I really like the board

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I really like the board game Go (aka Baduk, etc). I dont get to play
in person too often with people, as not enough people play near where
I live. I know a club I can play at maybe an hour from my home. I have
driven up a few times, but with the baby I just dont have the time at

I started bringing a 13x13 board to work to play against a friend / co-
worker. He had been going through a book about how to program a Go 
playing ai. He didnt know the game well and so I offered to bring in
the board in the hopes that understanding the game a little better
would help him understand his coding project/problemspace a little
better. We have had fun and he has improved a bit... but he is still
definitely in the phase where there are just too many options and he
does not know any joseki or have a good feel for the flow of a game.

Anyway, because of that Go has been on my mind. Over the past two
nights (I get maybe an hour of coding time per night) I wrote a
quick and dirty sgf parser that outputs moves as gopher files. I
then tracked down some commented (or just classic, but not commented)
games in sgf format. I have posted six such games over on my
colorfield.space gopher hole[0].

[0] Go on Gopher:  gopher://colorfield.space/1/~sloum/go/

I am posting this here, rather than my Colorfield Space phlog, since
I think this phlog is on Bongusta and the other is not. As a result
it has a bit more reach. If any of you out there play and/or enjoy
looking through the games, reach out and say hi![1]

[1] Email:
     Circumlunar Space locals: sloum AT zaibatsu.circumlunar.space
                   All others: sloum AT rawtext.club