OfflineIMAPOne of my primary

Found at: colorfield.space:70/~jboverf/offlineimap.txt


One of my primary email addresses uses
Namecheap's Private Email service with one of my
domains. I like this service as it provides cheap
($10 a year) email. It supports IMAP and SMTP
easily and doesn't try to lock my emails behind
anything. There are no ads or tracking that I've

Unfortunately, the webmail suite is blocked at
$WORK. Something about spam coming from that
domain. I'm sure lots of spam comes from Gmail
addresses, but there would be a riot if they
blocked Gmail! It's not worth fighting these
people. Time to find a workaround!

I often keep a terminal window open SSH'ed into
SDF during the day. From there, I jump off to
colorfield.space and radiofreqs.space to check
mail and boards in those places. I rarely have
to actually respond to emails that come in on
this particular address, so I really just want
a copy I can read and delete from. OfflineIMAP
[1] is perfect for this use case. It will fetch
mail into a maildir that can be easily read with
Mutt or your preferred command line client. You
can delete emails locally and it will sync up
next time you run offlineimap.

I won't go over installation, I'll instead direct
you to the ArchWiki, which has good info as always
[2]. If you're looking for a way to back up your
mail or otherwise get a read only copy in a standard
format, I'd recommend offlineimap!

[1] www.offlineimap.org
[2] https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/OfflineIMAP