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Author: Verónica Martínez 
Date: Thu 7 Nov 14:47:18 2447 +0000

added: shiplog 0001

Signed-off-by: Verónica Martínez 
Well... I'm not sure where to go from here.

Is there some sort of inter-galactic protocol for these types of message?
"Captain's Log" seems out of the question, especially given that I'm not even
a captain. I'm still nauseated from cryo and don't even think I could even form
the correct words right now either, but something told me it may be a good idea
to at least start writing this down.

My brain's a bit foggy so I can't recall much of the *how* or *why* I'm even
on here. From what I can remember there were issues within the Party involving
Sev and his attempts on power, but I'm drawing a blank here. Híjole, this is a
weird feeling.


It really is beautiful out here though. You know, you dedicate your life
fighting and you end up forgetting your place in the universe. I've always
wanted to come up here, but the cost was far too prohibitive. The privitization
of space put a quick end to my dreams.

It truly is something.