstå at det kan være sandt, altså, noget som er utroligt.
Så det kan vel forstås at man bliver en smule irriteret når man læser den ene
overskrift efter den anden hvori ordet bliver brugt, og man ved eftertanke må
konkludere, at begivenheden rent faktisk ikke var utroligt, men at det der blev
beskrevet var ganske logisk og nemt at forstå og dermed tro på. Så, kære medier,
forsøg at gøre jeres job ordentligt, og hjælp med til at bibeholde værdien af
ordene i det sprog som i er så særdeles afhængige af.
Random idea
I have an old phone, black Bakelite with a dial, it's really cool, and it still
work. I was going to update it for IP telephony, but that's kind of boring, my
cellphone is just fine. So I got another idea now. I'll build a computer into
it, and make it into a physical horror game. When you pick up the phone, the
dial tone will be heard, but it will distort, and a whisper be heard over the
scratching, "don't dial nine, please.. don't dial nine." and there the game
starts, you'll be interacting with a ghost, living in the old telephone system,
it will be time sensitive, and make use of sensors, instructing the user to
unplug the phone, move it around, and so on.. Could be pretty fun for guests, if
any, and pretty fun to create.