Like many right now I

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Like many right now I am working from home. I had been
trying for months to get my work to let me work fully remote
(we were allowed to work from home from time to time). With
everything going on, our whole office is closed and everyone
is now working from home. It has been challenging. My wife
already worked from home so there is no change for her. We
used to work together and are used to spending our days and
nights together. So no worries there. The tricky part is
that we pulled the baby out of daycare. It is proving VERY
difficult to engage with and care for the baby AND get work
done. My wife is waking up and starting work at 5am to get a
few hours in before the baby usually wakes up. I get up at
7am and am on baby duty until my morning standup (now via
video chat) at 9am. After that it is the wild west of
whoever can manage at a given time. We both feel like we are
working all the time without a break between work work and
baby work and house work (with everyone at home there are
more dishes, more mess, more trash, and strangely: more

I suppose we will get used to it. Things are looking like
this _should_ be the new normal for many months. That will
be a tough sell to people. Many still do not buy into the
risks and are making poor decisions. I am hopeful that
something can get sorted out sooner than months... but it
does not seem likely.

Minus adjusting to what feels like a more hectic schedule
I like being at home with my family and eating meals that
that I cook instead of meals that I buy.

No one in my family has fallen ill yet. There are a good
number of cases in our area, so I am glad my wife and I
decided pretty early that staying home was a good idea. We
also stocked up on basic supplies reasonably early but did
not engage in overpurchasing... We are low on toilet paper
and wipes for the baby but are pretty solid on food. The
shelves at all stores, as of my last trip out a few days
ago, were completely empty save for a few stray items that
no one seemed to want. It has been pretty surreal. I find
myself wishing that we would have managed to move up to
the mountains like we had planned (we have pushed it off
to next year).

All in all things are ok at the moment here. I hope y'all
out there in gopherspace are staying healthy/safe. Phlogger
Dgold, whom many of you know, wrote of falling ill... it
sounds terrible. He has been in my thoughts and I hope he
and his family are doing well and that he is on the mend.

I dont plan on writing a ton of these sorts of posts, but
this is a major world event and I will likely log some
occasional thoughts and goings on for my later perusing
amid other posts about my adventures with haiku and other
tech things. Until next time...