I have finally removed Haiku

Found at: circumlunar.space:70/~sloum/phlog/20200523.txt

I have finally removed Haiku from my ThinkPad. It is a fun OS with
some cool ideas. It is super fast... but I just wasnt able to be
productive on it without a modern-ish Go toolchain. 

Work on Bombadillo has been going at a feverish pace with lots of
people submitting issues and patches. I worked with a wonderfully
nice person today to replace a subprocess call to `stty` with 
syscalls to accomplish the same thing in pure go with no extra
dependencies. We had tested it on a few linux machines and a few
running darwin/osx. However, I had not tried a true BSD. So...
the thinkpad is now running FreeBSD. Well, technically GhostBSD.
For whatever reason I could never get xorg configured to work
when I installed FreeBSD on its own. I absolutely loathe the
Mate desktop environment. I also hate that the trackpoint moves
so slowly and I cannot seem to speed it up at all. That said,
I got the system up and running quickly and got Go running and
tried building our new change and it worked great.

I did find out that our makefile is not portable to BSD... so
that is a bit of a bummer. I'll have to figure out why that is.
It'll probably have to wait until this release that is coming
up soon. But hopefully I can get a patch up with a more portable
makefile in the not distant future.

I'll report back on how BSD goes. Minus Mate, things are going
well. I really dont need a full desktop environment. dwm or
even just openbox or something would be fine. Heck, running
9wm would be fun. For now I'll stick with the DE for ease of
testing on BSD with minimal configuration though.

Have a good night everyone!