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| Family, Hosting                         |
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| Date: 20181120-20:20                                       |
| Author: Sloum                                              |
| Soundtrack: That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore by The Smiths    |
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It has been a rough few days at home. My wife has had such bad 
morning-sickness. Just... all the time. Not just in the morning :-/ 
I feel really helpless. I suppose that is still better than how she is 
feeling though. Add on to that the fact that she has a difficult project
at work. She doesn't know Ruby/Rails particularly well and is having some
trouble on her current assignment. I am not a Ruby guy, so I cannot help
very much. Stressful. I hope things ease up soon. If any of you parents
out there have any suggestions for curing nausea, please let me know. We
have tried just about everything.


Inspired by solderpunk's phlog entry 'Hey you, host something'[0] I have
done some research and ordered some gear. Super duper low power gear, at
least by modern standards: Raspberry Pi Zero W. 64G stoarge to start. I
know this isn't much, but it is something to learn what I am doing on. I 
can set it up locally and play around with accounts, limited/custom shells,
a gopher server, chat, message baord, etc. 

I've been thinking it could be fun to host a small git server on it. If I 
can come up with a good way to have the contents viewable over gopher, then
that could work out nicely. It could be gopher based git for gopher based
code projects. That is one idea anyway. I may look into non-git alternatives;
Bazaar for example. 

Basically, I am open to doing anything not on port 80. Since I plan on 
trying to get this to work from my home, 80 is out of bounds. At least with 
my cable provider. Now, don't get me started on that. How the cable 
companies don't allow people to host web servers or mail servers. They don't 
seem to want people in control of their own content, information, and 
services. :-/

Fortunately, SSH, Gopher, Git....all on ports that are not blocked by my 
provider. So, once I have a version working in a stable way on my local
network, I will look into dynamic DNS services and get it up and running
for a very very very tiny fraction of the world, lol. 

If I manage to make it that far, and things are doing well... it could be
fun to try to wire up a solar rig that charges battery backup and power the
whole thing that way.

One thing at a time though. I have some time to plan before the Pi gets
delivered. Then step one of just getting some basics working. Lots of time
to decide ons ervices and options. I'll keep y'all updated.

[0] gopher://circumlunar.space:70/0/~solderpunk/phlog/hey-you-host-something.txt