Firefox and gopher?pm While

Found at: circumlunar.space:70/~sloum/phlog/20190115-22.txt

Firefox and gopher?
2019-01-15 9:56pm

While  at work today I was using Stubb on my server to view  some
updates here on CS.  I noticed that Solderpunk had uploaded a PNG
file of a port 70 logo. Stubb does not support images. Even if it
supported downloading the image,  it would still be on a terminal
that I also cannot view iamges with.  Sure, I could then sftp/scp
it...  but so much effort just for an image.  On a whim I went to
cirucmlunar.space in firefox and saw the website, as expected.  I
then added  :70  to the address and noticed that it actually does
show you the gopher map (as raw text, so no links).  That gave me
enough info to navigate to the phlog post and grab the image link
from solderpunk's phlog. Putting in the image laoded a bytestring
into the browser window. Saving that as a file and opening it did
actually show me the iamge!  I did not know that firefox had this
risidual support for gopher. Chrome does NOT load any of this.  I
did not try on Safari.  It is pretty cool that you can still view
text files and, via some roundabout work, images with firefox!

Did y'all know about this? 

As an aside, I like the :70 image. It is a cool design. I think I
may play around with the design a bit myself as well.