It has been awhile since

Found at: colorfield.space:70/~sloum/phlog/20200421.txt

It has been awhile since I have phlogged in either here or
over on circumlunar space. Things have been really busy. I
have been swamped with work this last week. My boss asked
me to work over the weekend on an urgent request from our
executive team. He normally does not do the "urgent"
thing, but it seemed they were doubting our ability to get
the job done and wanted to hire a third party vendor. I
got it done (some bugs were found, but that is what you
get when you rush someone). I think all in all people are
happy with it.

Doing all the extra work while watching the baby and still
making sure my wife has enough time in the day to get her
work done as well is still very difficult.

I have not worked much on personal projects. I have some
Bombadillo updates I still need to push. One is a bug fix
that will leave the terminal in a better state on exit.
The other is a feature that a couple of users requested
(the number keys can now function as a quick way of 
navigating to the first 10 links on a page without having
to enter command mode). I also refactored/rebuilt my line
based text editor 'chalk'. It is what I am using to type
this up in. That came about because m68k, here on this
server, commented that they had been using it. I had
always wanted to make some changes but had not made the
time. I have now done so. I added a copy buffer, more
consistent interaction, a few other things, solved a bug
in how readline was dealing with some input lines. I am
really liking it. Apparently they are running it on a
tandy 1000 under dos (possibly through the server). I
have not emailed them yet, but I would like a shot at
fixing any bugs that come up on that system. It would be
super cool for it to run properly on such a system.

I believe I have a small fracture on my right foot, just
under the pinky toe. It is not fun.

I have been, like many people, cooking a lot. I went to
culinary school a long time ago... but had fallen out of
love with cooking and had not been enjoying doing so for
quite awhile. Things have become more fun and my wife
and I have been cooking delicious and simple vegan meals.
I am going to try making vegan sausage out of vital wheat
gluten soon.

Alright, time to go to sleep. I hope you are all staying
safe and doing well.