Last night finally got around to

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Last night I finally got around to setting my system up to
use OpenNic nameservers for resolving my DNS queries. For
those that do not know, OpenNic is an alternate domain root
that provides their own top level domains and peers with
a few other similar services. They also run a decentralized
and volunteer run network of DNS resolvers.
As it happens, one of the top level domains they offer is
`.gopher`! So I now have:


as a secondary way to get to the gopher site for my
gopher/gemini/finger/http/telnet/file client. The old
address (bombadillo.colorfield.space) also still works.
I could not figure out how to get gophernicus to allow
multiple addresses to the same content. Actually, it isnt
gophernicus it is gopher itself. Since the host is hard
coded into the links (rather than allowing relative lnks)
I cannot do more than have the first page someone visits
work with either, but all links will resolve to the original
I have been using the nameservers and they do resolution
fine for the regular web, but also work for this additional
little pocket. Domain registration is free and super quick
and easy. The options are pretty basic for a registrar and
they do not offer an easy way to configure dynamic dns...
but still, not bad at all.
If you are looking for a free domain they have some cool
Check em out here:


EDIT (2020-06-04):
Doing a little more research I did find out that there is
a TLD through OpenNic that explicitly supports/is for
dynamic DNS: .dyn
Other TLDs people might be interested in:
.gopher - ideally for hosting gopher content
.cyb    - indended for cyberpunk related content
.libre  - for "organizations that encourage the
          non-commercial use of the free internet"
.bbs    - for bbsd servers and related sites/services
In general there is a big focus on non-commercial use
of the internet, free culture, and social good.
More info can be found in their wiki:

OpenNic TLD List