Found at: colorfield.space:70/~sloum/phlog/190430.txt

As  most  people reading  this likely know:  Colorfield Space  is
hosted in my living room on a RaspberryPi Zero W.  I mention this
as it relates to this announcment of server down time.

My wife and I are moving to a new apartment on  May 11th  (eleven
days from now). I have arranged with my ISP to switch the service
over that very day. It is likely that at  12:00am PST on May 11th
the server will go down.   I will then move apartments and set up
the server at the new location. I will  be  switching  to  a new,
hopefully better, modem/router at that time.  So I will  need  to
set up the  port forwarding and configure the firewall and all of
that. I have taken copious notes on my  current  setup  and  hope
to have the server up and running no later than  5pm  PST  on the
same day. 

I know we have had a number of new people sign up for accounts in
the last week or few.  I want to stress that the downtime is very
atypical and will not be a regular occurence. Sorry for any inco-

If for any reason I am not able to  get the server up and running
in short order, I will post updates on my other phlog at:


I do not anticipate the need,  but you are more  than  welcome to
bookmark that  address and check it if  you are unable to get  to
this one. Additionally, if any users would like me to e-mail them
when the server is back up,  I would  be happy  to do so.  Please
send any such requests to: sloum@sdf.org

Again, sorry for the forthcoming inconvenience.