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I have been listening to Slint a lot lately. It has been a long
time. I am currently obsessed with the song "Washer" off of
Spiderland. It has kind of made me want to make music again
after a multi-year absence from my life (for those that do not
know, I spent almost 20 years playing bands, recording, etc. I
even ran a record label for a few years with a friend... back
when you actually had to make hard copy and tour).

My wife has been encouraging me to play music again for months.
It is hard to find time with a baby, a wife, and work. I did
not have these things before... The baby in particular makes
it hard since the instinct would be to play while she is 
asleep... but I cant really crank up an amplifier since she
would be sleeping.

Really though I miss playing music with other people. I think
that more than anything has been what has kept me from playing
these last few years. All of the people I had a good musical
connection with have moved away.

I asked my wife if she'd want to play. She does not play any
instruments really. Violin in elementary school. She said
that she would be interested but not to get my hopes up. 

There are a lot of bands that had great music by people that
had never played instruments before (Kerri Kenney's band
"Cake Like" comes immediately to mind, and they are awesome).
So, we are going to try to give it a try sometime. If an
initial attempt or two goes alright then maybe we will try
to record some stuff.

My plan is to bring up a mixer out of the garage and run a
few electric guitars through pedals and amps, but use the
amps as preamps and run direct from them to the mixer. Then
we can put on headphones and play. I'm not sure if this plan
will ever actually happen, but I hope so. I'm excited about
it at the moment, but I imagine I will be tired and very
overworked and will make excuses to not do it. We'll see...

Oh, on a musical note, for those that are using the gemini
protocol I have been posting albums and various little songs
and odds and ends here:


I have also been reviewing albums by other people here:


Expect a Slint review at some point in the future.

Goodnight gopherspace :)