Busy days,busy nights pm

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Busy days, busy nights
2019-02-14 10:08pm

I have been so busy lately. I have completely neglected my phlog.
My apologies, dear readers.  Work has been good and home has been
busy.  My  wife is feeling a lot  better now that she is into the
second trimester.  As a result we have been making more plans and
doing more with out time. 

With the  bit of free time I have had I have  decided to  learn a
language that actually compiles (as opposed to just being interp-
reted). I tried C awhile back, but just did not take to it.  As a
result I started learning freepascal,   but had such trouble with
sockets in that language that, despite things I liked,  I decided
that it wasn't going to work out for regular usage.  A  co-worker
has been selling me on Go(lang) for months and I ahve been resis-
ting.  I finally broke  down a few days  ago and  started messing
around with it. I like it alright so far.  It takes from a lot of
places that I  like (Lua and Python),  plus a lot of C  influence
that they seem  to have improved.  I feel weird  about it being a 
Google developed project... but maybe it is ok to make an except-
ion in this case? I dunno.  I still wont use a webkit browser for
any non-work things  (I do not have one on my personal computer).
So far I have mostly just done some trivial stuff in Go.  I  have
started to write a gopher client (after doing two it is something
that I feel comfortable attempting). So far I have the URL parser
built (using regex and a Url struct for now). Next up is querying
a server. We'll see how it goes.

Colorfield Space got a new member!   Our first naturally acquired
member that has stayed.   They have been a great addition and are
very active on the server. They have been phloging if you want to
check them out.

I have also been reading a lot more again (trying to be at my co-
mputer a bit less).  I started a book I have been wanting to read
for the  better part  of  a  decade  ("A Story Like the Wind"  by
Laurens Van Der Post). It takes place in Africa and has been very
good so far. There is a second, related,  book called  "A Far Off
Place"  that I will likely want to read sometime after  finishing
this one. However, I have something else that will come first. My
wife and I always exchange books for valentines day.  This year I
gave her "House of Leaves" by Mark Danielewski.  She gave me "The
Heart is a Lonely Hunter", which I am looking forward to reading.
It is another that has been on my reading list for some time. All
in all it was a nice valentines day.  We went out to lunch and we
each ordered a desert  (I almost never eat desert,  let alone one
to myself). When we got home I cooked vegan "chicken" burgers for
us and we watched  "A Room With a View",  which she loves and had
been wanting me to watch for awhile. 

I have been rewatching "Halt and Catch Fire" lately. Good show w/
a great score by one of the members of Tangerine Dream.   It is a
fictionalized telling of  various eras of  computer history.  The
first season largely mirrors the rise of Compaq.  If you have not
seen it and enjoy TV and computer stuff (hardware in particular),
I recommend it.

Goodnight all! Hopefully it wont be so long before I write again.