If I was a politician

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If I was a politician (I'd never be elected)
You'd be entitled to your opinion only so far as you could rationally argue.
You'd be entitled to thoroughly shut the fuck up about anything about which
your're not qualified to speak. You'd always be free to educate yourself and
return with arguments rooted in facts, but until that point, your most sacred
right and duty would be to shut the fuck up until you'd fix your information
deficiency. You'd be required to accept facts, and to update your knowledge as
new facts emerge, new truths are understood, old truths become falsehoods, for
it is our most important duty to always seek the truth, to think and reflect.
Want to be religious, you're free to do so, the ambulance would
deliver you right at the doorstep of your church, it's in gods hands then.
Don't want your kids vaccinated? You're entitled to that opinion when you've
actually proven in scientific way that there's a better argument agains it than
for it, and yes, you would always be free to, encouraged to do just that.
You'd get to vote, on subjects you're qualified to have an opinion about,
and yes, there'd be a test for that. We test people before they get to drive
cars, before they get to command ships, and tanks.. So before you get to
exercise your democratic privilegde, you better prove that you know what's
goin on, a country, is a lot bigger responsibility than a car. Cars destroy
lives when driven irresponsibly. Lives are also destroyed when commandeered
irresponsibly, so if you want kids, you better be somewhat qualified as a
human being, it's a big responsibility, kids may ruin your life, but that's
your choice, kids don't have one, and you don't automatically acquire the
right to create life, it's a big responsibility, it's a privilegde.