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. . . . . . T H E . A S C I I . A R T . E M P O R I U M . . . . . .
July 15, 2021
Welcome to the ASCII art emporium!
This server is home to my growing collection of ASCII art. My goal is
to preserve the rich history of the ASCII art community by mirroring
as much content as I possibly can! In particular, I'm interested in
the "line style" and "solid style" of ASCII art that was popularized
on the alt.ascii-art usenet group in the 90's. This art uses standard
ASCII, no extended character sets, no animation, and no ANSI colors
(which coincidentally, makes it perfect for gopher!).
Many of the collections hosted here were scraped from abandoned web
2.0 sites on the brink of collapse, or pulled from the Internet
Archive. I have done my best to convert them from HTML back to plain
text files while preserving the original formatting. I have also done
my best to preserve attribution wherever possible and provide links
back to the original resources. If you copy art from this server,
please do the same and respect the original artists.
If you know of any other important ASCII Art collections still out
there (like scarecrow's old FTP server) please send me a message!
Michael (aka mozz)
This server is hosted with pygopherd [1], a multiplexing gopher
server. The menus are laid out using the "classic" UMN-style .links
files rather than gophermaps, because I have been looking a reason to
try them out. You can connect on port 7070 over any of the following
      gopher, gophers[2], http, https, gemini[3], spartan[4]
[1] https://github.com/michael-lazar/pygopherd
[2] gopher over a TLS connection
[3] https://gemini.circumlunar.space/
[4] https://portal.mozz.us/spartan/spartan.mozz.us
Here are some stats on the size of this collection:
/         1022M   185454 files
/usenet   860M    168280 files
/mirrors  141M    16447 files
Please save your CPU cycles and don't crawl this entire server. Just
send me an email and I'll get you a compressed archive. I also plan
to upload all of the mirrors to the internet archive at some point
in time and will provide a link.
[X] Launch the server
[ ] Make a cool ASCII logo
[ ] Add usenet search tools
[ ] Add mirror search tools