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It has been a spell since my last update. Things are going pretty
well in general.   My wife's pregnancy is moving along and we are
around two months out if all goes as planned. We need to move ap-
artments unexpectedly. Our lease is up May 25th and we were going
to renew... until we found out they were  going to  be doing  six
months of construction on our building. At least two months worth
of jackhammering that would be right  outside our window and even
on our balcony at some points. Too loud for new/little ears. Then
there would be painting...  too many fumes for a developing brain
and developing lungs. We would have received $330 off of our rent
for the trouble, but it just wont work with a newborn. So we have
found a place not too far away that will be slightly cheaper, and
slightly bigger, and nearer to friends/co-workers.  I think it'll
be good, I'm not looking forward to the actual move though.

I have been coding a lot less in my spare time.    I think I have
been coding to the exclusion of other  things that balance me out
as a person. I have mostly been filling that time with cooking or
watching TV with the Mrs,   but I hope to get back to studying go
(the board game), playing music, reading books, and maybe writing
a bit. We'll see how that all goes once the baby arrives. I imag-
ine that she will sleep a lot... but that I will be too exhausted
at first to use that time for most of those pursuits save the co-

On the subject of writing: my wife bought a class from that webs-
ite masterclass.com. She has a masters degree in creative writing
and especially loved poetry in school (and in general).  We found
out that Billy Collins (one of her favorite poets) has a class on
that site. We have been watching it together, which has been very
nice. We are still in the early bits.  The format feels  slightly
rushed, but I am picking up things and certainly enjoying his st-
ories and poems.  It feels slightly like a TED talk I guess,  but
with a bigger focus on direct teaching. I think they needed to do
the editing differently. There is no breathing room / not silence
with the way they edited it,  so you cannot digest or thing about
any of it as it is happening.  Only after, at which point she and
I tend to discuss things.  It has been nice.  Part of the initial
attraction between my wife and I was related to working on poems,
stories, and music together. We have not done much of that lately

I'm trying to still be involved here at  Colorfield Space as well
as on Circumluanr Space. Even if I am not posting here much, I am
definitely around. For Colorfield Space I have added  a  few  new
users, per their request.  We've had a number of people  sign  up
since the server went up, but it was mostly tfurrows, cmccabe,  &
myself that were active. Most users popped on  once or twice  and
were enver heard from again. I am happy to say we have a few more
active users now (mhj and jboverf) that ahve been a wonderful ad-
dition to the group. So happy to have them! There are a few other
new users that have not made their presence to known yet,   but I
hope they  find the server  to be a welcoming place and  get some
enjoyment from it. If anyone out there has signed up but not made
use of the server very much or is thinking about joining,  please
do not hesitate to e-mail me with any questions sloum @ sdf . org
The users in chat/gab/cspc would be happy to answer any questions
as well.

A recent conversation came up on the message board regarding add-
ing software at the request of  users or trying to stick  to most
suer level software being things made in house.   I have a bit to
say on that, but it will have to wait for another phlog entry, as
I need to get back to work.  I will say that I loved hearing from
a few users that they  really liked the  homebuilt nature  of the
server and its software offerings.  It is nice when people really
get what you are trying to do. :)