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                       |_|    ...2017-04-07 |___/ 
Next week is a week of holiday for me. Going to spend it making the house..
This week was tough, not because I was busy and working intensely, quite the
opposite, I had trouble getting anything done.. Don't know if I'm just late at
discovering the extent of my incompetence... Hopefully I'll get back into it
soon. Maybe what I need is some time to hack away at something else.. I'm going
to do something in golang, just because I've done so much JS lately, and there
is not really that much I can do on my C stuff.. Wizznic! could use some love,
but what's wroing with that project is not the code, it's the content.. And for
me, content takes just the right kind of mood, and I've not been in that mood
for a long time.. Hopefully it will return at some point. My brain is noisy,
too much so and I keep thinking I'm just on the edge of a brilliant idea, the
falling edge, like it was there just before, and I just failed to type it down.
Maybe there really was something there, just before.. I'm sitting in bed with
my little HP typewriter laptop, and I'm sure I grabbed it because I felt like I
had something to tell.. Maybe I didn't... So.. Let's go.
I wanted to talk about the state of the world, which is pretty crazy, and just
going more crazy every day.. Some drunken idiot killed some people with a truck
in Stockholm today, but his actions are not worth talking about. Then Trump did
something in Syria, maybe it turns out to be a good thing, but that could go
either way.. With the Russians preparing for war against NATO and Eastern EU,
they are even moving their biggest nuclear submarine into the finnish gulf,
because it has to participate in a "military parade", yeah, because military
parades are still a thing... Well, as the book by Charles Krauthammer, called
"Things That Matter: Three Decates of Passions, Pastimes and Politics" tells,
we've lived in a time of unprecedented peace and prosperity so far, and it only
becomes more unlikely that peace continues. I came into this world just before
the end of the cold war, and it's only fitting if I will become a true adult
sometime during the next hot war. I wonder if a war will make life seem more or
less real, if it will wash away my dissociation or enhance it...
Book won't write itself
Themes, paragraphs, passages, quotes, scenes, half chapters will pour 
themselves into my head, but certainly only at the most inopportune time lest
I actually wrote down any of that thing! I'm sure an epic novel is not what a
novice, with English only as a second language, should write as his second ever
writing. Even if I managed to get anything done except the one or maybe two 
chapters lying around on machine-written A4's.. Could they even be typed into
a document and still retain any authenticity. Are they only special because
they were painstakenly and perfectly typed out on actual paper.
Even if I wrote the book, could I ever release it.. Vain. I should write it for
myself, to develop fully the universe that is brewing so often in the back of
my mind. But I'd become too invested in it, and want some kind of recognition
for it, even it that was not the original intention. My ego is a greedy bastard
best left weakend by hunger. It didn't help that I got pretty good feedback for
what I've already written. I won't link to that here, since I want to be able
to put up more stuff under that alias.
Looks great, it was on sale, bought it because of the pretty colors, looks even
better in motion! Didn't have any idea what kind of game it is.. It's a bit
like limbo, but with forced movement, I don't care much for that aspect since
it makes it more difficult to appreciate the really nice backgrounds and stuff.
Played it a bit yesterday, actually, only a single round, got 179 seconds, that
is decent considering that it is a long time since I've played it, and a very
long time since I've put any serious amount of time into it. I'm at 40 hours
total I think..
I've experimented with watching (non-cinematic) TV shows at accelerated speed.
1.1x is not perceptible, 1.2 is slightly, but so little that I can very easily
tolerate it. I re-watched an episode of Rick and Morty at 1.3x speed, that was
a bit too much for me though, especially the places where rick talks, he does
so very quickly and his lines are tight, so my cognition can barely keep up as
it is, and it's just too difficult when there's an additional overhead of
hearing the words. Anyway, I think most people would be able to do 1.1x without
even noticing. Not sure if I'm entirely in agreement with the practice. I'm a
big fan of slow perception as well as wanting to consume as much as I can get
away with. First world problems. We still have electricity and Internet........
Is the Internet dying?
Take the amount of pages on the Internet, remove those that are trying to sell
you something. Remove those who are trying to show you adertisements.
Remove those that are trying to scam you. Think about your friends and family,
how many of them have a website? More of fewer than 10 years ago ?
How many of them have their own webserver ? You're not an Internet citizen if
you're not somehow present on the Internet in some form other than a datamining
victim on some social-media site. The whole idea behind the Internet is that we
connect our computers to this massive network, each machine gets its own unique
address, and we make our computers exchange data, information, and we all are
both consumers and providers of content, we are the creators. That's how it
used to be, but it's becoming less so every day, at least, that is my 
understanding, so, is the internet dying? Maybe.
Some music are just perfect good-night music.. There is the obvious one already
from the tile, "Barcode Brothers - Goodnight" and then there's a more obscure
one that often pops into my mind as perfect goodnight music, the SID tune for
the highscore board from the C64 game called Hard 'N' Heavy.
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