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Software Licenses
2019-03-18 9:14pm

I have been working on various little pieces of software for some
time now. I have been thinking about how to license them. I have,
in the past, put things in the public domain. However, I have now
decided that I have a better picture of what I want with my soft-
ware: I want it to basically be the GNU GPL3... but without allo-
wing commercial usage. Apparently such a thing does not exist. To
the point that upon searching for it,  I found many people saying
that such a license would not be considered "open source" or even
"free software".   While I do admit that it removes some freedoms
it hits more to the point of what, to me, the free software move-
ment should be about.   I want people to be able to use and reuse
things. I want people to collaborate  and  work  together to make
cool things. I just do not want anyone to profit from it financi-
ally in any way ever. To be free of the constraints of commerce.

As a result I would like to put out software that fits in with my
ideals  a  bit  better.  If anyone  knows of an existing  license
that sounds like it would fit, please get in touch with me. There
are a number of creative commons licenses that fit,  but  are not 
generally considered to be suited for software.

I do not  believe I would  want to release  everything under this
sort of license...  but it definitely fits what I am wanting  for
my current project. I probably have a few more works in my thatll
end up in public domain too. :)