What has hapened to RSS?

Found at: circumlunar.space:70/~sloum/phlog/20210428.txt

What has hapened to RSS? I have not used a feed reader in
years... but I decided to write one for fun over the weekend
since I wanted a way to track the one food/recipe blog I
like a lot. I got it added and that is working fine: they
had an rss feed. Then I started looking for other feeds
that might be interesting and almost no one was doing rss
feeds. Or, worse, they were using feedburner. I could not
quite figure out what that was, but I also could not seem
to pull out an xml file with proper rss formatting from it.
Finally I started searching the source code for meta tags
with rss feeds listed and did have luck there. Why bother
making a feed and not linking it on your page? So weird.
Funny how the landscape has changed so much in just a few
years (ok, so quite a few... I think google reader was still
around and popular the last time I used rss).

I did eventually find a few and have been happily using my
super ghetto cobbled together in an afternoon feed reader.
I hate all of these blogs having tons of scripts and adds
though so I also wrote a proxy that will render more or
less a reader view without ever loading any scrips or styles
or tags I dont want and I just have my feed reader open
links as querystrings to that proxy and bingo: surfing in