So,since my daughter was

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So, since my daughter was born I have tried singing jazz
standards to her. She has not generally thought too much
of them. Now at six months I seem to have made a break-
through: she likes when I do a Billie Holiday impression.
But not just any songs. She likes up-beat Billie songs.
Tonight while she was attempting to crawl to the couch
(she is getting _so_ close) I sang a few songs along w/
the recordings. I think the one that went over best was
"Sunny Side of the Street". She did not much care for
"Good Morning Heartache". She liked the kind of boppy
version of "The Way You Like Tonight" and was so-so on
my favorite Billie Holiday recording, "You Go To My

After Lady Day I put on some Artie Shaw. She did not
seem to notice the music itself, but really liked
when I whistled counter-melodies to the solos.

I am not sure the takeaway from this, but decided to
report it, lol.

I hope everyone is having a good winter holiday season.

Best wishes from sloum + family.