If you are member of space

Found at: colorfield.space:70/projects

If you are a  member of  colorfield.space  and have created
software  that  you  would  like to see here,  please email
sloum@sdf.org (include your username for colorfield.space).
In general, the goal of the software developed here so far
has been to provide simple and direct tools that provide a
consistent and easy to understand user experience.
 Gopher clients:


Bombadillo is a gopher client for the terminal. It is
built as a 'full screen' terminal program program with vim
style keybindings/commands, paging/scrolling, bookmarks, and
user configuration options. It supports gopher, gemini, finger
and, as opt-in options, telnet & http.
- - - -


Stubb is a gopher client written for Colorfield Space.
With Stubb users can view textual gopher content, save
favorites, open tabs, save files, etc. Stubb was written
in Lua and is quick and has a low memory overhead.
 Chat clients:


Colorchat is a curses based chat client. It is the main
chat client in use at colorfield.space. It is fairly
basic and really just does one thing: live chat. It also
has a counter for how long ago the last message was sent.
- - - -


Gab is the other chat client in use on the server. It
functions as a shell script that tails the chat log or
adds a message to it (depending on your flag). This
provides a simple interface to check in on new messages
without having to stop other tasks to sit in a chat
 System utlilities & Communication tools:
Colorsh  is the main user shell found at  colorfield.space.
It was  developed to provide a  simple shell experience for
users of any computing  background.  As such,  many  common
BASH commands  are available,  as are many  custom programs
developed just  for the  system.  Beyond  the  basic  REPL,
COLORSH  is a collection  of small  programs,  mostly built
in Python, Bash, and Awk.
COLORSH is not currently  available via a  code repository.
If  you  are  interested  in the  software,  please  e-mail
sloum@sdf.org  and you  will be  sent the source.  Once  it
gets to a more  mature point,  it will be  available  here.
- - - -


Chalk is a  line/row based  text editor built  specifically
for use on colorfield.space,  as a part of COLORSH.  It was
then  split  off  as  a standalone  application.  Chalk was
strongly influenced by the  editor built for and in use at:

The Red Consensus

Chalk takes on the basic style of The Red Consensus' editor
and   extends  its  functionality  to  include   inserting,
deleting,  and  editing  lines.  It also  features C  style
readline capabilities,  allowing for  moving around the row
and moving  through history.  Chalk can open  existing text
files, as well as create new ones.
- - - -


Cspc (or "c space") is the server's message board.
It allows for creation of topics, posts, and replies.
Providing standard message board features and using
a stripped down version of chalk, as the editor.
- - - -
Linkulator is a link agregator for the terminal. It
has a similar feel to hacker news where users can
post links and users can comment on those links. It
is a great way to share links with other users as well
as serve as a sort of global bookmark repository for
the server. Linkulator is a shell script created by
user cmccabe. A link to linkulator will be added here
as soon as one is available.


Oberon is a multiplayer gameplay system for board games.
It allows for correspondence style play and will eventually
support multiple games. At present it supports the following
        Isola       (aka Isolation)
        Gomoku      (aka Five In a Row)
        Brandubh    (A game in the Tafl family)

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